Friday, March 9, 2018

(329) Back with the flood + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, March 9, 2018
  • First of all, Happy 39th birthday Oscar Mr. Schlong Isaac!
  • RF is gonna be short this week because I've been incredibly busy (work) and now I'm exhausted so I don't really feel like typing and I didn't have the time to actually type in draft daily like I usually do. So this is gonna be a mess without any order, and truth be told, I didn't even check if all the links are working correctly, but I guess mess of RF is better than no RF at all.
  • I'm still so disgusted at the audience at the Oscars not getting up and giving standing ovation for Sciorra, Judd and Hayek. I was having a good time with the ceremony - I do apologize for my drunken and perverted tweets but what kind of an Oscar night would it be if I didn't get completely wasted - truth be told I still may be a bit drunk from that, take to twitter, get into fights with people and announce several times I'm pregnant because some of my favs are there - until that moment and then it all died on its ass. It was pathetic. They stood up for rapists and abusers, they don't stand up for victims.
  • I really do hope they invite Ricky Gervais to host next year and he slaughters them all. I actually watched all of Ricky's Golden Globe bits (1,2) this week and I remembered his jokes from all this years but for the life of me I couldn't recall who won that year. When he hosts, people tune in for him. Considering Oscars' numbers are way down they really need this.
  • I also kinda started moving from one clip to another on youtube after watching this (so I also saw this, classic!) and it led me to rewatching one of the funniest things that have ever happened on any awards ceremony Steve Carell laughing just makes everything so much more hilarious.
  • I actually watched it every single day of the week this week.
  • Kimmel's dig at Streisand and dog cloning from Oscars still has me laughing, though. When they showed McConaughey and Dafoe laughing I completely lost it. 
  • This week it was like getting hit in the ovaries but in the good way from three separate directions with Sam being all around adorable - here he is apologizing to Woody when he won with him:
  • Oscar being too charming:
  • and me seeing this gif of Jason:
  • which triggered a massive perv-reaction.
  • So naturally I watched and livetweed most of Justice League. (I also watched the blu ray extras yesterday).
  • It's actually a really fun movie but it's forever tainted by them cutting even as much as seconds of Jason. It's unthinkable.
  • I livtweeted only most of the film and not the whole thing because I had to stop and watch Independent Spirit Awards. It was pretty cute, with Frances attending in slippers and Timothy Chalamet bowing before Sam when he won.
  • Here's some pictures - 1,2,3,4
  • Mary Poppins' marketing kicked off with a very well received trailer at the Oscars commercial break. And it looks like the first Aquaman trailer is gonna be attached to Ready Player One. I just hope it's an amazing trailer. And I just hope WB execs got Ben Affleck out of the dumpster he is currently sleeping in and told him to get his mistress to book Jason to host SNL in December. We need to show off that dude everywhere, and women will come.
  • I mean they will come in so many ways.
  • Repeatedly.
  • ...
  • ......
  • ........
  • Anyways...
  • Before Oscars happened I watched the making of Three Billboards. I also saw 20 minutes of The Greatest Showman with intention to finish it this week. Yep. It's been six days and I still haven't found the time to do that. 
  • It seems like I am spending a lot of time reading people's posts and yet the number of comments here is decreasing so that's really discouraging. I mostly post once a week and it's crickets around here sometimes. And the thing that is so disappointing is that I come back to the posts I already commented on on others' websites and so few do that thing here. 
  • Enough of that. I am writing this at 11 PM on Thursday and that's the first time this week I had the time to write anything here other than Oscars post and pasting 3 links and a gif into Wednesday post. I feel bad for not being able to read every post others write but I just don't have this kind of time. I'm gonna set myself 15 minutes every day for other people's posts, treating my comments section like a blogroll and that's that. It will probably mean I will get to one post on each blog I follow per week but I simply have no way to get to more.
  • Back to Oscars:
  • This picture of Ryan Seacrest is hysterical. 
  • For a while people thought Taraji put a hex on Ryan. But then there was this. But then there was this
  • Sam on Oscars was everything. My tweet got a lot of attention. There was more - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11
  • Here's Sam, his Oscar and Bill Hader.
  • Here are celebrities congratulating Sam.
  • And of course here are Oscar's adorable antics - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13
  • Here's me making schlong pun.
  • Oscar and Leslie Bibb were definitely the two happiest people there. But this was by far the most touching moment we didn't see during ceremony. 
  • Here's the photo from that trip to the cinema they made. 
  • Momoa was almost there. Oh God. Oh God.....oh God.
