Saturday, April 28, 2018

(336) I *could* be worse + links

By sati (harlequinade) Saturday, April 28, 2018
  • Welcome to new RF. Yes, it is Saturday. But I went to cinema in the evening yesterday so we have a 16h delay this week. 
  • This spot for Infinity War is honestly better than the film. God, what a disappointment.
  • It was funny and a huge accomplishment, I suppose, but I did not find it epic or emotional at all. The CGI in that big moment was horrendous. If you are comparing this movie to Fury Road or saying it's better than Logan you need Jesus asap.
  • Cap rolling his fine ass in Wakandan mud was outstanding, though.
  • Okoye should be getting her standalone not Bland Widow. You waited too long for that MCU. Johansson looks tired and bored, I don't wanna see that chick up there anymore. 
  • Anyways, I didn't love it. And we all know if I didn't love the movie the more I think about it the less I like it, so y'all better pray I'll drop my review for it very soon because the score is barely at 7,5/10 right now.
  • And get outta here with that Thor hype. Really? That was it? The only time my eyes wandered off Cap was at the massive bulge in T'Challa costume. 
  • Jesus Christ.
  • LOL at people fainting over this ending:
  • And before we start talking about other things - and this bullet point is a spoiler so watch out - if we lose Chris Evans next year so that Chris Pratt lives I will fucking explode.
  • Here's new Venom poster. And the trailer. This is just painful. That tagline is hilarious and the dialogue is just...there are no words.
  • People want to fuck that thing. I repeat: people want to fuck that thing.
  • What you are experiencing now is the shocking realization that I COULD be worse.
  • Amazingly this is not the worst thing featuring Tom Hardy this week:
  • Why, Tom. 
  • Why.
  • Mark Ruffalo and Paul Rudd are just the best.
  • Westworld came back and the ratings aren't exactly spectacular. It's 6 days later and I still haven't managed to find the energy and time to watch the premiere. I think they waited too long to bring the show back - 18 months?! I cannot rewatch the whole season 1 and I barely remember what happened even though I used to recap it weekly.
  • Trailer for Sharp Objects. I still think Adams is miscast in that. The trailer is fine and I will definitely watch it since it's the adaptation of my favorite Flynn's book and I love Patricia Clarkson
  • I bet you are thinking James Cameron cannot get worse. Wrong
  • There's gonna be A Quiet Place sequel. Eh.
  • Fuck these pigs.
  • On CinemaCon they also showed the first banner and trailer for First Man. Sadly as with everything else we only have the descriptions and no actual footage.
  • There was also first footage from Glass.
  • First footage from Steve McQueen's Widows sounds amazing.
  • Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds did a bit of shenanigans together in video footage which sadly isn't online, but this is
  • While we are at it, great new poster for Deadpool 2 --->
  • In shocking plot twist people actually liked first footage from The Predator
  • They showed disgusting footage from the remake of Suspiria. The scariest thing. I think. is the way Dakota looks in that wig
  • 106 jumps. I can barely get out of bed in the morning. 
  • How dumb does J.J. Abrams think people are? Of course Overlord is related to Cloverfield.
  • Stuff of nightmares.
  • Rooster boo has joined that Taika Waititi movie. I really don't think this film will play well, the subject matter is just...
  • And here's trailer with him and Jessica Chastain for Woman Walks Ahead. It now says "Academy Award Winner Sam Rockwell" in trailers <3
  • Here's Feral boo trying to scare James Wan. They started the promo thing for Aquaman and they all went to CinemaCon. They showed the footage but the special effects are still not done. Jesus Christ, the movie is 8 months away and they still don't have enough to even show the teaser? But we got the description of it. Apparently Jason lifts up a submarine. That is like the next level of Cap holding the helicopter. We probably won't get the teaser before Comic Con and when we finally get it I will either explode or drown.
  • I just know when the film arrives the fragile MCU super fans will say they ripped off Thor and Black Panther.
  • Oh, the shade.
  • This is so funny. He needs to host SNL, he is hilarious!
  • Clearly Jason had awesome time over there:
  • And he is simply the coolest.
  • On Saturday I rewatched Spiderman: Homecoming. It was just as boring as I remember.
  • Then I rewatched Winter Soldier because of course I did.
  • Then I rewatched few Age of Ultron scenes. Because of course I did.
  • They are crediting that tweet of him meeting Dodger for that, but let's face it, ladies. We are responsible for this.
  • I'm not sure doing pap walks while Chris has that mustache is a good idea, but at least Dodger is there too.
  • You know he did it too.
  • Look at that. Only one woman and Chris Pratt present. That's the most painful thing about it.
  • Oh, no they didn't.
  • Chris was on Good Morning America on Monday and before he even entered the room he smiled and waved and the whole stan twitter lost their shit.
  • And then he was interviewed
  • And that was just Monday.
  • And also - there is no bad time for me to quote Tropic Thunder.
  • Chris also showed up on Seth Meyers' show and of course did this:
  • So close. So close....
  • Getter really enjoyed Gifted. Also we need to liberate her from her workplace. 
  • Katy livetweeted Civil War and it was glorious  
  • Getter and Sonia review Avengers: Infinity War
  • m.brown reviewed A Quiet Place where he informed his readers that people who dislike that movie are childless monsters who are essentially thieves of joy. I need to find something worse than The Bad Batch and made him watch it. As God is my witness, I shall have my revenge.



