Friday, August 18, 2017

(301) Unforgettable indeed + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, August 18, 2017

  • I know every week I say this is gonna be short and yet I manage to ramble on for so long you guys all need therapy after reading it but this week it's really gonna be short. I'm exhausted since work is crazy, I'm still not OK after what happened at the vet recently and I'm all together a mess. I really think I may have a breakdown soon so it would be nice if nothing else that depresses me happens. Also - and more importantly - Hugh has not gone to the beach this week so there is no new material to perv about.
  • Yep, my tweets have gone poetic again.
  • Here he is being adorable again.
  • And again.
  • Yes, I did rewatch Deception before posting my recent post.
  • but anyways...
  • Paramount is sending cakes in shape of a heart to promote mother!
  • And here is the new TV spot with some new footage.
  • I am not thrilled about the film's new poster. I was hoping this is just fan art but Aronofsky confirmed it is the real deal on reddit. I mean this has gotta be the biggest rip-off that happened lately and everyone knows this Rosemary's Baby poster:
  • He better delivers because straight up plagiarizing a poster like that is a big deal.
  • I don't actually remember what I did on Saturday. My weeks are so startlingly similar to each other and usually whatever I do I end up watching Eddie the Eagle so I might have done that...
  • oh wait, I did rewatch something but it was The Conjuring 2. Watching this alone in the house with Gustav was not a good idea especially that he still has a cough and him suddenly coughing out of nowhere almost gave  me a heart attack.
  • The nun in this movie is probably the scariest thing in this entire franchise. I'm so psyched for that movie about her next year. It has Demian Bichir, Taissa Farmiga and Charlotte Hope who is way too good for her ridiculous Game of Thrones character.
  • Also I only just discovered the woman who is playing the nun also played the bum behind the Winkies in the cinema's scariest scene.
  • (hey speaking of, look how cool I am and what I wore to my super serious job today.)
  • On Sunday it was very clearly a trash movie day:
  • First I saw Annabelle which wasn't horrible but it was so...uneventful. It was clearly inspired by Rosemary's Baby and Annabelle Wallis was trying her best but the film just felt cliche and it wasn't very scary. Also it just felt cheap with the production design and how it was shot. 
  • Then thanks to m.brown who spends his time finding those timeless classics and writing about them I saw Unforgettable which was hilarious. It was actually far more enjoyable than Baby Driver but then again most things are. Heigl and her mad eyes were very well cast here and Rosario Dawson, who clearly owes someone money, was doing her best there. Fun movie and so very ridiculous in a hilarious way.
  • But you know what? Just once I'd like for it to be a little complexity in those movies. Two women want the same dude. There's conflict. Why do you always have to make one of those women batshit insane? In this movie's case she was riding horses furiously to relieve the tension, combing her hair to the point I am now convinced Heigl must be bald and oh, what was that last thing? Ah yes - SHE WAS A PSYCHO SETTING FIRE TO HOUSES WITH PEOPLE INSIDE THEM.
  • Sometimes women are low-key insane. 
  • Trust me. 
  • I know. 
  • *crickets*
  • Then I rewatched Obsessed because it was clearly also "crazy bitch cannot let go of a man" day (come to think of it Eddie the Eagle and me watching it would have fit right in). I did take a look at the film's wiki and it claims that critics had issues that Ali Larter's character's obsession with Idris Elba's character wasn't given any explanation. What fucking explanation were they waiting for? It's Idris Elba and she wasn't blind. That's it.
  • I think I will see Atomic Blonde again. I have been listening to the soundtrack the entire week and even though the script has issues the film just looks and sounds incredible.
  • and speaking of...*sigh* why do I try?
  • I also finished The Night Manager. The ending to that series was so abrupt I really thought there must be another episode of it. Other than that the series was really good, it had several very tense sequences and the acting was universally excellent. Hell, even Hiddles did well. One thing though and it will sound terrible but British guys do not age well. I had a huge crush on Hugh Laurie during his House MD days and he is still such a great actor and a cool dude but it's just not the same. Hiddles is already looking worse and worse but what is really damaging is that you cannot really look at him without the memory of his Taylor Swift antics. But as far as the acting goes the show really is amazing and my God, Elizabeth Debicki is such a goddess.
