Friday, June 15, 2018

(342) Splash! + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, June 15, 2018
  • Did you miss me?
  • Yes, the marketing for Aquaman is finally here. And that right there is the finest journalism since TMZ wrote about Jason pumping gas. And yes, we are going to spend a lot of room in this RF on it. But let's start with something else.
  • I was without my computer for few days which is the reason for the lack of new posts here. There was just no way I could edit RF on my phone. Still, I kept you guys entertained on twitter, didn't I?
  • It was hell as it happened to be the two weeks during which we got an insane amount of trailers. Thank God for my phone and the fact my TV has youtube on it.
  • We got Bad Times at the El Royale trailer which looks so beautiful and no, you pervs, I am not talking about those gratuitous shots of shirtless Hemsworth. 
  • Although they are appreciated. 
  • Fine, they are VERY appreciated. 
  • I thought the trailer will be filled with jokes but it was kinda serious. Still, it's Goddard and I adore The Cabin in the Woods so I am psyched. 
  • The poster is also quite lovely, albeit it is very similar to Three Billboards
  • Widows trailer wasn't really mind-blowing but it has Jon Bernthal and it looks like Colin Farrell is finally in a decent movie. Also Liam Neeson but fuck that guy.
  • Speaking of Farrell, he is also in remake of Dumbo which got the trailer as well because Disney won't rest until they remake and massacre every single one of their classics. 
  • Suspiria trailer dropped too and I discussed it here. It's days later and I still don't know if that old dude is Tilda Swinton or not. I read the script last Friday and while it is nowhere near the level of Hereditary (I read the script, I didn't see the movie yet) it is still pretty good. Moretz is gonna be a disaster in the role she is playing, though.
  • We also got an extremely well done first trailer for A Star is Born. Out of all the trailers released lately this one is definitely my favorite. The cinematography (by Matthew Libatique who shot Black Swan) is gorgeous, the vocals are amazing and as corny as it seems it also looks like it's gonna be very moving. I really need that song asap. Gaga is so gonna be in that Oscar race.
  • First Man trailer was unfortunately disappointing. Gosling looks like he is in his Only God Forgives mode, the whole thing reeks of cliches, the visuals aren't really breathtaking. Is Bernthal even still in this movie? The only person who looks great is Claire Foy.... 
  • ...which is fortunate because last week we also got a trailer for Girl in Spider's Web and that was terrible. It looks like Snowman 2.0.  
  • The Nun posterpromo still and trailer. Finally, the marketing began, less than 3 months before the movie opens. The trailer is very atmospheric, Taissa is awesome and that nun is easily the scariest monster in The Conjuring universe. I really hope this is going to be good.
  • New trailer for Sharp Objects.
  • Another bad trailer for The Predator. But at least it features Boyd in a jungle with a huge gun. 
  • And now for some bad news. 
  • We lost Anthony Bourdain last week, to suicide of all things. This is so saddening. He was one of the very few male celebrities who were very supportive of MeToo and TimesUp. 
  • I bet you all thought that disgusting project Quentin "I defend rapists" Tarantino is working on couldn't get any more gross. 
  • You were wrong.
  • Remember how Fox dropped that Bohemian Rhapsody trailer and didn't mention who the director was in it? Well, the time for hiding is over. They thought they can sweep this under the rug and that is it. And don't you say poor Rami Malek here. This bombing and showing that there is absolutely no tolerance for scum getting a pass in Hollywood is way more important than some actor's awards chances.
  • New poster for Ant Man and the Wasp. It kinda looks like she is shoving her butt into Paul Rudd's face there, but who am I to judge?
  • We got first Avengers 4 promo art which sadly points to the disappointing development in Ant Man and the Wasp. Hope is not included in this picture and Marvel is not above turning its female character to dust during mid-credits scene. Their treatment of female characters is really lame and it's odd they aren't getting more criticism for this, particularly in this day and age. 
  • Speaking of mistreatment of women, Kelly Marie Tran got bullied off instagram by the scum of the earth. Male nerds are the worst. Reprehensibly sexist comments everywhere. 
  • Bye, you trash phoenix. And in come those same nerds, weeping for him. 
  • You guys know Chris Hardwick, right? Read this. Just another example of that nerd culture.
  •  Benedict Cumberbatch appears to be an actual decent human being. Yet he is a male celebrity. How is this possible? I kid. There are like 5 of them who are decent.
  • I tried to watch new Tomb Raider but so far I made it through 35 minutes. It's just so generic. I watched Conan in Italy instead. Conan never fails to make me laugh especially when Jordan Schlansky is also involved.
