Friday, October 6, 2017

(307) Blessed be that troll doll + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, October 6, 2017

  • Here's Hugh this week. My question is this - why would anyone give him a troll doll? 
  • In any case this is now the most blessed troll doll ever.
  • This is what I'd give him if I ever meet him. 
  • Look at boo boo in the clouds wearing a suit. This is so...accurate and realistic. 
  • The Greatest Showman screened last Tuesday. Unfortunately, none of the people on the message boards I read went, so I have no news.
  • I'm torn between hoping it's not Pan level awful and hoping it's so atrocious boo kangaroo has no choice but to campaign for Logan.
  • Here he is being adorable during Ed Sheeran's concert. And here he continues being adorable backstage.
  • Hugh's birthday is next Thursday so yes, there is going to be very special post here on the website. It's the most important day of the year! We're gonna celebrate hardcore. I'm talking videos of him lap dancing, gifs from bucket scene and just in general so much love.
  • So basically like my twitter looks every single day.
  • 3 more weeks sick leave for my wrist! That's 5 total. Some crap just fell down on stage on Marilyn Manson and he is having two weeks break (by the way that picture is hilarious) and I get 5?!
  • The longest I ever been on sick leave was 2 and that was 2 years ago. I'm going absolutely mental in this house. I mean more so than usual. I really don't like my job but I'd either be there with functional hand than sitting home and trying to will my wrist to move.
  • My doctor has new strategy - no more injections, now let's use ELECTRICITY. It's like that scene with cloning Hugh in The Prestige except there is no double Hugh, not even one, just me being utterly bored and having electrodes attached to my wrist for 30 minutes every day.
  • The good news is that apparently this *has* to help. 
  • The bad news is after this since I have been absent from work this long I have to go get tests done clearing me for work. 
  • The fortunate news is there is no psych evaluation so they will clear me. 
  • The hilarious news is that the last time they took my blood for such tests they wrecked a nerve in my arm with the needle so I bet this is going to happen this time too. It's only logical that after healing one the other one will fuck up. I mean it's me we are talking about.
  • 3 more weeks of me watching idiotic movies and perving. 
  • God help us all.
  • Hey speaking of, Boyd Holbrook is bound to find a delightful surprise the next time he googles himself (and when he does he is also bound to swiftly sue me for emotional distress) for I have done the first livetweet of a piece of shit of movie I watched solely for a hot actor being in it - and this time this honor was bestowed on him. 
  • That movie was Luke "Nepotism" Scott's Morgan featuring Lesser Mara in the main role. Hey Rooney at least has Lisbeth, Kate has nothing. The most memorable thing she has done was that scene in House of Cards when Kevin Spacey goes down on her and she talks to her dad over the phone at the same time because it's Father's Day. Remember that? What the hell was that?!
  • Here's some of the tweets:
  • And that's when Lesser Mara shot him dead.
  • I also rewatched A Walk Among the Tombstones and saw Little Accidents. About the latter I'm just gonna leave this here:
  • ...
  • ......
  • .........
  • Yeah, I bet Elizabeth Banks hated shooting this.
  • Here's a thread of me rewatching Gone Girl on Tuesday.
  • And here's my warning for tonight:
  • I urge everyone to stay off twitter. Unless you wrap yourself in garlands of garlic and rosaries and sprinkle holy water on the screen. Nah, that is not going to help. I'm so possessed nothing will help. After all I'm sitting here wanting to trade lives with that troll doll. 
  • Things are already getting sad and pervy and I haven't even started that rewatch yet.
  • According to letterboxd I haven't seen Logan in over 4 months. That can't be right. Though to be fair, I haven't logged approximately 100 times I watched the deleted scenes.
  • That's from deleted scenes. Look at this. Oh my God:
  • This is gonna be 6th time. In 7 months. I'm not sure if I ever communicated how much I love this movie? Oh God, I love this movie so much. Hugh come here and heal my wrist. Or not. Just scoop the organs you may need and take them. Take them all.
  • I agree that we need more full frontal nudity. Particularly Australian.
  • I'm ashamed I was ever a fan of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The actions are bad but the language he uses and the way he addresses people, lots of whom I imagine are fans of his show, is just so tacky and careless. It took this guy hilarious amount of time to get his big break and now he is giving garbage performance and insulting the show's fans. Pathetic.
  • On the heels of defending Roman Polanski Kate Winslet signs up to work with James Cameron again. Gurl, bye.
  • In the most explosive and hilarious news of the week Jared Leto is going to play Hugh Hefner in the biopic. Leto has tons of sex as it is but my God, I think his penis may fall off if he goes method for this one. Or becomes sentient as we are predicting
  • Given this I'm quite horrified. Don't you even dare looking at a dog, Jared.
  • Jared was a guest on Conan's show last night. I saw that right after finally watching his last week's appearance on Fallon's show so this was a whole lot of crazy.
  • Here's the new poster for Stranger Things season 2.
  • There will be no Sex and the City 3. The news broke that it is because Kim Cattrall made some outrageous demands. Meanwhile, Kim says that the only demand she has ever made was for there not to be the third movie at all. Kristin Davis however is super disappointed. The drama continues. Kudos to Kim. The second movie was just awful and I'm sure the third one would be even worse.
  • They began filming Glass, the sequel to Split and Unbreakable, this week.. 
  • The writer for Fifty Shades is doing rewrites for Venom. This is not good.
  • WB is backpedaling on literally everything DCEU related.
  • The sad thing is that this could easily be true. 
  • Gal Gadot is hosting SNL this weekend. Is it already part of the promo for Justice League? Seems very early. But I suppose anything is good, the hype for this movie seems practically non-existent.
  • And now we have that Harvey Weinstein thing. This will be huge. The only good thing about that is that the veil of silence is being lifted. This is not just Hollywood. This happens everywhere. It's so disappointing that famous actors are not speaking up. Lena Dunham did. If Lena Dunham has more sense and dignity than most people in Hollywood than there is something truly horrifying happening here.
  • Here's new poster for The Punisher. I wish they stopped that ridiculous covering up of the release date bullshit. 
  • And here's shirtless Idris Elba.
  • So as promised Harrison and Ryan appeared on Graham Norton's show where Harrison forgot Ryan's name not once, not twice, but three freaking times. Also we now have the picture of that time he accidentally punched Ryan in the face on the set:
  • Ryan also hosted SNL on Saturday. I bitch about Ryan a lot but never when it comes to his comedy skills. He is super funny and one of the things that always makes me laugh is when someone hosting the show keeps cracking up,. Gosling does it all the time. He did it before during the hilarious alien abduction sketch and this time they did the reprise of that sketch and yet again he just couldn't stop laughing. This is still my favorite sketch he has done.
  • I almost died when the cracked up during the chicken sketch.
  • There is a cinema near the clinic where they are electrocuting my wrist so I may catch Blade Runner 2049 next week. Also this "website" (aka perv station and digital shrine to Hugh Jackman) is celebrating 6th birthday on Monday so I may actually do something for once (I always forget that thing's birthday).
  • Courtney and Allie review A Ghost Story
  • Sonia writes about Alien: Covenant
  • MettelRay denounces Shameless
  • Dell reviews several horror films
  • Jay writes about how several famous couples met
  • Brittani reviews Raw
  • Myerla reviews mother!
  • m.brown reviews American Assassin 



