Friday, November 24, 2017

(314) Lock your editing room, my man + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, November 24, 2017
  • This is gonna be my life until December 21, 2018.
  • And I'm not the only one:
  • And here's my suggestion:
  • It's gonna be LONG 13 months.
  • If I so much hear as much as a whisper that the executives are anywhere near Wan's editing room so help me God....
  • I am very calm and not at all panicking
  • Thank God our savior is calming people already:
  • Better look at Jason's armor in Aquaman solo. LOVE IT!
  • Look at that shit. This is honestly gross. No wonder the cast ain't mentioning Whedon. Why do they always have to do this?! Since they gave Snyder the director's job on Justice League they should have just let him finish. This is all in such poor taste and yet again DC fans are suffering.
  • And here's another disgusting thing - they didn't even do 'In memory of" for Zack's daughter.
  • (here is the newly released poster including Superman:)
  • Here's the petition to release Zack Snyder's cut of the film with Junkie XL score. If not for Zack, guys, sign this for the fact that it has the deleted Aquaman scenes. And my fucking head is exploding that they dared to delete anything including this man.
  • (this is a very surreal situation for me)
  • And here's Zack's son's take. 
  • Man, this whole thing breaks my heart.
  • It's astounding how petty Paramount was about the whole mustache thing. 
  • Cavill, who gave a lovely performance has to put up with ridiculous CGI-gate and he may not get another chance to play Superman. Also he is a really sweet guy.
  • Joe ManJello is probably crying while Sofia Vergara is shushing him pressing his head to her boobs and singing Latin lullabies, since yet again his chances of playing Deathstroke in the actual movie appear to be dead.
  • Gal had to see Flash land on Wonder Woman even though it was her body double there so she had no idea until she saw the film. Yes, of course it was Whedon's scene. I didn't mind it this much but say what you will about Snyder, he would never have something like this there. 
  • Jason, Ray and Ezra had a bunch of their scenes cut. Mostly Ray suffered here and the rumor is that it is because he wore "I <3 ZS" shirt on the set and Whedon retaliated in this way.
  • Snyder cannot even bring himself to watch the movie and liked the post where the petition to release his cut was posted.
  • And us the fans are yet again put through hell having just seen disappointing movie, having witnessed whole bunch of stuff cut and now having to endure the Apocalypse again when Aquaman is released next year, praying that this time RT score and box office is good.
  • I still cannot believe they cut this:
  • And something like this?! Every day there is new info about what was removed.
  • My God, these people are insane.
  • I'm not in the least surprised Jason is the first person in the cast to comment on the reception of the movie. He has the right and healthy attitude (which is one of the many things I admire about him since I don't have that) but I suspect he wanted to say much more than what he said there. 
  • So is the entire cast going to do this or what? 
  • Guys. All the bodyguards are smaller than him.
  • To quote Deadpool on cocaine....Sweet Baby Jesus. It's actually lower than this, it's around 94 mil. And just imagine how much less it would be if they didn't show shirtless Jason in the trailers.
  • Here are the numbers for the movie in Poland.
  • For the love of God can he finally catch a break and star in a movie worthy of him?!
  • Interview with Henry and Jason. These two should not be paired together, it's too much.
  • 1,2 - GET A ROOM!
  • The last line!!!
  • Owww he wanted to say "dick" and made it into "dumb dumb".
  • We are all Ezra and Henry.
  • OH MY GOD.
  • He's right though, it's huge. 
  • The codpiece, I mean.
  • ....
  • .....
  • .......
  • Anyways.....
  • (no, no, need to process this a bit more)
  • ....
  • ......
  • .........
  • ....................
  • SO ANYWAYS....
  • This was in his tag on tumblr this week. I don't even know what is going on anymore.
  • Adorable!!!
  • ADORABLE x 1000!!!!
  • Here's Men's Health December issue cover. Including one headline my eye immediately went to.
