Friday, November 3, 2017

(311) Hawaii vs Australia + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, November 3, 2017
  • Oh my God guys I have so much hotness for you this week. Drink lots of water before you proceed. 
  • Can you guys believe Brittani doesn't find this guy hot? What the hell? 
  • I wish I was that rock he was climbing. I would probably die, but still.
  • Apparently, in Polynesian, the word "momoa" means "dry". That's the most ironic thing I've ever read.
  • Jason, if the popcorn is on you will you also pay for my funeral after I see the film? And for the love of God come here and clear my Internet browser history?
  • He is gonna be on Corden next Thursday so I guess that's gonna be the first time I actually watch that show.
  • Yes, I did rewatch Conan the Barbarian and livetweeted it. 
  • God that was so entertaining. 
  • So very entertaining.
  • I also saw Sugar Mountain which sucked but good Lord:
  • Also he was great in this movie. He is really talented, can people please cast him in better films? 
  • On Saturday while everyone in the world was watching Stranger Things I watched that cannibal movie with him  - The Bad Batch and livetweeted it. I cannot believe I saw him kill and eat the bunny and there wasn't even a sex scene in this film.
  • I saw the bunny getting murdered. 
  • This, though:
  • OH GOD.
  • Then I watched Road to Paloma which he also directed. That was very good! 
  • I also saw the movie Wolves with him in it on Halloween but I don't wanna talk about that, lol.
  • I'm going to FIGHT Henry Cavill. And any critic who does this.
  • Seriously:
  • I think this is gonna be worse than me watching Logan. That one on the left? WHAT THE FUCK EVEN IS THIS?!
  • happening...under that belt.
  • And then there's this:
  • I can't deal. I just can't deal. This entire article reads like erotic novel.
  • These just keep coming and I'm on the floor breathless.
  • Oh and there's this bit of news. Congratulations! not at all doing this rn:
  • Not. At. All.
  • Also why on Earth was Mister Police attending this wedding?
  • The only thing that matters here is if Jason is still attached. Because if he is then I'm hyped but if he isn't then I probably won't see it. 
  • I swear to God it's like boo kangaroo woke up on Saturday and realized he didn't do enough last week and there wasn't enough of him in RF so he declared war on Hawaii.
  • First he did this. He didn't do that on Halloween. First the death on a tree and now this, Hugh?
  • Then there was this --->
  • And then they released the song from the movie. The lyrics are absolute filth. "Sweat soaking through the floor"? Is this about me watching Logan?
  • I think Hugh sounds fantastic but that song....people are straight up hating it. The new trailer will apparently be released soon so I just hope it's much better than the first time because that thing was ridiculed everywhere.
  • How the hell did that happen? Did he give her a lap dance or something?
  • Some new pictures from the film. The costumes look nice! 
  • That's right it's now a week later and I still haven't even started season 2 of Stranger Things.
  • So one of the dudes on Stranger Things was busted with cocaine on the airport. That dude is 23 years old. My God, look at him.
  • Just absolutely tragic.
  • You need to see something hot after looking at this so here's Tom Hardy on the set of Venom:
  • First picture from upcoming movie with Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder.
  • Brand new trailer for The Disaster Artist.
  • There are no words to describe what Kevin Spacey did. Just no words. It reads like "well, I was drunk so I don't remember if I wanted to force myself on a child. BTW FYI I choose to live as a gay man now, lol bye".
  • Unless that treatment is cutting off his dick and hands then I say with certainty it won't help. 
  • Right after Spacey's awful statement Netflix stopped the work on the production of next season of House of Cards. So because Spacey is a pervert all those people are without jobs now. Couldn't they just kill his character off?
  • Meanwhile, Brett Ratner is another sicko to get exposed and Jared Leto is trying to distance himself from that Hugh Hefner biopic they were supposed to do together. Not sure that is smart on his part. No, I am sure, it's not smart. There have been quite a few stories about Jared and his band's groupies. Frankly I'm surprised he is not trending on twitter today.
  • When Singer's day of reckoning finally comes I expect all the X-Men actors to give statement and explain how exactly they 'didn't know".
  • Not only did Taika Waititi like Kevin Spacey's "statement" but there is also this.
  • He is doing the sequel to What We Do in the Shadows, though so that's good news.
  • Marvel is so super progressive
  • So I saw Thor: Ragnarok. Here's my review. 
  • I am a horrible person for laughing at that, aren't I?
  • Terrific new trailer for I, Tonya
  • I just really hope it's not Ed Harris.
  • You guys remember Tyrese, right? Well, he is at it again, in a major way. I'm pretty sure threatening The Rock's daughter is suicidal behavior.
  • And now for some much needed levity look to your left. 
  • Yes, that thing is real.
  • Check out the trailer too.
  • Courtney shares things she loves about The Lost Boys
  • Brittani reviews Certain Women
  • MettelRay loved news season of Stranger Things
  • Dell lists his 25 favorite Horror Comedies
  • Alex shares another article about the making of his film Wait
  • Sonia reviews Thor: Ragnarok
  • Katy recaps recent episode of The Walking Dead
  • m.brown reviews Happy Death Day. Whatever you do, do not read my comment under that review. And he also reviews Geostorm which I told him to watch just so he could review it for our enjoyment.



