Friday, May 25, 2018

(340) They've made a huge mistake + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, May 25, 2018
  • Good God, it's been a rough week (1,2,3,4,5).
  • And it was even worse in celebrity world, but before we get to that....
  • Westworld delivered another wonderful episode. The season was struggling so far when it came to female characters and I was worried about the lack of compelling narratives for them but the new episode was one of the most feminist episodes of TV I've seen in a very long time. The instant camaraderie between Maeve, Armistice and their Shogun World counterparts was lovely to see and Rinko Kikuchi was excellent as Akane. Akane and Maeve's interactions were loaded with such enormous empathy and kinship it was just beautiful to witness. And we desperately need more of these two:
  • Meanwhile, as soon as Dolores talked of infected herd I was like Teddy, run. When she threw him a fuck I knew that dude is screwed in a totally different way.
  • There is no way to go from "threw a fuck" to the Royal Wedding, so let's just jump right into it.
  • Well, the Royal wedding was lovely. It was also great to see a gospel choir and a black pastor, in Windsor castle, in front of the Queen. It was very progressive and progressive is always good.
  • The kids almost stole the show (1,2,3).
  • Almost as they stood no chance against Tom "what is happening?" Hardy (1,2,3).
  • I've been laughing at this for 7 days now.
  • For those of you who don't know, Tom is bald now because he just finished shooting the movie about Al Capone with the disgraced director of the last Fantastic Four flick. His look at the wedding is still tame comparing to the stuff on his instagram. And of course the horrific pics of him picking his nose which I shared in last RF.
  • God, the number of times I mentally had sex with that man.
  • You have a responsibility to your fangirls, Tom. Get a fucking grip, man.
  • On the plus side Hardy is not in wedding portraits which are lovely (1,2,3)
  • There were lots of famous people there. Including Clooney who was seated right next to the choir, inexplicably, as this is where the important people sat. Everyone is thirsting over Beckham. I just cannot overlook his voice. Deadpool got it exactly right.
  • Sir Elton John was thirsting the hardest, though. 
  • Now to the events that were far less joyful....
  • Here I was thinking us getting a confirmation what a shameless hypocrite (remember when she screamed she wants her pin back from Franco?) Scarlett Johansson is is gonna be the central point of this week's RF, but there you go, the boys win again this week. 
  • With goddamn ease.
  • In case any of my readers don't fully grasp the meaning of 'mansplaining', 'victim blaming' and 'gaslighting' you are in the luck because here are the male actors from Arrested Development to illustrate all of the above for you.  
  • At the same time. 
  • Vividly.
  • You know what would have improved Game Night in hindsight?
  • If that cute dog bit Jason Bateman's tiny dick off.
  • What we have here is a classic case of a woman who sees that resistance is futile, there are no or very little consequence to man's actions and there is a whole army that defends him. Holy shit, was the behavior of theirs, especially Bateman's gross and so reflective of what is going on in the world. Bateman basically bullied her into saying she is "moving on", with his excuses and bullshit. Abhorrent. Also - that Bateman is shameless enough to act this way really speaks volumes. He knows, probably correctly, that he can still drive a woman to tears with his excuses, stick up for a man who was at the very least in the wrong, and there won't be enough backlash against his insensitive and disgusting behavior to make any sort of dent in his career.
  • It is absolutely appalling even when you take the gender out of this situation. A co-worker is explaining how the industry works to older, more accomplished co-worker and is explaining why what happened wasn't that bad and defending the perpetrator to the co-worker who is in tears.
  • It's so repulsive I think even Matt Damon would do less terribly in this situation. So that is really saying something.
  • All Bateman had to do there was to shut his trap and sit there. And in the interview where it is revealed someone else actually verbally assaulted someone in the workplace he still managed to come off like the shittiest person there because he voiced the fucked up beliefs he has. No wait, this is *exactly* like Matt Damon. Damon didn't assault anyone but his comments were so disturbing, so tone deaf and and so damaging - people actually believe that crap and it contributes to the world where something wrong is seen as norm - Bateman's comments are extension of it. It is just impossible to tolerate these "men". What the hell is up with the excuse that '"oh, it is common"? It is NEVER OK to be abusive towards anyone let alone in the workplace. I don't give a shit how "passionate" or "talented" someone is, it does not give anyone the right to be an asshole and if it is "common'" then shame on them for waving their hands dismissively instead of doing anything to change it.
