Friday, November 10, 2017

(312) #allin #yourmouth + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, November 10, 2017
  • The hashtags. Mother of God, the hashtags!  --->
  • I think I actually died and this is coming to you from beyond.
  • Oh good, the interviews for the film have started. This one is hysterical. The interviewer actually has the balls to ask about Weinstein and Affleck is bending over backwards not to look worse than he already looks. And Jason looks like he is literally praying to God for that "joke" not to come up.
  • Affleck really needs to stop talking.
  • And yet he is talking
  • I can't handle this bit! Is he on some sort of mission to kill all women? Well, all women except for Brittani.
  • I need that blooper in my life so bad.
  • Lord, that yawn.
  • That radio interview is audio porn.
  • Corden's show Thursday and Graham Norton's show Friday. Please Graham don't show my tweets on television. Particularly the seahorse one.
  • So Jason wants to host SNL. And Ben's girlfriend is a producer of it  or something. JUST MAKE YOURSELF USEFUL, AFFLECK
  • Henry's impersonation of Jason is probably the funniest thing I watched all month.
  • Seriously.
  • I have very clearly traveled back in time and stole all of his shirts:
  • *noises*
  • For the love of God, IT'S ICELAND!!!
  • Behind the Scenes from the movie. Affleck is so lucky:
  • God, I wish he broke my dishes.
  • Occasionally I browse Lipstick Alley at work. This literally made me go:
  • Clip from the movie. I'm so glad this scene is gonna be in the film. I hope he throws him through the window right after.
  • Another one. Jesus, after I come home from cinema I'm gonna need to bathe in ice cubes like Charlize in Atomic Blonde.
  • WB really knows what they are doing with this marketing. Merely 30 seconds long TV spot and they still found a way to include that epic shot in there.
  • Oh hell, this is just like those character videos from Squad.
  • The embargo drama is freaking killing me. Apparantely the social media embargo for critics is lifted in few hours. There are lots of good DC fans. They deserve good movie. Jason deserves good movie. Gal deserves a good movie. Henry does. And Zack Snyder who seems like a perfectly lovely person does too.
  • In the meantime garbage fight! on twitter between "critics" - 1,2
  • And here's beautiful promo still of Mera, played by Amber Heard:
  • I really hope she has good chemistry with Jason. I mean yes, sure, an inanimate object would have a good chemistry with him but who knows. She gets to play the luckiest character in DC. I hope she does it well. 
  • When, I say the luckiest I mean I hope they avoid all the tragedy in her arc in comics. That's just cruel.
  • Khaleesi reunion! (1,2,3,4). And just what the hell happened in Belfast last night?!
  • Now let us travel to Australia or rather Georgia....
  • ....where the wig is back. Why? Just...why?
  • The posters from The Greatest Showman. Oh man....
  • Ugh look how happy he is! This is just gonna be painful to witness, isn't it. Apparently FOX didn't even schedule any awards screenings for this one. But they did schedule some for Logan and also on this week we got few new beautiful stills from the film:
  • So now for the unpleasant. I'm honestly disappointed Hugh didn't issue a statement about the situation in Hollywood. And then there is the matter of him repeatedly working with Singer. I understand doing so when he was at the beginning of his career, But at the time of Days of Future Past if he said "no, I won't work with this person" there is no way the studio wouldn't go with their biggest star wishes. And there is no way he didn't know. Him, Ian, Patrick. All of them knew. And let's hope that's their only crime there.
  • And for even more unpleasant aka how am I doing? Well, today I walked next to shelf with Christmas clothes for dogs and started to cry in the middle of the store. And facebook does this 'memories' thing so whenever I log in I see pictures from before September this year. So I don't log in anymore. And what happened to my baby is just the tip of the iceberg of what has happened to me.
  • It must seem so silly to relentlessly tweet and post about a hot actor and one movie that may not even be good but hey, it distracts me. And it's literally the only thing that successfully distracts me.
  • Jessica Chastain is trying to do something about Singer and people point out to her that she just finished shooting The Dark Phoenix which Singer produced. She is lying and saying she had no idea he produced it (how is that possible?! it's not) when she signed and had no dealings with her. But at least it's better than saying nothing which practically the entire cast of the franchise is guilty of. Also considering that he is so well protected - even Spacey is gone and he isn't - I wonder if Jessica is gonna be in trouble because of this.
  • Chloe from Smallville is in a sex cult. Louis CK story is breaking. I can't even comment on the hellish nightmare that are Charlie Sheen news
  • I kinda have a crush on Jon Bernthal, and what a guy he is. Also yey The Punisher next weekend!
  • WB is seriously trippin' balls with their Oscar campaigns. The supporting actor candidates list there is just hysterical.
  • However no one is trippin' as hard as Ridley Scott is. I mean...the series didn't run out. Scott took the series, shat on it and flute-fingered it to death.
  • But at least he is doing this now. "Insiders tell The Hollywood Reporter that Scott made the decision unilaterally and only notified Sony of his decision late Wednesday afternoon. Plummer was actually the first choice for the role, but top studio executives wanted a bigger name.". Ridley may be ruining the Alien's legacy but this is badass. 
  • Can we replace Spacey in everything now?
  • New poster for I, Tonya.
  • We need to stop Disney before it owns us all. 
  • And somewhere Ryan Reynolds is on his knees praying that this doesn't happen.
  • In the meantime take a look at the first poster for Deadpool sequel. Appealing to the perspective new boss already, I see. 
  • We are getting season 2 of Big Little Lies for some reason.
  • Yep and water is not wet and I'm not a moronic lunatic
  • Brittani reviews Ragnarok
  • Alex shares another piece on making his movie Wait and once I regain my will to do things worthy of my time I will absolutely watch it and read all about it
  • Jordan reviews Good Time
  • Dell writes about films he saw in October
  • Sonia reviews Saw
  • While there is no specific review I can link to from this lair of perversions, as usual if you are not reading m.brown's stuff you are living your life wrong. More wrong than me (who reads his stuff) and that should scare you.



