Friday, December 15, 2017

(317) The real Mister Police + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, December 15, 2017

  • (oh, this is not the last time I'm using that first gif in this post).
  • Jesus Christ, I feel as if it was a hundred years since last RF. Work has been been so busy. I finish one case, two new ones land on my desk. Also I saw two insanely boring movies this week. The only two highlights of this week were 1. getting asked for ID today when I was buying booze which means I look 10 years younger than I am 2. the fact Jon Bernthal exists.
  • Boo, all hail.
  • So guess what I've been watching?
  • Yep. I saw the two first seasons of The Walking Dead over the weekend. Two whole seasons in 2 days. 19 fucking episodes.
  • Why? Punishing Boo is there.
  • How? I've absolutely no respect for my free time
  • Livetweet of season 1, and season 2. Both horrific. Here come the "highlights":
  • (btw can blogger figure out how to embed tweets? I mean I screenshot those and add the gifs I used in PS which takes only few minutes but on wordpress it takes literally posting a link! also it's just looks better. Why is nothing easy?)
  • But he did come back.
  • Only to die again.
  • At least we got this out of that.
  • Also The Punisher livetweet continued. One of my proudest moments is perving and drinking to the point I confuse knife with a gun.
  • Porgs to the rescue!
  • If you think me witnessing boo die three times in one show was the worst thing I saw this week....
  • are wrong. 
  • Behold, the atrocity:
  • HFPA has done a lot of terrible things over the years but this right here has gotta be the worst thing they have ever done. 
  • They really messed up. My problem with no women in director category?
  • Ridley Scott
  • You just know that they nominated his movie in 3 categories because of 'Plummer replacing Spacey' situation. It's publicity for them. If they nominated someone else, no news story. But now? Everyone is talking about it. The problem is that nominating Plummer would be enough and I doubt Scott who, no offense to that badass, is way past his prime when it comes to his skills as director is better than Gerwig's whose movie is apparently masterful.
  • However you gotta love twitter lynch mob mentality over nonsense. It actually puts off of watching this movie. 
  • Back to Globes - they could have easily replace Williams, who got nominated for above listed reasons, with Gadot. This is Globes, this isn't SAG or Oscars. They often times nominate star just so they appear on the red carpet. This could have been done and Gadot was good enough to warrant Globe nomination for her work.
  • Yes, Franco IS bringing Tommy Wiseau as his date to the ceremony.
  • And Oprah of all people is getting honorary Globe.
  • SAG nominations are pretty bad too. Peter Dinklage over Jon Bernthal. Someone hold me.
  • But back to boo. Netlix has given me the best Christmas gift ever - Yes, Frank Castle is gonna come for our ovaries again
  • And then he will watch them burn.
  • Here's the exclusive footage of that happening:
  • Deborah is excited.
  • Jon is excited.
  • And I am VERY EXCITED.
  • JESUS CHRIST ALIVE.I am just....oh God. My uterus is doing cartwheels over here.
  • Here's Savage boo demonstrating his awesome hair flip.
  • And another gift from Netflix - Frontier is getting season 3!
  • Look at this:
  • Not even one kid dressed up as Aquaman for Jason? 
  • I would be there. Dressed up like Aquaman. Then I'd just grab his leg and ask him to let me stay in his barn.
  • Y'all heard of that Keaton situatoon? I laughed so hard 1,2,3
  • Some sweetness - 1,2 - served by Gal Gadot and kids.
  • [Ryan Reynolds crying and wiping away tears with Pikachu costume in the background]
  • Oh Ryan. The Mouse is going to kill you
  • James Mangold diplomatically explains why the situation is horrific without actually saying it is horrific.
  • New poster for Deadpool 2 and that all female Ocean's movie. First one is great. The other one includes my pet peeve of not aligning the names to where the person is. Also waaaaay too much Photoshop.
  • Wasn't she supposed to take a break and milk goats or something?
  • It was the father of four daughters' wasn't it?
  • In this week's terrible news, here is Salma Hayek's story about Weinstein. 
  • Actresses will wear black to Golden Globes ceremony as a sign of protest against sexual harassment.
  • These kind of comments, abundant here, show how rotten the world is for women, still, even after all of this that has happened in the last two months, people have no basic decency and say things like that.
  • I see this and I still remember how Kimmel essentially spat in the face of every victim of sexual harassment by saying he is not America's conscience. He isn't but only when his buddies Affleck and Damon are too close to the heart of the scandal. Any other time? He will use his platform to preach. But not when covering for scumbags.
  • Fuck you, Jimmy.
  • And fuck you too, Armie Hammer. I hope you cry when you lose that Oscar.
  • But most of all, fuck you, Matt Damon, the father of four daughters. How I feel for them that their father is more interested in creating a safe space for his groper friend Affleck than for women.
