Friday, July 6, 2018

(345) I'm so much happier now that I'm on vacation + links

By Sati. Friday, July 6, 2018
  • I'll keep it brief today since it seems everyone, including the readers (ekhem, 7 comments last week, ekhem! I slave and I perv and for what?!) are on vacation.
  • I absolutely hate all of you who can just get out of the house, go to the cinema and see Ant-Man and the Wasp right now. I have to wait another month, like a damn moron. I had to stream shitty cam version of it. What the fuck, Marvel? Now you guys have the character deliver the line about having time, same as Logan and Wonder Woman, and then you punch people in the heart?
  • Since I'm on holiday, I rewatched The Heat and Gone Girl again, because of course I did.
  • Mullins is a goddess.
  • So is Amy.
  • I wish she cut Affleck's dick off.
  • God, do you guys realize it has been 4 years since last David Fincher's movie? This is the darkest timeline.
  • Also why do the greatest comedies of last few years - Spy, The Heat, This is the End - not getting sequels? The fuck? 
  • I went to the zoo yesterday so yey, here are the pictures! Dude, the crib the lions have in our zoo. It's huge. We have four of those but I only got to see 2 and both of them were chilling and just lying around. The sand cat was the cutest. Oh my God it was so tiny and precious! I finally got to see the sole wolf we have in the zoo. Usually he hides somewhere. 
  • What else have I been doing on my holiday? Sleeping, eating and watching That 70s Show (which is admittedly not so much fun these days, since Danny Masterson's creepy ass is there) on Netflix. 
  • Next week I'm gonna start working out and stop eating pizza.
  • It's like Eat, Prey, Love over here.
  • I also saw the first Incredibles for the very first time. It was very sweet. And unlike all other Pixar films it didn't make me cry.
  • I finally watched The Lure. Well, that was....unique. Of course something this insane and this depressing came from my country. 
  • Booze, nudity, sadness. 
  • Yep. 
  • Sounds about right.
  • I also saw Ready Player One because I figured it will look cool on my big TV and yep, it did. It was better than I expected but it was still very forgettable. The Shining sequence was dope and quite imaginative but other than that there really isn't much in the movie. It's pretty fun but Spielberg can direct stuff like that in his sleep. Still, it's much better than his 'serious' movies lately because that shit is so boring I could barely finish those. 
  • Sharp Objects premieres this week. I think I may actually re-read the book, which is my favorite Gillian Flynn's book. Amy Adams is getting 'career best' reviews for the show but it's not that hard considering that majority of her career is standing around, staring at stuff in disbelief. I still think she is a terrible choice for Camille but hopefully she won't ruin the entire series for me. 
  • Amber Heard tried to do something this week, whatever it was she was trying to do, and it backfired. This girl needs to get off drugs. Also if WB intends to send her to promote Aquaman, which they kinda have to do, seeing how she is practically a co-lead, they need to PR coach her. I really want to like this girl, I do, but she is a damn mess.
  • That Heard situation didn't gain that much traction since thankfully Scarlett Johansson's stupid and evil ass is out there and she continues to prove she is the worst. What parts can transgender actors get if a part like that goes to her?  Again, Marvel - cancel her solo, throw her talented ass on the curb with garbage where it belongs and give female-led movies to actual interesting characters played by actresses who deserve success.
  • That hunch I had last week from Beautiful Boy trailer was apparently right and Carell is not very good in it. So between that, that tragique dolls movie and him apparently not having much to do in Cheney it looks like it's not Steve's year at all.  
  • The Nun and IT are gonna have a bit of marketing on Comic Con. I read the script for The Nun last week and it's really good. There is gonna be some great imagery in this movie. Also it ties to The Conjuring in a very cool way.
  • Idris Elba is gonna be in that Statham/The Rock Fast and Furious spin-off movie. Oh, this will be hot. 
  • Cavill is at it again on his instagram. And by 'at it' I mean at 'trying to murder us'. Look at this. When this photoshoot gets much perving on twitter will happen. 
  • The cast of Aquaman will be on Conan's talk show during Comic Con. Last time Jason was on Conan Betty White was so delighted to be next to him and it was so adorable. I don't know who of the cast is gonna be in San Diego but man, I hope Kidman is gonna be there. The fact she is playing his mother is hilarious (his wife is her age) and Nicole is so dignified, whereas Jason runs around, throws chairs and keeps doing silly stuff. It would be so precious if they were there together.
  • Also the more the better, maybe Amber won't get to say much and won't "accidentally" say something racist. 
  • Jason shared a picture of himself on 4th of July announcing he has a new dream job. Based on that he delivering newspapers? 
  • And here he is being an amazing daddy.
  • ...
  • ....
  • .....
  • ...that's an unfortunate sentence.
  • m.brown reviews Deadpool 2
  • Katy ranks Oceans movies. Also yey for Katy who is watching Game of Thrones for the very first time experiencing the (almost) whole might of Jason. His bare ass and him delivering epic speeches in Dothraki. God, I almost fainted just typing this.
  • Brittani and Allie review Sicario 2
  • Alex break down Armageddon's Criterion Commentary
  • Sonia didn't like one of my favorite movies in the world In the Loop nearly as much as I did but at least she watched it! #shade
  • Sofia writes about long awaited sequels 



    1. Holy shit, David Fincher four years - WHERE ARE YOU.

      Red on That 70s Show is perfect.

