Friday, October 20, 2017

(309) Welcome back to my good graces, Jason + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, October 20, 2017

  • Oh, did they give him six candles? Adorbs.
  • Hugh wished Zac Efron happy birthday and shared this adorable BTS photo from The Greatest Showman
  • Hugh still hasn't make a statement about the Weinstein scandal but it's very hard to be mad at him when he tweets things like that
  • I love the fact that it's always Dali LOOKING STRAIGHT AT THE CAMERA.
  • He is being an angel again. In a white shirt.
  • If he is gonna be Pikachu then the universe is clearly fucking with me. Because you know I will watch that thing.
  • Not only is the wig back, now there's also completely insane stare accompanying it:
  • Oh yeah. That's perfect for Pikachu.
  • Why is God punishing me?
  • And in even funnier news this right here is Christian Bale and Amy Adams on the set of that Dick Cheney movie...:
  • Hugh wearing a dead animal on his head will yet again not be enough to gain him an Oscar. 
  • South Park has pretty fantastic season so far. Much better than last season, and the clever digs at DCEU and Marvel were awesome last week. 
  • The Big Bang Theory delivered the funniest episode in years last week. 
  • Unfortunately, this week's episodes of both sucked.
  • SNL was really funny. Kumail Nanjiani was a fantastic host and Kate McCinnon had awesome material. Everyone keeps talking about Kellywise but my favorite was actresses round-table sketch.
  • The Academy has expelled Harvey Weinsten. I wish Carrie Fisher was around. Look at this
  • At least Tarantino didn't lie in his statement. 
  • Mayim Balik situation. CBS should face boycott until this repugnant woman is fired.
  • So remember how last week Ben Affleck thought it was a good idea to give a statement? This week Woody Allen held his beer.
  • And then Louis C.K. held his beer.
  • Speaking of Affleck, I've been laughing about this for 4 days now. Also here's part 3 of his PR saga. 
  • And!!!! He's already out!!!! Yes, he managed to "cure" his alcoholism again this time in the matter of days. Who the hell gave him a dog? Someone rescue him!
  • Some reports say that this is 'an emotional support dog'. Some say it's a stray dog. So what's the story? Affleck wandered around rehab center for 2 days and just found the dog there? In any case take this animal away from him.
  • I completely forgot to write about The Last Jedi trailer last week. Porgs!
  • Teaser for I, Tonya. Margot Robbie is coming for that Oscar nomination!
  • Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and call this bad phrasing.
  • Here's first poster for The Predator. Sadly shirtless Boyd Holbrook isn't on it but it's still pretty awesome.
  •  Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander are married and I still cannot believe they are for real.
  • Trailer for 12 Strong featuring Michael Shannon, awesome cover of I Won't Back Down by Pearl Jam and Chris Hemsworth riding on a horse with a motherfucking huge gun, you guys.
  • Meanwhile, people are having fun with The Snowman posters. And that's just about the only thing they are having fun with because the film is apparently horrible. Apparently they didn't shoot all of it and no one noticed until it was too late. How on Earth does something like this happen?
  • So remember how last week video of Jason Momoa's horrible joke resurfaced and I was like 'Sir, I must denounce you'? Well someone introduced me to this this week Well, goddammit, sir I am taking you back.
  • Which means it's OK to perv about him now so here it is straight from the most recent Justice League trailer:
  • Horrendous new poster for Justice League. Also the run time is 121 minutes...with end credits. But from what I heard that shot of shirtlesss Momoa is in the movie and let's face it that is the only reason I'm going. Is it in 3D? I'll pay for 3D if it is.
  • Oh yeah I am going now. It comes and goes with this. I just hope Jason doesn't say anything stupid because it seriously depends just on him if I go see it or not.
  • I wish I were a mermaid.
  • Oh God, I can't stop giggling.
  • Marvel is dropping The Punisher (here's new trailer) on November 17th, the same day that Justice League premieres. Now, some people say it doesn't matter because people can still see both. Yeah, right. If I see shirtless Momoa and the follow this with shirtless Bernthal I will turn into a puddle of water. And simultaneously burst into flames. Somehow.
  • That Black Panther thing looks like Lion King remake shot on Pandora. 
  • Hilarious news about the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. Oh this bodes well.
  • Brittani reviews Videodrome
  • MettelRay shares amazing and HUGE post - 1000 scenes from 1000 films
  • Sonia reviews It
  • Dell shares 13 scary music videos for Halloween
  • Jordan reviews mother!
  • m.brown reviews American Made with Tommy Gurl



    1. That Kidman quote was so funny when she was talking about it on Graham. She kept saying the wrong things, in a cute way. If you haven't seen that episode yet I recommend it, it's pretty great and Jane Fonda looks fabulous!

      Hahaha, that Snowman poster remade version is hilarious. The movie fcking sucked though, my god, it's just.. I have no words.

      I will for sure watch The Punisher before I see Justice League, but I get what you mean by seeing both, it would probably be bad for my health as well. I've never like had a thing for Jon before he became the Punisher, but now, my god. Just my type, tortured, mad, on a killing spree.

