Saturday, October 14, 2017

(308) United we stand + links

By sati (harlequinade) Saturday, October 14, 2017
  • My wrist hurts today so I'll keep it short.
  • How to be wild by Hugh Jackman.
  • Hugh is in Colombia right now (1,2,3,4,5, 6, 7) which I misspelled as Cambodia on twitter several times this week because clearly I am an idiot who doesn't know where any countries are. 
  • Yeah, I need someone to take car keys away from him.
  • Hugh is still there, however it's been more than a week since that whole Weinstein situation started and Hugh didn't make a statement. Along with birthday wishes I asked him to do so on twitter. His female fans need his support .We need our hero to condemn this. I know he does but I need him to say it. I think all the actors playing superheroes have responsibility to set an example here. So many men look up to them and they clearly need guidance and from a lot of people.
  • Just not Ben Affleck
  • That fucker's got to go. 
  • Away from DCEU, away from Batman role:
  • How funny is it that even gaining weight line applies?
  • So yeah...Hollywood this week:
  • How brave the women and men speaking up are and what a monster this piece of shit is are obvious. Those things are obvious. But what maybe is not is how horrible the entire Hollywood looks now. I'm truly side-eyeing and being appalled by every single man who had the audacity to say they didn't know. Clooney. Damon. Affleck. They all knew. And what is Meryl Streep, the woman who stood up and applauded Polanski and Kate Winslet, the woman who worked with him - and Allen - and just signed up for a movie by a man who verbally abused her doing giving statements?
  • Ben Affleck made this statement. And boy did this gloriously blew up in his bloated face when Hilarie Burton pointed out he groped her and there is a video of it. 
  • This is his apology. He assaulted a woman and he apologizes to her in a tweet. After this several other women pointed out he groped them. Affleck's ass is staying silent about all of this but him and his "annoyed" ex went for staged pap stroll. He sickens me. I'm not going to see Justice League because I can't look at this guy's face without being sickened. 
  • Still Affleck's PR methods are far better than Matt Damon. The ineptness there actually made me laugh.
  • Damon, who was named in one of the articles as someone who along with Russel Crowe got the story killed in 2004, gave this biased interview which basically amounts to him saying he has four daughters so that alone means he wouldn't say silent when witnessing assault. On the same day he actually appeared on Kimmel's show later to goof around. And attended Thor: Ragnarok premiere. 3 things. 3 things over this accusation. I keep waiting when we hear more of this guy's actions because his fear is so apparent. 
  • Jessica Chastain defended him and look at the justified replies. Chastain is trying to do something but her selective approach is not something that should be happening.
  • I think the most significant thing a man did this week was Terry Crews sharing this story. This whole situation has been incredibly upsetting for all the women, particularly those to whom it happened too. And that's most of us. Crews sharing his story not only encouraged other men and women to do so but honestly look at the size of that guy. His story shows that this can happen to anyone.
  • Also my respect for Brad Pitt skyrocketed. Honestly we have Pitt who knew and Clooney and Damon, his buddies, have the audacity to lie. It's easier to do that  than just saying I am ashamed, I knew and did nothing because I was scared I'd lose my career and money.
  • God bless Gosling who at least says he is ashamed about his obliviousness. 
  • So I was super psyched about Momoa in Justice League...
  • and then this resurfaced.
  • Momoa issued an apology. Of course this changes nothing. For a guy, especially a huge guy like this to make this comment is just awful. And for a celebrity to make it in front of people and cameras is just stupid.
  • Also I read this wasn't the first time
  • I know first hand that majority off GoT fans are trash. That laughter proves it.
  • Gal Gadot's statement is weak as hell. A week into those events, her two co-stars acted disgracefully and she is an icon for women now and this is all she has to say? Come on.
  • Moving on.
  • Very well done New Mutants trailer
  • New trailer for Stranger Things season 2.
  • My livetweet of Logan went on for hours and I just said so much stuff. At one point I tagged James Mangold praising the movie, who actually thanked me and called me very kind. That was the highlight of the week for sure.
  • Insightful tweet during Skeleton Twins rewatch.
  • and finally Gal Gadot hosted SNL and attempted to kill m.brown. 
  • Sonia reviews The Beguiled
  • Brittani, Courtney and Chris review Blade Runner 2049
  • m.brown reviews Flatliners



    1. Terry Crew's story is especially upsetting because if a dude as big as him is afraid, you know there's a problem.

      I'm disappointed JGL hasn't made a statement either. I thought he would.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I think JGL is just a very private person, isn't he? So at least he has an excuse, Hugh is literally tweeting videos of moaning at pancakes for the love of God

    2. I'm shocked by what happen to Terry Crews. What he had to do to stay silent and not ruin his career. I feel bad for the guy.

      I wasn't surprised by what Weinstein did but the number of women is shocking. I really hope someone finds him and castrates him.

      He called Hayley Atwell a fat pig during the production of Brideshead Revisited all because she was eating during a break. Emma Thompson saw that and tore Weinstein a new asshole and threatened to quit the film. No one calls Agent Carter a fat pig. I'll kick someone's ass for that.