  • Yeah, I don't believe Hiddleston.
  • The reason why I finally gave it a go was because Tom Hollander was in it and lately he is popping out everywhere and I do adore him. He can do it all, both comedy and drama and he is seriously such an underrated actor. I wish him and some other people from The Thick of it and In the Loop were also starring in The Death of Stalin. It's such a shame only some of them showed up in that one episode of Veep when Selina was in London. I also started watching Rev, also starring him and the great Olivia Coleman and it's such a sweet comedy series but there are dramatic moments too. It was amazing when Ralph Fiennes suddenly showed up as the Bishop of London. And there are so many The Thick of It actors there! It's like my all time favorite series assembled all the funniest actors in UK.
  • the director of Kong Skull Island had an amusing twitter meltdown
  • I saw fifth episode of Game of Thrones but haven't yet found the time or energy to watch the 6th one which leaked. Oh God, HBO. Seven episodes in their precious show and 2 of them leak out of network's own incompetence.
  • HBO is leaking like hell, actually. It's almost embarrassing to witness.
  • Hilarious meme about Jon petting Drogon.
  • Emilia Clarke posted this funny footage of Kit Harington.
  • Casey Affleck is now trolling people and joking Ben won't do The Batman. Honestly who the hell do they think they are? This is reaching the 'will he, won't he?' drama surrounding Pesci and The Irishmen but this is just DCEU, the franchise with one good movie, and Ben Affleck. While he was a great Batman it's seriously *just* Ben Affleck. He starred in Gigli and the amount of issues he has is simply staggering. DC doesn't have anyone irreplaceable except for Gadot and Robbie. It's not like with X-Men (boo boo and pretty much all of them, just look what disasters we got when we were given new Jean Grey and Mystique) or Marvel. This is just pathetic. If he wants to go, he should just go. If he wants to stay, shut the fuck up everyone and just make that damn movie.
  • Xenu must have hated that The Mummy reboot because Tommy Gurl hurt his ankle on the set of MI6 so now Henry Cavill can shave his mustache and shoot his scenes for Justice League without the studio having to digitally remove them. This is all so ridiculous. It's 3 months till Justice League premiere, by the way.
  • Anya-Tayor Joy is teaming up with Robert Eggers, the director of The Witch again and this time they are remaking Nosferatu. I'm there for whatever Eggers does next, he is such an excellent director.
  • So they are making stand alone Obi Wan movie. I am assuming Ewan is back because otherwise what is even the point. I always liked Ewan's work in prequels and to manage to give performance this good in movies this terrible really is an amazing achievement.
  • Oh shut up,. Helen Mirren. In the world filled with hicks you are just ungrateful and rude to someone being kind. It's like these women who say a man kissing a woman's hand is sexist. So goddamn stupid.
  • Creepy first trailer for The Killing of a Sacred Deer. I bailed out of The Lobster after they killed the dog and I never finished it - and won't - so hopefully in spite of the title no animals die in that one. Also I'm gonna have so many feels about bearded Farrell when I watch that, aren't I?
  • American Horror Story: Cult is near and the opening credits sequence will be released on Monday. It looks like a good season and although Lena Dunham is in it the good news is that she is in only one episode. The even better news is that her character dies. The horrific news is that before she dies she gets to have a sex scene. Horror show indeed.
  • This is depressing because you KNOW the men are earning so much more. Still...what the fuck has Emma Stone actually done lately? Other than getting that undeserved Oscar for that mediocre movie.
  • And finally m.brown has done something reckless. Let's face it - it could be 15 seconds and I still would be so happy but follow my tweets tonight to see how it goes.
  • Jordan destroys Unfriended
  • Dell hosts his annual Against the Crowd blogathon and...
  • MettelRay chose to hate on American Hustle...
  • and Brittani did the same to Toy Story 3.
  • m.brown reviews Atomic Blonde. Depending on how my evening goes this may be the last thing he has ever written. 



