Friday, March 2, 2018

(328) 2 more days + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, March 2, 2018
  • 2 days.
  • Just two more days.
  • Everyone who possibly could is performing at the Oscars. It's gonna be a very long night. 
  • More presenters. This is why Christopher Walken being there is a huge deal
  • It would be INCREDIBLE if Walken presented BP. And if Billboards won. Not just because Billboards has a lot of nods to The Deer Hunter but also because it would be Walken hugging Sam on stage and I would die.
  • But this is not happening. Because Faye and Warren will be back to present BP. I think it's a cool thing because it really wasn't their fault what happened. However with Oscars fucking up so bad and not nominating Wonder Woman at all and now having a man there present BP....Billboards has to win. It has to win. It's an angry movie about a woman demanding justice. We NEED it to win.
  • Trailer for Aquaman may be released next month. Bring it. And this thing needs to be Logan 'Hurt' trailer levels of awesome after what WB did with Justice League.
  • Jason Momoa starring remake of The Crow is scheduled for release in October next year. Bring it. I'm all for Jason slaughtering bad guys and killing rapists.
  • Zack Snyder is out there, throwing shade
  • Kristen Wiig is in talks to play a villain in Wonder Woman 2 and that is not a good choice at all. Just get Goddess Charlize to do this, DC.
  • Richard Ayoade is a legend
  • And this is trash
  • 50 years of relevance? How modest.
  • I understand
  • This is gonna be a disaster and it's only going to make it harder for women directors to get jobs. This is the same woman who tweeted that Netflix dropping Clovertrash Shitradox is history in the making. She is utterly irresponsible. 
  • As predicted, Lee Pace is gay. All of these guys afraid of coming out because it would hurt this career....that's not OK. Someone's sexuality shouldn't matter when it comes to what roles that person is getting. Are Hollywood producers worried that if a guy is gay women won't be able to fantasize about him because they don't have a shot? Oh, because the only reason I won't get to bang Lee Pace is that I'm a chick, right? The ironic thing is that even those in the closet get less opportunities. Tell me another reason why Pace and Armitage aren't more famous. 
  • Great new photos from Westworld season 2. Evan Rachel Wood is absolutely insufferable with her fake ""let's do this for progress!" (ending up not doing anything)" antics - like when she said she will form circles around predators on Golden Globe red carpet which she didn't do and I don't think even attended -  but hopefully the season will be so good I will forget about that momentarily. 
  • Justin Theraux is out there trying to repair his using puppies.
  • Three Billboards haters reached the peak of their desperation and that is one pathetic peak
  • The one thing I was going to do for revenge on my foreign friends was that I will see Infinity War before them - since everyone already saw Annihilation and I sit here waiting. AND NOW DISNEY MOVES IT UP A WEEK.
  • Check out this exchange on twitter with RDJ
  • This is what he is doing. 
  • Meanwhile, Batfleck is probably drunk in the dumpster somewhere. 
  • Or pimping out his "family" to make it look like he is less of a mess with Jennifer Garner's permission and participation. Why is this moral bankrupt presenting at the Oscars? Really? In the time of Time's Up you are inviting a woman who is more than happy to bring her kids to "oh, let's eat ice cream together like a happy family" photo-shoot for her sexual harassing, cheating drunk of a husband? For fuck's sake.
  • This is a horrible photoshoot of Jennifer Lawrence. She looks at least 15 older and really rough.. Also for someone who is supposed to be taking a break she sure is in the news plenty 1,2,3,4
  • I'm freaking shocked.
  • Armie Hammer is such a whiny brat. He has a kid, a wife and is an actor who can hung out with cool people but he uses his time to write sexist and stupid things about a buzzfeed reporter who once rightfully wrote about Hollywood trying and failing to make him happen. He is so butthurt he didn't get that nomination isn't he. This is one of my favorite things the Academy did this year. The only interesting thing about his stale and boring performance was the fact they digitally removed his balls from the movie. Stop trying to make this guy happen while far superior actors than him are not given this many chances. 
  • Also, he is an idiot. 
  • (in intermission before my ultra rage rant - I give you glasses, that guy in the background and those extremely tight pants.)
  • (It's schlongtastic.)
  • And finally for the most disappointing and enraging news of the week - Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt both joined that Tarantino movie about Manson murders. Pitt and DiCaprio are some of the most famous, richest actors on the planet and in this moment in time they choose to sign up for a movie made by reprehensible piglet who likes to do the scenes where someone spits on/chokes a woman himself, defended a child rapist and endangered woman's life. A movie about a murder of a pregnant woman, that is gonna be released on anniversary of her death for maximum publicity. They couldn't be saying "we don't care" when it comes to plight of the abused and harassed louder even if they tried. 
  • They picked one disgusting hill to die on.
  • I am extremely disappointed. DiCaprio never struck me as someone who is particularly respectful of women but I thought he is better than this. But Pitt? The guy who stood up to Weinstein when he heard he was harassing Paltrow? This is a very upsetting. With two of the biggest stars in the world this film will make money and God forbid draw award season attention. So this is basically keeping someone who defended a child rapist and committed criminal negligence on the set in the business, relevant and wealthy. 