  • Speaking of Jason feels - my mom, ladies and gentlemen - 1,2
  • I think her watching this Water War thing was the happiest I've seen her in months.
  • There are no limits to Armie Hammer's thirst. I was seriously expecting him to walk on stage with a nurse carrying that IV behind him and him dripping diarrhea from a diaper.
  • Also he went on that trip to the cinema. Cause that's what you do when you have a stomach flu, right? You go shoot hot dogs at people. 
  • Mark Hamill, everyone. He also got his star on the walk of fame this week! 
  • Still that moment he met Gal at the Oscars was just amazing. Turn up the volume and listen to what they are saying - it's so cute!
  • Your reminder that Michael Shannon is the best - 1,2
  • I'm not a fan of The Shape of Water winning but yes, that was an amazing moment
  • In spite of woke twitter's desires Gary Oldman did win and was super happy
  • So I'm sure you all heard that Frances MacDormand's Oscar was stolen. To be honest, to me this is practically as embarrassing to the Academy as the last year's mix up. They cannot even provide decent security at these events? And yes, that person standing in front of Frances, being all distraught and with his face in the palms of his hands? That's Oscar Isaac having all the sympathetic feels and his wife Elvira consoling Frances.
  • I really loved that Frances did this.
  • And this still makes me cry. 
  • And for a different reason so do the comments here.
  • Horrible comments aside, I love the reactions in the crowd. Frances' son is so proud of her and what she is saying. Greta Gerwig is wiping away the tears. Christopher Walken is mesmerized. Oscar is smiling. This I loved. All those men looking genuinely moved and appreciative of the women there. 
  • After the Oscars I found this. I suddenly wish I watched that stupid show so that I understood this reference. 
  • And now for some gossip:
  • Lee Pace came out sort of again. This is getting pathetic. He wasn't forced into answering the question. And why is no one dragging Ian McKellen for outing Pace and others years ago?
  • Now with even worse news. Statue of limitations shouldn't apply to crimes of such nature. It's one of the biggest failures of the law. This whole case, though and the reasoning there....and that was as recent as 2016 and that barbaric institution still applies here...what the fuck, man, what the fuck....
  • This is what White Disney did on International Women's Day. Kathleen Kennedy is a disgrace.
  • Ready Player One is tracking for some seriously embarrassing numbers. I suddenly wish my feral boo porn trailer wasn't attached to it.
  • So this guy who usually hears stuff from test screenings tweeted today that the reactions to Deadpool 2 are not good. And this is what Fox did. Smooth move, dumbassess. Now we know it's true.
  • Gents, Colin Firth got cheated on. There's no hope for you ordinary folk. 
  • The composer for Wonder Woman is gonna do the music for Aquaman. I'm a bit worried because he was using Zimmer's theme so much there, so that was mostly someone else's music. But there were parts of the soundtrack that were his own and were great. In any case there is no way he can do any worse than the noise Elfman composed for Justice League. How fucking dare you accompany the visual of shirtless Momoa with this?!
  • If that happens anywhere near Poland I'm flooding the continent. 
  • Here's very cool interview with Lisa Bonet. It's good that journalists remind her how lucky she is. Jesus Christ, I'd sell whatever is left of my soul for this.
  • I am serious. Satan, call me maybe.
  • Dammit, I'm good people where is my alpha male?
  • Can we just take a moment here and really take it in. This is a woman who comes home to this guy. I come home to a fucking mess I have no time to clean and, I don't know, a nice meal if I cook one for myself and watching that Jimmy Fallon falls on his ass video in order to laugh.
  • What I am asking here is...WHERE IS THE FUCKING JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD?
  • Speaking of alpha males here's Dwayne being awesome
  • Kristen Wiig is officially going to play the villain in Wonder Woman 2. Well....recently I read that character was actually very mousy and was friends with Diana before transformation so I can see Wiig doing that well. In any case it's exciting that Diana is gonna have a meaningful relationship with a woman, because one of the flaws of the first film is that she didn't interact with Steve's assistant enough.
  • I'm about to shock you. JLaw got trashier. And trashier
  • That Yakuza Jared Leto movie got released on Netflix today. It didn't go well.
  • Trailer for Meg may be attached to Ready Player One. British boo and Feral boo really tells you how bad RPO looks that it's not enough to lure me into the cinema.
  • Oh, so this makes the news but me flooding the country twice last year doesn't? I don't have a retainer but I am somehow gonna top that during Aquaman. I don't know how. But I will. I'm so getting pregnant during that. Is it still immaculate conception if you are moaning like crazy?
  • Brittani, Mettel, Sonia, Keith and Sofia react to the Oscars
  • Katy writes about Clovertrash Shitradox
  • Jordan reviews Black Panther
  • m.brown shares links for his Mount Rushmore of Movies blogathon
  • Alex includes the lovely Marisa Tomei in his In Character series