    1. Hollywood.... what a fucked up place it is.

      I think it was obvious over the fact that we all knew that Charlie Sheen is a scumbag but hearing what he did to Corey Haim literally made me sick. I don't think I can ever watch Lucas ever again. I really hope Charlie Sheen burns in hell.

      Kevin Spacey is now FUCKED for life. One incident was bad enough but all of this. He can't un-fuck this. I hope Ridley Scott can save that film and prove that Christopher Plummer was the right choice as he was supposed to be the role but studios wanted a bigger name. How dare you insult Captain von Trapp.

      I so want to see I, Tonya and I actually sympathize with Tonya Harding after seeing her 30 for 30 special months ago. Fuck the U.S. figure skating associations. They want pretty porcelain barbie dolls. Fuck that. I want real chicks who have tattoos, listen to heavy metal, and not afraid to say "I don't give a fuck". That's my kinda woman.

      1. I, Tonya really looks like a terrific movie it will be fantastic if Margot gets Oscar nominated for it

        Same if Plummer ends up nominated for the part where he is replacing Spacey ^^

    2. That Smallville sex cult thing is wild. I've wtf'd so many times on the internet this week. That ,Louis CK (and poor Gawker, tried to report this years ago) Charlie Sheen.

      Everything sucks.

      I can't wait for the JL embargo to lift.

      Bernthal is hot. Bring on the punisher.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. It's honestly something new each day. It's like half the Hollywood, at least, is seriously perverted. The movies I can rewatch are scarcer and scarcer each day

    3. My interest in Justice League hasn't begun yet, except for Jason and Gal. But I hope that it's good for everyone (except Ben). I love how Jason is dressing like an every day Aquaman in all of his interviews. Humanity needs Aquaman's spin-off now more than ever. Is Frontier worth it to watch? It keeps popping up on my netflix. I really hope the movie is good for Amber Heard too.

      I'm so sorry about the Christmas season and Gustav. My Facebook does the same thing with my dog all the time. I hate it and avoid FB like the plague. *hugs*

      You kinda have a crush on Jon Bernthal? Now I have a mission in life on twitter after my Ryan Gosling athon starts slowing down. XD

      Oh God, Hollywood. I honestly have no words but then again - just like - how many actors can claim that they didn't know anything was going on when average people have been reading rumors for years? I guess everyone was in denial or figured if they didn't see anything first-hand, and only heard rumors/were getting an indirect gig, so it didn't happen? I honestly - I don't know how so much of Hollywood is going to recover after this.

      For me, Chastain said something, but it kind of amounted to nothing. She backpedals a lot - tweeting that "she heard about Harvey early in her career; the stories were everywhere; to deny that is to create the environment to do that again"....But she signed on to do a movie with Singer? even if he's only a producer? And then she praised Kate Winslet for speaking out against Harvey, who also worked with Woody and Roman. I feel like we have actors who don't say anything at all, or actors who speak up but end up stepping on a social media landmine anyways. Everything is just super f-ed up.

