Friday, April 13, 2018

(334) Sunshine! + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, April 13, 2018
  • First of all, happy Friday 13th everyone!
  • There is so much here today. SO MUCH.
  • Let's start in the gutter - but not the fun kind - and work our way up - to the fun kind.
  • So....Deadpool 2 is the decision to keep TJ Miller in the movie after the accusations of sexual assault resurfaced working for ya?
  • Of course if you take a look at reddit/movies half the "people" there are jumping in with excuses. That he is an alcoholic. That he had brain surgery and kinda sorta maybe there is a possibility that it is affecting his behavior. It's funny ain't it, how when a woman says she was assaulted or harassed the first thing "people" do is call her a liar or a whore, but when a guy is accused of something bad the first thing to do is to jump to his defense. Gross.
  • Creators of Westworld did this this week. Honestly? I think it's very disrespectful to reddit community but mostly it's just embarrassing. These are the people who aspire to make a thought-provoking science fiction show and they resort to such an attention seeking ridiculous prank? It's below them and it's below the show.
  • Finished season 2 of Narcos. That was Sunday. 5 days and I still haven't had the time to start season 3. I hate being back at work. Once I'm done catching up with everything it's 10 PM and it's time to watch one youtube video with Sunshine Boo (yes, that's Chris' official boo name) to have nice dreams and go to bed to get at at 5.40 AM. Ugh.
  • However, I did manage to see A Quiet Place this week. Yep, that one was not good. Every day my review (which I will publish on Monday) gets more and more savage.
  • The Meg trailer is here and obviously that shark has no chance. The moment with the dog in the trailer is too funny, as is the use of music. The lines are terrible in a 'we don't know they are terrible' kind of way though. The marketing screams they know it's nonsense, as does most of the trailer, except these lines. I hope it's only an unfortunate choice. 
  • The Rock is truly a treasure
  • and that The Rock/Statham spin-off is happening! This is gonna be so much better than Fast and the Furious because Vin Diesel won't be there to suck the charisma out of every single human being who happens to be in a scene with him.
  • The Predator is going to be such a mess. Shane Black is out there recommending latest Insidious to people, the film is going through massive reshoots, still no trailer, there were Predators running around, wearing pants on the set....I think I don't need to go on here?
  • Paul Rudd did this now.
  • New trailer for Solo dropped and it's pretty good. It's the best one yet but that's not saying much. 
  • James McAvoy and Bill Hader are in talks for It sequel! And here's Jessica Chastain's hilarious reaction.
  • They are making Atomic Blonde 2!
  • Trailer for Ocean's 8. The actresses looks gorgeous and the outfits will no doubt yet again send me on shopping spree after watching the film (last year after Atomic Blonde I bought so much stuff) but this was neither refreshing nor funny and not even that charming. But Richard Armitage is there. Let me rephrase that - bearded Richard Armitage is there. The question however is - is Trash Damon cameo also there because if it is, my money won't be in cinema's cash registry. 
  • While Sunshine Boo is fighting the hot with mustache, Tom Hardy is straight up annihilating it
  • For the love of God, guys. It's bad enough we don't get to date you, now you have to put horrible images in our head making it difficult to pervdaydream while one is at the office and is supposed to be working? Stop the cruelty. Stop the madness.
  • Checking with Feral Boo, and he attended the fan thingy in Dallas. Look at that. Adorable. Minus Dumpster Affleck.
  • I seriously think it is this guy's girlfriend taking pic with Jason. The expression speaks for itself.
  • Aquaman is gonna premiere in UK on December 14th. Hopefully that means it will premiere in Europe early too.
  • Worrying news - Randall Park has been added as new character during reshoots. I loved Park in Veep but 'adding the new character during reshoots' part is worrying. 
  • Really cute Behind the Scenes for Infinity War. The best Chris is not in that and unfortunately the worst of Chrises is there but it's still fun and I am laughing so hard at how smitten Mark Ruffalo looks here:
  • And here's Tom Holland's adorable reaction to dropping fan's phone. 
  • The film is oustselling 7 Marvel films in pre-sales. COMBINED.
  • Bucky just cannot stop.
  • I am making typos because OH MY GOD THIS MAN.
  • "twitter fights".. 
  • New TV spot. It's so epic but this is the most epic:
  • This is ridiculously gorgeous look. That current mustache nightmare is the crime against humanity.
  • Chris is still out there with that
  • I wanna cause it to rub off.
  • So I saw Civil War again, second time during the last 2 weeks. But this time it was a religious experience:
  • I eyefucked my screen so hard it almost exploded.
  • Bucky was perving out too.
  • I also rewatched the Avengers:
  • Lawd.
  • And I watched Puncture. This is yet another movie in the most infuriating sub-genre of science fiction out there where guys like this one play lawyers. I am a lawyer. If dudes like that were working in my building I would be running to work with smile on my face every day instead of crawling there praying for swift and sweet release of death.
  • So on Wednesday Chris woke up and apparently thought to himself "how can I ruin everyone's focus for the rest of the week?"
  • And he came up with this.
  • I don't even know where my ovaries are. 
  • Could be anywhere by now.
  • They just keep orbiting the Earth.
  • I relate to that dog on spiritual level. 
  • I too would lick his hand and give him serious "take me home" eyes.
  • ...
  • .....
  • ........
  • I am saying so many things tonight, aren't I?
  • Also this. I wanna hug the dog. I wanna hug Chris. I wanna hug EVERYTHING.
  • Katy and Getter really did everything this week to keep me from getting any work done. Also Anna straight up bombarded me with such filth
  • I however gave myself no chance of being focused with this.  
  • Let's start mourning the chair I will sit in on 27th already (1,2).
  • And now I'm feast my eyes on Snowpiercer which is a fucking terrible movie but I ain't watching it for quality.
  • Again.
  • m.brown reviews Pacific Rim: Uprising
  • Katy shares cute moments featuring MCU cast
  • Allie reviews Ready Player One
  • Mettel pervs over Chris like we all do
  • Sonia, Brittani, vinnieh and Jordan review A Quiet Place 


