Friday, June 1, 2018

(341) Macho burritos + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, June 1, 2018
  • Allow me to open this week's RF with breathtaking first pictures from Bad Times at the El Royale.
  • Hemsworth actually plays a cult leader in that movie.
  • Your underwear is dissolving already, isn't it?
  • I had no idea Ron Swanson is in it. Now I cannot wait for that movie.
  • New TV spot for Ant-Man and the Wasp featuring even more master shade expressions from Evangeline Lilly.
  • Westworld was awesome again. It's mostly thanks to that ending that got me to gasp. The second I saw that dog sitting next to the piano I freaking KNEW. I really hope Hopkins sticks around - Ed Harris is my favorite actor but Hopkins' performance is the standout of the entire show and the best thing about it. 
  • The acting all around was just lovely. James Marsden was so amazing - he subtly adjusted his performance and he manged to portray a completely different version of Teddy just with the look on his face and the way he says his lines. And Newton just keeps killing it. But the best scene was definitely this:
  • Just get your shit together whoever gives out Emmys and give him an Emmy.
  • Meanwhile, ERW is out there fishing for attention again, making claims that Dolores is a hero, that you are supposed to root for her and if you don't - you are a sexist. 
  • Not only is she wrong, she is even putting another female character down referring to Maeve solely as "mother" in order to prep her character up. 
  • I think there is some merit to ERW's claims. If Dolores was a dude people wouldn't really find her boring IF that dude was played by someone charismatic. The problem is that without very strong writing Wood cannot do much - this just made me laugh. Harris could read a phone book and it would be entertaining. Her? Not so much. Dolores' arc is simply not interesting. Furthermore, to me, it is fairly clear her character is not sentient, unlike Maeve. She is stuck in Wyatt's programming. 
  • Her comments are actually making people question the quality of the writing. Because when the lead actress has different interpretation than most viewers it's either that she is in the wrong or the writers are not successfully conveying what they wanted to convey. 
  • I hate it when the actors are offensive towards fanbase. I used to stan for JDM until he said people who spoil TWD can go fuck themselves. This is not a way to treat fans.
  • Another new photo for Sharp Objects:
  • The filming on the unnecessary Maleficent sequel has began
  • This is supposed to be Jigsaw in season 2 of The Punisher. This is fucking embarrassing.  
  • I saw Thoroughbreds this week, which was good but it reminded me of Stoker so much and Stoker is a much better movie. Cooke and Taylor-Joy were wonderful and the cinematography was great. The music was so distinctive and added a lot to the movie too.
  • Yes, but what if that little dude grows up to be Jason.
  • He is out there being awesome and living his life to the fullest. Such an inspiration. Not that I am doing anything with that inspiration as I am sitting here on Thursday evening writing this garbage for your guys. That video....was it really necessary for Jason to take his shirt off and grunt and growl like that?
  • Good God, man.
  • His hand is bigger than a can of Guinness.
  • His arm is bigger than that child.
  • His...*nope, get a hold of yourself woman!*
  • *noises*
  • Of course this happened. This is like that time when Ron Swanson went to Scotland. 
  • *sobs* I love him. So pretty in his cute hat.
  • For real though his phone should be confiscated. When he started whispering I thought I was about to die.
  • Maybe it means he has a cameo in next season of Thrones?
  • This is the greatest thing I've seen in my entire life. You can watch that commercial here. I have been laughing at this for the last 12 hours.
  • They are releasing Aquaman a week earlier in Brazil! Release it early here where Jason's most adorable - and dedicated -  fangitl lives!
  • All I wanted was to eat popcorn and watch Jason rip rapists apart with his bare hands. And it's not happening anymore (1,2). Seriously that The Crow reboot may be cursed. 
  • Jason is not the only one being dangerous on instagram. Henry Cavill appears to also want us dead with the stuff he continues to post there--->
  • Cuuuurlsss.
  • Chest fuuuuur.
  • A doooooog.
  • In my quest to waste my time even more hardcore than I was already wasting it, I saw two Henry movies last weekend.
  • First I watched Immortals which was at best mediocre. Then on Sunday instead of doing or watching literally anything else I saw The Cold Light of  Day. That was terrible. Henry's acting in that was truly awful. Jason has a bunch of bad movies too but he is always bringing his ultra charismatic, wild and awesome presence to those films. You wanna watch that guy no matter what kind of garbage movie he is in. Unless you are Mario and that movie is The Bad Batch. On the plus side Henry got much better lately and he did 1000x more acting and charisma in Fallout trailers than the entirety of these two movies I saw.
  • New TV spot for it features new shot of Henry that is shown when they sing "you can't fight the friction"
  • That's just filth.
  • Speaking of filth, I hear the bathroom fight lasts 10 minutes. 
  • Is it physically possible to have an orgasm for 10 minutes? 
  • If it is, we are all about to.
  • Sofia reviews A Quiet Place
  • Alex shares 140 things he loves about Taxi Driver (that no one talks about)
  • Brittani reviews Solo
  • Katy shares awesome co-splay from MegaCon
  • Getter reviews Goodfellas
  • Both Sonia and m.brown review Fifty Shades Freed


    1. Thanks for the link! I liked Thoroughbreds a lot more than I thought I would. Cooke really captivated me in that. Glad you liked it too.