  • I renewed my Netfllix subscription. I finally watched season 2 of Stranger Things. I didn't like it as much as season 1 and El was really dull this season. I like the new girl, though. And Lucas's sister rocks. 
  • Westworld 2x07. I now fully believe they are going to go MiB is a host route on us. This is not good. We don't have enough human characters in that show. The only two likable ones is the whipped tech helping Maeve and the third Hemsworth brother.
  • Westworld 2x08 was great albeit it was really testing my patience with the pace. And yet again the show actually gains when Dolores is not around. 
  • On Sunday I actually managed to watch 4 movies. What the fuck do I do on this PC that when I have it every day I can't find the time to watch anything, yet they took it away and bam, 4 movies? It's not tweeting garbage at you guys since I was just as effective doing that from my phone for the last few days. 
  • Anyways, I saw Huntsman: Winter War, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and 1922 for three reasons only - 1. I had nothing else to do 2. I haven't seen those yet 3. Netflix had them, which I'm guessing is the holy trifecta of why people watch movies via this thing.
  • The first one was as expected a pointless cash grab from Disney. Hemsworth took his shirt off so yey. And I suspect Charlize got paid a lot of money and she was there for about 10 minutes so at least someone benefited from that film.
  • The second one was so forgettable I forgot what the ending was about an hour after watching it.
  • The last one was the best of this bunch and quite creepy. Thomas Jane was doing this bizarre 'Matthew MccConaughey after weed that gave him paranoia' accent but he was pretty great in the role.
  • Then I checked what Netflix had when it came to my favorite comedies and yes, I rewatched Tropic Thunder because it is freaking awesome.
  • I had pretty intense Hugh dream this week. All my feels came rushing back. 
  • Oh. 
  • Turns out he has Loganesque beard now so I can barely breathe. 
  • Also good God he needs a job so bad
  • And I need a brain. 
  • So remember when they got Oscar Schlong Isaac to do the voice work for Gomez Addams? Yeah, about that....
  • Bumblebee trailer was released to good reactions. I made a joke that WB is probably gonna do something spectacularly dumb because of it (Bumblebee opens on the same day as Aquaman), for example re-shoot Aquaman to add transforming robots for Jason to fight. Well, they didn't do quite that but they did go full retard this week and announced they are gonna do Leto's Joker very own movie. 
  • First of all, this is never going to happen. Second of all, they have about a dozen of movies that are announced and 'in development'. This just makes them look dumber than they already looked because all of those aren't getting made. Hell, I'm pretty sure that Reeves' Batfleck movie ain't happening and good riddance with that. Third of all, by allowing dumbass news like that leak they are reminding people they are stupid, their movies mostly suck and - with the reminder of the character from Suicide Squad that was featured in trailers prominently only to be barely featured in the actual movie - that they love doing false marketing. As if Aquaman wasn't facing enough obstacles - with a shitload of movies releasing on the day of its release and around it - they create even more bad vibes around DC and all of this is also on the heels of Wan announcing the trailer is coming soon.
  • We got first pictures from Wonder Woman 1984. What the hell is happening here? Steve Trevor looks more alive than I have been looking for months now. 
  • Jason was in Ireland recently and after that I am pretty sure they are out of Guinness. Look at him in his cute hat. Also he partied with GoT cast again.
  • And on the World Oceans Day Jason gave it the best gift he could have. 
  • He dove into it.
  • Pink shirt!!! 
  • This entire week, if you follow me on twitter, you saw some true madness. I was waiting for the trailer and then yesterday, just as I came home with my PC and was installing stuff the marketing truly began with the covers for EW and the new pictures.
  • Look! Sea dragons! Sharks!
  • I just adore Amber's look in this movie. Her costume is spectacular!
  • And Jason. Oh my God, Jason.
  • Here's the entire article (1,2,3). James Wan is giving us what we want. And both Amber and Nicole just had to fangirl. 
  • I didn't do much work today. Look how happy I am. 
  • When that trailer drops....and word is it may be tomorrow or on Monday....I don't know what will happen.
  • But it's gonna be something amazing.
  • Sonia reviews Frost/Nixon
  • Brittani, Jordan and Courtney write about Hereditary
  • Katy and Getter celebrate Chris Evans' birthday
  • m.brown reviews Life of the Party
  • Adrian writes about the horrific thing that happened to Millie Bobby Brown on Twitter lately
  • Alex features great Julianne Moore in his In Character series


    1. I don't know where to start..

      I MISSED THIS!! I missed my Fridays being filled with informative links and perving out to hot dudes.. and I'm so happy you're enjoying Hemsworth... I mean.. what's not to enjoy. His eyefucking on that gif while seductivly moving his hips... uuuh.. I must see that movie asap!