      1. Oh it's worth the watch :) Jason keeps brooding in furs or shirtless. Terrific stuff :)

        Haha Jon is cool! Love his work as the Punisher, cannot wait for the show. I'm sure I'll actually start it this weekend. Meanwhile I still haven't started Stranger Things :)

        The Winslet thing is infuriating. The worst was when she was asked about working with Allen given the allegations about him and she refused to answer the question. Chastain also defended Damon instead of pointing out how ridiculous his 'father of four daughters' thing was. They ain't recovering from that especially that the perverts who still make studios money are being covered

    4. Makes me sick but I'm glad people are coming out with their stories, naming abusers. I really hope it at least will make this human trash think twice before doing anything of the sort ever again.

      1. Meanwhile Singer still hasn't been outed. It's disgusting.

    5. I just want to shut my eyes from what's coming to the surface in hollywood. been through something similar, do you know the band lostprophets? I was such a fan over 10 years ago, then it turns out the singer is a convicted pedophile. I trashed those cds. now it's time to trash a lot more!
      but thank you for bringing up the positives as well, sati, and have a good weekend!

      1. Didn't the singer also tried to rape a baby or something? That guy was fucked up.

      2. Yeah I know that band, wow that is absolutely horrible!

      3. yep. it was a baby. and just read last week that he's still contacting fangirls from prison and trying to live out his sickness, if I've phrased that right.

      4. Jesus Christ....he should stay locked up till he rots in there

    6. Henry's impersonation is funny but he looks so weird with those moustache!

      I just was WTFed at the Allison Mack news. That stuff is wild! I'm not really surprised about Charlie Sheen. Kevin Spacey is so fucked! He has always been one of my favourite actors but now he only disgusts me.

      I want Jon to punish me.

      Thank you for the link!

      1. I don't know, I kinda lie it which is weird because I never like mustache!

        I think we all want Jon to punish us... :P

    7. Good mention on Ridley...he may have his flaws film-wise, but knocking out Spacey in his upcoming pic was tremendous. Plummer is such a class-act choice anyway. Spacey can kiss his career goodbye forever. If Winona can be blacklisted for shoplifting, Spacey should be ejected into the universe. Bye, bitch.

      1. They should do it to more of his movies. I cannot even imagine rewatching anything he was in now.

    8. Hollywood is such a mess right now. You make some GREAT points about the cast of the X-Men franchise. That said, the only thing that really blew me away in this post was the whole Smallville sex cult thing. I mean, what in the actual fuck? Wow. Thanks for the link, as always.

      1. Seriously at the time of DofP so many of them were huge stars and said nothing. Page didn't even drag Singer in her FB post. Gadot is practically a newbie and she threatens not to come back over Rattner. That's courage, what these people are doing is just shameful, specifically male actors in the cast who are big A listers

    9. I remember reading an article on how much Singer detested Hugh when they made the early X-Men movies. He threatened to fire him continually. Hugh was always gracious toward Singer, despite Singer's bad behavior toward him. Admittedly, the fact that none of the X-Men stars have spoken out about Singer's relationships (and alleged rapes) of young teen boys is really disturbing. Someone needs to speak out against this abuser. I'm glad Chastain is doing it.

      I hope you're doing well. I know life without Sweet Gustav is still hard. Do what you can to keep yourself distracted. Pictures of Jason Momoa are welcome and appreciated. You should watch Red Road on Netflix. It's 2 seasons of him being babelicious.

      1. If that is true than this is even more odd that he is not saying anything. The studio has him promote TGS hard now but I wonder if the journalists are allowed to bring up the situation in Hollywood during those roundtables etc. It's shameful so many A list actors said absolutely nothing.

        Oh already seen it. He is so gorgeous there. I also think this is his best performance

    10. Thank you so much! Don't worry, no rush at all to watch the movie and read the posts! And I agree, Ridley Scott may not be doing well by the Alien franchise, but that Plummer casting move was badass as hell.

    11. Thanks for the link love =] Hope you are hangin' in there, keep on writing, we love it!

      Hollywood is indeed a fucked up place. I think its -over- half the place that is perverted. The Louis CK thing shocked me, I used to like that guy. And a comedian is different from an actor, I can still watch people I hate when they are playing someone else and they are a good actor. But stand up is so different, CK is fucked for life.

      These had laughing like a hyena:

      "I have very clearly traveled back in time and stole all of his shirts"

      Also, the terms 'garbage fight' and 'flute-fingered'. Hahaha!!!