    1. I'm totally excited for Infinity War. I hope there's some funny moments involving Drax, M'Baku, and Princess Shuri of Wakanda. Yet, I know it's going to be fucking intense.

      I'm about to see Atomic Blonde on HBO, maybe next week as I have other films to watch in my never-ending DVR list.

      1. Hope you'll enjoy AB!

        Oh God I just don't want anyone to die in IW. Other than Pratt. That bitch can go.

      2. I just saw a preview clip of Starlord trying out-man Thor. You can't outman Thor. Plus, Thor has the bigger... well... you know... ;)

      3. Indeed he does :P That clip was pretty funny even though Pratt was there

    2. Awesome post as usual! Thanks for linking my MCU list! <3 I don't know if I'm going to make it until Infinity War.

      There was a time that I watched Snowpiercer on not so much. As much as I love Cap, I wish Chris had more opportunities to do other movies. He was good in it as always.

      I'm excited for Ocean's Eight, but I realized with the new trailer that outside of Sandra's character being related to George's Danny Ocean...why not just make a heist movie and call it something else? like why ride the coattails of other dudes? The new trailer just didn't do too much for me. I still want to see it, but at the same time - MEH. Especially if any of my money goes to Matt Damon.

      I thought Feral Boo was Jon Bernthal, and Aqua Boo was Jason Mamoa? I'M SO CONFUSED...but I'll always know who Sunshine Boo is. lol

      I'm still holding into my last hope with Solo. :/

      1. After rewatching Snowpiercer I certainly see the appeal of watching it on repeat :P He needs to be in dark stuff. Dark, sexy, sexy stuff.

        I need to lie down.

