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(321) The Disaster Franco + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, January 12, 2018
  • I think Mettel and Sonia started something here. This should be how we begin and end every RF. In our heads. Otherwise the government will shut me down. 
  • (do you guys like the new header? oh, I loved working on it)
  • Now, we all know I usually start with the happy portion and then gradually, bullet point by bullet point, I drag you all into stupid celebrity gossip, my shitty film reviews and horrific darkness of how terrible the people in the industry can be. Since that last portion is incredibly long this week, I decided to actually open with that, so we begin with the awful and then gradually progress towards me talking about how beautiful and amazing Oscar Isaac is. Imagine falling into the toilet from Trainspotting and emerging on the other side. And there is an angel there waiting for you with a song.
  • Man, do I know how to sell the garbage I write, huh?
  • As everyone knows James Franco, in spite of winning a Golden Globe last Sunday and delivering a speech including the ceremony's funniest moment (nearing 2 million views on youtube), has had pretty eventful week. And not in a good way. 
  • In fact I bet that right now he remembers that time everyone thought he was gay very fondly.
  • This entire situation is a clusterfuck. I am gonna break it down, day by day.
  • Sunday. Franco is getting hit with harassment accusations, right after he won his Globe. One woman claims that Franco tried to force her to perform oral sex on him in the car. One minute of scrolling through her twitter and you will read she once lied to a guy she was pregnant to get a reply, she claims she loves planning ruining people's lives, and in one tweet she wishes someone roofied her drink. That's something to joke about when you were assaulted, right? And Newsweek, Vanity Fair and Vulture all run with her tweet. New York Times even cancelled an event that was supposed to include Franco. All because of tweets, her included.
  • The only well known person who tweeted about Franco - and then deleted it - and it wasn't about him assaulting anyone, just going for young girls - is Evan Rachel Wood who, by the way, at the moment has absolutely no credibility whatsoever. Before Golden Globes she tweeted that her and others are gonna form circles around predators on Golden Globes red carpet. It didn't happen. I don't think she was even there. 
  • Tuesday. Colbert asked Franco on his show about the allegations and Franco said that those tweets were not accurate. And then the people on twitter said Franco looked nervous so he must be guilty. I wanna see exactly how these people would act if they were on TV and had to talk about being accused of assaulting someone. Also Colbert asked him what can be done to improve the situation. Why would you ask someone who was just accused of harassment and assault that? Franco didn't know what to say. They both looked terrible here.
  • Wednesday. Franco appears on Meyers (who did MUCH better than Colbert) and says this: I have my own side of this story, but I believe in these people that have been underrepresented getting their stories out enough that I will hold back things that I could say just because I believe in it that much. If I have to take a knock because I am not going to try and actively refute things then I will, because I believe in it that much.
  • What the fuck? How is the person who is being accused not taking the opportunity to defend himself helping anything? I think Franco is just mortified that some things from his past will come back and he is just trying to be as vague as possible.
  • Here's cute kittens as an intermission:
  • And....Thursday.. LA Times published a story. Let's go back to the girl in the car situation. The only evidence LA Times has is the e-mail she sent Franco and testimonies of 5 of her friends and family members that she told them about it. How difficult it must be for a young actress in film industry in Los Angels to get his e-mail? I imagine not very. He didn't respond. There is still absolutely no evidence he even knows this girl. That girl claims he called her. So this is a verifiable claim. Phone records. She claims they were in a relationship. Surely if this is the case, there must be pictures of them together. But they run with it. But wait. She says -“I was talking to him, all of a sudden his penis was out,” said Paley. “I got really nervous, and I said, ‘Can we do this later?’ He was kind of nudging my head down, and I just didn’t want him to hate me, so I did it.”. But in her tweet on Sunday she framed this as sexual assault. "Kind of nudging down" became "pushed". It's so offensive to people who were actually assaulted. She did it because she didn't want him to hate her? She had a choice. Women are raped and assaulted every day in horrific ways and this chick frames THAT as an assault? Franco deserves to get whacked in the dick with a tennis racket for behavior like this but this girl was not assaulted and used that, if that even happened, to get famous. It's revolting.
  • How do you think the women who were actually assaulted feel when they read something like this? I will tell you - not great at all. Things like these - unverified tweets, deleted tweets, tweets to get attention, the fact the press does the bare minimum to fact check anything - makes all of us speaking up look insane and not credible at all. This is doing the opposite of good. 
  • There is however something in LA times article that is absolutely disgusting - In it, Tither-Kaplan appeared fully nude in the background, she said. A handful of other women were selected to appear with Franco, who simulated performing oral sex on each of them, Tither-Kaplan said. But in each case, she said he removed a clear plastic guard that covered their vaginas — and continued to simulate the sex act with no protection. Just what the hell is this? That is the kind of shit whatever actors' union Franco is in should absolutely look into. 
  • The guy is absolutely contributing to the environment where young women in Hollywood feel like they need to use their bodies to get their big break. But this is not assault. I'll say more - most of these women? Who took off their clothes and did a sex scene in one of his shitty independent films? They did it thinking it will advance their careers. It didn't. If this worked and they got their big break, they would be thanking him. Harassment and assault are not conditional on the outcome. They made their choice. And they and the media have the audacity to equate that with actual horrible instances of women being abused.
  • I work in legal profession. Mostly with women. We were all talking about this today, rolling our eyes at how flimsy the evidence is and how no one seems to understand what actual assault means. 
  • On top of all of that, people are somehow adding how Franco is allegedly having sex with girls as young as 17 to this. That a guy in his 30 wants to bang his teenage fan is pathetic and shallow, but it sure as hell isn't illegal if the girl is seventeen. I think I'm going insane just watching the schizophrenic SJW and woke twitter antics - so Call Me By Your Name where a guy in his 20s has sex with a seventeen year old is beautiful, but Franco banging his seventeen year old fangirls is disgusting? Would it help if he banged them in picturesque setting and pretentious indie pop played in the background? 
  • Franco won Best Actor in Comedy last night at Critics Choice Awards but didn't attend. He is hiding. He was always one of those faux artist types, pseudo intellectual ones, partying like a rock star. And this is catching up to him now because people go - "oh, it's not surprising". There is a huge difference between being a pretentious twit  and being someone who would assault a person or do anything without consent. In fact a lot of people are defending Franco, but for all the wrong reasons. Not because they see the difference I just pointed out. But because the media and claims like those made against him are being framed as serious, criminal offenses and it is all making the entire #MeToo movement look like a joke. There are also claims that Franco is professional on his sets (1,2). But no one really cares about those. 
  • Apparently Academy members are nervous that Franco is gonna get nominated. Good God. It's not like anyone is gonna throw garbage at them on the street if he is. What are they afraid of? That Natalie Portman is gonna come to their house at night, hiss "ALL MALE" and rip their dicks off?
  • As for Franco he is probably done. He was already done on Monday when all there was was tweets and rumors, because that's enough these days. It's The Hunt. Except with gross people everywhere. 
