Friday, June 22, 2018

(343) Never Enough! + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, June 22, 2018
  • Since this RF is as usual going to be filled with hot dudes I'm delighted that Gal Gadot shared stunning picture of herself in costume from Wonder Woman 1984 so at least I have something for my straight male readers to enjoy this week.
  • And that's Mario.
  • His pants probably flew off when he saw this.
  • So after Solo's disastrous box office performance Disney is putting all the spin offs on hold...except for Rian Johnson's trilogy. If they are trying to put everyone off this franchise they are doing an exceptional job. 
  • What on Earth are Carell and Zemeckis doing? The story is very cool but that execution seems like way too much, not to mention that animation looks creepy as hell. The trailer is beyond corny and that has gotta be the worst use of music in trailer in months, at least since that terrible use of Believer in Murder in the Orient Express. It's so goddamn on the nose I actually cringed. Reddit had a field day with this trailer: 
  • Never go full traumatic brain injury. 
  • - the foo fighters music cracked me up - God almighty, WE'RE LITERALLY WATCHING HIM LEARNING TO WALK AGAIN 
  • *LEARNING TO WALK AGAIN* *Shot of learning to walk again* Poetry 
  • This could have passed as a fake trailer before Tropic Thunder. 
  • Here's Evangeline Lily talking about her son being adorable on the set of Ant-Man and the Wasp.
  • They gave Chris Pratt, of all people, a 'Generation Award' at MTV Movie Awards and this is what he said in his speech. What the fuck is this. First of all for this hunting, animal abandoning piece of shit to even talk about dogs in his 'speech' is shameful. But then he talks about pooping and God. I just can't. I cannot wait for this guy's career to tank. He is standing there preaching to the youth about the decency and God? Are you kidding me?! Of all the mediocre actors out there this is the one Hollywood has to keep shoving in people face's? Surely there is someone less terrible. 
  • OK I have not been following closely what is happening in USA right now. I heard about it and it's terrible. Here in Europe we have football thing happening (Jesus Christ, did you guys saw the way Poland lost that second goal? Good God. Someone in my city actually threw a TV set out of a window) so they are focusing on this all the time on news stations but today as I was watching the news before I went to work I saw that whole jacket thing. This is fucking disgraceful. I mean for the First Lady to wear that on any occasion is just in poor taste but under those circumstances? It's absolutely monstrous what is happening and this is some kind of Marie Antoinette level bullshit she pulled off there. I mean I thought that thing Pratt said above was fake and I also thought that the picture of that jacket was fake but nope, both real. And just awful but on very different level. 
  • Ah, we have not been talking about Johnny 9 Digits for a while here. He was actually in Poland recently with his band or whatever the fuck. This was on my soil. This and not Jason.
  • Anyways, there is an extensive and I mean EXTENSIVE article about him in Rolling Stone which I have yet to read. Here's a short rundown. Reddit thread for the best stuff. I'm not even sure how the fuck to comment here. I am speechless. The level of delusion's unbelievable. 
  • Also yeah, if you have at least one story about pouring yourself a shot of vodka in the morning, you DO have a problem.
  • Speaking of drinking....
  • On Friday (which is the only drinking day for me) I rewatched The Cabin in the Woods and Someone Like You. That's a nice little dose of Chris and Hugh for good start of the weekend. When in doubt what to watch always go with Hugh as Jason has been in total of 2 good movies so far.
  • Let's take a moment to look at that beard again. 
  • *moans for fifteen minutes* 
  • All right. 
  • On Saturday I went to see Hereditary but I also kept doing my 'I pay so I will use it" credo and since Netflix had it I saw Beauty and the Beast. Yeah, that was nowhere near Branagh's Cinderella levels. Also it was just way too long. Netflix kept lagging so at least I had nice short breaks from suffering through it.
  •  I also finally saw The Greatest Showman and it was surprisingly enjoyable, ridiculous re-writing of history and Boo Kangaroo not being shirtless (you've gotta be fucking kidding me...) aside. Hugh was great in the role and the songs were really nice. That scene where Ferguson (well, it wasn't actually her doing the singing) was on the stage and performing "Never Enough" and he was watching her in awe was amazing.
  • Then I rewatched Jason's worst movie which is Wolves because I just had to watch something with him in it after Hereditary,that movie is short and he is shirtless in it. My love has no borders of reason, decency or sanity. 
  • Yes, he is shirtless in the bar because he has absolutely no mercy.
  • Look at that stare.
  • Look at that smile.
  • Oh dear lord.
  • On Sunday I saw Ocean's 8 which wasn't much of a comedy but it was a pretty good heist movie in that it was engaging and I wasn't bored. Anne Hathaway was great and so was Helena Bonham Carter. It was cool how each lady in the team had something to do. Hell, even Rihanna was good! Also PSA - there is a moment when Richard Armitage is shirtless and handcuffed to bed.
  • Then I saw - again, because Netflix had it - Horrible Bosses 2 for yet another noble reason. Chris Pine in a leather jacket. It was actually marginally better than the first one in that I at least laughed at some parts of it and there were fewer rape jokes. Talk about rock bottom of comedy, right there. 
  • Westworld 2x09 delivered well directed and very well acted episode - well, obviously, since it revolved around Man in Black and Harris plays him - but the whole reveal thing was kinda underwhelming. Yes, it's a bummer that your husband goes off to an amusement park and has sex with robots but it's not the horrific 'oh my god' thing to kill yourself over. Especially that we found out in season 1 that Juliet also went to the park and banged robots so what is the deal here. It's like the writers forgot. 