  • On Wednesday I actually saw the film again. But before that happened I was almost killed in the morning when I was drinking my coffee and scrolling my twitter and then I saw this--->
  • I spat out my coffee, started coughing violently and my make up got shot to shit so I had to redo it.
  • *sigh* Obviously
  • I'd comment but I don't even know how. 
  • Although, I will point out it looks like his pants are coming down.
  • So the Chinese posters for JL are controversial but I will say this - Deadpool is lucky here
  • My mother is into Jason now (1,2). I loled so hard when I scrolled to that clip of him taking off his sweater and she just went O_O. Also and I quote "he has very pretty eyes".
  • The crowd on Wednesday was even more horny than the one on Friday. One poor girl (to clarify - not me) just couldn't take it anymore when he was shirtless and started giggling and the whole cinema laughed. No one made a sound when Cavill was shirtless, stunned silence. There is just so much to enjoy in the film, isn't there?
  • They tried to kill me during previews during both screenings when they showed The Greatest Showman trailer. What kind of a sick bastard attaches Hugh Jackman movie trailer to Jason Momoa movie? It looked surprisingly great on the big screen.
  • Boo kangaroo put up a hell of a fight this week.
  • There's that photoshoot on the left.
  • And there is this.
  • And of course this. It's very cute that he knows velvet is in this season.
  • But most importantly he finally graced us with addressing the most important thing happening at the moment. But why did it take that long? Also Franco really is half Italian and half asleep. 
  • I cannot wait for that LA Times roundtable it looks hilarious.
  • Awww that shot of him holding the girls.
  • Golden Globe nominations are very soon, I think a bit over 2 weeks from now. I just want Hugh to be nominated for Logan. And the movie too. It's NOVEMBER and it's still my movie of the year and this is the performance of the year.
  • *in dramatic voice, as I hold my hand to my heart* HE IS CAMPAIGNING
  • In case you forgot Lena Dunham is the worst.
  • I hope both of these assholes got diarrhea after that Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Armie Hammer has come to claim our ovaries.
  • I don't know what Uma Thurman intends to do but it's gonna be epic.
  • New synopsis for Deadpool 2.
  • So last Saturday I started watching The Punisher. I only saw three episodes so far but it's excellent. It's not OK how turned on I was when bearded Bernthal was killing these assholes with a hammer.
  • Frontier season 2 dropped so I plan on watching that now. 4,5h of Jason being badass and running around in furs. I should probably write my will before I watch that.
  • I have to talk about this because both times when I was in cinema for JL I almost died during Rampage trailer. Oh Lord I was so scared for that monkey and then The Rock all dramatic goes 'WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY FRIEND?' and I was almost on the floor laughing. And then ManJello shows up. And JDM. And big crocodile. Oh Jesus. No one sells utter ridiculous crap like The Rock does. RESPECT. The trailer was so badass and Smashing Pumpkins song was amazingly used in it.
  • Still nothing beats the ridiculousness of The Commuter trailer
  • The hell did I read this week about James Cameron training children to hold their breath (someone get Ed Harris to rescue these kids) and shooting Avatar sequel underwater? Is this all because in fantasy realm of Entourage he made Aquaman? I'm watching you, Cameron..God I hate this sexist motherfucker. Who the hell is allowing him to work with actors near the water again? No, no, let me reprhrase that. Who the hell is letting him work with children holding breath underwater? I'm not gonna say someone is gonna die over there but yeah, someone is probably gonna die over there. I hope Aquaman wipes the floor with this juvenile masturbatory CGI oooh pioneering bullshit. Why can' Cameron just stay on the bottom of the sea in his little capsule or whatever the fuck? Does anyone even wanna see the sequels to this?
  • Sonia and Keith and reviews Justice League
  • Mettel and Katy write about Stranger Things
  • Jordan reviews The Killing of a Sacred Deer
  • Brittani reviews The Florida Project
  • Dell reviews Atomic Blonde
  • no review of Justice League yet but while we wait m.brown reviewed Murder on the Orient Express