  • In fact I am almost certain even if he makes it into the 5 slots - the voting ends today so most of the votes were already cast - they are not gonna let the public know but push whoever is on the 6th place ahead of Franco. People say that Casey Affleck won last year so the Academy won't care enough to do this. But since October the climate in Hollywood is different. The problem is that now it is reaching the hysteria levels and no one bothers to properly investigate the allegations on twitter.
  • Remember how Hugh Grant handled that? Of course next to what Franco is being accused of hiring a hooker seems like an ordinary thing that wouldn't outrage anyone these days.
  • Michael Douglas has the right idea. He was approached by reporters about a woman making claims about him and he went ahead and gave interview about the situation, before she made the claims publicly. He is actually talking about the situation and is not sitting there, looking sedated, and offering vague statements. Franco's PR team managed to make him look both guilty and stupid during both talk show appearances.
  • Here's hypocrisy - working with Woody Allen is enough to judge the morality of a person according to a lot of people. UNLESS it's Greta Gerwig or Timothy Chalamet. Woke twitter will defend these two. Because she is hip and he is cute. Apparently. Yeah, what a charmer
  • Indiewire finally went full retard
  • Catherine Deneuve lost all of my respect. "Tried to steal a kiss"? What the fuck have I read there?
  • Seriously some of the French actors are just knocking it out of the park this week proving they ARE FUCKING DESPICABLE.
  • But here is a bit of the good news.
  • And now for the celebrities and such....
  • Yeah I'd rather freeze to death, thanks.
  • If this is Keanu's look for John Wick 3 then we shall get very excited. There is also a spin-off TV series being made
  • I was wrong, Call Me By Your Name could have been worse
  • Before Golden Globes Franco hosted dinner for fellow nominated actors which was a super cool thing to do. DDL was like nope, apparently. 
  • Kit Harrington being more wasted than me that time I livetweed Logan. He actually still looked hungover during the Globes. 
  • Awesome interview with Tommy Wiseau after the Globes. I am actually shocked that he is this articulate. I did not expect that after watching The Room. 
  • Fifty Shades Girl was hoping for some Angelina/Aniston cat-fight. Angelina looked like a bird from Goth Sesame Street so I'm pretty sure we were all hoping for that.
  • I still don't know what was going on with Hugh Jackman during the Globes but whatever he was on wore off enough for him to dress up his dogs so that's good news. 
  • Trash Damon looking like shit and crashing Golden Globe parties. I cannot wait to stream Suburbicon for free online for Oscar and vomit in the bucket whenever that thing on the screen.
  • Critics Choice Awards winners. The ceremony happened yesterday, on a Thursday, which I found to be very odd. 
  • Here's adorable video of Brooklynn Prince winning.
  • Man, Jacob Tremblay was a real pimp during this ceremony. 
  • Margot Robbie wearing a hideous dress but being absolutely adorable and winning for Best Actress in Comedy (also Angelina looked like a giant bird last night too).
  • Gal Gadot was awarded with #SeeHer award and delivered a lovely speech. I loved how the entire room stood up for her when she got on stage. Also the gentlemen reading who are about to watch that video will appreciate her dress.
  • Wonder Woman got PGA nomination. 
  • Three Billboards is already getting the stupid backlash.
  • Gary Oldman is apparently sending signed pictures to critics. Gary really wants that Oscar. He is making rounds on talk shows sharing anecdotes. He proposed to his wife while in make up for Churchill. And she said yes. Man, she must really love him.
  • Duncan Jones's Mute premiers next month. 
  • I am so psyched for Jason Momoa's next movie which looks fucking terrible. 
  • I hate kids
  • Here's Margot Robbie on Ellen's show telling hilarious story about her honeymoon.
  • Tom Hardy being adorable and very excited about Venom
  • Jessica Chastain is gonna host SNL this month.
  • And a quick reminder that we are one day away from Sam Rockwell hosting for the very first time. 
  • Sam was on Tonight Show last night and he was awesome. I loved how happy for him Jimmy was. 
