Friday, March 30, 2018

(332) This is a man + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, March 30, 2018
  • You gotta love Drax dragging Pratt in this clip.
  • Hey speaking of, Pratt is apparently living on a farm now and here he claims he fell in love at first sight...
  • ...with a cow.
  • How soon will he kill that animal?
  • Run, you poor creature.
  • RUN.
  • New Infinity War TV spot. And new International TV spot
  • The review embargo lifts 3 days before the premiere and some people are actually worried. Yes, because MCU made 19 adequate, competently done films but it's on their big one they will fail? Come on now.
  • So I watched Winter Soldier, then I watched Age of Ultron and Civil War and then during the week I rewatched Ragnarok which took me 3 days because I was so exhausted every day of the week (at one point this week I was at the office for 10h and working the whole time). Ultron...just the worst. Stop hiring Whedon.
  • Look at this trash. Couldn't even finish the trailer. Oh how sad I feel that the next movie featuring a woman who signed up for Tarantino's flick is gonna flop hard.
  • Hey, speaking of trash... 
  • He looks like my ashtray.
  • If I actually shat in my ashtray. 
  • Because the one thing the world needed was Sean Pean writing a poem about MeToo. 
  • All those wonderful CBM actors helping to make a dying boy smile meanwhile Gropffleck is in Hawaii horrifying the locals with his tramp stamp from Hell.
  • And just LOL at this. I too am outraged by that New Yorker piece. Devoting whole article to this guy? In this day and age? That's just wrong.
  • And I just love how people say the writer bodyshamed him and then they keep posting picture of this girl and laugh at her appearance. Not only are they feeling bad because the feelings of someone who molested women may be hurt, no, they are doing the very thing they are condemning. This ain't worth more space in RF. Everyone involved can piss off.
  • Can we somehow fine France for what their film industry "people" are saying
  • Cloud of doom over Solo again. 
  • And a whole gigantic cloud of shit over Dark Phoenix and New Mutants. I'd like to think this is minuscule amount of karma for Fox covering for Singer for so many years. And they should be facing actual serious and very public consequences for that not just bad luck. 
  • Now let's talk about good people:
  • Here's Chris Pine in overalls. 
  • Chris Evans has horrific mustache now and this entire conversation is amazing. I'm pretty sure Brittani won the Internet this week. But seriously that mustache has gotta be against the law somehow. 
  • It literally looks like landing strip. 
  • It literally does, you guys.
  • Meanwhile, Henry Caviill's famous mustache is gone and no CGI was involved this time. He revealed all of that in this awesome instagram video.
  • Still, that whole Evans-mustache-from-hell thing? Well, that's for a play he is currently starring in and something good came out of it because Rooster boo came out from wherever he was hiding with his Oscar and in thrilling news the beard is back!
  • I just love the way Al Pacino shared that revelation - "I was playing Jimmy Hoffa at the age of 39, they’re doing that on a computer”.
  • Normally I cannot stand this Haddish woman but this is a damn good story
  • Pedro Pascal joined Wonder Woman 2. Get it, Diana!
  • Don't do this, Timothy. Don't take away my hope
  • New Westworld 2 trailer. They used this lovely cover of Hearth-Shaped Box so well. And Rinko Kikuchi joined the cast!
  • So this is what Michael B. Jordan did for that legendary fan who bit so hard during his shirtless scene her retainer couldn't take it and snapped. 
  • There's only one question I have here and that question is: what will Jason do for me when my ovaries inevitably shoot through my ears, I start levitating, the continents flood AND THE END OF THE WORLD STARTS FOR THIS IS GOING TO KICK OFF THE APOCALYPSE when I watch Aquaman and he is shirtless and wet?
  • Additional fiilming on Aquaman has started, as is pretty much a standard thing in Hollywood, but I just know all the asinine clickbait 'articles" are coming.  
  • James Wan, everyone - 1,2,3. He's got it, you guys.
  • This is insulting and horrible on so many levels.
  • Also - Joss, you fuck.
  • I've gotta learn how to make guitars.
  • Honestly was it really necessary for him to flash so much cleavage while playing this thing? 
  • Still, that's merciful comparing to this porn.
  • It's so confusing. He should just take it off.
  • Every day....I have less and less brain. 
  • I looked at that picture for like 10 minutes.
  • And that's just yesterday.
  • I think this post needs me to actually include this picture right here.
  • Yes, that post so needs this picture. Fuck it, it's Easter-->
  • It will take me days to reply to comments because I will scroll up all the time.
  • Also let us pray for m.brown because he is finally going to give in after my numerous pleas, threats and so much nagging and he is gonna experience The Bad Batch tonight (or so he claims, he better watches it!).
  • He is so going to block me on every platform we talk aftterwards.
  • The things I do...
  • make people watch my boo.
  • With this rhyme I shall leave you now....
  • ....and stare at that picture for the longest time.
  • (lawd, I'm so witty today).
  • Brittani and Alex review Unsane
  • MettelRay reviews Red Sparrow
  • Shockingly, Allie enjoyed Suburbicon
  • Daniel lists some of his favorite films in 2017, outside of his top 10
  • Katy writes about Phantom Thread
  • Sonia reviews The Fate of the Furious
  • m.brown's review of Lady Bird is so much more entertaining than the actual movie


    1. Mustaches are so tragic. It needs to be hidden by vagina at all costs.

      Whedon...ugh. i still love Age of Ultron (most of it) but ugh.