  • Bateman attempted to apologize on his twitter (1,2,3,4) and made himself look even worse by saying he should be "aware" of how the incident affected Walter (you know, as opposed to be disturbed by the fact the incident took place at all), when she was literally crying in front of him, and that he shouldn't have tried so hard to fix a "fight" (a woman being verbally assaulted by a man on the set is a"fight", apparently). I can't make this shit up.
  • But wait. David Cross' apology topped that one. I call it "...but she yelled too!" apology. 
  • I am considering moving to USA and handling PR for brainless celebrities. I don't think many of them think for themselves but they do real damage when they 1. try 2. say what they were told to say because this garbage just contributes to the toxic environment. I cannot believe that Bateman actually uttered these words not just in this interview but on his twitter. Damon kept going for like a month before he finally shut it. Clearly, these people are morons.
  • The only one who actually behaved like a decent human being is Tony Hale because at least his apology is just that - an apology. No deflecting, no bullshit.
  • In the response to the story about Morgan Freeman (oh yeah, turns out he is a fucking pig too) this is the kind of trash men write. I just cannot comprehend such stupidity. I just cannot. A man is accused of physically assaulting women and this is your hot take? Jump off a cliff and die.
  • There is a huge difference between what women and men go through. And a huge difference between a comment or an action targeting a man or a woman. You cannot compare the experiences between genders. Men will never understand what women go through and that is on daily basis. You do not live in the world we live in. I bet when any of you walk into an elevator where there is only one person you don't start being scared. When a woman is in the same situation but it's a man there, she does. And that's just one example.
  • Also there is this now. People are passing it around like it absolves Allen. As if it was not possible that both him and Farrow are awful.
  • On the plus side - FUCKING FINALLY!
  • But why does this monster get the dignity of turning himself in? Why aren't there cops busting his doors and dragging him to jail?
  • During the closing speech at Cannes Film Festival Asia Argento went after the predators in a glorious and courageous speech. I was watching the ceremony live and it was incredible how tense everyone in the audience looked.
  • All right. Now onto the news and happy things....
  • Lovely first poster for Sharp Objects.
  • What the hell is happening?!
  • I have a feeling even if Gyllenhaal was offered the part of anything in DCEU he would decline. And now he is in talks with Marvel. 
  • Daniel Craig and Danny Boyle are both coming back for next Bond. Please just hire Cavill next. If you don't think he is right by the end of this RF you will be.
  • Here's an adorable tweet from Hugh Jackman
  • Outtakes from Chris Evans' photoshoot appearing suddenly to kill us all. 
  • And here, finally, the pictures of Chris without his mustache!
  • Jason did this. And then he did this. I've been saying for months now when Jason gets drunk we will hear more about behind the scenes drama. And there you go, it's exactly what happened.
  • I rewatched Man of Steel. Took me 3 days. Henry Cavill deserves to be in better films and so does his Superman.
  • I started rewaching The Tudors. And Katy started watching it. Before I even reached those episodes (and I still haven't so may God have mercy on your souls when I livetweet them this weekend) I remembered these scenes (1,2) from a single screenshot she posted.
  • This is how hot the banging on that ship and on that table was.
  • *meows quietly*
  • *cries*
  • ...
  • ....
  • ......
  • Anyways....
  • I also saw Sand Castle. Good God. That was terrible. Netflix really cannot figure out how to make good movies. At least Henry played a soldier and had a beard so that was great to watch.
  • So this happened. Yep, he came up with that insanely hot fight move with his fists on his own.
  • First of all, this man must be AN ANIMAL in bed.
  • Second of all, Good God, the irresponsibility. They just let him to do that. They just let him do this insanely hot thing and then they shot it and they just put it in both trailers.
  • *throws hands up in the air*
  • *meows louder*
  • ...
  • .....
  • ..........
  • There's Chinese trailer with even more Henry footage.
  • You know, in case we haven't been through enough as it was.
  • Mother of God:
  • Sweet baby Jesus:
  • I can't. I can't.
  • I like how in that first gif that guy isn't even putting much of a fight. 
  • I'd do the same. 
  • ...
  • .....
  • .......
  • Just take my gun.
  • And my underwear.
  • And my PIN number.
  • I *accidentally* found these pictures last weekend:
  • *meows too loud*
  • ...
  • .....
  • .......
  • *cleans up the mayhem* 
  • I don't even know what to say about that second one.
  • About the first one either.
  • *also this is the point where you should scream 'JAMES FREAKING BOND!'*
  • Also I found out about this
  • And now you all did too. 
  • ....
  • ......
  • God help us all.
  • Sonia reviews The Way Way Back
  • Katy is about to breathe the same air Jason Momoa breathes. REMEMBER TO TELL HIM I COOK!
  • Jordan writes about Tully
  • Adrian shares a great post about why we need Deadpool
  • Brittani reviews Sex, Lies and Videotape
  • and finally, and I still cannot believe he actually watched it, m.brown reviews Wolves