  • Also I cannot believe he is almost 50. He always looks 35 to me. He was in Green Mile 20 years ago. I cannot believe it was this long and it's gonna be his first Academy Award nomination. I will legit cry when he wins. It's "when", guys. Not 'if".
  • Deadpool 2 is now getting released on May 18th. That's a whole lot of Disney in one month.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio is in talks to join Quentin Tarantino's Manson movie.
  • Trailer for Tully starring Charlize Theron
  • Deadwood movie is still happening. But holy shit, are they taking their sweet time with it. 
  • Bryan Fuller joined The Vampire Chronicles TV series. 
  • Black Widow movie is finally happening. But what is the point after Red Sparrow?
  • And finally, here is shirtless Michael Shannon singing Lust for Life on stage. You're welcome. 
  • So what's new with me? Well, I'm back to work so I'm down to like 3 movies a week instead of 3 a day. I rewatched Frost/Nixon. I plan on watching/rewatching a lot of Sam Rockwell movies this week, hoping to generate cosmic energy to help him win that Oscar. 
  • I also watched The Shape of Water. It was good but apart for few magical moments it was nothing remarkable. It barely makes my top 10 at the moment and none of the actors makes my line up. 
  • Also my ID is expiring soon so I needed to have my photo taken for it.
  • Straight up the fugliest thing I've ever seen in my life.
  • I look like the goblin from the movie Krampus, you guys.
  • And now for the happiest part of RF....
  • Rian Johnson is out there saying asinine things again. I just can't. Oscar must have rolled his beautiful eyes so bad at this comment. I can't even...comprehend those comments. Also suggesting my flying boo boo is sexist? This is an outrage.
  • I rewatched Drive aka that movie where Gosling is a homewrecking slut:
  • I also saw Won't Back Down. The film was utterly idiotic but Oscar played a teacher in it so there was hellish filth inside my head as I was watching it.
  • I also saw Revenge for Jolly! Thank you imdb parents guide for not mentioning there is a hanged dog in this. Only Oscar can make me continue watching a film after something like this happened. The whole movie follows the protagonist, whose dog was killed, and his friend played by Oscar as they are looking for a man responsible for killing the dog. And they kill whole bunch of people for it so yeah, that was pretty satisfying to watch. Also Oscar looked divine in it and there was a sex scene. What I'm getting at here is - it was a nice way to spend Saturday evening.
  • When you have one of the most beautiful men on the planet, who is I am 99,999% sure not even a man but an angel (I'm not writing 100% to appear slightly less unstable), there is simply no excuse for a poster this ugly. Also what kind of bullshit with this movie being released in cinemas only in USA? I am being deprived of the opportunity to see him on the big screen. I'm sure he is in it for 5 minutes but I'd pay money for that 5 minutes.
  • Oscar got slapped 20+ times by Carrie Fisher when they were filming The Last Jedi. I cannot believe she brought herself to even do it once,. I'd not be able to even physically lift my hand. He is like a puppy!
  • This is what happened this week:
  • Twitter and tumblr are going absolutely insane over this:
  • That man is fearless. But that's probably because the Mouse can't hurt him. He is unkillable. 
  • For he is an angel....
  • ...with a schlong.
  • I still haven't actually seen that Q&A. I am like....building up to this. For the love of God, he is wearing a leather jacket there.
  • We all know Oscar looks ridiculously beautiful in Star Wars but have you seen the way he looks when he doesn't dye his hair? Oh. My. God.
  • *sighs*
  • I legitimately cried listening to this. I have not listen to Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack all week, even though it is on my phone. I am too afraid I'd faint. I am not kidding here.
  • Just like last week I saved the best Kinky Cutie Pie Boo moment for last:
  • My God, he is magnificent. 
  • MettelRay reviews The Shape of Water
  • Katy reviews mother!
  • Alex lists top 5 "rotten" movies of 2017
  • Brittani reviews Molly's Game
  • Sonia and Allie review Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
  • Sofia chooses best movie posters in 2017
  • m.brown reviews All the Money in the World


