Friday, October 27, 2017

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By sati (harlequinade) Friday, October 27, 2017
  • No Hugh or terrible wig sightings this week. It would be a sad time but you know me, always keeping busy.
  • Great article on Logan. Turns out that 1. James Mangold is working on a script for standalone Laura film 2. The narrative is still where is Patrick Stewart's Oscar nomination? when it's Jackman who should be first and foremost getting mentioned when it comes to awards here so I'm pissed off 3. When asked about it Hugh said he is hoping the part will be recast. 
  • Boo, I need you to stop talking.
  • Meanwhile Hugh, Vera Farmiga and others did the reading of The Princess Bride to aid Puerto Rico. Apparently Hugh kept talking about The Greatest Showman after the thing. I really hope it's at least decent because it's gonna be crushing to see him put so much effort into something only for this to tank. 
  • We know the drill. You show me a hot shirtless dude that also happens to be a nice guy, family man and likes animals and that's it. A good guy who would kill all the bad guys. With his bare hands. That's all it takes.
  • Once again I've fallen through the hole.
  • and I can't. 
  • get. 
  • out.
  • God, I wish  the entire thing was on youtube so that you guys could watch it. It's hilarious:
  • At another moment he grabbed her hand and Betty just moaned.
  • Stage 1: Watch dogshit movies:
  • My livetweet of Once Upon a Time in Venice
  • My livetweet of Bullet to the Head
  • These were both terrible and Jason wasn't even shirtless. MettelRay, m.brown. This is all your fault.
  • Stage 2: Make gifs
  • Stage 3: Ramble on here until someone calls the cops. Welcome to stage 3.
  • Fuck you, guys, no one called for help! Also that's actually a good show. Comparing to the films I watched on Saturday, at least.
  • I'm also watching Frontier which is kinda like his Taboo.. Here's my incredibly disturbing tweet because I have no shame or a brain:
  • Total Film's article on Jason which they entitled "Wet and Wild". This is the kind of stuff that should win Pulitzer. 
  • Have you guys seen this guy's instagram? Jesus Christ!
  • 0:15. WB is trying to kill me. And here's new poster for the film where they are clearly highlighting its assets --->
  • Brand new trailer
  • Zack Snyder uploaded more porn on his Vero account yesterday. I'm just making high pitched noises here.
  • In other words I'm psyched. I'm actually not even going to see Ragnarok now. Just mother! next week and Justice League opening day. 
  • There was a big promo event in China yesterday and the fanbase is already shipping Jason and Henry Cavill
  • That's adorable. Here's the gifs I made. Because of course I did. I have no respect for my health or the little that is left of my sanity.
  • Here's the cast during the event. I can't even comment on Affleck's shoes or whatever is happening on his head. There are simply no words.
  • And two more posters:
  • Accurate representation of last weekend in American box office. Geostorm may lose WB 100 million. Meanwhile, Snowman and Mister Police memes are just blowing up everywhere.
  • In this week's disgusting news...
  • Well I 'respectfully' refuse to watch your hypocritical ass in any movies you'll make, Kate.
  • Oh my heavens! The father of four daughters knew! Him and Clooney are becoming more and more pathetic with each day and so does Kimmel.
  • Marilyn Manson has more integrity than these people and that's saying something since I think he used to blow himself.
  • They started shooting Venom before Hardy could escape. And here's info on how they will film Tom playing the creature. 
  • As you probably know by now one of my favorite movies of all time is Practical Magic. It's actually my current avatar in most places. Apparently the film was actually cursed by a witch. 
  • So if everything goes right I'll be back at work on Monday. After 6 weeks on sick leave. My hand is still messed up but I can write and at least at work I go crazy less and there's something to do. I think I'll star studying for the bar again soon, I'm underpaid, that job is messing up my health and I feel stuck there. Also I'm clearly getting worse with each week so let's study while I still have capacity to do so.
  • Jordan reviews Happy Death Day
  • Katy writes about the recent episode of The Walking Dead
  • MettelRay reviews The Snowman
  • Courtney reviews I, Tonya
  • Chris wrote a hilarious post comparing his short movie Breathe to recently released Andy Serkis' Breathe
  • Sonia reviews Burnt
  • Dell reviews From Hell
  • Brittani reviews 1922
  • Steven reviews Enemy
  • m.brown actually watched something that looks good - Battle of the Sexes



    1. Thanks for the link-love.

      We NIN fans have become indifferent towards Manson as we're just waiting for the news about him dying. Sadly, original Manson guitarist Scott Putesky/Daisy Berkowitz passed away recently after a battle with cancer. As for Jeordie/Twiggy, fuck him. I'm glad Manson chose to part ways with him. Did I ever tell you that Twiggy spat on my face when I was 15 years old at a Manson show?