  • The writing is really not good this year. This season is really off and now there are rumors they aren't shooting the next one until next year? First season was great and 18 months wait killed any momentum it managed to create. And it's not that HBO doesn't care about ratings - they got this show Superbowl ad, it was supposed to be their new biggest show and there is so little interest. It's embarrassing. If they won't figure something out and make people really care about characters then I'm pretty sure season 3 is gonna be the last one. 
  • On Monday I saw Rampage. It really looks like my goal this past 7 days was to watch as much dumb stuff as humanly possible. Remember the trailers for this with Manjello in a forest with a gun? This is his only scene. I think he is in it shorter than he was in Justice League. That guy cannot catch a break. 
  • I wish Jason did films like that because surely nothing can be worse than Wolves and this thing which I haven't seen yet but something tells me it's not great. Seriously, either give him cool roles where he can show off his talent and give him praise or give him the roles where he can be fun and give him the money, in any case give him roles because I have seen practically everything with this man and I need MOAR. 
  • On Monday I watched Blockers which was sweet and kinda funny. Also the youths with their emojis, Good God. I feel so old. Is that butt chugging nonsense really a thing? Cause that's a waste of beer not to mention it looks like it can cause ass damage. Also I did not intend to start my week with the sight of Gary Cole's penis but this is where I was at.
  • Then I saw about 20 minutes of Life at the Party and noped the hell out after 20 minutes. Melissa was literally playing that cat lady disguise from Spy. Why do they keep using her so wrong? She should always be yelling and threatening people like in The Heat not arguing about soup or being the polite lady who doesn't want to offend anyone. 
  • Ah yes, on Wednesday I rewatched the horrible Ghostbusters remake. Because Netflix had it. And Hemsworth was in it.
  • I think I need help.
  • This would be cute if he wasn't wishing happy birthday to such a trash person.
  • Henry Cavill is trying to kill us all. I didn't even notice the dog there at first.
  • So last week I was here awaiting Aquaman trailer. Turns out the studio changed their mind last minute and we are now getting the trailer on Comic Con. This is a very good - albeit obviously for me painful - decision. First of all we just had real flood of trailers so anything new would have so much competition. Second of all, the later they start the marketing the better - it's still gonna be 5 months to wait after Comic Con so that's a good amount of time to hype the movie without me dying of thirst while waiting. And finally, neither Marvel nor HBO are doing anything there this year so Aquaman can totally dominate and get all the attention. I mean what is going to steal it? The Walking Dead? Give me a fucking break.
  • But we did get something this week and that is longer interview with Amber Heard for EW. 
  • "He’s exactly like you think Jason would be like but even more so. His heart and his personality is as big as he is. He’s got this booming voice and his sense of humor isn’t satisfied unless he’s making people laugh. I was joking that you always know where Jason is — you hear loud rock and roll, booming voice and people laughing and something breaking or falling. He’d make the worst ninja ever. I got annoyed with him because on the set I read books and I’m quiet. He’s allergic to not making people laugh or be keeping people engaged around him all the time. So he started stealing my book so I’d be forced to pay attention to him."
  • I'm just petting my screen and doing 'owwww!' noise right now.
  • I am good people. I deserve Jason stealing my stuff so I paid attention to him.
  • I beg you, steal my stuff.
  • Cause already heart....
  • ..
  • ....
  • ......
  • *cries for fifteen minutes*
  • Anyways.....
  • I LOVE that Mera in the movie has been raised to be the queen her entire life and to marry Orm. And then...she meets Arthur. I love it. It's the hot 'betray everything you know for love' thing. I mean imagine this, your entire life you are supposed to marry some dude to unite the kingdoms and then you get MomoWOAH. 
  • That's fucking romantic AS SHIT!
  • So last week I had Boo Kangaroo dream. This week, one night, one after another I had Hammer boo and Sunshine boo dream. I keep awaiting Feral boo dream. I'm definitely not waking up from that one... 
  • Curiously, so far after I saw huge amounts of his movies, I only had nightmares, most notably the one with talking baby goats with Gremlin faces chasing me around. 
  • Maybe it's you guys having formed Inception-like team and trying to keep me alive by causing me to have nightmares and not visions of what Heaven must be like. 
  • Dammit, guys. 
  • Not that Jason needs much help trying to assassinate me.  
  • I mean look at this and tell me this is not an attempt on my life:
  • If I were a dog I'd be the one on top right picture, being delighted out of my mind.
  • He is just walking around, looking like this and petting dogs. I don't think this can get worse....
  • oh wait....
  • ....because Monday morning I go on Instagram and I see this. When he started running and took his shirt off for absolutely no reason....I guess what I felt watching this is what people of faith feel when they witness a miracle.
  • And finally something really funny happened on one of the Cons. Jason takes a lot of hilarious photos with women and their boyfriends or husbands but this story made the news. Here's the photo and entire thread on reddit about it. The comments there are amazing.  
  • Good God, these right here
  • People get it.
  • They get it.
  • m.brown reviews Solo
  • Sonia writes about Tomb Raider
  • Brittani reviews The Tale
  • Dell ranks Ocean's movies
  • Getter reviews Hotel Artemis
  • Katy tries to figure out what is happening in Wonder Woman 1984


