Friday, July 13, 2018

(346) 8 days till rapture + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, July 13, 2018
  • Trailer for Life Itself including Oscar Isaac in absolutely nightmarish Vincent Vega co-splay. People keep raving about the script for that thing so hopefully it's good. 
  • Also look at that dog. Oscar is actually the second most adorable thing in that gif.
  • Here's Chris Hemsworth wearing a suit on the set of Men in Black 4. Yep, big guns right in at the start of RF.
  • Gal Gadot, an angel who walks among us, visited children's hospital while wearing her Wonder Woman outfit. Let's just hope she doesn't go Depp route because he used to do that too. Gal, don't cut off your finger, accuse your spouse on cheating on you with Billy Bob Thornton in wall writing in blood and go all golden teeth and meth on us. Mario would be devastated.
  • First episode of Sharp Objects was great. I am legitimately scared for my health here as I loved Amy Adams' work here. What?! 
  • I decided to write spoiler-free reviews for each episode, you know, to actually have some content around here and since I read the book it's fun to write about. Here's my post about the first episode. 
  • Tom Hardy's wife had sex with him when he was shooting that Capone movie. If that's not love, I don't know what is.
  • First teaser for The Favorite from Yorgos Lanthimos aka the man who brought us Colin Farrell shouting at Nicole Kidman in the kitchen that they need virgin pubes. It looks like it has great performances from its actresses - Olivia Coleman, who is so underrated, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone but I hope it's less weird than his other movies. 
  • Trailer for Castle Rock series based on short stories by Stephen King. I have no idea what's that show all about and it looks kinda cheap but if it has some cool homages or references I will probably check it out. 
  • Honest trailer for Rampage. That quip about Vin Diesel was brutal and hilarious. 
  • New pictures and video of Kristen Wiig on the set of Wonder Woman 1989. I love that messy hair look. It seems Barbara is gonna gradually turn until she transforms into Cheetah. 
  • That Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie is actually happening. Well, at least WB is not wasting too much money on it. I maintain they should just give all the money to James Wan and Patty Jenkins and kick out all the expendables, Affleck first and foremost. 
  • During Comic Con they will screen special version of Deadpool 2. But thankfully it's getting released on Blu-ray too so we will all get to see it!
  • Posters for Mary, Queen of Scots. Robbie looks ridiculous. And here's the trailer for it. What was the budget? 1 mln? This looks really cheap and not worthy of Saoirse. There's woods, there's corridors and A BARN. Oh, man. 
  • New pictures from Glass:
  • Miniwave in celebration of Emmys nominating my favorite actor Ed Harris and FINALLY nominating Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. You know, 4 years after he should have been nominated. Still, the nominations are insane. Massive snubs for Twin Peaks and where the hell is Peter Mullan for his brilliant guest performance in Westworld
  • Pictures from that upcoming Godzilla movie featuring Vera Farmiga and Eleven:
  • Black Widow solo movie finally has a director.You know, now that ScarJo doesn't put an effort anymore, has time and time again proved herself to be a terrible person and we are all bored with this character anyways.
  • And here are actual MCU ladies we do support.
  • Johnny 9 Digits is in the news again because surprise, surprise he assaulted someone again. So let me get this straight - when Amber Heard said that he hit her, there were tons of people disputing that, but now, when the victim is male, there is less people disputing the fact Depp hit someone? What actually happened is neither here nor there - this is yet another situation that shows people believe men but don't believe women.
  • Although of course this happened. I used to be skeptical of those allegations against Depp but since that time this dude is spiraling out of control at rapid pace and it's pretty clear that all of these things are true.
  • What the hell is WB going to do in November when it's time to promote Fantastic Beasts 2? Will J.K. Rowling again back Depp? Mess.
  • There's a clip from bathroom fight. Unfortunately, turns out Henry Cavill should never ever speak about women's struggles because he knows nothing
  • I really think he may be simple.
  • Yes, Henry. You are no longer going to be featured in the best part of RF. You are now in the heinous garbage part of RF.
  • Cavill attempted to apologize which included him blabbering about editorial liberties. I look forward to him "clarifying his position" too. Should go well, huh? He is apologizing for 'confusion'. How about actually apologizing for his words that suggest women either lie or cannot tell flirt from rape?
  • This is what happens to women in the business. Oh, but he cannot flirt! The horror!
  • Batman gropes women and Superman whines about not being able to freely pursue women because he may be called "a rapist or something". 
  • The absolute state of DCEU.
  • And this isn't just famous men who are disturbingly clueless. Yesterday I tweeted about this as I always do. And who backed Cavill? Only...this (look at responses). And that group included - 1. Trump supporters 2. Some tragedy from our blogosphere who I didn't even follow back nor I remember its website lashing out at me for 24h, lecturing me about things 3. Some dude whose opening statement was "you are incredibly dense", then went on complaining about feminists then when I responded "oh dear those pesky feminists!" he actually said "I see you are a lawyer I am counting on having a conversation with you :)"
  • Why don't you shove that smiley face up your ass.
  • I don't wanna talk to "men" whose reactions to women pointing out the flaws of another "man's" logic is mansplaining and lecturing. Don't lecture me about sexual violence. Don't lecture me about anger. I know more than you do and given that you are a "man" I know more than you will ever know.
  • You should be on your damn knees thanking the Gods you were born a man in this world instead of harassing women online with your pathetic hot takes.
  • Speaking of crazy....
  • I saw The Ward in my attempt to warm up to Amber Heard regardless of the stupid shit she says and does. The film was dumb as hell and the twist was legitimately atrocious but Amber was really good in this movie. She is a gorgeous girl and has this spark to her. I really hope she sorts her personal life out, she deserves success and happiness. 
  • I also saw Sinister which was pretty good but went on for about 30 minutes too long. Also I'm given to understand by all those horror films that since I am childless and utterly alone I will live a long life and not end up being hacked into little motherfucking pieces by some possessed youths. That', I guess.
  • Then I saw Don't Breathe. More importantly I decided to eat yogurt during Don't Breathe. Which was a very stupid decision. 
  • The film was decent and well directed. That dude is doing that Lisbeth Salander abomination at Sony now. There is no way this will be good. 
  • I rewatched Dredd because it's such an awesome movie and I haven't seen it for years. It held up very well. Lena Headey is the best. 
  • I also continued with my That 70's Show rewatch. Oh my God. I spent 2 weeks of vacation mostly just watching this.
  • Hugh Jackman is out there, posting stuff like this. I think I will start blasting The Greatest Showman soundtrack now, just in case.
  • Oh God. I just wanna hold him and pet him and cut down all the trees in the world so he enver gets hurt again.
  • This may be the most beautiful photo I've seen in my entire life. 
  • Another Con, another amazing story and amazing photo
  • Here's Jason walking and dogs running next to him. OK. Are those his dogs? Does he have dogs now? Or are they just dogs that saw him and run to him as any living creature would?
  • Please take that phone away from him
  • Jason has a new project and that project is a new series from Apple. I have so many problems with this. This man has the looks and the screen presence of a movie star. Yes, I know that TV is huge these days but I seriously doubt some series from Apple (the fuck? They do TV series now?) is gonna bring him as much attention as a movie would. 
  • We are now 8 days away from Aquaman trailer. Let us pray for me. I may not make it.
  • Also look at this. It's a butt armor. Oh, it's so beautiful!
  • Goddammit! Fucking Disney! And that damn nanny! Well, hopefully they will move Aquaman to December 14th now so I have at least one week less to wait. Disney is really pissing me off here. I hope Aquaman crashes that movie in box office fight. I like Emily but I LOVE Jason so this is so easy for me.
  • And here's a brand new photo showing underwater...people:
  • Look how gorgeous that picture is. It's so gorgeous and Jason is not even in it!
  • Allie reviews Tag
  • Getter reviews God's Own Country
  • Katy, Brittani and Adrian write about Ant-Man and the Wasp
  • Sonia reviews 7 Days in Hell
  • Mario shares his trauma after seeing Hereditary