    1. I'm getting tired of these sexual assault stories right now. "Oh he did this, he did that". You know what, if these bitches have a problem with it. Tough.

      Right now, everyone is becoming a fucking asshole these days about this and that. There's so many other things in the world that is happening right now and we're now bitching about something all because a guy put his hand on a girl's butt in an accidental event or not.

      Fuck this. I'm out.

      1. You are complaining about being "tired of" these stories? Really? :/ Maybe don't admit that. Because people out there are getting "tired" with being harassed and making words like "assault" into a joke.

        If you are tired, don't read news about this.

    2. Damn gurl I whispered it already!

      This whole Franco thing is really making me angry. He's a creep, we all know that, but I don't think he did what that girl is saying. Also, this is terrible for women who were actually assaulted. You're also right about the sex scenes. You know what kind of filmmaker he is, if you don't like that, don't work with him, period. Then of course they do that for their careers and if that doesn't work they say they were forced.

      That IndieWire article made me laugh so hard! Why did Ridley Scott take her place? Simply because he replaced Spacey in that movie. And by the way Lady Bird is far from being perfect. I wonder if Gerwig gave them movie to write that crap.

      I heard that Weinstein was slapped on the radio and I kept saying my mother that doesn't even come close to what he deserves.

      I'm so thrilled about Black Widow!

      And I just whispered it again!

      PS Thanks for Oscar and the link!

      1. The guy who wrote that Indiewiere is one of the most obnoxious and insanely annoying "crticis" out there. Sometimes people I follow on twitter retweet his bullshit tweets and I roll my eyes so hard.

        That whispering thing is the best thing ever :D

    3. Oooh, the rearranged from bad to good thing is throwing me off a little.. but I like it. I like ending on a beautiful schlooooooooong note.

      Anyway, I do want to say that the whole Franco thing is a bit off to me too, and I'm not jumping to any conclusions at the moment. I mean, he was pretty well featured in the media during the whole Weinstein situation already, and I don't understand why he wasn't outed then and there, if he really did those things. Why say tweet it exactly during the Golden Globes where you, uhm, surprise surprise, get the most attention from your tweet. Fishy, but yeah, things aren't looking good either way.

      I don't see anything wrong with Chalamet avoiding the question. He wasn't promoting Allen's movie in that interview, and choice of words with this topic is important. His just a kid too, who just got his big break and he was thrown into this whirlwind of a situation that also happens to collide with two of his movies. Then again, I like him, so I might be bias.

      That Gal moment though, exceptional! Love it!

      Oh and the Oscar love, a whole lot of love and I like it all. Though I miss Jon, but that's also because I haven't seen any of his movies either. Nor have I started my rewatch of The Daredevil.. ugh. I'm the worst fangirl. You're doing great though! :D

      1. They claim that it was hipocrisy that made them do it - that he wore that pin - but for fuck's sake the feeling of pain after being assaulted or harassed is stronger than 'oh he is a hypocrite' thing. It's just unbelievable.

        Eh Chalamet avoided not to get into trouble. I don't have any respect for people who do this sort of thing. You are asked, answer, especially if you are currently shooting a movie with a pervert. He is what 20? Surely he can formulate a sentence.

        Oh no you still haven't rewatched it? Gurl soon you will be putting it off so much it's gonna be the premiere of The Punisher 2 :)

    4. I actually like the format with the perving last better. It's like peaking lmao.

      This stuff with Franco bothers me because as great as the #MeToo movement is, I feel it also somewhat puts us in a situation where we're not allowed to question allegations. I took Violet Paley's comments seriously until I went through her twitter and saw all the other things she said. Same with the girl who complained about her contracted nude scenes. I believed them, then I researched, and now I don't.

      I think Franco is sleazy but he seems like someone who takes it seriously and corrects his behavior so seeing his career possibly being tanked over tweets is unfortunate.

      I completely forgot Mute existed so I'm happy it's coming out soon.

      Thanks for the link.

      1. Yeah I think I'll keep it :)

        Franco didn't really help anything going for hiding/vague statements route. I feel like the only dude who handled rumours/allegations right is Michael Douglas and that guy, I think he is some show runner who actually had public dialogue with the woman who accused him, it was last week

    5. I'm all for acknowledging victims' experiences, but the truly innocent men who are accused of something also have a right to defend themselves too. Now more than ever the internet is handing out guilty verdicts before there's even "a trial", where millions of people blindly follow someone's word against anothers because it is posted to twitter and online sites run with it. Unfortunately, Franco hasn't defended himself very well here; it could be because he thinks this will all blow over, or he has some sort of predatory behavior that was bound to come out, but the social media era is dangerous for anyone's reputation now. Not even apologies for a lot less harmless allegations or simple mistakes are accepted anymore. I guess a statute of limitations prevents official investigations from happening, but if someone knows they are innocent, they should stand up for themselves and be able to prove they didn't do anything wrong.