      So much shit has happened lately, but it's a good thing something good is happening too, otherwise twitter will be a boring place. Luckily we get to witness a lot of perving, me and Kary got to perv over Chris this week and I mean, let's just focus on hot and decent and good dudes, alright? I know there aren't many left but they are bringing their A-game.

      PS: So many trailers but I also thought A Star is Born looks good. I like Gaga's voice a lot, country songs suit her voice so well, and she seems like a good person. I wish this movie's gonna do great!

      1. Yeah what's not to love with Chris as some weird-ass cult leader that doesn't button his shirt and walks in the rain probably to murder people. No, I'm serious - what's not to love?:D


    3. For some reason, I just can't get behind Hemsworth dancing in that trailer. Yes, I know I'm not supposed to be focused on the dancing. LOL I can't think of a movie about strangers meeting in a hotel and shit going down that I really love...I'm hoping, especially because of Dakota, Bad Times will be awesome.

      Widows looks pretty good. I'm mostly excited for Daniel. He's branching out like crazy after Get Out.

      Oooh, could you send me Suspiria's script? I'd love to read it.

      A Star Is Born has my heart strings in a KNOT. I LEGIT tried not to cry when it played before Ocean's 8. It's a smart trailer too since most people are probably familiar with the story. It just showed them meeting each other, the whirlwind relationship taking off and falling apart, and then they're together at the end. I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS. I hope it goes all the way to the Oscars for Bradley and Gaga. *crossing fingers*

      HEY HEY HEY. FIRST MAN. DUDE. *puts you in the box of shame*

      I think they were trying to go for "a scale" thing with the Ant-Man and the Wasp poster between Paul, Evangeline, and Sofia...but that didn't work. I'm looking forward to everything about Wasp except freaking Infinity War.


      I never liked Chadwick on Talking Dead. He always missed the mark with character development, and his jokes were so freaking juvenile. But what's come out about him is disgusting. Thank the universe for the few celebrity men who are still actual human beings like our boos and Benedict.

      Omg, Emilia and Jason are so freaking cute. I wonder how the ocean feels to be so blessed. I want to dye my hair like Amber's so bad, but would probably just come off as crazier than usual. lol Aquaman comes out around my birthday, so I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING.

      Thanks for the link! <3

      1. Good God why? What's not to like?:D

        I'll send it in a moment :)

        That trailer is so awesome. Cannot even imagine how moving it must be on the big screen

        That First Man trailer was just so subdued. Like it was Nolan's movie but Nolan's movies usually have incredibly well done, epic trailers

        I would love to have hair like Amber's but they would probably all came out if I dyed them like that lol There's a reason why it's a wig, Kidman's hair on the photos is her own I think but with a lot of extensions she barely has any left after years of dying it this piss color blonde she insists on having

    4. Fuck Chris Hardwick, Bryan Singer, and nostalgic manbabies in general.

      I can't look at the AntMan poster any other way now lmao.

      Why am I the only one who hated the Star is Born trailer?

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I saw that poster and I was like damn Hope is being DIRECT over there :D

        it is really corny but the editing is just breathtaking


      I didn't even notice the Wasp was shoving her ass in Paul's face lol how do I unsee that now?

      I'm watching the new Tomb Raider tomorrow, I'm not that sure it's a good idea now.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. THANK YOU! :) :*

        It's just so boring and generic. It was a chore to sit through that half an hour I managed to watch :P

    6. I really enjoyed the trailer for A Star is Born as well. Very excited to see what Cooper does with that material. And… yeah, what was that Girl in the Spider's Web trailer?

      I cannot believe Singer is getting sole director credit on that film. When will he get his comeuppance?

      Thank you as always for the link!

      1. At that point if anything comes from Sony and has half a decent trailer it's truly a miracle. I violently hated Baby Driver but comparing to their usual stuff at least it didn't feel cheap. That Girl in Spider's Web trailer looked absolutely embarassing

    7. "Disney won't rest until they remake and massacre every single one of their classics." So true. I will say Dumbo doesn't look half as bad as Christopher Robin which just looks weird and creepy.