      Any film that stars Gerard Buttwad that loses money is a good thing. I really hate that guy. He's such a twat.

      I would love to see that reading of The Princess Bride while I heard Scarlett, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, and Robert Downey Jr. are coming to Atlanta for a reading next week. I hope to go but I'm low on cash.

      1. What? Oh my God that is awful! This guy seems like a terrible person

      2. Pretty much. Good musician but a total dick. I'm just surprised it took Manson that long to part ways with him again although Manson isn't doing so great these days. If you watch recent shows he did on YouTube, it's horrible. I'm so glad I saw him in his prime.

      3. Yeah, I saw some of it, not great. But his previous album was pretty good

    2. No no no no no no no, not Aquabro. Momoa is not hot lmao. There's got to be someone else to perv over?

      God the box office this week, I'm still tempted to see The Snowman just to see how shitty it really is. Instead I'm seeing Suburbicon this weekend. Judging by the reviews that will be shitty too.

      I legit lol'd at "Manson used to blow himself" because I remember that rumor when I was in grade school/middle school. Talking about Manson was all taboo.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Dude in what universe is that dude not hot? :P


        I think he even removed his ribs or something? :P Lol I heard it in school too I used to listen to his music so much

    3. Entertaining as always, though I will say I missed the fever pitch of your Hugh lovefest. Good for Marilyn Manson. Thanks for the link!

    4. Ahhh I love Betty, thanks for sharing that vid! I must watch the whole thing.

      1. It's so hilarious. She really can't handle Jason being there and he keeps grabbing her hand lol

    5. Oh that Betty video is the best, like, I aspire to be her when I'm her age.. if I live that long.

      I also have a bit of excitement for Justice League but not that much. My flatmate's a huge Momoa fan so I'm sure I'll still see it.

      And I mean, sorry for the recommendation, but I did say it wasn't a good movie. :D

      Thanks for the link!!

      PS: Practical Magic is so adorable I can't!

      1. No worries, he was there and he held the dog though I gasped when he gave the dog a cupcake :)

    6. Thanks for the link! <3

      Thank God that wig hasn't popped up this week.

      Omg, Betty's reaction to that magazine cover. She's hilarious!

      I'm on the fence about Justice League. I pretty much like everyone besides Ben Affleck (now), so....the excitement is just there for Gal and Jason's abs.

      1. You're welcome! I don't watch the show so I don't know enough to comment there :)

        Yes, but they released TGS song yesterday so new RF is gonna be about how extremely poorly received it is lol

        I think Jason is worth the trip to the cinema. Probably several trips to the cinema :)

    7. I want to see Justice League...but Ben Affleck is in it and I'm done with him.

      Kind of smug over the fact Suburbicon will tank. The way Clooney and Damon have been backtracking on their statements has been just gross.

      Good luck studying for the bar!

      1. Thank you! I will need lots of luck :)

        I will just focus on Jason and ignore Affleck

    8. I remember when I saw Logan in theaters, I just wanted to THROW Oscar nominations at them. If the Academy doesn't recognize this movie or it's performances, I'm going to be pissed AF.

      Also, Affleck's shoes in that picture??? Dude...come on.

      1. Me too, it would just be ridiculous especially if Wonder Woman gets nominations

        He is just a disaster.

    9. Thank you for the link! And for Jason's Instagram. I never checked it before and now I can't stop scrolling.

      1. You're welcome! His Instagram is such a gift :P

    10. Thanks for the link, Sati! :)

      Yeah, if things at work are effecting your health, definitely get out if you have the capacity to do so. Been working on precisely that for some time now.

      I'm excited for Justice League as well, but no Thor now? Why not both?

      1. You're welcome!

        Eh, I just don't have the strength to watch more than 2 movies in cinema a month. And Ragnarok looks like another forgettable product from Marvel

      2. I gotcha. Well, if I had to choose between the two, I'd honestly probably go with JL as well. DC movies are just so much more interesting than what Marvel's been churning out, even if they're not always necessarily good. :P

      3. DC has Momoa. So that's so much more than what Marvel is offering :P

    11. Oh my god I love that Betty White/Jason Momoa video. So perfect.

      1. Betty's reactions are quite chill, I'd just be on the floor dead.

    12. Sounds like your hand is gradually improving, so that's positive. I heard Snowman is a lackluster adaptation, the writer Jo Nesbø must be pissed because it's considered among his best books. Fun meme doing the rounds though.

      1. It's much better but it hurts a bit. Especially since I'm back at work and there's lots of writing to do. Snowman is, from what I heard, straight up disastrous to the point that it's actually amusing