      I don't like FRIENDS for a lot of reasons - mostly shitting writing that destroyed the last few years...but for all the stuff that millennials found wrong with it, they ignored Ross's possessive jealous attitude towards Rachel? that she gave up PARIS AND A CAREER SHE WORKED HER BUTT OFF for for that childish asshat? But two characters of a wide age range in a healthy, loving relationship is a problem? HOLY SHIT. I'd take Tom Selleck/Richard any day, tbh.

      As usual, love all the links and Oscar perving. Thanks for linking my review! <3

      1. Franco is not truly innocent. What is happening here is that the stuff he is being accused of is being blown way out of proportion. It's gross and icky but it's nothing to ruin the guy's career over. He is not an authority over morality, he is an actor.

        There wouldn't be any official investigations in Franco's case because nothing he is being accused of is actually illegal other than Paley's claims and even that one is a slippery slope.

        Richard was the best and Ross was just the worst. My least favorite thing he did was when he was giving Rachel shit over her coming home late from work. And then the second they broke up asshole sleeps with that girl. They were not really on a break :D

    6. How can anyone hate Friends?! UGH. The youth of today. Fuck I sound old.
      Franco is a dick and I've never really liked him, but this latest crap in the media is just too much. Christ.
      Dare I say it but there was not enough Oscar in RF this week! ;D
      And thanks for the link :)

      1. Well I'm back to work so there's not much time left for fangirling anymore :/

    7. The whole Franco thing is a mess. Still, his Globes moment was hilarious with him blocking Wiseau from the mic after dragging him on stage.

      For the dude who plans on having his dog murdered so they can die together...what the fuck? I don't even like dogs and I know that's some fucked up shit. Bet his ass isn't willing to have himself killed if the dog dies first. Ugh! It's just another reason for me ask myself what is wrong with people?

      1. I don't know. Just so many garbage people out there. The worst.

    8. "being gentlemanly a macho attack" wtf does that even mean?! And Delon, is he serious??!! He complains about the world, then wants to murder his two year old dog.

      Oh precious Keanu. Did you hear about the romcom he's doing with Winona Ryder, Destination Wedding?

      Idk if that's the case with Franco, but liars and opportunists taking advantage of the Me Too movement are disgusting. Hugh Grant sounds like a gentleman by comparison. It was nothing compared to sexual assault, but apologising without making excuses (and sticking around for the consequences) is the universally correct reaction to fucking up.

      I think the idea that a movie needs to be on the right side of whatever political/social movement is dangerous. Plus at this point people are twisting the movie in the direction they want. And their brilliant logic, so only actors playing good people should get awards now?! Not even commenting on on the comparisons. People don't think at all before saying these things. I hope.

      Thank you for the Michael Shannon video, made everything a little better 😂

      1. Yeah I'm really looking forward to that! Keanu and Winona in a romcom sounds very interesting.

        And that was over 20 years ago. Now all these men are either so stupid or so guilty they cannot even own up to whatever it is they did. I mean if Franco just sat there and said how it was and said that he was acting like an asshole on the set that would be so much better than him just offering vague statements.

        I literally just saw a tweet where someone said Hammer is a lovely person so he should win over a Rockwell who uses a racial slur IN A MOVIE. People are so damn stupid these days.

        Yes, I enjoyed it too :)

    9. This has got to be one of the best RFs you've ever posted. Top to bottom, it's all great. I spent an hour reading it and clicking every link. Thank you so much for the link too!

      1. Really? Thank you! An hour?! Oh God that's too long to read my ramblings :)

      2. No way! All the links were great. This post was GOLD.

      3. As a Sam Rockwell fan, you will like tomorrow's too :)

    10. Hi Sati, I hope you're doing well. I'm hopefully done with grad school by this summer! Maybe I'll have time to start blogging again! If only. Our beloved bassett hound dog died this past weekend. So I'm still reeling from that I know you can understand.

