Friday, August 11, 2017

(300) mother! + links

By Sati. Friday, August 11, 2017
  • Me this entire week. And every week until November when this movie finally drops here (I hate this place. This is 2 months after the premiere. I bet by that time it's gonna be online). And if it's good for a long time after that.
  • But first thing's first:
  • That water is so very lucky.
  • That fish is less lucky but still luckier than me.
  • A beard!!! YES!!!
  • God I wish he touched my IPhone.
  • I don't have an IPhone.
  • It's a metaphor.
  • Vogue magazine photo of the cast of The Greatest Showman. And the entire article
  • Oh shut it, Halle. Storm didn't deserve him,. Jean didn't deserve him. This world didn't deserve him.
  • This is 300th edition and I don't even have any new saucy photos or gifs this week. So I'm just gonna feature classics:
  • Yes.
  • (also m.brown is gay now)
  • 300. 300 weeks I have been abusing you all with this stupid shit. And yet you come back. You wonderful people are masochists.
  • The whole trailer for mother! is here! We also got two posters - on the French one Bardem's Oscar got upgraded, him being called Best Actor winner and all.
  • Here's new photo and short article about the film. 
  • I'm so psyched. The last time Aronofsky made psychological horror it resulted in my favorite movie of all time.
  • You know how I ruined The Beguiled remake for y'all by suggesting it should have been Hugh instead of Colin? Well here we go again. I wish Darren reteamed with Hugh (and Nolan did the same). Hugh as a sinister guy who may be setting up Jennifer Lawrence for something horrible?
  • I'd moan so fucking loud.
  • I just love everything about the trailer. Everyone got so excited about the music but this is not actually the music from the film. so we don't know what the score will sound like. The film looks completely crazy and intense and knowing Darren and given how secretive the marketing for this has been we still don't know anything yet.
  • And here come the ridiculous complaints about the age difference between Bardem and Lawrence. Never mind that this is actually a plot point and deliberate casting - according to both Aronofsky and Bardem - and the gap thing comes into play in the movie. What the hell is wrong with people? They come off as completely ageist and insulting to women. 26-year old woman cannot be with a man 2 decades older? Why not? This is not a teenager, this is a grown-ass woman. Unless the complaints are 'well Hollywood only casts women in their 20s in lead role and the man is always older' that again, this is not valid here as it is deliberate casting by Aronofsky and for once Lawrence actually is playing a woman her age. Honestly, some research before you start writing trash on social media.
  • There's a racy sex scene between Michelle Pfeiffer and Ed Harris right there in the trailer - older actors - but people still go after Darren for casting Bardem and Lawrence - instead of talking how cool and rare it is. 
  • Honestly do people feel like they have to defend adult women who have relationships with older men? Hey, maybe they think men in their 20s are immature. Which they are. So...what the hell? Never in my life I have found a man in his 20s attractive (other than this but this is an anomaly) so the fact  that wherever I go to read comments about the trailer there is an age gap complaint is just incomprehensible to me.
  • Lawrence is already hardcore promoting herself for Oscar. She is on the cover (FOUR covers, actually) of next month Vogue and God help us there is an extensive interview with her.  She talks how one time she panicked during the scene on the set of mother! and had to be given oxygen and had oxygen tubes in her nose. 
  • If she got nominated for that mop movie, she is probably winning for this.
  • Look at that headline
  • Broke a rib from hyperventilating. 
  • Yep. That happened. 
  • Like I broke my vagina from climaxing during Logan.
  • Because of the dark nature of the film, the mother! crew created a “Kardashian tent” for the actress off set where she could decompress. “It was a tent that had pictures of the Kardashians and Keeping Up with the Kardashians playing on a loop—and gumballs,” Lawrence says. “My happy place.”And while Lawrence’s love for reality television is no secret, she says Aronofsky isn’t quite on board with binge-watching The Real Housewives yet.
  • 1. There is still hope for Darren 2. Is his dog being held hostage by Kardashians and he must comply and date this woman?
  • I mean don't get me wrong, she is a fine actress and some of her opinions are cool but between being friends with Amy Schumer, talking about anal beads on Conan's show, talking about scratching your ass on Hawaiian rocks - a story so inappropriate even a heinous human being and a known pet abuser sitting next to her seems uncomfortable - and taking hundreds of nudes of herself this is just...not someone I could comprehend, let alone like.
  • This will also boost her campaign even though it's exaggeration and lies. I read that facebook post from an extra a while back and what it was, was apparently an intense scene where other actors shouted at Lawrence's character and Aronofsky being Aronofsky kept doing additional takes. An extra who seemed to be really sensitive interpreted it as him bullying his actress. 