    1. James Cameron.... if I was acting for him and he is going to make me do something that I know would probably kill me. I'd kick him in the nuts.

      So, Justice League got mishandled by Warner Brothers too just like Suicide Squad? I do hope James Wan has something to use in case a WB executive arrives.

      Lena Dunham is a piece of shit. I can't believe she is even famous for a show that started off fine until we got more of who she really is. A fat, narcissistic, entitled bitch. And let's remember that she molested her own sister. Ugh.... I don't ever want to see her naked ever again. Hell, I would love for someone to knock her the fuck out.

      1. I don't know why Dunham gets so many opportunities. Women hate her, she has very little talent and she is just a horrible person

    2. Ugh fuck James Cameron. No one wants more Avatar movies.

      I really hope Hugh snags a Globe nom he deserves it.

      Lol at that Burn After Reading gif

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I really hope they massively flop. Sitting through the first one was torture.

        That Burn after Reading gif makes me wanna rewatch the film it's so hilarious

    3. Thanks for linking my Stranger Things post!

      Gawd, I can't look at all the JL deleted scenes 'cause I don't want to imagine how good/much better it could've been. I probably won't see Whedon's version out of protest for how cut it up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

      Lord have mercy, that picture of Jason playing the guitar....

      Only Hugh could work at purple velvet suit to a red carpet. TGS trailers are playing a lot and each one is giving me more hope that it might be good? *crosses fingers*

      1. I'd love to read it but I still haven't seen the show lol

        I know. That picture is a damn hazard. I think it's the greatest picture in history of pictures :P

        The trailers are better lately but the music is giving me the headache :/

    4. There exists no circumstance where one cries tears in or around SV's boobs. Not *sad* tears anyway.

      I'm bummed that you didn't get the JL you wanted, but I had a Hell of a time with the movie. My son gave it a 10/10, and on my rewatch, my good friend really liked it too. It's a total mess, but I loved it. I'd say read my review and you'll know why...but you nailed that shit before I was even finished.

      That guitar pic is hysterical. Dude, we get it. You're a giant man with a dick probably the size of an empty paper towel roll. Do we really need you shirtlessly jamming on a guitar while your pants (allegedly) fall off? *holds finger to one ear* What's that? Oh. Apparently we do need that.


      And with that, I bid you good evening. Er, good morning. Thanks for the link!!!!!!!

      1. I just can't with this picture. I have so many questions:

        1. How did photographer not faint? Or more accurately - how did it take his eyes to send the signal to the brain to faint long enough time for him/her to click and take the picture before the body hit the floor?
        2. Are these pants falling down simply because they are sentient and they know they should?
        3. How is the guitar not exploding?
        4. How am I still alive after seeing it?
        5. HOW IS THIS GUY REAL?

    5. For coverage on Momoa and Jackman, you are the queen.

    6. That Flash/Wonder Woman scene didn’t bother me much but I wasn’t expecting it.

      Can’t wait to see what Uma is going to do!

      It’s okay, I was turned on too. By the way, I still have seen only the first episode.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. It seems like literally all women were turned on :P

    7. You've given me even more reasons to not be in a rush to see JL. The picture of Momoa with those two bodyguards that he dwarfs is kinda funny, though. Thanks for the link!

      1. He dwarfs all his bodyguards on all occasions :)

    8. Everything surrounding Justice League is just so disheartening. Can't at all blame Snyder for not being able to bring himself to watch it. Needless to say, I've signed that petition, and hopefully even more do as well, and WB actually listens.

      1. They have to listen if they mess with my Aquaman....they need to stop this madness

    9. Brun After Reading gif was perfect. Goddamn I love that movie, its freaking hilarious.

      All I can say is... I'm glad I'm not a superhero movie fan! I tried but just can't get into them. I'm gonna try to see Thor though cos apparently it isn't all serious and has Waititi directing. I won't know wtf is happening but oh well!

      1. It's so funny! One of my favorite comedies. Amazing work from all the actors

      2. Hell yes me too. That gif is one of the best bits. Pitt and Malkovich are so funny, and Clooney is even good too. I think the Coens really get the most outta their actors

    10. The seahorse who mounts the world... Oh, my beating heart! :-)

    11. The last image of that tweet in this post made me pause for like 5 minutes because I started to think about his beard and then I just lost all my senses.. and my mind.

      Oh I cannot wait for this week's RF!! I CANNNNOOOOOOT!!!

      PS: Shame on me but I still haven't seen Justice League and I don't want to! I know I know but I just.. you know that feeling of knowing something is going to be bad but a really great guy who deserves his break is in it and this awesome kickass woman is in it and then you hear all this crap said about the movie and you just want to ignore it for not ruining it for those two (Jason and Gal) - that's what I feel right now.

      I hope Hugh campaigns hard and gets nominated for Logan. Like, I don't mind if he doesn't win (I would really want him to though) but not getting nominated would be worse than losing to someone after getting nominated.

      Oh well.. I'm off to think about Frank Castle grunting. And waiting for your post this Friday.. I know it's going to be yumm!!!

      1. Beard was the best. It was great without but jesus christ the beard always makes everything better.

        It's gonna be goooood :P

        well it isn't bad, it's fun. It's messy and it was treated horribly by the studio but the actors alone save it and elevate it to fun action flick.

    12. Ohhh I loved Uma's "stay tuned" at the end of that post. I hope she brings it!

      And the way Paramount handled the mustache nonsense is so insane. I cannot believe that.

      1. It's so petty. I cannot believe it. When I heard about this whole thing first I thought it was a joke.