    1. You're right, that spot is so good! Anyway, I did find Infinity War emotional but only at the end. I love Loki but his death had no emotional impact on me. What a disappointmnet. Okoye is the one deserving a standalone movie as I never found Black Widow that interesting to begin with (by the way, why is she blonde now?) and, as you said, Johansson looks bored. I gave the movie 3,5/5 which is basically 7/10 so I liked it less than you did.

      People wanting to fuck Venom makes our perving look like a normal thing.

      I rewatched season 1 of Westworld because I barely remembered a thing. And on Monday, when I watched the new episode, which by the way wasn't spectacular, I didn't even remeber Ed Harris was William.

      I can't believe they are making a sequel to A Quiet Place. I loved that movie and now they are going to ruin it turning it into a stupid series.

      The new Deadpool poster is life

      Oh Jesus that moustache is growing on me

      Thanks for the link!

      1. That spot is more epic than the movie. The most epic moment of the movie was the chant and WAKANDA FOREVER! but it was still too little. I thought his death was very ballsy and well done. I didn't cry or anything but it was the only truly daring thing in the film, other than letting the villain have the very ending scene

        I think she is blonde because she is the fugitive, lol at them thinking she could do a dye job like that on the run, maybe Cap helped her :P

        YES! God bless these people. We are sane and chill comparing to that.

        Mustache is growing on me too but it needs to GO :D

    2. Honestly, I scrolled past the first half because I'm planning on seeing Infinity War tonight. As for the rest, good stuff. I especially love the gifs about that heinous 'stache Evans is rocking.

    3. I'm going to watch Infinity War this Sunday as I'm really angry at YouTube's stupid recommendation algorithm for spoiling the deaths in that film.

      I haven't seen A Quiet Place and why the need for a sequel already?

      That Mark Ruffalo/Paul Rudd thing is awesome. Seriously, put these 2 men in a rom-com where a woman falls for one of them and the other one is the woman's ex-husband and suddenly, a bro-mance happens much to the woman's horror. I think people are ready for that kind of film. I know I am.

      I really like Chris Evans' mustache. I hope there's an outtake of him with the mustache with the women of the MCU all sporting similar mustaches. Scarlett in a mustache? Oh yeah!!!!

      1. That Paul/Mark idea is brilliant!!

      2. AQP is getting a sequel because it made money :)

        Yeah, let's let boys have some fun while the woman is not having any, huh? Not loving this idea at all. Didn't you guys get enough as it is? I'm pretty sure you did.