      There's also this video from Evan that is really startling about how far this has gone as I think people should see this as I feel really bad for her for not being able to speak out:

      1. Seriously it looks like he harassed or assaulted most of the women who he had contact with. Just horrific.

        Emma is so wonderful, she gave an interview last week which was just great. So fantastic that she stood up to him and protected her colleague.

        Yeah I saw that. It's so brave of Evan to raise that issue and talk of her experiences

    3. Sorry your wrist hurts, must be difficult to cope with. Hollywood revealed its ugly side this week, Weinstein's misuse of power is repulsive. A sad situation when even the president gropes women and they still elect him. Thanks for the linkage!

      1. The worst thing is that is that the movement is coming back so damn slow, it's so annoying. And dealing with the doctors is terrifying for me.

        The fact the American people elected this dude even after this tape leaked is seriously fucked up

    4. "HE'S GOT TO GOOOOO!" hahahaha that cracks me up every time. I really need to rewatch that movie...I think it's their best.

      Hollywood is a dumpster fire right now. It's quite depressing to see what's unfolded...

      1. I think I'll rewatch it this week. I really wish they made a sequel!

        honestly for women AND movie fans it's just so disheartening. To see a lot of actors we like just blatantly lie and not being able to shield their colleagues...awful

    5. I always knew Hollywood was trash, this is just the ultimate proof. But something like that happening to Terry Crews? I would have never imagined that.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. It seems like the levels of trash are escalating and it's really looking worse and worse than we assumed with each day

    6. That line from This is the End is so freakin' classic.

      Just watching this unfold from the sidelines has been crazy. It's absolutely mindboggling how so many people in the same breath has said they were aware of rumors but didn't know, or the rumors weren't these kinds of rumors but it wouldn't surprise me if this was happening - which means this is prevalent far beyond HW and everyone just kept it to themselves. Maybe it's a case of not speaking out and letting the person who an incident happened to speak out in their own time, but how can this be an open secret between actresses (as Ashley Judd said) and then he still kept doing this. All of the agents, directors, and assistants who set these women up should be held accountable too. He didn't act on his own. My head's just spinning.

      I didn't mind George Clooney's interview because at least he touched on a lot of points - unlike hypocritical statements from Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet. Besides Rose McGowan not letting anything pass her, Emma Thompson's interview w/ NewsNight was gold.

      I feel like - we (in general) want our favorites who've worked with HW to speak up and say something, but what they're all saying is recycled statements or they didn't know. At what point are any of them like - "Well, what I want to say is the same as everyone else, so why add my voice to the dim?" But still - like the range and impact of this asshole is astonishing.

      Warner Bros was so worried about the movie itself not being good...Gal's denouncement could've been longer and more specific, but she's probably under provisions by Warners to just let this skate by. The press tour leading up to the movie's release will be interesting as hell, if there even is one. She's probably contracted to stand with them at the premieres, and that's an absolute shame. I'm much more disappointed for the boys who look up to Ben as Batman. *sigh*

      1. The agencies should absolutely be looked into now. From Cara's story it's so evident everyone knew what was happening. It's disgusting, these young women trust these people and they are setting them up to be assaulted. This is straight up criminal, no question about it.

        Thompson's interview was fantastic and yeah Clooney did say a lot of valid things but it's just so insulting that he thinks he can get away with the claim he didn't know.

        I just think it adds to solidarity - the more people in Hollywood speak against it, the more the condemnation and at least perceived no tolerance for something like this happening

        Affleck is definitely not doing the press tour now, he is poison. Momoa should cuddle puppies on Fallon maybe this will help

        DCEU fanboys reached absolute low last week defending Affleck even after the video came out

    7. Damn, I really do live under a rock.

      Reading the links and doing a bit of googling has shocked me. I feel like Gosling... completely oblivious.

      Have you heard the leaked audio of Weinsteain and some European girl? It makes me shudder. He is begging this girl to stay, to not embarrass him. Just.... fucked. Utterly fucked. Sorry if you linked it and I missed it.

      1. I couldn't listen to it, it's just too upsetting. I'm still too upset after a flashback in Wind River and I saw it a while back

      2. Heh yeah that was probs the most intense moment of that film. Necessary, but full on.

        Yeah that audio literally sent chills up my spine. perhaps I really am ignorant but hearing a guy talk like that, so obviously under the fucked up spell of perversion.... just.. UGH. Fuck. I'm glad I read ur post cos I doubt I'd have even heard about this otherwise

      3. I just hope more of these perverts will be exposed this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    8. "Thomas had never seen such a mess." Isn't that the truth. Hoping this whole ordeal leads to a whole lot of shaking up of the entire industry. If that means a lotta people got to go, then so be it.

      Also, that New Mutants trailer. Who woulda ever thought a few years back that Fox of all studios would be the one producing the most interesting movies in the superhero genre?

      1. Right?! At least Fox takes risks. And whenever they do it results in really good or fantastic films.

    9. Yes, Hollywood is so fucked right now. I too appreciated Terry Crews' story. Very good of him to share his story to help lend some perspective to this madness. Like you said, it really can happen to anyone.

      But holy hell, thank you for posting that This is the End clip. Hadn't seen that in a while and laughed my ass off rewatching it just now.

    10. I really wish they made a sequel to this. This was one of the funniest comedies of the last 20 years