    1. I’m starting to think he doesn’t actually know his numbers. He just sees a dollar sign and is like “Yeah, I can afford whatever comes after that.” - I think this is Depp's truth. Sad.

      I'm a glutton for punishment so I'll see Life of the Party at some point. On the other hand, I'm really looking forward to The Happy Time Murders. Call me an idiot if you must.

      That Carrell movie has a weird look, but I still think Christopher Robin looks far creepier. Could be just me, though.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Christopher Robin does look creepier. It seems like there are plenty of bizarre movies about to be released this year

    2. THAT PICTURE IS GLORIOUS I'M GLOWING. *puts myself in a straight jacket to not start another Twitter thread for Gal*

      I didn't know what to think about Welcome to Marwen. Dolls already scare the crap out of me, and since I watched the trailer after the cracked-out Mission Impossible II, I literally thought it made me high. lol The dolls looked okay in some scenes, but in others, NO THANKS.

      OMG, FIFA WORLD CUP. I'm addicted.

      My jaw is on the floor Don't take the OBI-WAN SPIN-OFF FROM ME I NEED THAT NOOOOOOO

      Loved the direction, songs, and cast in The Great Showman...but I couldn't stand the script. -.-

      *Michael Jordan laughing gif* "Cause that's a waste of beer not to mention it looks like it can cause ass damage."

      Wishing Aquaman floods SDCC, especially anything to do with The Walking Dead. lol I love seeing Amber succeed 'cause it just adds more validation to her claims against Johnny. GET IT GIRL.

      I've been dreaming about working at Barnes and Noble as a cashier. Where are my Sunshine, Boo Kangaroo, Hammer, Feral dreams?!

      Thanks for the link! <3

      1. Aquaman needs to come in with a crashing WAVE of awesome and WASH the audience with hype and FLOOD them with anticipation :D There are gonna be so many puns everywhere every time there is a piece of marketing for this :)

        I hope Amber is gonna become a huge star. That entire article about Depp was chilling but that part about her was just awful.

    3. I hadn't heard the bit about Johnson's trilogy still going through. Jesus. Lucasfilm is a joke now, and they're taking Star Wars down with 'em.

      FINALLY watched Greatest Showman, lol. It's about time, I'd say. At least it doesn't sound like you completely hated it, like you had been alluding to on twitter. :P

      After really digging a number of this year's rated R comedies, Blockers is now on my list to watch, as I've heard good things. Nice to hear you liked it, too. Waiting for that one to come on out on video.

      1. Well when I started it before watching the Oscars the sheer amount of corny scenes in the first 20 minutes was really too much. But now, having seen all of it, it was actually enjoyable and after a while it 'calmed down' a little bit :) also the performances were really very good.

        Blockers was very sweet, not that funny but worth seeing!

    4. hey sati, thanks for catching us up!
      I still chuckle everytime I read 'president trump' in the news. what a dark chapter in history we're witnessing. melania's jacket is just.. surreal. it would be really funny if it wasn't that sad.
      good thing there's a jason momoa around this time as well, what a lad.
      happy weekend!

      1. Jason makes everything better particularly when he chooses to bless us with new instagram post :)

    5. I saw a pic of that new Steve Carell movie on Twitter the other day and it looks so creepy! It sounds like an interesting film though

      I'm still laughing at Senegal's second goal lol I was rooting for Poland because of Lewandowski but damn that was funny. Anyway, I had no idea Melania wore that jacket. I guess that's the First Lady Americans deserve for voting Trump.