        I don't understand why they keep taking stuff that exists and make it into female led movie. What, they can't come up with something new? And then there are all those fragile 'men' lashing out. It's all so annoying.

        I'm confused too, hold on I need to search my memory in my fucked up brain....Bernthal is Punishing Boo. Momoa is Aqua Boo but I refer to him as Feral Boo more often. He has two nicknames :)

    3. So much Evans! I love this!

      I actually thought that Westworld prank was funny it was so stupid...kind of like that Meg trailer which I will also see.

      Infinity War is soon!! Thanks for the link!

      1. YES! There is gonna be even more this week!!!

        The thing is Meg is SUPPOSED to be dumb as hell :)

    4. Mat Dayyymon is unfortunately going to make millions no matter what we do =/

      Cannot wait to hear your thoughts on Quiet Place. A quiet mess is what it is. Much like Baby Driver, it has this stupidly high rating respite the fact it is fucking TERRIBLE. God I really need to stop looking at RT, its so crap.

      "eyefucked the screen' haha that made me laugh!!

      Atomic Blonde 2 would be amazing!! I need to give that movie another shot, I wasn't all there when I saw it at the cinema. All I remember is that Theron and McAvoy were awesome and it had awesome colours.

      Keep at that review! I want to see you rip that piece of quiet shit apart!!! Wooot! =D

      Have a good weekend sati =]

      1. I doubt it, did Donwsizing and Suburbicon made him millions?:D

    5. The Meg trailer is not available in my country WTF youtube

      Jessica Chastain's reaction is so funny

      If Tom dropped my phone, I'd probably kill him

      You can't blame Bucky for looking there though. And Jesus that beard. And that Civil War gif. The things I'd do to him...

      Thanks for the link!

      1. WHAT? That's outrageous :/ I hope you saw it elsewhere

        It's always so much fun when we all synchronize and it's just a gigantic cloud of dirty and kinky all over here and twitter :P

    6. The Evans love begins. Thanks so much for the linkage, it’s so appreciated.

      1. It actually began last week when MCU released that character poster of him. Good lord.

    7. I very much appreciate how deep you're getting into this Chris Evans crush of yours. I have the same amount of demented glee right now as when you drooled over Oscar Isaac.

    8. I really hope McAvoy and Hader join Chastain for the IT sequel. I loved that tweet of hers. And while I did enjoy aspects of A Quiet Place, I am very excited to read your review of it.

      1. That cast is shaping up to be insane. And they are all so likable so that's the key if they cast Pratt that gets shot to shit :)

    9. Honestly, it's for the best that Evans has the mustache going on right now, otherwise we'd all be either dead or pregnant from all the hotness happening in the run-up to Infinity War. And I REALLY don't want to be either of those things lol. I can't with the butt poster, though, because the logo covers just enough of the CapAss that I feel like I can't get a good look at it.

      Zuckerberg is such a shit and I am HERE for all the embarrassing memes about his appearance before Congress.

      1. Still, there is all that footage with him without mustache that has been making my life so difficult this week :P

    10. bless technology, we get so many perspectives of that phone drop 😂

      1. LOL, I know! I admire people who meet celebrities and are still able to hold things and speak, I'd be a mess

        Or getting arrested

    11. "If dudes like that were working in my building I would be running to work with smile on my face every day instead of crawling there praying for swift and sweet release of death." Amazing work, as always.

      I'm all for this Evans-related goodness. I mean, not only is the guy handsome/charming/whatever, but he's from Boston, so clearly he's a fine individual.

      (Anything is better than that jerk hitchhiking across the country to support his personal wank fest).

      So you hated A Quiet Place, huh? I'll read your review after I post mine....but I think I left it all out there after posting about the Bad Batch. Might need no take a couple of weeks to recuperate.

      Thanks for the link! I'm actually home from my own personal Whore School today ('s a secret). Maybe I'll watch Snowpiercer myself...?

      1. You probably didn't see Snowpiercer but you really should :)