Thursday, November 16, 2017

(313) The Great Flood of Europe + links

By sati (harlequinade) Thursday, November 16, 2017

  • This interview is hilarious but this is hands down the best part:
  • I laughed for 5 minutes when this happened. The journalist didn't even direct the question at him but clearly Jason was dreading it and was so done with this preemptively. Well, it serves him right for running around Iceland half naked!
  • My livetweet of Corden's show.
  • My livetweet of Graham Norton's show (you can watch the episode here and I suggest you do that, it's fantastic!).
  • Hugh Grant had some fantastic stories to tell and Jason was just adorable. He was also so funny, he walked in, hugged Graham then immediately wanted to grab a glass of Guinness and halfway through that move he stopped himself to say hello to the female guest. Also the look on his face during Big Red Chair asparagus story (how the hell did that happen?!) was just beyond confused and soooo cute.
  • When he grabbed her hands I legitimately stopped breathing. 
  • They showed new clip of Aquaman on the show and you can actually hear the women in the audience go WOOOOOO! when he took that sweater off (click the link this is the version recorded from the show).
  • Good God, man. 
  • When I saw that I really thought that's it for me. I'm seeing it on the big screen in 18h. I'm either going to flood the cinema the country or I'm my lady parts are just gonna catch on fire. Either way, something is going to happen to me there.
  • You did amazing, sweetie.
  • Oh thanks, Men's Health. Cause I was not distracted enough as it was.
  • "It’s been a good day so would anyone like to come have the bone with me?’ Where does he get this stuff?!
  • Jason playing with Aquaman snapchat filter and here's the full characters video for Justice League.
  • New Aquaman centered TV spot
  • Here's TV spot with Wonder Woman polishing her sword so I highly recommend m.brown watches it. 
  • New behind the scenes video. 
  • Yep, it's still Iceland. 
  • And he is still shirtless.

