Friday, May 4, 2018

(337) Out of asheeeees + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, May 4, 2018
  • Everyone, stop everything. I don't know how they did this but they got Celine Dion to record a song...for Deadpool 2. There's music video and everything.
  • I am waiting on home release for this one. "(Mr. Reynolds would not comment on Mr. Miller, but said he will not be in Deadpool’s next film, “X-Force”)." Yeah, too little, too late.
  • Stay down, bitch.
  • In very bad news Tiffany Haddish is gonna host MTV Movie Awards. In even worse news they nominated Ansel Elgort. 
  • It has been confirmed that Helena Bonham Carter will play the older Princes Margret in the new seasons of the Crown
  • rewatched Black Panther and that was pretty eventful and not at all appropriate livetweet. Okoye is just the greatest!
  • I rewatched Doctor Strange. Oh yeah, the way they handled the character in IW was so much better. His solo was just so forgettable.
  • I saw Red Sparrow. First Passengers, then mother! now this vile, repulsive, exploitative, sexist garbage. This the third movie in the row where Lawrence stars in a very thinly-veiled male fantasy. Thank God it all flops. Jesus Christ her career choices and the films she promotes in this day and age are actually reprehensible. There are parts of this film were she is sexualized as her character is getting raped or tortured. It's shocking she hasn't worked with Tarantino and Von Trier yet, they'd get along so well.
  • (also the film is an utter garbage, it's boring, it's nonsensical and it's just a waste of time)
  • Just when I thought this fucking movie couldn't get worse I read this today. 
  • Cate Blanchett had this to say this week. Her whole elitist 'I'm gonna try saying something without actually saying anything' attitude is very disappointing but it's not a surprise. Silence speaks volumes and I won't forget about who said something and who chose to be silent last fall. 
  • Even worse, Kate Winslet had this to say this week. She had her tits out for most of her career for everyone to see but now she is gonna say this nonsense. I can't even. It's making my head spin. First of all, the garbage she is saying is again blaming women for getting assaulted because of how they dress which is Middle-Ages mentality. Second of all, she wants to have 'interesting conversations'. Considering how vapid she is, how on Earth can that possibly happen?
  • I hope their films continue to flop. I don't subscribe to the idea that women have to be in absolute solidarity with all the other women. When some women say stuff like that or continue to star in films that humiliate women, they deserve to be called out on that. I wish Thanos did the snap in Hollywood. If these are our A-list actresses and it's very clear they are all misogynistic then we are in serious trouble. These are the women who are supposed to be making the difference? Starring in exploitative garbage? Refusing to take the stand? Or in Winslet's case being so disgusting what she is saying should be career-ending? Then we of course have someone like Margot Robbie who happily goes to work for someone who defends a child rapist. 
  • Just the worst. I ain't paying for any of their films.
  • Even more shit happening behind the scenes of The Hobbit was revealed and yes, it also shows how poorly the women are treated. Turns out Evangeline Lilly took the part on condition there won't be idiotic love triangle in the film and lo and behold the idiotic love triangle was added during reshoots. I'm so glad at least now Lilly is in a good franchise albeit Marvel's treatment of women is far from ideal. We need more solo flicks and we need female characters team up movie. There is literally no reason not to make one. Marvel can do whatever they want so we need to shame these men in charge into at least pretending they want that.