    1. OMG this is the first time I've seen that Hardy photo lol.

      I don't like Meghan Markle so I didn't get in on all the royal wedding hype.

      Glad Weinstein turned his ass in. The entire thing with Bateman is such a trash fire.

      I love that Sharp Objects poster.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I really hope Sharp Objects is good and Adams actually tries to act like a living, breathing human being :)

    2. Tom Hardy's face during that prayer was hilarious, I still laugh every time I see it 😂 and OH MY I hadn't seen that bit with Elton John, that's hysterical.

      David Cross's "apology"... wow. This bit is great, too: "Whatever the criticisms are, I will own up. I don’t even know what they are [...] And also I had to put my daughter to bed, so it was time to, you know, focus on what’s really important in the moment." Doing brilliantly without a PR firm.

      Man, that Moses Farrow article is intense. Sounded very believable to me but exactly, they could very well both be guilty. What's obvious is that all the children suffered, it's infuriating. We often hear "how could nobody have noticed the abuse" when it's normal people, clearly it's easier than you'd think. Jesus.

      Gyllenhaal and Holland in the same movie, I'm so down for that.

      Cavill is too gorgeous for Bond, I can't handle multiple quality movies with him as lead - NO WOMAN CAN. So yeah, let's do it.

      1. Yeah these poor kids. They grew up in absolutely terrible environment.

        Cavill is so ridiculously good looking it is literally dangerous. I have been off whole week because that Fallout trailer completely wrecked me lol

    3. This season was kinda meh for me so far but that new episode, damn, it was good! Never before I loved Maeve's storyline so much

      Tom Hardy's face lol how did I not see that pic before?! Anyway, the Royal Wedding was so lovely and I loved it way more than the other one.

      Bateman... he left me speechless.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I wish Bateman has left himself speechless then we wouldn't have that fucking awful "apology" :)

    4. Hardy sporting the Bronson look! Those pics are hilarious and define so succinctly how idiotic the whole thing is. Live coverage on our TV. Gimme a break. I looked like Hardy if I even saw the shit on the news!

      This mansplaining thing though has me very confused. I read the entire article and it simply sounds like men talking like men. That and also a close 'family' supporting a co-worker they have known for so long. Not that any of this this is a good thing at all, but I don't see any... change. Men have always been pricks.