  • Still, every single female actor who is gonna sign up is worse than them. She will basically be saying she doesn't care that this is a guy who doesn't care about safety of women to the point he risks their health. That it's super cool that he likes to do choking/spitting of women takes himself. That it is OK for someone to do this and that he is gonna face absolutely no consequences for this. And all these 'people' are holding back #MeToo movement and helping such scum continue to be relevant and successful.
  • Fuck.
  • Them.
  • All.
  • And it's even more upsetting that the reaction to this from people is "oh wow, DiCaprio and Pitt in one movie! Ooooh I cannot wait for them to use Tarantino's dialogue". Are you fucking serious? This is what the reaction is? Tarantino has worked with serial rapist for years and is making a movie about this subject matter, apparently still making it all about men, still managing to get the stars and huge budged AFTER it was disclosed he knew about Weinstein AFTER it was disclosed he defended a child rapist AFTER it was disclosed he endangered a woman's life AFTER it was disclosed he first apologized to that woman's husband not her AFTER it was disclosed he kept the footage of the accident for years and the reaction is "oh wow, Brad and Leo are gonna throw shade at each other, so hyped!". It's disgusting.
  • Please God don't let any of my favs come near this exploitative trashfire filled with repugnant people. 
  • Margot, don't you dare.
  • (also Fincher's next movie is getting pushed further because of this)
  • Speaking of trashfires....
  • Mute is an absolute disaster (livetweet). Had it not been for me wanting to catch all Moon references I would have stopped watching it.
  • And he worked on this for 15 years. And considering that the film is dedicated to his father and he said only after having a kid he found the right themes, given that one of these themes is pedophile that's all disturbing and in extremely poor taste. 
  • And that Sam cameo is about 10 seconds long! You had this guy there and THIS IS ALL YOU GAVE HIM TO DO?!:
  • 10 seconds of a room filled with Rockwells. Jones actually portrays what can only be described as a fastest way to kill a woman, with this much sexual charisma multiplied by God knows how much, and he doesn't even spend good amount of time on it? 
  • Not even a close up of him all scruffy and in a suit? 
  • Not only that, but he had more scenes with Sam and didn't use them. And they actually flew Sam to Berlin to film a scene which could have been literally filmed anywhere?! So  Jones literally wasted everyone's time?
  • ...
  • ......
  • ........
  • You fuck.
  • Here are the details about that Dick Cheney movie. A musical scene?! Is Sam going to be in it?! Because this is the only musical scene I would ever want to watch. 
  • I FORGOT (1,2) to include Sam's striptease scene in Conviction in my Mountain. I repented by making a gifset out of it and unleashing it on tumblr. 
  • Also this entire conversation.
  • In the name of love I sat through The Sitter again. It's awful but I couldn't possibly rate it lower than Mute which was even worse. 
  • I also watched The Winning Season again. It's so so so adorable.
  • This is what I made on Sunday - 1,2,3. The last one in particular was difficult to make as I kept blacking out whilst making it.
  • Good God, man.
  • New interview with Sam. And another new interview. I know I know this man too well when I read it and I already know half of these stories.
  • And a podcast which because of my stupid, exhausting job I haven't had the energy to listen to yet. I need energy to listen to it. His voice does so many things to me.
  • This entire week I have been freaking out about Sam winning this Sunday 1,2,3
  • God, what if they snub him? They won't right? THEY CANNOT.
  • It it looking very good, though. 
  • Here's the twitter thread where I uploaded pictures from last night pre-Oscar party. I hope he sobers up till Sunday. There's still Independent Spirit Awards tomorrow!
  • Let's get fucking hyped.
  • Let's get hyped like we never got hyped before.
  • IS FINALLY GOING TO HAVE HIS OSCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I already took a day off work after Oscars. I am gonna go insane. I'm gonna be on twitter posting garbage. I'm probably also going to be on several message boards posting garbage. I'm gonna be refreshing getty images to get pictures to attach to my garbage. And, you know, actually watching this and just freaking out all over the place. And loudly climaxing whenever they show him.
  • Oh my God.
  • I may legit die.
  • Oh and breaking news I looked pretty today. Even though the dress is clearly digging into my sides and I messed up the eyeliner. Still, this is improvement over every other day this week. Believe me.
  • And finally let us all remember Affleck's frozen shock when he stops clapping, Shirley gasping and Jeff laughing his ass off
  • Brittani and Kevin write about Annihilation
  • Mettel shares four Sam Rockwell characters with great beards for m.brown's blogathon!
  • As always, something happened on The Walking Dead and pissed the fans off. Katy recaps.
  • Across the Universe Oscar talk podcast, highlight being the adorable sound Mettel makes when Sofia announces they are about to talk about Best Supporting Actor category. It's a good thing I don't do podcasts because not only would I make that sound, I'd also flood the country.
  • Sonia reviews The Age of Adaline
  • m.brown reviews The Layover. Two things - how on Earth is William H. Macy the director of this thing? And also doesn't this - "The Layover tells the story of two impossibly beautiful women, seemingly of the BFF variety, shredding all forms of human decency in an effort to f--k the shit out of a guy with a severely bent dick.", bent dick, whatever that is, aside, sound like me and Mettel?