      Thanks for the link!! :)

      1. Yeah I'm gonna need to catch up on Graham's show,the last episode I saw was with Winslet and Elba.

        I am dying to see it just to make fun of it!

        Yeah he is awesome in that role! I love his relationship with Karen in DD2

      2. I hope Karen will have a bigger role in The Punisher, though all the trailers only show like glimpses of her.

      3. I'm not sure how big her role is, yes she is only in the trailers a little bit but it's what, 10h of the show? So there may be lots of her

    2. I don't care how awful The Snowman is, I'll watch it anyway for Fassbender. By the way I need photos of the wedding asap. God I still can't believe it happened.

      Thanks for that Jason Momoa gif! My day is so much better now. And thanks for the link.

      1. Jason is gonna make all of us so happy in Justice League :)

    3. Men in Hollywood are just screwing up everywhere. I couldn't even stomach the Louis C.K. thing. I'm happy to see Jason apologize, which is all that anyone can ask or hope for (and hope he doesn't do it again).

      That wig is a curse upon us all.

      1. That wig needs to be taken far away from him and killed with fire.

    4. Poor Snowman lol. I really wanted to see that.

      I've hated Mayim Bialik for years so I'm feeling nothing but delicious schadenfreude at people shitting on her gross opinions. She ruined TBBT too.

      Margot's accent is awful in that teaser, though I do want to see it.

      Fat Bale is coming for that Oscar.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I actually want to see it just to laugh at it :)

        Margot is not great with accents, but her performances usually distract from that

    5. Mayim Bialik is a stupid bitch. I never liked her. I never even watched Big Bang Theory. Why do people watch that shit? I tried to watch it for five minutes and it wasn't funny at all. Someone needs to slap Blossom and tell her to shut the fuck up.

      Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander, I give it a few years.

      South Park is OK though the last 2 episodes were pretty funny.

      1. I think it's a cute show. It's funny enough and Jim Parsons and Simon Helberg deliver great work there

    6. "I will turn into a puddle of water. And simultaneously burst into flames. Somehow."

      This had be hurting from laughter =]

      I agree, new South Park is bloody great!! My favourite was Tweak freaking out about Trump/Garrison. Classic.

      Pity about the Snowman. Gotta admit tho it looked a bit cheesy from the trailers.

      And I agree, RESCUES THAT DOG! And curing alcoholism in two days is flat out retarded. I'd know, I've been in rehab myself!

      1. Affleck's use of his alcoholism and rehab as PR game is gross. I hope he finally goes away especially from DCEU.

      2. Ugh I'm signed out for some reason, dumb wordpress

        Affleck needs to just disappear for good haha

    7. Tho, and I know I am a guy, but Woody made maybe one good point. I think sexual harassment in workplaces has gone overboard in terms of what that term encompasses now. I'm honestly scared to talk to women half the time in those situations.

      Just me thought obviously, my balls make me think this way!

      1. Woody should never comment on this kind of things. And frankly it's better if men are scared than if they feel they can do whatever they want.

      2. Yep and yep. Woody should shut up. And screw me being able to get away with what they can now. I just can sooorta see that it -might- snowball in this PC society. I'd hope it comes to a logical conclusion of sorts, and this sorta shit can stop for good. Men honestly disgust me =/

    8. This whole Weinstein thing is a shit show. I hope this finally forces Hollywood to make real changes in the way it does business, starting with people coming forward about all the other creeps in the industry and having their claims seriously investigated.

      I think part of the reason lots of other stars are reluctant to make statements about it, Hugh included, is because they're afraid of sticking their foot in their mouths. Better to say nothing than to say something and have it come off poorly, I guess. Just ask Momoa. I don't think his joke made him a bad guy, just a guy who told a stupid frat boy joke because he thought it would get a laugh. His apology sounded sincere, so I'm cool with him. Not sure what to make of Bialik since I know almost nothing about her other than her TV career. Her comments are troubling and her apology felt weak.

      Anyhoo, thanks for the link. Hope you enjoyed the videos.

      1. Well they have PR people for that. The only reason not to say anything is if they have skeletons in their closet so every A lister who says nothing is frankly looking suspicious now. Momoa's 'joke' only resurfaced because it was brought to light what a messed up pig Affleck is and people started to look extra hard into his JL co-stars. I hope he is nowhere near promo tour, Affleck needs to go. This guy playing a superhero is a disgrace

    9. Your love for Jackman never ceases to amaze me. You are a devoted fan of the highest order. What would you do if you met him?

    10. I'm so curious about The Snowman. No clue how something like that can happen, but I've gotta see for myself what the results of just flat out not filming 10% of your script looks like. Besides, it's Fassbender, so I'll see anything he's in, even if he is, sadly, in a lot of crap as of late. :(

      1. Fassbender has been so unlucky lately. The thing is that this could have been really great, it looks like a lot of bad luck happened with this project

    11. Oh my god that Snowman news is insane! Yeah, like, how the hell do you fail to shoot 15% of your movie and still release it? I kind of want to see how bad it is, but I'm sad Fassbender is in such a clunker.

      1. I cannot wait to see it now, apparently it's so butchered it's unreal