  • Meanwhile, more female-led films is not always a good thing when they are just a waste of everyone's time. I explained why giving Bland Widow her own movie is a mistake in my Infinity War review and now there's news that they met with 65 (!) potential directors. Just shut it down, get rid of Johansson who continues to be the worst thing in the films she appears in and give a standalone to another female character.
  • Speaking of female-led films, terrible new poster for Ocean's 8. As I stated previously I'm not paying for that one because it has Matt Damon cameo in it. But given the crappy marketing and Cate Blanchett's pathetic comments, I now have three reasons not to pay for seeing it.
  • Thank God for Captain Marvel - we got new behind the scenes photos featuring Samuel L. Jackson and Jude Law. The film looks terrific. Set in the 90's (just think of the fashion and music!), led by Brie Larson and featuring the most powerful Marvel superhero - and that most powerful a girl!
  • And here's new behind the scenes photos from The Punisher 2. I cannot wait for the show to return! And I'm sure all the women who saw season 1 can't wait either. 
  • Meanwhile,Tom Hardy continues to treat his fangirls appallingly and uploading things like this on his instagram. 
  • Check out this comment on Idris Elba's instagram.
  • Here's REALLY embarrassed Mark Ruffalo reading thirst tweets
  • And also there is this. I don't know what Ruffalo did to Marvel that they gave him such absolutely embarrassing arc in Infinity War but considering he spoiled the movie months ahead of the he locked in a basement somewhere as I'm typing this?
  • Infinity War screenings war stories are just the best. This one made me laugh so hard - "there was a kid clutching a black panther claw looking shell-shocked outside the theater so that was pretty great."
  • Meanwhile, my mom saw TV spot for it and asked me why there was a wolf in this movie. Rocket can't catch a break
  • The film needed just 6 days to earn what Justice League earned through its entire run. This is absolutely embarrassing for WB. 
  • There are already pretty wild plot theories for Ant-Man and the Wasp. And here's cool video of the cast wondering where they were during Infinity War.
  • About the trailer, I just love that even when she is wearing her mask you can see Hope being so fed up with Scott's antics:
  • I need people to stop coming up with shit like this. Don't fucking do this to me.
  • There is a rumour next Avengers movie is titled "Soul Realm'. 
  • Did y'all celebrate National Superhero Day? I did! (1,2)
  • Rumor has it Aquaman trailer may be attached to Ocean's 8 and hopefully it will be. Attaching a trailer with Jason Momoa in it to a movie that is directed at women is a brilliant idea. I still ain't going to see Ocean's 8, even with that trailer but I just desperately need that trailer to drop already.
  • I cannot decide whether the guys who bring their girlfriends to take a pic with Jason are stupid or just so sure of their love for them. They shouldn't be because look at her face
  • Here's Jason explaining Aquaman's powers to a little girl. It's as adorable as it sounds. 
  • Well, the Internet is RIGHT.
  • Mean tweets, Avengers edition. It's all so funny but Chris is just the cutest.
  • Chris continued embarrassing his dog with his outfits this week.
  • Also, there is no such thing as 'JUST a mustache', Evans.
  • They snubbed Chris at Tony Awards. He gets that thing on his face and they snub him. There are no words.
  • He filthy
  • I am too
  • Seriously I am not gonna get my period after Aquaman. 
  • ...
  • .....
  • .........
  • God, I hope no one eats while reading RF.
  • Here's some tea from the test screening of Chris' next movie. It sounds VERY promising. 
  • And here he is reading bedtime story. Yep. He is reading a bedtime story. There is a stain on my ceiling from where my ovaries hit it.  
  • And here, for good weekend, new promo stills of boo with a beard because it cannot come back soon enough:
  • Brittani reviews Infinity War
  • Sonia reviews A Single Shot
  • Katy writes about that awesome Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer
  • m.brown reviews Overnight