    1. I'm so happy I still don't have a contract so I can watch the Oscars and see Sam win :D

      I haven't seen Mute yet but I read the horrible reviews. I can't believe the guy worked on it for 15 years! Anyway, I think I'll watch it sooner or later for those 10 seconds of Sam.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. It's just terrible. It looks pretty and the soundtrack is nice but honestly the film is an infuriating waste of talent

    2. I feel sad Mute isn't good as I wanted to see it because Duncan Jones dedicated it to his dad and nanny.

      Don't diss Evan. She's awesome and she did a killer vocal performance on "Moonage Daydream" at a Bowie tribute show which I might go to when the show arrives in Atlanta where she's a special guest.

      I heard J-Law dropped out of school. No wonder she's a moron.

      For dancing with Frances and Woody, Sam Rockwell better have his fucking Oscar and.... a shitload of $$$$$$$$$

      1. I don't care what she did, she is all talk not action. That thing with Globes was pathetic as was her calling out Affleck on something he said 20 years ago to distract people from the fact her ex was getting married.

    3. Kristen Wiig in WW2 is awful news. I hope that falls through.

      I actually think Ava's A Wrinkle in Time looks cool. I hope it doesn't bomb lol.

      I want to see the script for this Tarantino movie because I'm having a hard time understanding why anyone wants to be in it.

      Loooolll Armie Hammer. I'm going to go give that buzzfeed article another click. What a bitch.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. We have so much new Armie hate material from Oscars :)

    4. WTF is with that Three Billboards hate?? Thank link was some of THE dumbest shit I have ever heard. God there are some many stupid people.