      Why has this term and the others you mentioned suddenly come around? Not one female I know has even heard the term before and when I explain what I think it is, they look at me like I am retarded. Perhaps that is true and I can't explain anything for shit =P

      You do though make a great point re- the getting into an elevator by yourself. I'd never thought of it like that and it is a fantastic example of something I'd never fully understand. But I think I do a little more now =]

      And goddamn I need to go back at watch Westworld!!!!

      1. A lot of people watched it, me included. No one is forcing anyone to watch it. People simply had that option. At least it's something positive in the news for once.

        Yes, watch Westworld! You already have 5 episodes of this season.

      2. and lol i'd probably look like Hardy at --any-- wedding!!! I guess I am one of those 'marriage is outdated' people. Probs cos my dad and my step mother have been together 25 years without bothering with any of it

      3. I'd love to get married but Jason is taken and Cavill is probably into tall blondes or something :P

    5. Tom Hardy at the Royal Wedding was absolutely hilarious! I'm so glad to hear S2 of Westworld is going strong - I haven't seen any of it yet and I need to catch up!

      1. It has a bad start but by episode 3 it's starts getting really good!

    6. "I'm sorry"

      Literally just those two words and the Arrested Development boys would've fared better. Hell, throw in an adverb! Geez they really are their characters. This whole thing unfolded like a very unfunny episode, everyone selfish and self-centered, jumping to conclusions, lazy defenses and even lazier deflections, throwing in a "hey, we're family" at the end. Cross fucked up so bad it's no wonder AD canceled their UK promotion tour.

      It'll be interesting to see how Netflix will try to salvage this especially since they set the standard in firing Kevin Spacey. I love AD but I don't think there's any coming back with Jeffrey Tambor. I'm surprised he was involved in any promotion for the show. I wonder if Netflix was just hoping for the best somehow? Either way, not a good look.

      1. It's so puzzling that they fired the star of the show - Spacey - but not Tambor - who is a part of an ensemble cast where firing one person wouldn't be that noticeable. It's probably because even people over there knew about Spacey and knew that this is only going to get worse. Tambor is not as known but it doesn't mean he should be getting the special treatment and remain in his hob when he is obviously bulling and assaulting co-workers. Also isn't that show with what's his face from That 70's Show who is accused of rape also on Netflix? :/

    7. Netflix did cancel the UK press tour for Arrested Development after this dumpster fire of events.
      Bateman was terrible in that interview, how tone deaf can one person be? And that apology was...where is his PR agent?
      Tony Hale at least sounded sincere in his apology and the less said about David Cross, the better.
      I love Rinko Kikuchi, that is all.

    8. I don't remember watching Kate and William's this one was amazing. lol It wonderfully progressive- loved the pastor and the choir singing Stand By Me too. Not sure why everyone complained about Megan's dress. She looked lovely, and I'm positive the way she looks at Henry is the way we look at the guys we perved over. lol I couldn't believe Tom Hardy though. I don't know if I can go back to perving him after this horrendous Al Capone era. XD

      Well we had a Twitter convo about Bateman, so you know my thoughts. *insert ryan writing in his notebook from the Office gif* I take it from his apology too that if he didn't listen to the NYT interview or hadn't heard the backlash, he would've never apologized or felt what he did was wrong. And, David's interview apology about the interview - basically he doesn't understand why people were pissed but was like "whatever jessica sorry". *rolls eyes* From their apologies, I think they assume that everyone online are just snowflakes, and if they do, they are more tone-deaf than just that interview. They'll never understand what they did and why they're wrong.

      "I bet when any of you walk into an elevator where there is only one person you don't start being scared." Holy shit. YES. This has happened to me at too many places, too many times to count. Most men just don't get it.

      I've been watching Citizen Rose recently, and couldn't believe the vindication her and all of the monster's victims must have felt when he was arrested. I wanted to throw a party for them.

      Oooh Henry at Bond... I sighed for so long looking at all the Cavill-goodiness in this post, I got lightheaded.

