Friday, February 23, 2018

(327) God is among us + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, February 23, 2018

  • All I can think of when I look at the above pictures is "I THINK there was BAFTAs. I KNOW there was liquor".
  • For the party the day before Sam wore the whole garden, obviously. Also this is a coat he wore over it. Oh, Jesus.
  • Here are quite exciting photos from the evening:
  • Before we discuss the ceremony we have to talk about the fashion, because Holy fucking shit, you guys:
  • Ronan's and Joy's gowns are terrible but my God no one topped Janney. What made everything so much worse is that she could barely walk in this dress. Bryan Cranston had to walk to the stairs to help her walk because otherwise she would probably never make it to the microphone.
  • Lupita's dress is downright scary. I was frightened Sam will actually get impaled on that thing (she was presenting the award to him). Helena always looks like she just woke up in a dumpster. And Margot was wearing a black table cloth. What on Earth? She is easily the most gorgeous woman in Oscar season this year but her outfits are just terrible. 
  • Overall the theme appeared to be less "Time's Up!" and more "Black mass on hallucinogens". 
  • Here are some actual good dresses, all three of them:
  • Rebecca Ferguson, who I think is 7-months pregnant now, is simply glowing. Angelina looked great in her classy black dress. And Gemma Arterton was stunning and I loved her make up and green accessories. 
  • And here is Sam and his lovely Leslie on the red carpet:
  • I was refreshing so many pages at the same time and going insane and suddenly I saw these pictures and I was laughing so hard:
  • Turns out Sam was waiting for Leslie as she was posing and this is such a great photo (click to enlarge):
  • Aw, look how he looks at her!
  • Here's my livetweet of BAFTAs. The ceremony was quite boring but at least it was only 2h long. Ridley Scott was so dull on stage it was almost unbearable. Apparently someone was talking during his speech and Scott actually noticed that and berated that person. Dude, you should be glad the entire audience didn't slip into a coma.
  • And here is Sam's speech. That one was definitely the most nonchalant yet, what's with all the face touching? The tribute to Alan Rickman was lovely, though.
  • I absolutely loved all the speeches Martin McDonagh gave, particularly this bit:
  • Frances' speech was also fantastic. Easily the best of the night and super funny too.
  • Here's Sam with his award:
  • He is so extremely pleasant to all those reporters. He just talks to them and everyone so modestly. Lovely to watch someone so talented be so down to earth. Here's press conference. I LOVE how he asks every single person who has a question how they are doing. He is such a lovely person!!!
  • and here is the photo of all the winners (click to enlarge):
  • Everyone is looking at the camera. Everyone.
  • But nope. 
  • Not Sam. 
  • He is looking at the floor. 
  • Or Gary Oldman's ass.
  • My God, me and Mettel need to apply for a job as stylists/guardians/seeing eye puppies because this guy needs all the help he can get with choosing right coats, reading and, you know, functioning out there.
  • Now for movie news....
  • Apparently they are going to start filming IT sequel this summer. Jessica Chastain is in talks to play the part of adult Beverly. I'm glad it's not Adams because one less film featuring her blandness is always a good thing. And Jessica has been doing so much good lately, she deserves all that money she is going to get.
  • I am the furthest thing from a prude but Good God Almighty.
  • JLaw wants to hook up with that dead eyed kid and by all means do. And please do so in the rocket that is being ejected straight into the Sun.
  • The reviews for Annihilation are here and they are excellent. And here's lovely poster for the international Netflix release:
  • And here is a great Mondo poster for Black Panther. Before you ask - no, I did not see it yet. If you saw one MCU movie, you saw them all. I'm sure it's more of the same with better music and production design. I don't get Jordan hype, at all. 
  • But back to Annihilation. Hold on. Mute - Rockwell, allegedly. Annihilation - Isaac. The Outsider (today the trailer and the poster were released) - Leto. That's all in less than one month. What are you doing to me Netflix?
  • Here's adorable story about Phantom Thread screening.
  • Honest Trailer for Justice League. Not one of their better ones especially when the the target is just so easy,
  • Joss Whedon is no longer making Batgirl movie. Thank God. Keep that pig away from female characters. 
  • Meanwhile, there was a test screening for Aquaman yesterday and the reaction is positive. Apparently Mera is more of co-protagonist and not surprisingly Momoa and Heard have great chemistry
  • Tiffany Haddish is gonna present at the Oscars. What can go wrong?
  • OH...
  • ...MY....
  • ....GOD....
  • Rosamund Pike looking stunning during Berlin film festival. Also she is going to play Marie Curie in a new movie. 
  • Naomi Watts has terrible taste in men but I love her new haircut.
  • Before we go to the land of Schlongs and Roosters again, I was still sick this week so I had some time which I didn't use wisely or efficiently at all. But I did finish my rewatch of The IT Crowd. I am Roy:
  • I saw The Death of Stalin. I think the trailers for that one were misleading because they were promising comedy, much like In the Loop and instead while the film does have a lot of funny moments and hilarious lines it also has a lot of unpleasant scenes. The Thick of It is my all time favorite series and In the Loop is my #3 favorite movie of all time so the bar was set high. The film was nowhere near those levels but the script was brilliant and everyone in the cast did amazing job, shame there was not more of Jason Isaacs because he played the funniest character. 
  • Just when I thought there is no way Fergie's national anthem (we'll get to it later) will be topped, Oscar Isaac's GQ photoshoot happened (it accompanies this article which I haven't read yet). This is giving that legendary Brad Pitt photoshoot some serious competition:
  • What on Earth is happening there?! One of my followers noted that the middle section looks like 'the cloud of cocaine' and that's very accurate. These photos are just so profoundly ridiculous.
  • Here's a cover with Oscar, as God, apparently, and on the right, beautiful picture of Sam for The Wrap:
  • Turns out Sam auditioned for ER. God I am so glad he didn't get it. He'd be stuck on that show instead of giving us all those wonderful performances. Sam actually did talk about that on Colbert's show last night. He was so adorable!:
  • I noted how adorable his modesty is.
  • And then I made a gifset of it. 
  • He also did....this before he walked in:
  • I don't know what the fuck he is doing but I love it.
  • So I rewatched Three Billboards.
  • I noticed a whole bunch of details I haven't noticed before, all of which I listed in the livetweet linked above. But most notably this:
  • Look on Dixon's cheek on the last gif. There's a tear streaming down his face. I hadn't notice that before. That makes that moving moment even more powerful.
  • I also suffered through Loitering with Intent. God that was terrible. Sam was in it for maybe 25 minutes and even sang but that film was just awful. 
  • First Isaac and that stupid Gomez movie where all he is providing is his voice and now this. STOP HIDING MY BOOS, HOLLYWOOD.
  • A voice work? For a gorilla? I can't perv to that.
  • Here is a reminder that I am a patron Saint of all your sexy needs.
  • And finally, NOTHING this week NOTHING topped this
  • Brittani, Keith, Katy and Dell review Black Panther
  • Sonia reviews Laggies and whines about turning 24 this year. I sit here, 28 years old, wondering if I should freeze my eggs, but yes, Sonia do whine some more :P
  • Alex features John Malkovich in his In Character series.
  • Mettel's website changed the URL so update your blogrolls! 
  • and once again please join m.brown's Mt. Rushmore of Movies blogathon!