    1. There's something so pure about Evans saying "Big dumb hunk of shit" while laughing. Ugh. He's perfect.

      Speaking of perfect, I had to linger on that Idris Elba tweet for a while. I hope whoever gets the soul stone cherry picks and brings his ass back lol.

      I'm glad I skipped Red Sparrow, now I just think of Mario's "Hermione of Whore School" comment instead.

      The fact that they haven't released an Aquaman teaser yet is kind of ridiculous. Where they afraid to put it on Infinity War? At least stick it on Deadpool. Jesus.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I know. It literally hurts how perfect he is lol

        Red Sparrow is trash, don't watch it

        It's still 7 months away so they have time, The Nun is out in 3 months in UK and there is no teaser yet lol

    2. That gif at the top of the page is amazing on so many levels. I don't care for Celine Dion, but I'm curious in that video. I'll check that out.

      1. The video is just hilarious, the marketing for that movie is brilliant

    3. I used to love Cate Blanchett, but she flips flops so much on working with Woody Allen, I haven't supported her since. And, then I found out the "beauty treatments" her and Sandra got. That's just messed up... Right now I just can't support Ocean's Eight.

      Kate is such a narcissist.

      Hope and Evangeline deserve so much more love than what's she getting. Okoye deserves her own movie too. It kind of pisses me off that Hollywood is not pushing Danai, Letitia, or Lupita as their new "It Girls" as much as they did Jennifer, Brie, or Emma.

      I don't want to think of what Avengers 4 is going to do to Cap, and even Iron Man. Just leave them alone dammit.

      Love the way Chris sounds so surprised that a mustache would change his whole face - like the hype and confusion truly catches him off guard. As much as I love Chris in the Mean Tweets, the Samuel L Jackson snapping turtle had me howling. lol

      Thanks for the link! Can't wait for Ant-Man and the Wasp!!

      1. Yeah I read about those treatments too. That's some bizarre rich people bullshit

        Worse yet, Kate is a moron

        Absolutely. They are getting a lot of love from the audiences, at least so hopefully that leads to more opportunities for them.

        Chris is such a typical guy but in a sweet way - his horrible outfits and his confusion about the mustache effect :)

    4. There are still actresses out there saying stupid things? When will they just learn to keep their mouths shut and stop speaking nonsense.

      Jennifer Lawrence still making shitty movies!? I'm ashamed of myself for liking her during the first two Hunger Games movies. She really derailed her career to the crapper.

      Oh Chris.. I need to watch something with him and fast because I feel like crap this weekend and he will surely brighten up my day!

      1. Oh yeah. Lots of dumb people out there.

        I am still recovering from Push last night.

    5. I don't like Celine Dion but that gif made me watch the music video

      That Red Sparrow news is kinda funny lol I didn't think that movie could get any worse either.

      Winslet needs to shut up. She takes off her clothes every chance she gets and now has the balls to say that bulshit? Fuck her!

      I really hope that Black Widow movie never happens. The character isn't that interesting and Johansson is just terrible.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Shhh! Saying you dont like Celine, you wanna start a riot here? :)

    6. Hehehehe Red Sparrow was funny it was so bad. The only time I have ever liked Lawrence was in a film I didn't like, American Hustle. I liked mother though too :P

      1. I was not amused by it. It is just sad films like this still get made and lead actress tries to sell them as empowerement

    7. That Celine music video is just too much. I LOVE IT.

      I was PISSED that Evans missed the Tony nominations, but Amy Schumer got one. WHAT BULLSHIT IS THIS?!? (Especially since he's really good in Lobby Hero and she was TERRIBLE in Meteor Shower)

      I really liked Red Sparrow, but only because I was a dancer for years and when her partner crushed her during the big performance, I was all "this movie sucks - in real life, she wouldn't let him live," and then she goes and massacres him and her whore understudy with her fucking cane and I laughed so hard I nearly fell out of my chair. After that, I was able to enjoy the whole thing as camp.

      1. Schumer got one? i didn't even notice that. These awards are trash then.

        That was probably the highlight of the movie and it was all downhill from there.

    8. I can't believe Kate Winslet said that?? How idiotic. It's none of her business how others choose to dress.

      Man, that Ocean's 8 poster is BAD. Oooh can't wait for Captain Marvel, they better do a good job on that one.

      I see Frank is still taking punches in his beautiful face, nice nice. 😍

      Ruffalo reading the tweets is so embarrassing. WERE YOU FEATURED? 😂 Also OH MY GOD him spoiling the film - Don Cheadle looked SO pissed and terrified that now I'M actually scared for Ruffalo. "Dude, it's your career..." like Marvel will ruin Ruffalo's career I'm shook

      1. I know right? Her and Damon have no brain and apparently no PR people

        I think my tweets are too filthy to be featured :) honestly given his pathetic arc in IW I am kinda thinking it was by design

    9. I was wondering about Red Sparrow, but it sounds like I'm best to just skip it. And yeah, what the hell is up with the marketing for Ocean's 8? The design work of that poster is horrible.

      1. Red Sparrow will probably end up on my bottom 10 of the year. Just so dreadful