      I'm glad you enjoyed The Greatest Showman

      Thanks for the link!

      1. That was unreal. I laughed out loud. Our goalie was like in the middle of the fucking field for God knows what reason. Lewandowski is way too careful, look at Ronaldo he scored so many already and he really does his best there. I love this guy he is such a diva lol

    6. I had no idea they were making a movie about the Marwencol documentary. What the actual fuck is that? They're going to romantize that shit like they did The Glass Castle ughhhhh.

      The U.S is a trash fire right now. Melania should've stayed missing.

      Now that you've seen all of the Greatest Showman I stand by Rewrite the Stars being better than This Is Me.

      How does Chris Pratt get a generation award when he's only been famous for 5ish years? Gross.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. That trailer is truly surreal! I couldn't believe what I was seeing there

        Rewrite the Stars was lovely, such a catchy song. Never Enough was probably my favorite because that scene was really amazing. Hugh was so good in it reacting to her singing

    7. Here in the UK we don't know much about what's going on in USA right now either, football has well and truly taken over!
      I didn't realise you hadn't seen The Greatest Showman until now! I always think of you when I see Hugh Jackman now. On screen obviously, not like, at my local supermarket. (But could you imagine??)

      1. Oh's a good think I don't run into him in my supermarket otherwise people there would see something truly special lol Hugh was so lovely in this movie

    8. I need to see The Greatest Showman, I missed it in the cinema. Plus, Hereditary looks so amazing. Once more, a great post. I always look forward to these.

      1. Thank you! The greatest Showman is really charming. Unlike Hereditary its a very pleasant movie :)

    9. "This could have passed as a fake trailer before Tropic Thunder." That is the funniest shit I have read all day. I started CRACKING up when I saw that here. So, so true. I guess I'm curious about that movie, but I fear I'll leave with a headache haha

      1. Reddit tends to have really hilarious posts on movies section :) also this is spot on. This is such an obvious bait and that trailer is beyond corny.

    10. GOD The Greatest Showman is kind of terrible but also SO ENJOYABLE. Jackman's charm goes a LONG way, especially towards selling "Never Enough", which is 90% just those two words over and over, as an actual good song.

      I really enjoyed Life of the Party, although to be fair it was mostly for the supporting cast. McCarthy was not great in it and everyone else was funnier than she was (Maya Rudolph gave me LIFE). Also there is one scene at a restaurant about halfway through(?) that is worth the price of admission just by itself.

      That Pratt award and speech was the biggest piece of bullshit in America that didn't involve a jacket with writing on it. Disgusting.

      I can't with Cavill anymore. I'm not gonna survive Mission:Impossible intact. The only question now is if I'm going to melt or if I'm going to spontaneously combust.

      Not to mention Aquaman, which I'm just trying to avoid all pics of because... I mean... I take it I don't even have to say, right? I mean, he's RIGHT THERE. And looking like THAT. And like, yes, The US is a dumpster fire right now, but I like my life! LOL

      Given everything I've been reading about Westworld S2, I'm SO GLAD I stopped halfway through S1. Because go figure, the things that I really liked about it have indeed gotten pushed aside in favor of more mysterious bullshit that they don't know what to do with.

      GOD BLESS YOU for that gif of Hugh giving the thumbs up *dies, is immediately revived by his eyes alone*

      1. Honestly it's just dangerous that there is gonna be 2h+ long movie with Jason as a superhero, underwater being heroic and shirtless. I really don't think anyone is making it out of there alive if we even live thrrough Fallout and survive to see Aquaman in the first place :)

        Ah "Someone Like You" is a treasure :)

    11. I still can't believe that picture of Gal Gadot is a thing that actually exists. She's so's basically hypnotic. 'SJBN;SFNs adADVSg

      Sorry, I'm back.

      I'm glad you liked The Greatest Showman! I've actually seen it (more or less) three more times and, even as silly as it is, it's such a crowd pleaser, you know?? Stoked that HJ was right bringing that one to the big screen. And that part that you featured...with Ferguson? Rowr.

      Twenty minutes of Life of the Party is just about enough...except you probably missed the two best scenes. Hell, that might not being saying much...but...they were momentarily hysterical.

      Gremlin faces or not, these goat dreams are troubling. *shudder* I wonder if they're gonna be worse after the zoo trip? Yikes!

      Thanks for the link!!

      1. I really worry what will happen to you when you get to see that sequel :D

        The dreams didn't get worse after the zoo trip but I'm pretty sure there will after I witness Aquaman trailer...