      That sucks that Pitt joined that Tarantino movie. What is weird though is I can enjoy Polanski movies easily... does that make me a bad person? Honest question :)

      And you do look pretty :) I dig the colour of that dress, looks awesome. Now I want a t-shirt or some pants in that colour!

      1. Not really, it's your business what you watch and what you admit to liking.

        Thanks! :)

    5. Thanks for the link! Getter was adorable. SO much love for the GIFs of Billboards set, can I be friends with them too please.

      Wait Armitage is gay too? I'm so behind on these things. I can see the hype for their possible coupling, my god they'd be unfairly hot together.

      I can't even be bothered to care anymore about the twisting and poking of Billboards. But I hope I never get to meet people like the ones in that video, so. fucking. annoying.

      1. Well he is in the closet but McKellen accidentally outed him while talking about how many gay actors are in the Hobbit, he was like 'two actors who play dwarves' are gay' so everyone connected the dots

    6. A shame Mute was such a disaster, your letterboxd review saved me from sitting through the disappointment!

      Still not really interested in watching Three Billboards based on the trailer, although shows the power of a movie when can inspire actual billboard activism, not just in the US, but Europe too. That's pretty cool.

      1. Mute is just terrible. Definitely gonna end up being one of the worst movies of the year.

    7. WOOOOOO! I plan to wake up to a world where Sam Rockwell is an Oscar winner on Monday, and nothing's going to ruin my mood that day! It's going to be a great start to my week, I'm sure of it!

      Lee Pace is a brilliant actor, no matter what sexual orientation is.. it shouldn't matter and for me it doesn't. I would watch rom-coms with him in leads, him in any show as a lead, I'd just take him in anything really!'

      Too bad for Mute and that tiny Sam moment doesn't seem enough.. I feel robbed, so robber I don't even want to watch it.... but I will, probably but later on this year.

      DAMN IT ! I wanted World War Z to happen faster and now it's just.. ugh. Everything about Tarantino makes me cringe now, and I just can't believe Pitt would do this. Is he really not getting enough offers? What the hell!?

      Thanks for the links!

      1. Pitt and Dicaprio lost so much in my eyes. They don't need this. I just really hope Margot doesn't sign up for that, she is smart she must realize how badly it would look. I'd totally lose respect for her and any other women who would be willing to work with that mess.

    8. The Oscars are just begging for attention by having Faye and Warren back. It's super sad. I'll have it on in the background, but that's about it. :/

      If Kristen Wiig is Wonder Woman's next villain, my interest is obliterated. lol I just don't get the hype around her as a comedian and can't get into her as a dramatic/action star. :/

      I saw a sneak preview of A Wrinkle in Time. The editing was extremely choppy. Reese was not pulling off the flighty witch role, and Oprah is in her most Oprah voice telling the young girl she's the chosen one. If there isn't some complains about cultural appropriation about Zach Galifinakis, I'd be surprised. The kids and Chris Pine were good though?....

      I can't even with JLAW. Please stop talking.

      Was Leo taking advice from Kate on wise career moves? Looks like two more actors I can spend less money on. lol

      "As always, something happened on The Walking Dead and pissed the fans off. Katy recaps." lol That's an understatement. Thanks for the link! <3

      Can't wait for Sam to win tonight for you guys!!!!

      1. Faye and Warren ended up being one of the better things in the ceremony, the lack of applause for Judd, Hayek and Sciorra was the worst. People clapped but didn't stand up. It was disgusting to witness.

        She just doesn't fit that role! At all!

        It's getting pretty bad reviews, the embargo just lifted today. It seems to be much worse than the reviews suggest, critics are afraid to trash it.

        JLaw is talking some more this week :/

    9. Listen to that podcast. It's really good! I'd already known half of the stories he told in the podcast, but I still loved listening to him talk.

      1. I need to find the time somewhere, I still didn't manage to listen to it :/