    1. Your Oscar tweets were nuts. I enjoyed it for all of its craziness.

      I hope there's a special place in Hell for Ryan Seacrest for crimes against humanity.

      Yeah, I read about J-Law's comments about penises. That's funny considering what many people saw in those leaked photos of her involving.... penises.

      1. I think some of these photos were fake. But why is this girl talking? She is so overexposed and her saying stupid stuff day after day isn't helping her career

    2. Yikes! I still haven't watched Three Billboards yet.

    3. My sister and I were extremely disappointed by the pin-drop reaction for Sciorra, Judd and Hayek. As much money and awareness the Time's Up movement has made, that reaction caused us to wonder how far changes will go after Oscar season. Especially when they awarded Kobe Bryant for his short film. On top of which, I haven't heard a peep from actresses or actors talking about the Inclusion Rider. Only person I've heard from is Michael B. Jordan. Frances (and Sam and Jordan) were the best moments of the night. And, had I been in that group hug of Best Actresses, I would've found a way to elbow Meryl or something. lol I can't have much faith in an industry that worships Meryl.

      That thread of The Shape of Water cast was awesome. Michael Shannon is crazy.

      I completely forgot about that clip of Fallon at the Emmys! That's hysterical! Kevin Kline's reaction at 0:44 is gifworthy.

      Sorry you aren't getting enough comments. There's a lot of sites that I stopped commenting on because the reciprocity was just not there. I understand not having time. Sometimes I get a little bit behind in reading, but when it's like six months or a year of trying to make an effort enough's enough. Maybe blogging in general isn't as popular as it used to be? :/

      If anyone else turned up as drunk to all of these events and interviews, they'd be fired..but JLaw. Guess not. I don't know who that woman is who called out JLaw, but good for her. I couldn't believe she crawled over the seats at the Oscars too.

      lol "Katy writes about Clovertrash Shitradox" Best way to describe it. Thanks for the link!

      1. Seriously if Streep had any dignity she would just stayed home. How dare she even say anything when she got up and applauded Polanski. It's so disgusting. I also hate how they continue to nominate her and snub far more worthy performances.

        Everything about that Fallon clip just kills me :P

        It just pisses me off because people out there just keep posting or watching movies, meanwhile I read their blogs in the time I could be doing that and nothing. I understand that people are busy, but so am I and if I can do something so can they.'s just too much.

    4. I loved your Oscar perving.

      I was so disappointed in Ready Player One the book that I'm not surprised that 80's circle jerk isn't tracking well. I like the cast, so that's unfortunate.

      I liked Elfman's Justice Leagur score lol. Particularly Flash's theme.

      I hate Kristen Wiig. She has no dramatic range. I hope she proves me wrong but ugh.

      Disney was so tone deaf with that announcement omg.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. It was...lots of perving :P

        That movie honestly looks horrible. My only consolation is that if Aquaman trailer is really attached to it than in comparison to this trashfire it will look even better :P

        Flash theme was very good. But that goddamn noise during Aquaman scene was a nightmare.

    5. "Maybe I transported to a nudist planet" ha ha, hadn't seen that red carpet moment! Mark Hamill was the funniest presenter at the oscars. Nice he got his star on Walk of Fame and Lucas was there in person. I agree Ricky Gervais is amazing as awards show host.

      1. Hamill is so down to earth and friendly. I love that Harrison Ford, in spite of having that reputation of a grump, is always so sweet towards Hamill at all those events and attended here

    6. Holy fucking shit that Jason gif

      I had no idea Frances's Oscar was stolen!

      Thanks for the link!

      PS Mess of RF IS better than no RF

      1. I know. I know....for fuck's's so much to take in lol

    7. That gif with Sam and Woody is like... "Sorry.... not sorry" kind of cute, like, I can tell he is sorry, but at the same time, Sam's thrilled! And Woody is so thrilled for him! And with him winning, I don't think anyone in the audience thought that he didn't deserve to win, he so did and that was the best thing to happen at the Oscars!

      McDormand shaking the hand of that dude is awesome! He is so star struck and shocked, because he clearly didn't expect to be approached like that. This makes me like McDormand a lot more, she is a badass, makes no excuses and she might come off as harsh to some, but I like that about her.

      Shannon is awesome too, man, another underrated actor who deserves so much more, yet, he doesn't even seem to care. He just shows up, does his part, brilliantly, and then watches on the sidelines how the movie wins awards.

      Also, hope you have more free time from work next week! But I totally get those work-filled week's which just somehow take over. My work's not bad atm, but I'm looking for a new job and that is also taking a lot of my free time away from me so I keep pushing back my posts. Hope I have my award post up tomorrow, if not, maybe next week!? At this point, I don't know anymore. Plus I haven't watched a Sam movie in ages!!!!! What is my life?!?!

      Thanks for the link btw! Hope you have a great weekend!