      Wonderful RF as usual. I usually try to stop in when I get a chance. I didn't watch the full Golden Globes, but I did see a few snippets. I was once a Franco fan in the early days before he got "weird" so to speak. IMO he's on track to be the next Johnny Depp (I don't mean that as a compliment).

      With regard to the allegations-- I can understand why people doubt Violet. However, I think something happened btw them that made her uncomfortable. Like you, I don't understand why she continued to go along w/ what he wanted b/c "she didn't want him to hate her." The only thing I can come up with is that our culture teaches women to be compliant towards men even against their own well-being. I've witnessed it in the workplace, in private, in school. It's something that bothers me and I'm working on instilling my daughter with a sense of self (and following her own desires).

      As for Violet, victims (like everyone else) make mistakes, say dumb things, write dumb tweets, etc. Victims are not perfect people and when examining their lives one will always find something to doubt.

      I would say the strangest thing about Violet's accusation is that she continued to be in a relationship with him. That's confusing to me, but human behavior is so complex--it doesn't surprise me.

      Excluding Violet's allegations, some of the others are concerning. There is one allegation in which he demanded actresses remove their tops to show their breasts. When they refused he stormed off set.

      The other incident of removing the plastic guards during simulated sex of young actress is creepy (not illegal). Yes, the women had the option of walking away, but Franco was in a position of authority--IMO that's why I hold him to a higher standard. He's not in the league with Weinstein and some of the others, but he's definitely abusing his power.

      Then there are Ally Sheedy's comments. Sheedy has her own star power and left Hollywood. Sheedy has no reason to make accusations--then suddenly delete them. She either experienced something with Franco or saw something.

      Then there was the tweets pressuring a 17 year old to have sex with him. Depending on the state the girl lived in, the age of consent may be 18. It's typically 16 to 18 in the US depending on the state. So that could have been illegal, although I'm not sure where the girl lives. She thankfully refused...but this is all concerning behavior from Franco.

      I do worry that the #metoo movement will eventually fizzle out with a false allegation that media jumps on. All it takes is one. I hope the media does its due dillegence in investigating.

      1. Oh my God I am so sorry about your dog :( I wish I knew what to say but I don't, my heart is still shattered over my loss

        There's victims and there is this woman. I have yet to see a shred of evidence she even met this guy. I believe all other women but this one is a whole other issue. I really doubt they had a conversation let alone a relationship in an actual sense of the word. And there is a difference between being a perfect person and writing truly offensive tweets like she did, making fun of rape etc.

        He is definitely abusing his power for sure but for me the entire situation is creepy and hard to imagine. Who on Earth wants to do sex scene class for a bunch of strange women? And who are the women willing to sign up for it? They are all bizarre to me

        Or she was high. She left Hollywood because of drug problem. 5 minutes of fame again, that is a reason. And she didn't say anything specific which only further makes #MeToo tag a joke

        I think it was in the state it was legal, otherwise this would not be left alone considering there is evidence to that

    11. Fantastic breakdown of the Franco situation. Seriously. I don't watch anything that isn't filled with dancing animals or professional athletes, so all bullshit aside, your legwork was clutch. And very appreciated. This whole situation is a f--king shitshow, to say the least.

      Goodness, Gal Gadot. She's...incredible. She is like the counterweight to the whole Franco story.

      It's a shame the fangirling is going to get dialed back, but as a teacher who gets all kinds of long(ish) vacations, the fun has to stop sometime. But damn, girl. I'm super f--king jealous. You watched a lot of movies! I think you Poe Dameron-athon bested my December and January combined! But, to be fair, I spent a lot of time eating tires and yelling at pigeons.

      Thanks for the link!!!

      1. Yes, I'm the best source of news on the web :) Seriously though, what a mess. I have more on that today, but only a little since Franco is hiding as he probably should. He is lucky this whole Aziz mess happened and took a bit of focus away

    12. What really blows me away is how tweets are suddenly newsworthy. Thanks Trump =/

      1. Nah, thank those who use them to get attention...which includes him:)