      I just got a copy of Sharp Objects, so I'm hoping to squeeze it in before the series starts.

      Oh, Amber. I know she's active on Instagram about Families Belong Together, but that "joke" was not good at all, especially on twitter. I can't wait for the Aquaman press tour, but she needs to get her stuff together. Can't wait to see Nicole and Jason together.

      Thanks for the link! I'm starting Game of Thrones again tonight since the Ant-Man and the Wasp anticipation has eased up a bit. That Steve meme is all too real.

      1. The book is a really fast read and it's legit awesome. I hope they will do it justice with the TV series

        I really hope Nicole gets involved into the marketing of the film. It would be so cool to see her interact with Jason, she was already so much fun talking about him to EW and complementing his hair and stuff lol

    2. Whoa. I am totally here for a sequel to This is the End. I am here for that 100%.

      Also, I can't believe it's been 4 years since a Fincher flick was released. Serious drought all right...

      1. I need to see Mindhunter, since that's pretty much the only thing he did lately

    3. The UK has to wait till 3rd August for Ant-Man and the Wasp too! It sucks so hard! How are we meant to avoid spoilers for that long?!
      You're making me want to rewatch The Heat...I forgot just how funny it was!
      Thanks for link :D

      1. It's ridiculous :/ At least UK is still in World Cup, Poland is long gone lol :D

        The Heat is so awesome!

    4. The good comedies don't get sequels because studios know they can't top them. lol. Which is fine for me, just put out more good comedies.

      I want to re-read Sharp Objects too. I'm thinking of watching the mini series first, then doing that.

      Amber I liked her for that second I met her in real life when she held an elevator for me but come on. lol

      I love that 70's Show gif! And I still have yet to watch Ready Player One yet.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I really don't think the studios put this much thought into it :)

        Amber needs to get her shit together she is about to be on the big screen playing the luckiest woman in CBM. Come on woman, get a grip!

    5. Still waiting for the Spy sequel. I wish they could understand that it was a hit and it deserves more love and a sequel. Every time I think about it I get a bit sadder.

      Ant-Man is here but my roommate is away for the weekend so we'll see it next week. Can't wait to laugh my ass off.

      Enjoy your vacation!! :)

      1. What is up with Paul Feig's films not getting sequels? It's such a waste!

    6. Agree Spielberg's recent 'serious' output is boring. I can't even bring myself to finish Lincoln!
      It's normal for lions to be lazy in the sun and then hunt when it's cooler. Hopefully the zoo staff make them work a bit for their food. Sounds like a nice trip you had.

      1. And Lincoln is actually one of his better ones latelt :)

    7. Italy has to wait until August 14 for Ant-Man and the Wasp. What pisses me off the most is that it was supposed to release on July 4.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. It's so insane :/ It's like early 00s when there was always months long wait for movies to be released in Europe

    8. hey sati, so happy you've got some time off finally! how's the weather? now I NEED to see jason and betty white next to eachother, how did I miss that?! are you familiar with the 'creamed my knickers' episode from graham norton? because that's how I imagine it to be haha. happy sunday!

      1. It's unbearably hot :D i think part of that Conan interview is on youtube somewhere, it's so much fun!

        I am not familiar but that sounds about right :P

    9. 4 years since Fincher’s last movie? I hope he comes back with a bang.

      1. Seriously, it's been too long. Imho he is the best director we have.

    10. Thanks so much for the link! I really hope Sharp Objects is good. And I'm with you on Ready Player One. That Shining sequence was cool as hell, but that's about all I can remember from the movie.

      1. You're welcome! The premiere episode was amazing!

    11. I have been eagerly awaiting a sequel to The Heat since it came out. Same with Spy. I have a feeling I will be waiting a LONG time. I wouldn't have a problem with it because the movies are just fine as they are, except there are so many crappy comedies out there and those sequels would be better than all of them (even if not as good as the originals).

      "Better than I expected but still very forgettable" is a pretty perfect descriptor of Ready Player One. I preferred the book by a LOT, but the changes they made mostly made sense and worked really well.

      I'm SO HAPPY you watched The Lure finally!!! I keep wondering if there was some political commentary I was maybe missing, but it's so weird and wonderful that I don't care too much. And I love the songs.

      I am so glad I'm not on Instagram. Cavill's account alone would drive me into frenzied hysterics at work. The pic with the lemonade stand girls?!? I HATE EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM AND I HOPE THEY UNDERSTAND HOW LUCKY THEY ARE.

      1. I really hate how Melissa is wasting her time on all those movies not worthy of her. Her and Feig should just team up and make a sequel featuring one of the great characters they created together

        I had an impression this whole thing was set in 1980s here, under Communist rule, because of this whole scene with the police woman referring to the victim as 'citizen'. But I don't think there was more to it, the story relied on original tale of Little Mermaid quite heavily

    12. I’ve found myself thoroughly excited for The Nun. Not only is she freaking creepy looking, but I love what the Conjuring franchise is doing. Hopefully they don’t go into overkill mode.

      1. Yeah it's shaping out to be awesome. The script was really good and the cast is amazing. Conjuringverse is really cool!