  • I could sit here for hours and go point by point about how repugnant multiple things he is saying are. He says multiple times he has no idea what is going on but the fucker keeps talking. “It depends on what the accusation is. It depends what’s going on. If it’s a friend of mine, I’m always talking to them. I know the real story if it’s my friend. If it’s a colleague … I don’t know … I guess it depends on the situation and the allegation and how believable I think it is.". Asshole is so fucking arrogant to presume he knows exactly what happened to his friends. But a colleague? He is gonna be fucking deliberating how believable it is.
  • I ain't ever paying for any movie with this guy in it again. EVER.
  • The men don't understand what is wrong with Matt Damon's comments. Here's a clue - that he is talking in the first place. If he has to he - and he doesn't - he should talk about the victims and how to help. Not trying to excuse people like CK with 'one thing is not like the other'. It seems like he is trying to minimize what the victims go through by focusing on finding excuses. Of course he is right that there are smaller and bigger crimes. But the way he is phrasing it, the constant repetition of "I don't know" or "I don't know him" followed by "he won't do it again". He just doesn't know. Why is he saying anything? His there is a difference comment is very valid and absolutely true. There is a difference between what CK did and rape, for example. That's a fact. But someone who already said dumb things - in that Deadline interview where he somehow makes an assumption since he has daughters that means he wouldn't cover up for someone like Weinstein? - following it up with what comes of as 'yeah it's bad but LOOK....' defense of's tone deaf, it's distasteful. Unless he is talking about his efforts to help or expressing empathy for the victims, personally as a woman and someone who unfortunately knows the 'issue' too well I am not only not interested in his views but it offends me he even expresses them. Even Affleck, his horrible 'joke' during JL press tour aside had enough sense not to defend the men who were accused of assault/harassment and just throw out vague statements like 'we need to change this situation'. It appalls me. It all appalls me. And the thing that frightens and saddens me is that after all that has happened there are still men out there not ashamed to say "what is so wrong with him defending CK"? 
  • Why, why, why do these people feel the need to support a man who locked women in a room and ejaculated in front of them? Because fundamentally they don't think it's a big deal.
  • But getting back to the movies....
  • Pictures from Mary Queen of Scots. Margot Robbie was wearing make up to make her look uglier on the set and look at her. I don't look half as good after two weeks of detoxing and wearing full make up.
  • This is looking very promising. The guy who wrote House of Cards wrote the script, the woman who did the costumes for Elizabeth: Golden Age did the costumes and the cinematographer is Logan guy. 
  • I saw The Snowman (livetweet) this week. It's as bad as people kept saying. Also as hilarious. The smash cut to the concert moment needs to be seen. I re-winded that moment THREE times and laughed out loud each time. The dubbing over Val Kilmer's scenes is not even something I can describe properly. The worst movie of the year. But not the most boring one.
  • This is still the greatest review of that movie. And I don't know what Fassbender needs more - a moisturizing cream or a new agent.
  • The most boring movie of the year, by far is The Last Jedi which I watched in agony yesterday. Here are my thoughts. I am gonna add more and do a proper review next week. Jesus Christ, man. That was terrible. The entire cinema was bored out of their minds. People kept checking their watches with such desperation. At one point of that shit show since there was no better option present I had to perv over Oscar Isaac not to slip into a coma and imagine I was a rebel princess banging him in that space plane. 
  • (with BB-8 hopefully not watching cause he is so innocent)
  • *sigh*
  • I was still so bored.
  • People are legit burning Star Wars shirts over this mess. And look at the audience score
  • I cannot believe I braided my hair for this trashfire.
  • Adorable moment from European Star Wars premiere with BB-8 bowing to Prince William and Prince Henry. This right here is better than this whole movie.
  • Woody Harrelson has joined the cast of Venom which means if Sony messes up the movie with both Harrelson and Hardy in it I'll burn it to the motherfucking ground.
  • Brittani shares her thoughts on SAG nominations
  • m.brown reviews Daddy's Home. The Gibson-less one
  • Since writing this post Katy saw the film and found out just how little The Last Jedi answered, unfortunately
  • Sonia reviews The Last Jedi
  • Jordan reviews The Disaster Artist
  • Let pray for MettelRay for she had no time to perv over Jon. But I live to serve so hopefully she had good time with this post.