      1. She is very polite to people there, I really liked that she was genuinely friendly towards everyone. And also that whole media spin on 'badass/scary' Frances, why just because she speaks her mind? They all should be doing that. Her moment on stage was the only genuinely moving and important thing that happened for women during this ceremony because that #MeToo segment they made was an embarrassment.

        I think the only way I'll have free time is if I somehow, by some miracle manage to find another job. I don't expect it getting better any time soon.

    8. Sorry to hear you are exhausted, I know the feeling. But your post was just as excellent as ever.

    9. I keep feeling like a crazy person when I comment here, but I just really like what you do and want to spread niceness! happy sunday sati!

      1. oh thank you! Sundays are never happy cause it's work day tomorrow :)

    10. Thanks for the link! :)

      Let us also not forget when Hugh Jackman hosted the Oscars. Boy have they gone downhill since then. Ricky Gervais was great at the Globes, perhaps a bit too ballsy for most people.

      Colin Firth being cheated on is the saddest news, like WHY. Even if they were separated, they worked through it - a f*cking unicorn, that's what he is. Dwayne is cool people.

      1. You're welcome!

        Gervais shocking the audience was so funny especially that these are the people who have no right to be shocked. We all know what happens behind the scenes now.

        Honestly what is wrong with women. How can some of them cheat on these fantastic, nice guys is beyond me.

    11. I immediately thought of you when Rockwell won, lol. I don't hate Kimmel as a host, but I'd be all in on Gervais.

      1. Kimmel is OK but Ricky is just whole other level. Him hosting is the reason to watch in itself.

    12. danke for the link sati =]

      You're live-tweets were indeed epic. Loved it!!

      The making of Billboards??? I need to watch that asap

      Ready Player One - what do you think of it? I'm looking forward to what it is like

      And happy birthday Me Schlong! =P Poor Tom Hardy, he seems so far back in the future when it comes to your perving =P =P

      1. You're welcome! :D

        Yes it's always fun when I get insanely drunk and take to twitter :)

        It's on Blu ray :)

        RPO looks fucking terrible imho

        Hardy is always in my heart.

      2. Alcohol and twitter, hehehe I love it

    13. Thanks for the link! I hear you on commenting on sites and not getting views/comments back. I just want to let you know that you are one of the most dedicated blog commenters we have. You read our posts and your comments are always thoughtful and insightful.

      I completely agree that the Oscars were too safe this year. The thought of Ricky Gervais hosting them is great. I doubt it'll happen, but wow if it did. And even though I already commented about this on your Oscars post, yes, it was so insanely bizarre that Sciorra, Judd and Hayek didn't get a standing ovation (or at least more applause).

      1. You're welcome! I am still shit, I haven't even seen your movie yet! If it helps I'm down to like 1 or 2 a week so it's not like anyone's wonderful films are getting enough of my time :/

    14. With that opening gif, I had to double check to make sure this wasn't a rerun. :P

      The Mary Poppins trailer doesn't look too shabby. It's just a shame that I have zero confidence in modern Disney not to completely fuck it up all the same. :\

      Yeah, the rumors about Deadpool 2 not being good are pretty discouraging. Looks like director Tim Miller really DID have the magic touch...

      Hopefully they actually gif Aquaman theme music for his movie. That's one of the things that was sorely lacking in JL. MoS gave us a new Superman theme, and BvS gave us Batman and Wonder Woman music, which was then used for WW's standalone. But nothing for Flash, Aquaman, or Cyborg? Pathetic, but hopefully they rectify that here.


      1. Haha, yeah we are having a bit of a blast from the past around here and twitter lately :)

        The Flash music was there in JL and was pretty good. The music accompanying Aquaman's scenes however was a horrific noise. Elfman really half assed that score so damn bad

        I still didn't finish but I will try this weekend :P

    15. So, if I'm reading this're going to Ready Player One opening night? You know I am...(my son is pretty stoked for it [even though he won't get 99% of the references]) I mean, you can just bail after the trailers...

      Even though I'm f--king with you on your most anticipated post, I'm really looking forward to Aquaman. DC is wildly inconsistent (at best), but there's a little bit of excitement entering the theater, you know? You never know what's going to happen. Sometimes, it's Gal Gadot...and you want to die and go to heaven. Sometimes, it's Trash Witch...and you realize you're already dead and you're burning in Hell.

      My God...that 'let's go see the Regular People bit' has to go. I'd rather go to sleep four minutes earlier than to sit through that horseshit. It actually makes me feel worse about going to the movies.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I will probably bail after the trailers, it looks awful to me but I don't have a companion who will be all happy to therefore make me happy :)

        Don't fuck with me. That's a dangerous path. Especially when it comes to my boo boo.

        That's true. You never know if it's gonna be great or if you will feel as if someone slapped you across the face and threw feces at you.

        Oh come on. Imagine you are at the movies and Gal Gadot walks in.