  • Seriously his voice is insane. I am like almost vibrating off this chair just listening to him.
  • These adorable babies. And Ben fucking Affleck ---> 
  • Jason is getting the praise even in the bad reviews!
  • Ah yes. It's hard being a DC fan. I always liked DC characters better. I always admired the casting. It's such a shame that us, DC fans, people who want to see lots of good movies with these characters and this cast keep getting disappointed. Every time the embargo for these films lifts is hellish. And don't tell me there is no bias. The film is getting criticized for weak villain and simple story, so the same things that can be found in Marvel films. But many say that the characters work, the cast did great and that the film has a heart and that for me is what really matters. Also I'm 100% certain if the credits said Joss Whedon and not Zack Snyder the harshest of reviews wouldn't be nearly this harsh. The truth is - JL is getting mixed reviews. Most of them saying the film is so-so, some saying it's great, some are absolutely scathing. You can clearly see how biased some of the outlets are specifically THR (which gave the film a bad review) "reporting" that the critics are tearing the film apart and ignoring that the reception is actually mixed. That's few days after they claimed most of the main cast avoided the press, which really wasn't true. And then there is stuff like this. And of course RT making the spectacle out of unveiling of the score. When did we give power to a bunch of "critics", many of whom simply set up a camera, start rambling and upload that on youtube? Film criticism used to be an art form. Now it's just people without an ounce of integrity, chasing after clicks.
  • This is pretty funny, though. 
  • But that is all just additional nightmare. Ben Affleck just doesn't disappoint does he. Jesus Christ....I'll be honest I didn't actually catch that when I saw that interview a week ago. I thought he was alluding to the 'news' that he 'may be leaving' the role. It didn't occur to me that someone may be this fucking stupid, to actually be in the middle of this scandal and make a joke about it. 
  • Oh, but he is.
  • This is the exact moment he made the 'joke' Click to enlarge that glorious picture. 1. I really hope Gal is laughing because she is simply nervous 2. Rip him apart, baby. Rip him apart! 3. He really must be awful for someone as sweet as Henry to throw him this look:
  • The look on Ezra Miller's face and the fact Jason literally looks like he is about to launch himself at this mess is my favorite thing here.
  • On top of that Affleck is now, literally days before Justice League is released, hinting he may not be returning to the role. This is horrible timing. I will probably enjoy his work as Batman today but in the back of my head I'll just think:
  • Seriously what the hell is this diva doing? There are so many people out there who would kill to get this gig. Also it's not like Affleck is getting trashed for his performance. What the fuck? He has what, 3 good performances in his entire career and he wants out of this? Because what, people will line up to hire the guy who can't stay away from botox and booze and his face is so bloated you can literally spot what is a reshot scene in a damn trailer? Because he is such a good actor? Or because he is a good director? Because I recall his recent gig flopping in every way imaginable. 
  • He was on Kimmel's selective outrage talk show this week which I didn't bother to watch because they both make me sick. The father of four daughters made a cameo appearance, of course. I hope that is it for Affleck and Damon. Stupid cameo appearances on major hypocrite's talk show for the rest of their lives.
  • Now there are rumors JakeyG is supposed to be new Batman. Nope. He is a good actor but this is ridiculous. Unless they want to make Aquaman look even more manly and put him next to that pretty boy. There's no need, I'm already dehydrated here.
  • And then there is Joss Whedon doing this
  • I just....there are no words.
  • All the single ladies! Let's at least make the movie a hit at the box office! This made me laugh so hard this week. Also there was another one - There's gonna be Atlantis in that seat, girl.
  • For the sake of what's left of my sanity and Jason's sake Aquaman by James "I know what I am doing and I am so good I accidentally launch franchises/I made 7th Fast and the Furious movie and it got 80% on RT, bitch" Wan cannot get here soon enough. It's sad that by this time tomorrow I watched all of those minus 2:
  • The rating for Road to Paloma is ridiculous, though, it's a really good movie. Like, I didn't even think of fast-forwarding to get to Jason's parts (looking at you, Sugar Mountain, which incidentally is a good nickname for him).
  • I'm shocked he is almost naked. Shocked.
  • Jason and Amber having awesome chemistry on the red carpet at the premiere.
  • This is surreal. I think he must have drunk more before this interview than during GN's show. His wife clearly did not want to be there.
  • YES! He is about to start shooting The Crow. I literally cannot think of seeing anything more satisfying on cinematic screen than Jason killing rapists and other scum. Oh my God, bring it on.
  • This has been the week of stupid, fake and pathetic outrage:
  • First Get Out was submitted as comedy by the studio for Golden Globes yet of course people hate on HFPA.
  • Then there are people claiming that Flash lands with his face on Wonder Woman's breast in JL which I am told is not what happens, but still they are shouting Snyder is sexist. Because what actually happens in the movie doesn't matter, apparently.  I find it particularly disturbing how people can't even double check before calling someone names especially when that someone is grieving the loss of a family member. 
  • Then there is woke (pronunciation: "dumb as hell") crowd complaining about this. This right here is from Patty's movie. Also there is this. But why do basic research? Another thing that is truly infuriating is that people see tweet like that and their first thought is that they must defend these women. These women who in the wake of outrage made statements that they loved wearing those outfits and felt confident in those. These women who Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher called goddesses after they saw them working insanely hard on the gym. But nope. Let's proceed with outrage.
  • And all of this is happening when there is actually something that warrants outrage. That's right. Blake Sheldon, whoever the fuck he is, was named Sexiest Man Alive while Jason Momoa exists.
  • The best comment I saw was "Sexiest Man Alive? In what trailer park?"
  • Stop using dogs as PR props you whores.
  • Incredibly funny teaser for Deadpool 2. This:
  • is very clearly about me watching JL today.
  • Nicole, you are Aquaman's mom. What the hell are you wearing?
  • Bill I really like you, but what the fuck man? That pig locked the door and ejaculated in front of women and you are whining that the punishment is severe? He is lucky no one cut his tiny dick off.
  • Guess what Goddard and Singer are doing now. Well, apparently they were preparing to make a movie....with Hugh in the lead role. He signed on it few years back. but still. Ellen Page shared her story about Brett Rattner. Practically the entire franchise is tainted now. Anna at least did this. The rest of the cast continues to do absolutely nothing at all. Here's Patrick Stewart and Hugh talking about literally everything but this dude. Fox is making Hugh promote Logan and TGS a lot - LA Times roundtableActors on ActorsGovernors Awardsanother awards. Not one word. Not a single word on something that actually matters.
  • MUCH better trailer for The Greatest Showman. But those CGI animals, man...
  • Some new info on Deadwood movie.
  • Well here is the cast of the next Fantastic Beasts film. And unfortunately that cast includes Johnny 9 Digits' messy ass. The title is the Crimes of Grindelwald. Sounds like a bad fanfic erotica.
  • I really really wish Amber at least tried and made an effort to be likable. 
  • Pictures from the set of Glass.
  • This is what is going on where I live. This is also what is going on where I live.
  • Jason lives on some sort of ranch. Can I go there and stay in his barn or something?
  • Brittani, Dell and Mettel choose films with strong female characters
  • Sonia reviews Boogie Nights
  • Alex shares another post about the making of his film Wait
  • Katy reviews the recent episode of The Walking Dead
  • m.brown is finally back and he is writing about imploding vaginas in his Thor: Ragnarok review. How I missed him.



    1. Blake Shelton, Sexiest Man Alive? HUH? I'm straight (mostly) but I don't even find him attractive nor sexy. What about Idris Elba, Chris Hemsworth, and Jason? Seriously People Magazine, you suck. The only thing that and Rolling Stone magazine are good for is toilet paper.