    1. almost every male I know is an arsehole. I don't understand why so many are like that, they are the same down here. "Why'd it take 18 years for these alleged victims to come out?" It is becoming harder and harder for me to hold in the anger. Though.. keep in mind that comment sections on places like that are always filled with silliness.

      I have always disliked Damon cos I think he is an incredibly and masterfully shitty actor, but reading what you wrote.... fuck, you are right, why is he still talking? What the fuck is wrong with him?
      Not sure if I'll never see a movie of his again tho, he's gonna make a mint no matter what we do. But... jeez, fuck him, and Kimmel, never liked that guy

      Otherwise this as always cracked me up. Its Saturday morning for me so its a great start to the day! My stomach still hurts. One thing you wrote made me laugh and then realise 'oh shit that is exactly what I do'.. "I've absolutely no respect for my free time" Hahaha, i can identify with that! Unfortunately...

      1. Damon has always been overrrated, hopefully his career won't survive him outing himself as a total idiot

    2. Oh, and thanks for the link! =] The Disaster Artist is actually really good, and I can't stand Rogan or either of the Francos.

      1. I really like Seth and Franco is tolerable if he is good like in This is the End. Really looking forward to that movie!

    3. XD I love your link to my post! Thank you! YES, I did find out how little The Last Jedi answered. God, my review is going to be long...

      I can't believe I missed that deer tweet. That's every fangirl watching The Punisher, tbh. Blogger is in the Stone Ages when it comes to plug-ins and embedding social media, but I don't have the time or energy to switch to wordpress.

      Matt Damon reminds me of Michael Scott: "Sometimes I'll start a sentence, and I don't even know where it's going. I just hope I find it along the way." I couldn't even follow half of his answers in that interview, except that he has no idea what his beliefs are and he thinks victims are to blame whether its Louis CK or Harvey Weinstein. He still thinks that raising girls with self-esteem will stop men from being pigs. He should be raising his girls to know what consent is, that nobody should try to manipulate or threaten them physically/sexually/emotionally, and if something ever happens, don't be afraid to speak out. Never going to see a movie of his again.

      1. Mine too, probably. This thing is riddled with problems

        Same here, also I did so much of the coding and design on my own I don't even know how I would go about it again

        Hopefully more people refuse to see his movies and his career dies. Same with Affleck.

        Gonna be tough watching the Oscars with Kimmel hosting

    4. Matt Damon, you in big trouble.

      I read Salma's piece at the NY Times and.... I want to fucking deck Weinstein and beat him to a bloody pulp. Fucking asshole. I also heard he told Peter Jackson not to cast Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd for the LOTR films. No wonder they didn't make more films. What a fucking douchebag.

      Did you read my full review of Logan?

      1. I will read it today, I saw you liked it a lot so that's awesome! :)

    5. Lady Bird is masterful you need to see that! Bring your mom too. The globes ignoring her is almost as ridiculous as them nominating Ansel.

      I knew franco would bring Tommy!

      Fuck Matt Damon. Is he trying to ine up Casey and Ben in the creep department. He's so off the mark I don't even know where to start.

      Watch Lady Bird.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Nothing is as ridiculous as that Ansel nomination :)

        He is trying to create a safe space for these creeps to work in. It's repulsive.