    1. It's because he isn't hot!!

      I did lol at the "dry" comment though

      I can't wait to see The Disaster Artist.

      I, Tonya looks great too. Janney is coming for that Oscar.

      Thanks for linking me even though I said Mamoa was fug. You're a good friend. Lol

      1. You need an exorcism, woman! Well actually I do need one. And a shower. And like a prolonged stay at special institution.

    2. Well, this post was well worth the wait! I literally shut down everything else to read this. And the Momoa eyecandy was magnificent. You're doing a great service for me by watching all of his stuff. lol Hugh's like staring into my soul with that Great Showman magazine cover. Like he's smoldering. But they put a Roman Polanski blurb on the corner of his hat though. That's just unfortunate. >.<

      Tom Hardy for Venom = magic.

      I passed out in September when I got sick with something, I don't know what it was. Wendy pretty much pictured how I felt - the confusion, the wobbling, etc. I still kinda laughed though. Woopsies...

      What We Do In The Shadows is absolute gold. I really don't want to see an American tv version which I've heard rumors about. I just don't have faith that we could make anything that compares...but if Taika is doing his own thing with the Wolves. I'M ON BOARD. MY SOUL IS LIT.

      Really hoping Margot gets nominated for I Tonya. It looks fabulously insane, funny, and heartbreaking.

      Omg, I hope that's not Ed Harris too.

      Thanks for linking my Walking Dead post! <3

      1. I know, right?! I'm staring at it, so damn happy and then notice Polanski's name there. What a lady boner killer

        They did American TV version of that? Jesus, what a dumb idea.

        I read it's another actor, not Harris. Hoping everything is gonna be OK.

        You're welcome! I cannot believe you and Brittani still watch it but then with the stuff I am watching I really shouldn't judge :P

    3. Also, OMG - The Greatest Showman song. I really don't know what to it could be a huge mess or good depending on how it's sounds like it's on crack though, trying to mix rock with a Broadway-sized chorus to be Moulin Rouge 2.0.

      1. I cannot listen to it. The background voices are too loud and Hugh is almost whispering near the beginning. I think it's gonna be a huge mess, unfortunately :/

    4. Since you've been following Jason Mamoa a lot. I'd suggest you watch his brief appearance in Johnson Family Vacation in which Beyonce's sister drools all over him.

      I knew Brett Ratner was a sick fuck. Just look at him. He's a fucking chode. I bet the next person that's going to be called out is Michael Bay. I will rejoice when his career dies. I will happily shit on his fucking grave.

      1. He is too young in that :)

        I did read some disturbing things about Bay. Seems like lots of people there are really sick individuals

    5. Awesome What We Do in the Shadows is getting a sequel!

      1. Hopefully it's at least half as good as the first one :)

    6. WHAAAAT Brittani doesn't find Jason hot?! He's so hot he makes steam look cool ffs. And now I feel like watching Sugar Mountain. Btw since Lisa has a daughter, Jason is kinda a DILF now.