    1. Fergie is a horrible singer. She destroyed the National Anthem. Then again, given the state of things that we're in. It's what we deserve as Americans.

      Sam Rockwell is just a joy to watch as I'm happy he's getting accolades. That story about Phantom Thread is awesome.

      I know you hate J-Law who has become insufferable. Personally, I really think we need to call Scar-Jo 3:16 so she can give J-Law a whole lotta of this:

      SCAR-JO STUNNA!!!!!

      1. JLaw has her moments and is a decent actress but Good lord, sometimes she is just too much. Also she isn't doing anything to help with the 'overexposure' issue, she should just lay low for a while.

    2. Booo Adams is good.

      Booooo Black Panther is good


      I want to see The Death of Stalin but I thought it was more comedy too. I'll adjust my expectations.

      Soooo pyched for Mute and Annihilation. My phone also autocorrected mute to "nude" so that's fitting lol

      Thanks for the link!

      1. She is so one-note, though. I fear for Sharp Objects, thank God for Patricia Clarkson.

        If only Mute was Nude maybe it wouldn't have been so boring :P

    3. oh! Remember when the Oscar's used to include movies that people actually saw and cared about? Dunkirk might be the closest thing to that on the list this year.

      1. Well actually a lot of people saw and cared about BP nominated movies this year. Dunkirk is far from the most popular movie there.

    4. Who on Earth is dressing those women? Aren't they supposed to know how to dress people?

      If I manage to see the Oscars this year I'm going to die for sure. Who can handle all that perfection at the same time?

      I'm laughing so hard right now because of what you wrote in the links section. I'm a terrible person, I know. Anyway, thanks for the link!

      1. Blind people, apparently :P

        I am legitimately scared of what is going to happen to me next Sunday

        Not terrible, just very young :P

    5. Those pictures of Sam and Leslie are adorable!!! Even if it was for an essential good cause like TimesUp, after a while I couldn't tell the difference between all the black dresses. They all started to look the same. lol

      So much is wrong with that photoshoot with Oscar. How can a photographer take an angel like that and make it look like he's on meth and obsessed with *jazz hands*?

      Thanks for linking my blog! Hope you're feeling better!!

      1. I have no idea what the photographer was on but that must have been so strong even the proximity to that made Oscar agree to do whatever he is doing lol

    6. I like how smitten Sam and Leslie still are. They remind me a little of Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon, who have been together for ages, but still look like they are in their honeymoon stage. Really gives me hope that relationships can last.

      Are you ready for the Oscars?!?!?!!? I AM NOT!!!!!

      Thanks for the link! :)

      1. Yes, Kyra and Kevin are such an amazing couple! also Kevin is another actor who really should have an Oscar by now

        I AM SO NOT READY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. been away for a month, so had to catch up on your RFs first thing in the office! and what do you know, got to see 3 billboards on the plane, so I'm all here for your sam rockwell praise (it did take me a few moments to come up with the word 'praise' to describe your passion!)

      hope you're doing well, sati!

      1. You read that porn in the office?:D

      2. Ah, then I'm honored to be providing office entertainment :)

    8. Thanks for the link! I LOVE those pics of Sam and Leslie together on the red carpet. I just love that Sam is having such a grand moment. Bring on the Oscar!

      1. You're welcome! Yes! The world's most underappreciated actor is finally getting showered with love

    9. I can't wait to see annihilation, been looking forward to it for ages. Can't wait to see it!

      And WTF with those Isaac photos?? They are just plain bizarre

      1. Yeah but he is still so pretty :)

      2. hehe yeah he really is. I'm really glad you liked ILD, I knew you'd love Osacr in that. it is a great film

    10. Good riddance to Whedon. I'm seriously over him after that Justice League nonsense.

      1. He is so vile. I hate they let Snyder get the fall for this.