  • I mean I'm so against anything remotely rude in the workplace but these people are actors. She is doing a movie with awesome director, awesome actors and the script she chose. She obviously likes doing this. I understand not wanting to do a violent scene or very disturbing scene for hours but she is not being forced to do it. She took the job, she liked the script and I hardly doubt Aronofsky would have the balls to bully a woman in front of Javier Bardem and Ed Harris who in no way would stood idly by.
  • They must have StepfordWifed Daniel Craig.
  • To paraphrase a horrible Hugh Jackman movie - pray for the best (about Venom movie), prepare for the worst (it's Sony).
  • Tom's selfie, smoking in his cockpit on Dunkirk set.
  • Oh noes. The love between the pet abusers is no more. Tragique!
  • And Lawrence is getting blamed for it. You know what maybe the fact one is an alcoholic and another one has huge ego and thinks he can do better is more likely to blame. Lawrence is many things but she seems like a good dog owner so she probably wouldn't even take a look at Pratt.
  • I always enjoy sharing some things I don't think my readers realize about people who get high profile work yet as awful human beings when studios hire them they should not be getting success, but judgment. Marvel is making a star of a man who gave away his 15-old cat away to strangers on twitter. And TV awards and prestige networks are still hiring and promoting Elizabeth Moss.
  • You see Moss is a scientologist. As in a part of a group that protects people like that. She played a rape victim more than once. I find this disturbing and offensive to rape victims. I find the fact she gets hired by studios and nominated for awards appalling. Everyone who is involved in the situation where this woman plays the main character in Handmaid's Tale should be ashamed of themselves.
  • She is co-staring with Nicole Kidman in the next season of Top of the Lake. I do hope Nicole shows her the same consideration she showed that food on Ellen's show when they promote the show together. 
  • The new creature from Star Wars is ADORABLE.
  • First poster and trailer for The Death of Stalin. This looks absolutely hilarious and it's not surprising - Armando Iannucci the man behind In The Loop - my #4 favorite movie of all time, The Thick of It - my #1 TV show of all time and Veep - the only show I actually watch week to week while it airs is behind it.
  • Extender trailer for Kingsman 2
  • Those spoiled rich fucks, man.
  • Brad Pitt may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome 
  • And finally the only movie I saw since I rambled last was Atomic Blonde
  • I didn't have time - Gustav got sick, the vet led as to believe it was serious 'this may be it' serious, then it turned out it was just a cold. I snapped right there in the clinic, threatened legal action (which we really do have grounds for), lost my shit completely in there and these fucks finally used their heads and found the meds that knock on wood seem to be working. I just fucking can't with the nonchalance of people who are dealing with saving lives of those beautiful creatures that trust people completely. I seriously never snapped like that in my entire life. I'm still on edge and that happened a week ago. I really think if I didn't walk for a second to cool off I would have punched someone. For a second I thought I might be having a heart attack. It's just astounding - he has had a surgery there and a different vet there who never even saw him didn't so much look at his card and just started giving him oxygen because he thought - without examining him, without anything - it's lungs. Then another vet looked at X-ray and said that there is no way it's something with his lungs and it's just cold. I cried during this situation, so hard my eyes were puffy for 4 days. I'm so thankful it was nothing serious in the end but seriously the amount of nerves me, my parents and Gustav go through because of how terrible the vets in this city are is impossible to describe.
  • But anyways the movie. I thought the style and the music were exquisite. The plot wants to be smart and full of twists and the writers meant well but they didn't pull it off as elegantly as it should have been pulled off. Also what is up with everything having a long take these days? Yes, it's cool but imho it totally takes you away from the movie and makes you focus on how the film was done, not on what is actually happening in it. But the way the film looks beautiful and the songs they chose were amazing. Also Charlize is truly a goddess. I spent so much money after seeing the film buying white blouses and those awesome corsets to wear on them. 
  • And the stilettos! I wish I could wear them and know how to walk in them but I'd die trying. And that woman fought in those!
  • Also the only thing I can say about the recent episode of Game of Thrones is - I'm still laughing at Jaime.
  • Dell reviews War for the Planet of the Apes
  • Sonia writes about Closer
  • Jordan published next chapter of The Archway Chronicles
  • Katy writes about Dunkirk
  • Alex finally shared his long awaited movie WAIT!
  • Brittani reviews Detroit
  • and finally m.brown reviews Unforgettable