      I can't wait for Westworld. I love that it premieres the same day as TWD has their season finale. I hope they steal about 3 million of their viewers.

      I'm going to pray for m brown lol.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Evans' mustache in particular are just terrible, I think it's the combo with that hairstyle. Jesus Christ someone should be slapped for that.

        LOL HBO is hyping this thing up like insane so it may actually happen :)

        oh come on, Bad Batch ain't that bad! :P


      Affleck really needs to get rid of those tattoos. It's horrible.

      I love that Infinity War clip as it was obvious Starlord was getting jealous over Gamora's fascination with Thor's biceps. I like the fact that Drax is appreciating how handsome Thor is.

      Sean Penn is a dick. I'm glad Robin Wright left his sorry-ass. I hope all of those women he were with had showered thoroughly and got some kind of soap to get the stench off of him.

      I'm so eager for season 2 of Westworld.

      1. Affleck needs to go away

        They all should ditch Pratt for Thor lol

        I hope they also got powerful prescription medication.

    3. How can we be criticizing Evans for his mustache but not Pine for wearing overralls?? Maybe they just remind of Simple Jack too much, but that is a crime against my eyes. But we already know my thoughts on Evans. I'll take it and him over 99% of dudes out there. The 1% being Ryan Gosling. lol

      I love how Cavill got ahead of everyone who's going to bring up that he's CGI-stache free. There's a little bit of crazy lurking underneath all that pretty.

      GAWD no matter how prepared I am for Infinity War, I don't want to sit through Chris Pratt.

      Thanks for the link!! <3

      1. Pine can take those overalls off. Evans doesn't have that option with the mustache atm :) Though, what the fuck wearing overalls to the plane? How do you sit on a toilet with that, the fabric and all of that just dangles over the floor that has piss on it. Still....not as bad as that mustache :)

    4. Mustaches are the worst thing that can happen to a man's face. But you know what, I love Chris so much, I'd take him with that awful thing on his face too. And as Brittani said, you can't see it if you're sitting on it. Best. Tweet. Ever.

      I haven't seen the new Westworld trailer yet but I can't wait for the new season.

      WTF is Penn's poem even?

      Thanks for the link!

      1. You girls are really shocking me here :D He looks like he has a toilet brush both on his lip and his head. It's just...that look is a crime.

    5. Since I'm not willing to sit on Chris Evans's face, I can't rationalize it away. Whenever I look at that pic I just see a 70s porn star and look more closely to try and spot sprinkles of Coke in it.

      1. I'm sure the girls around here see a porn star when they look at him too but for different reasons lol

    6. I'm seriously worried for the Solo movie now...ugh.
      Also I've been away for so long I only learnt about this Henry Cavill mustache thing the other day...bloody hilarious!
      Thanks for outing me as a lover of terrible movies, I mean thanks for the link! ;D

      1. I mean that film was just the worst :D I still don't know what the hell the plot was

    7. lol, you're a poet and you didn't even know it. ;D

    8. "Obviously I was a good boy this year," says Jason as he plays his custom guitar.

      Good God but Henry Cavill is too handsome for words, and that mustache tribute video was hilarious.

      Thanks for the link love! Writing up the Top Ten as we speak!

    9. Thank you for the link! Oh god, those Breillat comments were so crazy. I was bummed to read them, because I've appreciated so many of her films. But nah, fuck that. Her comments were egregious.

      So excited for your next Visual Parallels!

      1. You're welcome! These comments were horrific. When a man says things like that it's bad, but a woman? And about another woman who says she is a victim of something so horrific? It's just pure evil

        They'll be up on Monday :)

    10. Love your posts as always, always makes me smile. Never stop!! I'm often late on catching up to them as my bipolar fluctuates wildly, but I always appreciate you twittering me in so I can read it =) And of course thanks for previous and hopefully future links =]

      Rockwell is awesome. Your excitement about him had me watch The Moon again. Twice. Interesting movie, but goddamn he just carries it and wins so hard!!!

      Hope you are well =]

      1. Yes, Moon! He really made that movie what it was along with Mansell's incredible work. Recent efforts from Jones' show he really ain't much of a writer and director