      Thanks for the link to my live-tweet and post. Still so upset I couldn't tell Jason you cook. *will hunt him down for next time* *sobs into the void*

      1. I don't think anyone, her included, beats the way I look at Jason. I am legit worried one of these days my computer screen is gonna explode. Seriously...the power of that stare lol

        I think picking his nose is the one thing we may never get over. Good lord.

        oh for sure. He only apologized because there was backlash. That is literally his only reason. All of them did just because of that. I hope the show flops, Jessica has other projects, Hale who is least awful of them has Veep and the rest of the male actors can go to hell

        I don't think any of them get it, sadly. But they will mansplain away every fucking situation to us anyways, won't they.

        Oh that's OK! At least we are not dying any time soon, I know you are not as into him as i am because who on this Earth is (lol) but seriously I cannot imagine being near that dude and NOT collapsing

    9. always looking forward to reading your RFs on monday!
      love how you've exchanged 'moan' with 'meow' - who are you trying to fool?!

      1. No one, just bringing some sound diversity :)

    10. The Arrested Development interview was a disaster. I don't watch the show, but Jessica Walter deserves better co-workers. The Sharp Objects poster looks good, I'm hoping the show will be great.

      1. Yeah I hope so too! Absolutely loved the book

    11. "...If that cute dog bit Jason Bateman's tiny dick off." I died. Absolutely fucking hilarious.

      And holy shit Rinko Kikuchi is in this season of Westworld? I need to catch up on this season ASAP!

      1. Yes! She was in 2 episodes so far and she was amazing!

    12. I really need to finish watching season 1 of Westworld...I think I got about to episode 5 or 6, and my boyfriend at the time freaked the f out bc I didn't wait for him. It actually turned into a huge fight (lol), and I scrapped the show.

      Also, wtf is Katy doing that will allow her to breathe similar air as Jason Momoa<?? I clearly missed something here...

      1. Oh man :P Well, one plus - probably the only one :D - of being single is that I can watch whatever and whenever the fuck I want :P

        Oh Katy was on MegaCon but didn't end up meeting Jason - he rescheduled and was there on Sunday and she was there on Saturday

    13. WHY OH WHY DID YOU HAVE TO SHARE THAT POST ABOUT "THE HEN"?!?!?!?!? That man is so perfect. But thanks for the Tudors porn. I have loved/lusted after him since that show came on the air and like you, those scenes are BURNED in my memory. I also saw Man of Steel opening weekend on an IMAX screen SOLELY so I could see/drool over his body as large as possible, and that scene with the clothesline... I am 99.99999% sure my heart actually stopped and started up again solely because of his hotness. That man will be my undoing, and then also my salvation. I kind of hope he doesn't become Bond, though, because then I would have to care about those movies lol.

      I am also 99.9999999% sure that the reason Bateman was saying those ridiculous hateful things in that interview is because he's treated women like that in the past and is terrified it's going to come out, so he's trying to put the idea of forgiveness and "it happens all the time" out there to minimize his own actions. NOT GONNA FLY, BATEMAN.

      1. The Hammer is the HEN? :D I know right? God, that was some intense stuff in The Tudors. I think Cavill even while clothed in Fallout is gonna be 10x worse than him being shirtless in MoS. Good God even that trailer is waaaaay too much to handle

        Oh yeah. Anyone this obtuse and clueless definitely acted like a douchbag towards others in their life.

    14. Man I'm here late but I made it!

      Though the beginning was rough, this shit is still happening and I can't believe so many men are walking into the same stupid man-cave-of-stupidity.. I liked Bateman, I thought he was funny and I usually always enjoyed his movies.. well, that's ruined now. Time to make room for nice guys.

      Oh, Cavill.. haven't really watched nay of his movies because I mean, the only one I will enjoy is Man From UNCLE and his Superman movies will forever remain unwatched for me. I'm sorry, I just can't...

      But Cavill is still nice to look at.. like, so nice.... mmmmmm.

      1. You should watch The Tudors, it's good stuff :)