    1. Didn't I hear Darren compare J-law to Michael Jordan?

      Someone call Scar-Jo 3:16 and give J-Law the Scar-Jo Stunner and then give Darren a Scar-Jo Stunner for being an idiot. I'll still see mother! out of support for Aronofsky.

      J-Law is a fan of the Kartrashians.... UGH!!!! I also read her defense on Passengers. No, it still sucked.

      Brad Pitt going back to Angie... NO!!!!!!!!!

      All of these images of Hugh Jackman and Tom Hardy is making me gay but I'm going for someone younger. That is Tom Holland. He's just so adorable. I just want to cook for him and make him feel good.

      1. Yep. He did.

        Holland is very adorable and he was one of the few good things about this recent Spiderman flick

    2. I get some of the comments about Lawrence and Bardem's age gap only because Bardem looks about a decade older than he is and it is almost laughably jarring in the trailer. But if it serves a purpose I'm good with it. It doesn't seem to be a case of hollywood casting.

      I knew Pratt's divorce would make it here lol. I'm curiousn to see if their people will try shaming each other.

      I did not know Moss was a scientologist. Ew

      Thanks for the link!

      1. He does look haggard but really half the comments in threads mentioning it. Who cares. They're grown ups playing grown ups.

        They really should. She is a drunk and he is a douchebag. There's so much dirt there.

        Ew indeed. I wish she stopped being a thing.

    3. Congrats on 300 weeks! I'm looking forward to Mother. I'm a fan of Aronofsky and love most of his movies.

      I think the whole thing with people being upset with older leading men having young leading ladies is that it feels ageist against older actresses who have been tossed aside after they hit 40. Sometimes it's warranted, sometimes not. It's not if it's a plot point in "Mother." Anyhoo, moving on...

      I still want to see Atomic Blonde, though from everything I've heard it isn't quite what I was hoping it would be. And yes, Charlize Theron is amazing in everything.

      Thanks for the link!!!

      1. Yeah that is the only complaint that has merit but here Lawrence is 26 year old playing a girl in her twenties. There couldn't possibly be casting of older actress here.

        You should see Atomic Blonde, the way the film looks and sounds makes it worth seeing

    4. Awesome rambling as always! Thanks for linking my review!

      That circus outfit on Hugh does wonders...for me. I don't know if that's weird or not. lol

      So sorry to hear about Gustav! I hope he's doing well, and you're totally justified for calling out the vets. I would've done the same thing.

      I'm excited for everyone in Mother! except Jennifer. She's too vacant of an actress to me, let alone her off-screen personality is pretentious. I like that we really don't hear from her when she's not working - like a lot of other actresses - but the things she's said and done in the past turns me off from her new stuff. I wish there was a different lead... but Ed, Michelle, and Javier look amazing, and I can't wait to see Domnhall in a clip or something. Also, Kristin Wigg is somewhere in there too - which should be interesting.

      1. Thank you and you're welcome!

        He looks good. And that stick he has in his hand. Let's just say it is...stirring sight for fangirls.

        He is doing much better now, knock on wood, thank you!

        Domnhall is there behind Jennifer in one scene in the trailer, it's used as a jump scare. Wigg is indeed in the film and she must have one hell of a secretive role because there is no info on who she is playing

    5. I'm glad you got to see Atomic Blonde! I wasn't very lucky this week. I didn't have the chance to see Atomic Blonde and I missed Baby Driver's premiere so I'll have to wait until September 7. I know you hated it but I'm very excited about it.

      But at least I have Game of Thrones and that episode was glorious. Easily one of the best of the series.

      I did see the Mother trailer, but it was meh. It just wasn't that scary. I'm not sure if I'll bother watching it. Bardem is in it though, so I'm really confused right now. And I used to love JLaw.

      Tom's selfie is pretty awesome and makes me wonder if smoking is still a bad thing.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Atomic Blonde was really cool. The less is said about Baby Driver the better :)

        It was very entertaining but the script is still embarrassing. That cave scene had me laughing out loud

        I think the film will be very scary and claustrophobic

        I think Tom vapes, whatever the hell the difference there is. I smoke as do plenty of Europeans. In US it's so frowned upon which is funny considering everything else that is happening now there.

    6. Congrats on 300!, it's such a huge number and I think I have been here since the beginning? Probably yes, since unlike me, you are far more consistent with posting RF's every week and then there's me who manages to post maybe 2 CB's a month. I applaud your 300!! Here's to the next 300!!

      Mother seems interesting.. I will probably see it. And if it's any consolation, Estonia doesn't even have a release date for it yet. By the way, I still can't believe my most liked tweet ever is the one about recognising Ed Harris from the top of his head. Like, it's a bit ironic really, that I get that much love for tweeting about a man that I saw on your RF's so many times that I can now identify him by just looking at the top of his head.

      Oh and Tom Hardy in that smoke, man, yummmm.

      Hopefully Gustav feels better and is over his cold! I have heard two really sad vet stories this month, one of my co-workers had to put her cat down because the vet did tests and so on but didn't really help at all at the end of the day. Vets have such a big responsibility, and it is so irresponsible of them to not even look into things properly.