      That whole Kelly Marie Tran thing is sickening. I love the Star Wars franchise, but can't stand how the fanbase acts. She isn't the first actor they've been savage to. It's embarrassing.

      1. Yeah they were also so terrible towards the kid who played Anakin and Hayden Christensen. But this one has extra layers of racism and misogyny

    8. Cabin in the Woods was a surprising horror, and Bad Times at the El Royale looks intriguing-only watched half the trailer for fears of spoilers!

      1. It doesn't spoil anything :) It's quite vague trailer, actually

    9. Super bummed we gotta wait another month for the Aquaman trailer, but at the same time I like that it's not being rushed. DC rushed so many of their early films trying to catch up with Marvel, they had to learn the hard way that just because you call something a "universe," that doesn't mean people will invest. Which is why I'm digging this focus on solo character ventures. Let us discover these heroes first, most of whom we've never seen on screen before. Have them stand on their own two feet, then let's give a shit about Justice League.

      The Ben Affleck saga has finally come to an end! (Tho I don't wanna jinx it.) I see this as a sign to shelve Bruce Wayne and finally tell Batgirl's mythology. They can't expect me to believe there isn't much comic inspiration to draw on. Batman is my favorite superhero of all time and even I'm getting sick of them trying to "reimagine" the Caped Crusader every few years. He just had an epic trilogy so he's solid for at least a decade. DC's got an entire gallery of heroes at their disposal, why aren't they using it?

      1. I don't know what is going on over there with that Batman thing. They did so many mistakes over there with DCEU it's truly embarrassing. There is so much stacked against Aquaman in terms of perception that this will have to be the trailer as great as Logan's Hurt trailer for this whole wait not to backfire. They cannot afford mistakes now.

    10. Thanks for ruining the movie poster for Ant-Man and the Wasp for me, haha!
      I cannot deal with a Snowman 2.0, please, please let this movie be better than that.
      I feel so sorry for Kelly Marie Tran...people can be so cruel and the 'hardcore' Star Wars fans lately are nothing but toxic.

    11. I thought that WAS the poster for Three Billboards.

      *pats couch* Sit down.

      I think we need to have a serious talk about Aquaman. How the Hell are they going to pull this off? JM is awesome and Hawaiian and everything, sure, but I'm f--king baffled at how they are gonna set an entire movie underwater. Is it going to be the most heavily VFXd movie in the history of time? Are there going to be subtitles? Does the aquabun stay in place? So many questions.

      This internet a-hole nonsense is f--king maddening. I fell down the wormhole investigating the whole Millie Bobby Brown thing on Twitter and I wanted to throw my phone into the sun. And obviously that's just the tip of the shitty iceberg, but it is a perfect microcosm of the entire shitstorm we've found ourselves in. F--kers.

      Thanks for the link! I saw you poster your review for Herditary...I might be seeing that tonight....(or should I see something else??)

      1. It's not gonna be underwater the whole time :) He was raised on land also that pic of him and Amber is in Italy, some of their adventure takes place on land. But there are a lot of underwater sequences and that's basically the actors flying around like in Gravity but with CGI making it look like it's underwater. But I imagine there will be scenes where they are simply standing or sitting down and talking etc. so it's really not as complicated as it may seem. Wan said they will simply talk so no subtitles. And aquabun is actually gonna be CGI - Jason and everyone else had net over their hair because the CGI was required to make hair look like they are underwater and it was easier this way :P

        Honestly I cannot imagine having your job. Teaching the youth knowing that no matter what you do, they can still turn into little shits like that. Just the worst.

        Hereditary is a great movie but it's the opposite of the good time.

    12. I actually really dug the Widows trailer.

      Dumbo... um... yeah, nah, I'm good. :P

      Agreed that A Star Is Born looks good. Looking forward to that one.

      Also agreed that First Man's trailer is a bit disappointing. Particularly considering the trailers for Damien Chazelle's other two movies made me instantly intrigued, this one sorta looks just kinda mundane. I'm sure the movie itself will still be good, though.

      Also, gotta admit, I wasn't sure about a Nun movie, but that trailer does look good, so we'll see.

      1. I really hope The Nun is at least as good as Annabelle: Creation. That was really a decent horror flick