    1. Keep up with all of that stuff about Hugh and I must say. You look marvelous in those selfies that you posted.

      That mother! poster is a total rip-off. Not a homage.

      I have no interesting in seeing anything Katherine Heigl. She's a real bitch.

      It wasn't Xenu who injured Tom Cruise. It's this guy:

      AW SON-OF-A-BITCH!!!!!!

      Thanks Meekmahan.

      1. Marvelous? Thank you :) I've been looking awful lately and feeling even worse.

        But at least I'm still not as mad-eyed as Heigl :)

    2. Mother just did the same thing Kong: Skull Island did when it comes to ripping off another poster.

      Ewan better be in the Obi Wan movie.

      Obsessed..loooool I saw that on TV.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Obi Wan movie without Ewan would be so awful. With Ewan I'd actually watch it

    3. Jordan Vogt-Roberts' twitter meltdown was quite funny. He made some good points, but it was all a bit melodramatic.

      Yeah, let's stop with the will he/won't he stuff and let Affleck either make the movie or not.

      I had no idea Eggers was tackling Nosferatu. I'm with it. The Witch was excellent.

      Agreed, Annabelle was rather meh.

      As always, thanks for the links!

      1. You're welcome! Thanks so much for hosting the blogathon!

    4. No matter how long or short, I still enjoy these a lot, and I find out a lot of information that I'm missing out on during the week. I'm so out of touch with the gossip these days, so this is like my weekly fix.

      Hiddleston, ugh, he is such a liar, for sure his version of the story is wrong. The last thing I saw him in was High-Rise and that sucked! So I'm not trusting in him in anything, I don't even like that he has so much to do in Thor's trailer, though Loki suits him a a character...

      That Got and Shrek meme was hilarious! What's the deal with that though? Is it because Jon is related to Khaleesi or is he like, the daddy of the dragons? I'm curious, but not curious enough to watch it-. maybe after I know how it ends, I'll just marathon it all.. until then.. silently observing the drama and the leaks. :D

      PS: That Lena Dunham paragraph was hilarious!

      Thanks for the link!

      1. High-Rise was straight up unwatchable in spite of having a great idea, amazing cinematography and Jeremy Irons there. The pace was fucking tragic. It's almost incredible how much they messed up the movie revolving around such a cool idea

        Jon saw Dany land on Drogon and he decided to pet him. I think Drogon let him because Jon is a Targaryen. It was a nice scene, Harington's acting is actually the highlight of the season. The writing though is absolutely terrible and the editing is Suicide Squad levels of confusing


    6. Here to say Elizabeth Debicki deserved all the awards for Night Manager.

    7. Haven't seen either of the Annabelle movies yet, and, well, I honestly don't have much desire to, either. Might check out that Nun movie when it comes out, though considering The Conjuring 2 already centered around that character, it almost feels pointless. At least Annabelle was merely a small element in the original Conjuring that they expanded on, even if I didn't necessarily care to see the "character" be expanded upon. :P

      As to Unforgettable, really, Rosario Dawson deserves better roles. Such a phenomenal actor, yet at least movie wise, she really doesn't get too many opportunities to do much, not anything noteworthy at least.

      Also, that Kong: Skull Island meltdown was amazing. XD

      1. I like that The Nun is set in the 50's and in Italy, it will be a bit different than other movies. Really looks like something heavily inspired by the Exorcist so that bodes well

        That director actually keeps losing his shit on twitter on regular basis, it's so funny.

    8. Your gifs continue to impress as does the Hugh love.

      1. The gifs here aren't mine...but Hugh love is :)

    9. F---------------k I need to see The Conjuring. I gotta trick my wife into it too. At least the first one. Not really into this Annabelle shit, especially considering it's all middle school a-holes talk about. Damn middle school a-holes.

      Unforgettable. I cannot fathom that you watched this f--king movie, but am so stoked that you did. Good God the hair combing. She was raking that shit so hard, she might as well have just ripped her own scalp off and eaten it.

      Dude...that guy lost it on CinemaSins. If he has a problem with people going on and on making fun of movies...I might want to lie low around that f--ker. He might choke me out with his beard.

      Well, uh...thanks for the link. My next on a certain film that you and I are likely the only two people on Earth that have seen it. question is...

      ...was it worth it?

      1. The Conjuring movies are both very scary but oddly they also have the lovely romantic story between the main couple. They're very well done movies too

        That combing was just traumatizing to witness. Her hairstyle in that movie made her eyes look even more crazy.

        I think I'm gonna gif pussy line today. I cannot imagine next RF without including it. What a gift. WHAT A GIFT.

    10. I take so much inspiration from you I'm pretty sure we watched eddie the eagle at the exact same time last week! I craved something nice after seeing valerian, it was devastating. dunkirk on the other hand was amazing.. tom hardy, oh my. have a nice day!

      1. Eddie is just so magical. It's the most cheerful movie and Hugh is in tight jeans. So glad you liked Dunkirk!