      I read what Brett Ratner did to Ellen and right now, I want to kill that motherfucker. No one does that to one of my favorites.

      Yeah, I'm not fond of that new Fantastic Beasts title either.

      1. It's ridiculous, this must be paid for PR stunt

    2. Sadly, I won't get to see JL for a few weeks, at least. Hell, I still haven't seen the new Thor, yet. I'm falling behind.

      To be fair, I see Get Out as both a horror and a comedy. I get that it's Peele's film and what he's trying to say...and what Lil Rel is saying, but when I watch it I clearly see lots of evidence of the movie trying to make the viewer laugh.

      I'm very cautiously optimistic about The Crow. Excited about Deadpool 2, though.

      Thanks for the link-love!

      1. I hope you'll be able to catch it with the way american box office is going :)

    3. Batman has always been my favorite superhero so it does suck to see the DCEU handled this way. But I've always disagreed with "Marvel bias." They've always been taken to task about having weak villains with the exception of Loki. The only thing they're doing differently than DC besides starting in the right order is remembering to have fun and shoot in day light. I've never never agreed with that, because if a critic really wanted clicks, hating the MCU on principle is like the new "cool" thing.

      I love that Deadpool 2 teaser. I completely forgot about The Joy of Painting in general so that was a nice reminder.

      Get Out belongs in comedy. I get the knee jerk reaction to it, but it was marketed as a horror comedy early on.

      That Fantasic Beasts title sucks. lol

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Eh I don't think so, if they hated on MCU they would get trolled so hard. That Variety Ragnarok review that was submitted as rotten? It wasn't even entirely negative review and the comment section there is absolutely horrific. Waititi even trashed Variety on twitter. So much pettiness there

    4. That Fantastic Beasts title lol how did they even come up with that?!

      I'm seeing the JL in 3 hours. I hope to make it out alive. Or to make out with Jason but that's impossible. By the way, I'm crying already because I won't be hearing his voice.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I don't know it's so bad :P But Depp being in this is the worst thing about it

        His voice is so amazing, you gotta see it in original version!

    5. So much gold here. Jason is hilarious during that red carpet interview. "Oh yeah. Oh yeah. If I wasn't on camera right now - I would tell you."

      Thanks so much for the link!

      1. His wife was so 'nope!' at that point lol I think he must have partied pretty hard before the premiere

        You're welcome!

    6. Keep up the Jason love, it's very entertaining.

    7. Sugar Mountain.

      I still can't stop laughing.

      I wish I would have commented here before I say Justice League, but RF came out moments before me and Matty sat down for it. And let's be honest, it's not like I'm even remotely punctual when it comes to commenting. Or anything...other than going to the movies.

      I don't know what the f--k Affleck is doing. At all. This shit should be fun (everyone else at least looks like they're enjoying PLAYING ICONIC F--KING SUPERHEROES), but Affleck is sabotaging it for some reason.

      I am pumped for the Crow. JM is the perfect hombre for that role. Seriously. Good think Snyder is nowhere near that, because for real, that dude can't catch a break.

      Hahahahaha...Blake Shelton. He might be the sexiest man alive...that tows your truck out of a swamp.


      1. I think it fits him well. Oh man. I hope I'm not gonna get sued lol

        I think everyone else is enjoying themselves but in interviews Affleck is like lingering fart. Jason and Ray were paired with him and they were rays of sunshine and Affleck is there chewing gum like a fucking hick and rambling about sexual harassment which is the last thing I want this asshole to talk about

        I feel bad for Snyder, he may not be the best but Jesus Christ did the studio screw him here

    8. I had to google 'blake shelton'. oh, he's gwen stefani's guy!
      thank you for all the eye-candy, really appreciate it. would love to read your JL review but I HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET!

    9. Joss Whedon liking those tweets only further makes me believe that he KNEW he was sabotaging the movie. I've lost so much respect for him as a filmmaker after this whole debacle.

      Also like how it turns out Joss was the one responsible for that Flash/WW scene. Guess all those blind Snyder haters can more appropriate redirect their sexist accusations towards him as well.

      As for Affleck, I think he's a good Batman, and I don't really get his issues with the role. It's not like being in bad movies is a new thing for him, and as you pointed out, even his last directorial effort was blah. Dude needs to seriously get over himself, he has far more going on both in his career and his life worth being ashamed of.

      1. He is such a shit. I hope they won't let him do any DC movies now

        I cannot stand Affleck anymore. And with him ruining his looks and the way he is acting dude is on his way out of A list status. I'm pretty sure Reeves doesn't even wanna do this movie with him because why would anyone work with someone so dismissive of the character

    10. What are Affleck's 3 good performances?? =P

      That photo is priceless. What a relentless arsehole

      1. I don't know I was pulling it out of my ass....Gone Girl, BvS and i guess Argo?