      Anything vitally important happening on GOT? Has anyone sat down on the throne yet? Is Jamie over his sister already? I feel like I want to know but don't care enough to actually watch it.

      1. Thank you!

        Holy shit, really?! That's awful. Paramount should really make an effort for this to be released everywhere as soon as possible. Haha, loved that tweet!

        Jaime actually knocked Cersei up lol :P I need to rewatch last episode because I was too wasted to register much. Or it just wasn't memorable at all which is probably the case.

    7. Yay for 300 posts!! I shall keep coming back as you never fail to make my mornings funny :)

      Thank you kindly for the link love :) If you ever get time in your heavy schedule of perving I'd love to hear what you think of it, though it has now grown to 20,000 plus words :P

      Mother looks awesome!! Though I wouldn't waste your energy - 99% percent of the people on the internet are viruses with shoes. Bitching about an age difference, when its a PLOT POINT, is the very definition of political correctness gone too fucking far.

      And hey, you are getting Mother! only two weeks after we are. So don't feel too bad ;) We'll just download a HD version before its even out. Cos you know that will be the case.

      and FUCK that vet. I dunno about Poland, but here vets basically have a license to print money it costs so much, and so many of them are nonchalant about it all like you described, even though, again like you said, it is this animal that -needs- to trust the humans around it!

      What a prick.

      I'm guessing you HATE Birdman then?
      I do too, but I did enjoy the camera-work. I find long takes to be more immersive, but --especially-- during action scenes as it allows you to actually see what is happening, and who is hitting who!!

      The reason you are seeing longer takes, in action movies at least, is because the directors are actually getting the actors to learn how to fight, rather than using ADD-level cuts to hide the fact that no one can fight for shit *cough BOND FILMS *cough

      That is why I love the Wick movies, and I after hearing that you dug Atomic Blonde AND it has long takes, I gotta go see that shit!!

      Sorry for the long arse reply!! Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Keep on pervin', I know you will!

      1. I do have busy schedule mostly with my exhausting job, it usually takes me about a week to comment on something I link here. And I've been having sadly less and less time lately.

        I actually do love Birdman, it was my favorite movie in 2015. The entire movie was done that way so it wasn't jarring. Atomic Blonde is really fun but the script wasn't on the level of the music and visuals of the movie

    8. Damn, that Mother trailer is intense. Hope it's a good movie.

    9. I LOVED the mother! trailer music, I thought it was from the score! Do you know where is it from?

      1. Shit, forgot the composer's name but the piece is called 'Puzzle'

      2. - here's his tweet :)

      3. oh thank you so much for finding that for me! i can't wait for this movie, black swan is one of my favorites of all time. i'm in sweden so i'll most likely have to wait for mother!'s release too.. but i already look forward for your review of it!

      4. You're welcome! Black Swan is my favorite movie of all time :) It sucks that movies aren't released everywhere at the same time.

    10. 300!!!! Amazing! Three hundred posts and I've probably commented on....well, let me check the numbers...yep. ALL OF THEM. *covers groin, waits for impact*

      Wait. What was the iPhone a metaphor for? I think I know, but I just want to talk about lady know, try and re-establish my manhood. I mean, I WAS gay. I came back. Mostly.

      Good mention Hawai'i...I gotta click the link. But I just wish I hadn't. I really, really wish I hadn't.

      Adorable you say? I think it's made of equal parts hair and nightmares. It looks like when people turn their heads upside down and draw eyes on their chin. *shudder*

      That sucks about your pup. I was just retelling my son about when are dog was attacked. I almost lost it on the vet, too. Good to hear the two of you are doing better.

      Thank you soooooooooooo much for the link. I can't believe you watched that movie. Hahaha....that shit's hysterical.

      Oh, and the last movie I saw was Atomic Blonde, too. Totally with your summary of it. And Charlize? Damn. Just........damn.

      1. *Tinkerbell punch*

        My elbow. Oh come on, everyone knows what this is the metaphor for.

        Lol you do realize that once your kids see star Wars they will probably want porg toys and you are gonna be surrounded by them? :D

    11. happy 300th! hope you had a glass in celebration :)
      that story with gustav though.. horrible. I'm so sorry you had to endure that, kudos for letting of some steam, they did deserve it! hope you are both better now.

      1. Thank you! I had many :)

        We are, he still has a bit of a cough but it's much better than before, thank you!

    12. SO much gold here. The Death of Stalin, Hardy's pic, all the mother! info - can't wait for all of that. And thanks so much for linking to WAIT!

      1. You're welcome! I hope I can figure out how to watch it from my sad location during the weekend