    6. I WILL PERV THIS WEEKEND! I think.. maybe on Monday, but hopefully tomorrow. I just have to work too and it's hard to work with Jon on my mind... it's hard to do anything with that man on my mind. ANywayyyyyy...

      God I love your posts. IT's like, I'm offline most of the week because of work, and I get to read all the stuff that happens from one place, it's wonderful! Though, I sometimes hate what I'm reading, and especially when stupid men open their mouths to say something stupider and stupider. It's just.. I can't anymore. I need this year to be over and the next one to be better. 2016 was so sad with all those great talents leaving this earth. 2017 was so horrible with all those women coming forward with their stories, brave, but still, knowing that this was happening all along, that's horrible. 2018 better be a fucking delightful year with babies and royal weddings (YAY) and good movies and SO MUCH JON I COULD CHOKE!!!

      Oh and The Snowman - don't even remind me!

      Thanks for the linkie thingie! I will promise to perv next week for sure! :D

      1. Yeah I'm having major trouble focusing these days too :P

        We need so much Jon with all the other guys are doing. I really hope they will move their asses and make The Punisher 2 as soon as possible and it has even more shirtlessness now

    7. Standing ovation for your comments on that dumb ass Matt Damon.

      Thank you for the honest review on the TLJ, at least I know to lower my expectations.

      I really want to see Lady Bird.

      1. I went in with pretty low expectations and still hated it :)

    8. I went in with zero expectations for TLJ, and it still blew my mind with how slow, long and boring it was. People were claiming it was The Dark Knight of the franchise, and I cannot fathom how the fuck? And that score?

      I need you to see LadyBird, because I'm positive we will be in agreement on it's dullness.

      1. Yeah I went in just wanting to be entertained and I was bored out of my mind. I cannot understand why it's so highly rated by critics

    9. Can Damon disappear off the face of the Earth already? And bring Jennifer Lawrence with him? That'd be perfect.

      I haven't seen Lady Bird and won't happen any soon :( but it really seems like a masterpiece. And Greta Gerwig, that woman is amazing, I can't believe she was snobbed.

      I hope to watch The Snowman soon because I desperately need to perv on Fassy. And if it's as hilarious as everyone is saying I don't to miss out all the fun.

      "with BB-8 hopefully not watching cause he is so innocent" I'm laughing so hard right now. What is wrong with me?!

      Thanks for the link! And for all the perving :P

      1. God, I wish.

        Fassy looks terrible in this movie. He also plays the kind of drunk who sleeps on the street. It's...very unattractive :P

        Nothing is wrong with you it's me who is just beyond help :)

        You're very welcome :P

    10. I'm sorry work has been so busy...that sounds like a lot of pressure to be under.

      Kudos to you for calling out Matt Damon. Fuck him, indeed. Fuck him and the horse he rode in on. I am furious about how awful the world still is for women, in many ways, because when I was in my twenties I naively thought it would be different for my daughters. :-(

      And finally, these tweets are pure gold.

      1. Yeah it's awful. Hadn't have time to go pee some days for hours, just stuck at the desk

        It is getting better...but it's so bad it will take so long to fix.

        Thank you! :)

    11. I hadn't heard anything about Matt Damon, but that's pretty bad. Great post!

    12. So much gold here. Love your breakdown of Damon's very tone death comments. Just stfu, dude.

      The Snowman... my god. I actually saw that in the theater because I wanted to see the disaster as big and clear as possible. What a travesty.

      And that Globe nomination you highlighted... (sigh). But either way, I am so thrilled your attention has turned to Bernthal. I've always loved that guy.

      1. He is the worst. I never wanna see a movie with him again.

        It's just so baffling what happened there. So much talent involved :/

        Yes let's say that my "attention has turned" to him :) That's very subtle and elegant way of summing up this insane situation ^^

    13. Oh man, being reminded of those Globes nominations... blah! So much wrong there! What the hell were they THINKING??

      As to Fassbender, a new agent. DEFINITELY a new agent. SO much talent going wasted right now, what the hell at that too, lol.

      1. I don't think they were thinking :)

        Fassbender hasn't been in a decent movies for a while now :/ Steve Jobs was last great one, I think