    1. Oh man I forgot about that birthday party sketch! I could not stop laughing during that stupid Papyrus sketch last week. Putting the end title in Comic Sans was perfect.

      I was already iffy about a Venom movie without Spider-man, but I think I'm done now. This is just bad.

      I keep forgetting Justice League even comes out this year, until those character posters dropped this week it was like radio silence.

      The most shocking thing about this Harvey Weinstein mess is that it took this long for a huge publication to write about it.

      Kate Winslet...why? James Cameron is a douche.

      Just like Harvey Weinstein

      And Jeffrey Dean Morgan

      What a week.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. The Papyrus sketch was so good. It was honestly some of the greatest acting in Gosling's career.

        Those character posters were so ugly :/

        This week was even worse :/

    2. I watched all those Gosling SNL sketches you posted, and I think I died. I love it more when actors break character, because that shit is too funny.

      Also, not enough Leto in Blade Runner. Made me sad. His character wasn't used well enough. Almost felt like a cameo than supporting role. I know you love you some Leto, as do I. I'll be waiting to hear your thoughts once you see it.

      Happy Blog Bday!

      1. It's so funny! You should check the Avatar sketch it's so good!

        It may not be a while, my flu and my wrist problems are so exhausting I'll be lucky to see it this month

        Thank you and yet again I didn't do anything special for blog birthday :/

    3. Hugh Jackman likes Ed Sheerhan.... *looks down*

      Hey, don't diss Kate Mara. She's alright. I like her. I prefer Rooney but she's still cool.

      Kim Cattrall is doing the right thing in not doing a third Sex & the City film. That last one was appalling and made me feel unclean and ashamed of being an American. She doesn't need that film, fuck that shit.

      I'm not surprised by the whole Harvey Weinstein thing. He's a fucking asshole.

      Yeah, I'm now worried about Venom.

      1. Hey, Ed's not so bad :)

        Eh, she is a bit bland for me.

        The last one was really terrible. She was the only good thing about it.

    4. Well, it looks like I'll skip Venom. I just watched the sketches and I loved them. The Papyrus one ( will always be my favourite though.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Yes, that was awesome! The way he was watching from that car was so funny

    5. Gosling was hilarious on SNL, he's got comedic chops.

    6. Gosling is the man. He's too f--king funny, screwing up on SNL. More of that, please.
      I think the best piece of news from this RF is the nixing of a third Sex in the City movie. Holy shit, the second one made me want to jump off a skyscraper, so much love to the guardian angel that took care of that for me/all of humanity.

      I'm very stoked for Stranger Things return. And that's weird, because you know, I hate kids that age.

      1. I actually saw that crap with my mom in the cinema, it was horrible, no escape

    7. Hehehe, that pic of Gosling and Harrison is priceless.

      Gonna see Blade Runner friday, from the little I have heard its supposed to be pretty damned good. And there is no Amy Adams so that must make you happy =P

      Just got my review of mother! up, would love to hear your thoughts =)

      I really need to watch Stranger Things. I keep hearing comparisons to Stephen King type stuff and just just makes it even more absurd I haven't seen it yet!

      Hope your wrist gets better. I've got severaly busted ribs atm so I can kinda feel your pain, though nerve damage is an entirely different ballgame.

      Always good to read your rambles Sati! =) Never stop!

      And happy blogiversay =)

      1. I don't know when I'll catch it, I'm so tired from exercising my wrist I will definitely fall asleep during 3h movie so I'm trying to avoid that :)

        Oh you definitely should! It's a fantastic show, very addictive.

        Oh sorry to read about your ribs! Honestly dealing with the doctors is just the worst. I hope my thing gets better soon because I rather be at work than at the doctor's office every day

      2. Oh yeah, being at home having to nurse ribs (or a wrist) is depressing. it has seriously lowered my mood. I'm sure you are feeling similar, fucking trapped with nothing really productive to do at home. Not fun.

        And yes, I have the first season of ST on my HDD. I;m a filthy pirate - like most aussies =P
        Just need to get around to watching it-- really any Stephen king comparison should have me alllll over it

        And yeah, FUCK doctors. I had one guy tell me the back, knee, hip, gut, rib pain... was all in my head. Despite scans showing multiple fuck ups along my entire upper body. His first course of action was to prescribe painkillers! Despite the fact he knows I'm a recovering addict and am actually writing a book about detoxing from opiate-based meds!

        Doctors suck. So hard to find a good one.

      3. Indeed, that's why I usually avoid them. The general lack of knowledge and sympathy among these people is horrible.

    8. Oh man, why do people keep fcking up their lives by saying stupid shit!? Now I have to dislike Jeffrey Dean Morgan too?! Uhmm... no, I just, please, leave me something world, please... at least I have Boyd!

      I am very excited for Glass, I hope it's a good ending to the trilogy.

      PS: Man, sick leave is the worst! I had 5 weeks off this summer, it was still like the most unproductive time of my year so far. Somehow it's just.. mentally exhausting. And the doctor visits.. man.. hope your wrists heals soon!

      1. Thank you! It will actually be 6 weeks total and I do hope they clear me for work. I see doctors every day for my exercises for wrist and it's exhausting they are all relatively nice but it's always so worrying what are they gonna say this time