      And holy shit, a 10 minute fight scene in Fallout?! I'm getting excited for that movie, though probably for slightly different reasons than you haha

      1. The film is apparently filled with these elaborate, lengthy action/fight scenes, I think the longest is that huge stunt involving helicopters in the third act

    2. The things these men do should be illegal. But then how would we perv? I need to dive back into Henry's career pre-Man of Steel but I haven't even made it passed Tudors yet. lol Mission Impossible comes out in July? I have some time to catch up. I'm focused more on my Chris Evans post anyways. *heart eyes*

      Looking forward to Sharp Objects and Thoroughbreds.

      Thanks for linking my cosplay post! <3

      1. I think here it comes out in August but it's July in USA, I should really rewatch these films too, the last two of them were particularly good


      1. Look at it as another shot at life, because there is very little chance you would have got out of there alive, I'm pretty sure that look in his eyes and his sexual charisma killed multiple people

    4. Is the Fallout movie related to the game???

      I have never heard of Thoroughbreds, though I might take your word for it and watch Stoker. Its around here somewhere

      Ron Swanson is just awesome. Pure awesome. Is there a better character on any comedy than him??

      1. No, it's simply the title like "Rogue Nation" in Mission Impossible series

        Yep. Malcolm Tucker in "The Thick of It" and "In the Loop"

      2. I'll have to get onto those films, I haven't seen him in anything else except for small skits on stuff like John Oliver's show. He is freaking hilarious.

    5. Thanks for the link! And thanks for reminding me that I still quite enjoy Chris Hemsworth.. man.. that is a loooooong torso indeed. And the movie looks interesting!

      Oh and I don't know how, but Cavill looks a bit hotter to me with that Fallout moustache.. I don't know why, but I mean... it's a sexy moustache :D :D :D

      PS: Wasn't Jigsaw's face supposed to make him look like a monster? He looks like a cat attacked him.. ugh. Why wouldn't they be brave and embrace the ugliness.. I mean sure, Ben Barnes has a pretty face but that was what shocked the fck out of us in that season finale when the pretty face got DESTROYED!! Oh well..

      1. Oh yeah I'm all for that mustache look too. He is ridiculous, what man looks better with that?! It's insane.

        Yep. Even nickname comes from that because it looks like jigsaw puzzle. It's an embarrassing decision.

    6. I'm glad you liked Thoroughbreds! I ended up enjoying far more than I expected.

      Westworld is really picking up this season. I normally can't stand Teddy but zero fucks Teddy is far better than the other one we got.

      Why is the wait so long for Sharp Objects. Why wouldn't they release it now so it qualifies for the Emmys. *whines*

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I think they are waiting for Westworld to end. Their Sunday slot is filled now. But I think we are at least getting a new trailer soon!

    7. It's really aggravating that Elle and Angelina signed up for that sequel to Maleficent. I'd much rather see them pursue other projects. I miss 90s Angie...when she actually tackled tough projects and got awards for it.

      Also, a remake of The Crow? Whyyyyyyyy

      1. Also Michelle Pfeiffer signed up for that :/

        With Jason it would be glorious, now they can fuck right off with that thing

    8. The Jason and Cavill continues with some style. Great work Sati.

    9. I will never recover from those Hemsworth photos

      I'm still not sure how I feel about the new season of Westworld. I like Maeve's storyline and Harris but Dolores and Wood are so obnoxious!

      I didn't know they were making a sequel to Maleficent. What's the point?!

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Well you will have to, the movie is in 4 months :)

        Dolores is just the worst now, I almost wish they just killed her off but she is so bland now it won't even make a huge 'oh my god!' impact :/

        Money :D

    10. I'm also looking forward to the new MI movie, but clearly for different reasons, lol. For me, it's like the Fast & Furious movies. The last few are way better than the first few. Same thing going on of M:I flicks.

      1. Yeah Rogue Nation was really awesome! I did like the 4th one too

    11. Sorry, I blacked out at anything featuring Taylor-Joy. My goodness.

      I still haven't bothered with the last M:I flick, so I gotta catch up prior to this next one. Since I'm not writing as often (and the stupid fact that I still write about EVERY movie), I'm watching way less movies. A problem, this is...but I will get my shit together for that ridiculous looking helicopter sequence. I still think Cruise is gonna end up killing himself one day.

      That f--king taco commercial is beyond words. How did that ever actually f--king exist? And a 14 inch burrito??? What is going around here? I thought they were measured in weight not....length/girth. Gross.

      Thanks for the link! And yes, these people ROCK for leaving all these comments. (f--kers)

      1. I think the fact you write about every film you see is awesome!!

        The latest MI flick was great you will love it

        I think 'burrito' may be a code for something else... :)

      2. Hahaha....thanks. I think once I start skipping around...I'll probably stop writing all together. Oddly principled, I suppose.

        I remember you had love for the last M:I flick, and I'm going to assume it's better then some other things you've uh, suggested I check out.

        Gross. I used to like burritos.

      3. Dont you dare skip then.

        I'd rather have that than a burrito.

    12. Yeah, I saw that they were doing a Maleficent 2, and all I could think was, "... why?"

      Loved Thoroughbreds. Second favorite of the year so far for me, after Deadpool 2. I didn't make the connection myself, but now that you mention it, I can definitely see the similarities to Stoker. Doesn't really take away any from the film for me, though.

      1. Money :)

        Deadpool 2 is my number 2 after Annihilation

    13. that commercial! I'm almost disappointed that you didn't come up with the title 'macho burritos' haha

      1. It does seem like something I would do :)