      I haven't started Stranger Things 2 either. I have so much stuff to watch I don't know if I'll ever find the time. I still haven't seen Narcos 3, that's how busy I am.

      Spacey is one of my favorite actors but what he did is disgusting. That statement, what that hell was that?! And I'm even more pissed off about Netflix cancelling House of Cards. I love that show. Like you said, they should have killed his character. It'd be pretty interesting with Claire only in my opinion.

      Michael Shannon looks so creepy on that poster!

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Sugar Mountain is terrible and he is in it for like 10 minutes and most of it is him savagely beating up a protagonist and it was legit disturbing how much I loved seeing that. He has two kids so he is DILF :P

        Narcos 3 doesn't have Boyd so I'm not in the rush to see that :P

        I don't know why Netflix did that, but he was also a producer so maybe there was not way to write him out of the show

      2. Lol I completely forgot he has two kids of his own

    7. Okay...this was a little much GIANT HOT MAN for the ol' work computer, but I'd actually be cool if they fired me.

      I was really enjoying RF (as usual) but then....then that Tyrese thing happened? What. The. Hell. That stuff was super creepy and I can't imagine The Rock is gonna be too cool with that. (especially the last line...)

      I just...I don't even know.

      Thanks for the link. Just so you know, I busted out Geostorm like I had a legit deadline. I haven't gone back and reread's probably littered with nonsense and typos. par for the course.

      Oh, and that Pottersville thing? *inaudibly gasps* I need that in my life.

      1. If your boss is a woman she'll be cool with it :)

        Apparently Tyrese is now saying they made up so The Rock finally sent his lawyers his way. What a mess

        Nah, man, it was awesome as always!

    8. Dude that kid from Stranger Things is only 23?!! I mean...I guess it makes sense, but he is NOT aging well. Drugs don't help either. Don't do drugs, kids.

      I have no words for Kevin Spacey, although I'd heard about his fucked up lifestyle in the rumor mills...tragic that it's actually true. And, on top of all that, I've heard he's a total prick to work with. Boy, bye forever.

      1. Spacey is finished, all the stories that are coming out right now are simply horrific. It's awful that he kept doing that for years and no one did anything about it

    9. Mm, Momoa.. I'm not sure if I will like Justice League because of him... but I will watch it for him, and Wonder Woman, so I guess that says something.

      I don't know if I will watch The Greatest Showman... it doesn't call to me at all and I'm really not a fan of musicals either. We'll see.. I have a feeling it won't be good, and I don't want that for Hugh. :(

      Spacey's done. So done he even won't be getting any kitty litter commercials. He will not work ever again.

      Pottersville.. hmm, I might watch it just so I could hate it. :D

      Thank you for the link!

      1. I think this film may be the worst thing of all time and I'm still gonna be delighted lol

        Greatest Showman looks so bad. The posters, the trailers, the songs....I'm sure Hugh gives it his all but it will probably end up being another project that wasn't worthy of his time

    10. thank you for this, I love the random bits of information. momoa means dry? come on! sati is here to educate! have a gread week.

    11. Thank you SO MUCH for the link and your continued support. Jason Momoa rocks. The Bad Batch was okay, but damn if he isn't nice to look at.

      1. You're very welcome! He is indeed, I really hope Justice League gets good reviews, shame for him to be in another mediocre or bad movie

    12. That's a lot of love for Momoa.

    13. Last week: "I'm not going to see Thor: Ragnarok."
      This week: "So I saw Thor: Ragnarok."
      lol. Well, you weren't wrong about it being just another Marvel movie. :P

      1. I was dragged to the cinema by a friend :)

        Yep I already forgot all about it!

    14. These Hollywood rapists are so disgusting. I'm waiting to see who else goes down before the new year. I still can't believe Bryan Singer is still allowed to direct movies. Singer and Spacey were known to have pool parties with teenage boys.

      1. And it's like week 6 of the scandal and Singer still hasn't been outed as the pervert he is