      3. Oh come on. It could be funny. Don't you wanna see Mark Ruffalo and Paul Rudd in their underwears dancing to good tunes?

      4. In a movie with that premise? No.

    4. I swear if we lose EVANS FOR PRATT...*deep breaths*

      I so want to get behind Tom Hardy as Venom but I don't know what voice he is doing outside of the Venom character. It doesn't fit him...and...But that doesn't stop the fact I gasped so hard seeing the trailer at Infinity War I scared the guy next to me. lol THAT BALD HEAD. He's ruining everything.

      Taika super disappointed me with Ragnarok. I'm not even going to touch Jojo Rabbit. That sounds messed up as $#%@.


      Who cracked an egg timer to when the studios were going to pursue A Quiet Place sequel? Not interested.

      Those pics of Feral Boo are amazing. I just put in a press pass for the local convention he's going to be at. *crossing fingers*

      OMG, Sunshine looked exactly like that toy with the mustache drawn on. That alone is going to keep me living for 2018. Why didn't they let him reshoot his footage for the Marvel Bunch? He ends up looking to his right where nobody is at instead of his left? XD

      Love that meme from FRIENDS! I also thought of the episode where Joey's forced to show him in that porno, and he just keeps pointing and saying "There I am...There I am." lol

      1. That voice he is doing is hilarious but Hardy usually either mumbles or does some crazy voice, it's his thing :)

        Yeah it does sound weird! And Taika liked that Spacey's 'coming out' statement on twitter so he can go fuck himself

        oh my God grab him and bring him to Poland lol!

        yes, I noticed that! He looked so confused, I love how this is all wrong and they just used the footage they had :)

        Yep. For some of the characters like some in Wakanda it was definitely like that. At least Pepper got a proper, whole scene, as laborious as it was with writers clearly having to include that kid thing

    5. And thanks for linking my live-tweet! <3

    6. Surprised at A Quiet Place sequel? That dumb ending lead it right into one. Can't say I am surprised in the least.

      I want to see you rip on The Avengers hahaha. After Logan and Black Panther I thought they have changed their tune. Sounds like the lack of stakes is still there and it results in a bland mess. I think I'll see it stoned to laugh at it. School Holidays end tomorrow!

      Mark Ruffalo has always been awesome ;) You should really watch Infinitely Polar Bear.

      That mo on Chris is sure something! Re-watch Snowpiercer, you know u want to!!

      And a Suspiria remake?!?! Is nothing sacred? Fuck this is why I hate the mainstream film industry. It has gone the way of the music industry.

      1. Eh, it was fine. It was funny. I don't hate it but I don't love it. Black Panther is also the same thing again just with different flavour, this was different than usual MCU film. There are stakes.

        Suspiria remake looks quite good

      2. I don't know if I can handle a remake of Suspiria, I love it too much!

        you know this reply really made my look at myself and how I judge these superhero flicks. I went to see Avengers again and had a blast! =D

    7. A triple-link to me!? THANKS!!! I thought I definitely messed up this week by cheating on Cap but have no fear, I will be back on Evans on tomorrow's CB post!

      I opened so many links today to comment on them so here we go:

      I agree with you, the more time passes, the less impressed I am with IW and the more I think about it, the more it angers me that Cap's arc was so meaningless. Save Vision!? WTF! That plan was doomed from the beginning and I can't believe they even added that to the script.

      Paul Rudd is a precious cinnamon bun and it's sad we didn't witness him in IW.

      Evans being more popular than Downey Jr. yaaas! Evans and that moustache countdown, yaaas! though I actually still like the moustache, I'm sorry! :D

      If it's ever a 50/50 tie between the Chrises, Pratt wouldn't even be in my mind! Shade aside, I think everyone adores Evans and how can you not, the guy is a sweetheart. He is exactly what Cap represents, the kind a guy who would save all the cats even if he doesn't like cats! That's him!!

      Again, thank you for the links and let the perving continue next week! :)

      1. Save Vision was so damn stupid and just a reason for them to get Wakanda involved. So many things in these movie were written solely because it meant they can drag more characters here. The script was not good, at all other than the funny bits which were really very amusing.

        Evans is lovely, Pratt is a major asshole. I think Evans is actually friends with Faris and him and it makes me give him major side eye. They are terrible, terrible people and their treatment of pets is reprehensible.

    8. Well, this is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH: "Okoye should be getting her standalone not Bland Widow. You waited too long for that MCU. Johansson looks tired and bored, I don't wanna see that chick up there anymore." Fact, fact, fact and....more fact.

      I'm not gonna fight you on Infinity War, but you can't hate on Thor. At least not my love for him. He has gone from the bastard child that everyone hated to the f--king guy who saved the universe. Yes, he had help. And yes, Strange was surprisingly badass (almost justifies the existence of his movie). But Thor, when it came to kicking ass, did all the heavy lifting.

      Okay, JM mailed every middle school girl I've ever seen. We take a class pick and I look at these kids...and then I ask my wife to Photoshop me out of it.

      As for this revenge bit....BRING IT ON. There is nothing you could find that would be more painful than The Bad Batch. But if there is something...then trust me, I'm ready. Just no Blind Jesus, okay? Please?

      Thanks for the link!!!!

      1. Dude, first Thor is my #1 fav MCU movie. I don't hate on Thor I hate on you bitches overhyping his actions scenes in this flick. A little bit of thunder, flying in on an ugly fucking field and that's it? Even bridge scene in Ragnarok looked better and that movie was desatured as fuck too. Why can't MCU make these films look pretty?

        Wolves. I fucking dare you. The Bad Batch is Logan comparing to that thing. I watched it drunk out of my mind on Halloween and I still suffered so badly.

      2. May God have mercy on your soul.

    9. I want to give Venom a chance but....damn. lol

      The best thing about the Suspria remake is that they'll hopefully rerelease the original on blu ray so I can buy it. I was okay with a remake for this film until I saw the cast. Dakota Johnson and Chloe Grade Moretz? Ugh.

      RDJ looks hot in that opening gift. He's so good at playing vulnerable Tony.

      1. I'll go see it, if anything it looks like it has the potential to be so bad that it's funny

        Yeah the cast ain't encouraging, also it's from the peach director

        RDJ is really hot. I hate the manscaped facial hair but he is a handsome guy. I had the BIGGEST crush on him when he was on Ally McBeal and then years later in Sherlock Holmes

    10. Are you kidding me, Venom is easily the most disgusting creature in marvel movies wtf is wrong with people. I still hope it will be decent but for real, he's so disgusting it's painful to watch. Which I guess it's kind of brilliant but my god.

      Oh noooo, the beautiful hair and his beautiful beard, why did he do that to himself.

      Rudd and Ruffalo are so cute, it's a shame how stupid Hulk scenes were in Infinity War. I hope Rudd gets a bigger role in the next one.

      1. You know what I'd probably take Venom over actual men too. I mean they are fucking disgusting, maybe that thing is at least gentlemanly.

        I think Rudd's Scott is gonna hang out with Cap and tony a lot in the next one :)

    11. Evans is really rocking that moustache and Momoa looks like he’s having a blast.

    12. I don't even know with that Venom trailer, lol...

      Now Deadpool interrupting Jackman though, now that was amazing.

      1. That Venom trailer reaction and hype is pretty shocking. The power of Hardy, I guess

    13. Great wrap up! (And sorry I'm a few weeks behind - been crazy busy!). There weren't many people in my Infinity War screening (about 20 total), but I was sitting two rows in front of 7 teenage girls, and they SOBBED throughout the entire credits. Like, inconsolable. I felt bad for them but shit, it was pretty funny. And I hope Sharp Objects is good. I always enjoy watching melancholic Amy Adams.

      1. Sati.May 15, 2018 at 12:38 PM
        There are screenings of IW that have so few people? :) I see a lot of shit teenage girls post on tumblr so I can only assume those tears were for Bucky who is hot, apparantly