    1. Mmmmmmm Chris Hemsworth.

      I forgot about Castle Rock! I thought the teaser for that looked cool. I still need to watch the 11/23/64 mini series Hulu has.

      Amen on everything you said about Cavill and the men who can't seem to understand the other side of things.

      I love how you're forcing yourself to watch Amber Heard movies lol.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Yeah I have to otherwise during Aquaman I'll be just so jealous I'll explode :D

    2. Within the space of a week I somehow lost interest in both a Black Widow movie and a Man of Steel sequel. I don't understand how hard it is to apologize. "Having seen the reaction..." "In light of recent..." Literally just say I'm sorry and I take responsibility for my actions and I have a lot of learning to do. No need to make it eloquent or even a statement. Just apologize. Good grief.

      I've been itching to write a post on Henry because it's SO disappointing but I know that the less men chiming in on it the better. I'll stick with what Terry Crews said and just listen for once. Evergreen advice for all men.

      So I tried watching Rampage and I couldn't. I hated it. Not entirely sure what my boy Dwayne is saying yes to these days, but that Honest trailers vid provided some much needed catharsis. That Vin Diesel comment. I can't 😂😂😂

      Appreciate the link! I published my Ant-Man piece super late but then again never being on time is completely on brand for me 👌

      1. They all suck in giving statements and then giving apologies for their statements. And they have PR people. How can they be this dumb?!

        I wish men like you who get it said and wrote things, actually. The number of 'men' who understand nothing is more than depressing and they are loud as hell and cannot seem to shut up

        Rampage was so silly but I still managed to have pretty good time with it :)

      2. It is SUPER depressing. And the fact that it was Superman who said that shit...I facepalmed so hard I damn near decapitated myself. As long as you're a decent person, you've got literally nothing to worry about. So if the Me Too movement alarms anybody, then it's probably for a reason.

        What's so disappointing about Cavill is that he was never problematic. Idk why the reporter was fishing for a comment about Me Too in the first place, but at the same time it felt like Cavill WANTED to get this off his chest, like the movement needed his two cents smh. I'm secretly hoping he gets shamed. Seeing as how he hasn't clarified his "stance" since then, some good roasting might be the only thing that'll humble the guy.

        Between this and whatever's going on with Batfleck, this feels like the perfect opportunity to focus on other DC heroes. Needless to say, Aquaman can't get here fast enough. I'm sure you would agree 😂

      3. Between Jason always trying to be funny and Amber accidentally saying offensive stuff I pray to God WB closes them in a room with PR pros and won't let them out until they know how to give interviews

    3. I just watched the trailer for Life Itself and I was so focused on Oscar I'm not even sure I understood what the movie is about haha that gif by the way is adorable

      Chris Hemsworth should not be allowed to wear suits. I can't handle all this

      I laughed so loud at the Gadot turning into Depp part

      I kinda love Adams so I guess I have to watch Sharp Objects (and I'll read your review of the first episode, sooner or later)

      I hope The Favorite will be as weird and fucked up as Lanthimos previous movies. It doesn't look so from the trailer though

      Fuck Cavill and all the men like him!

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I have no idea what the hell the movie is about either :)

        I heard that the movie is way more accessible than his other films which is good because I had to turn off The Lobster halfway through, and the Deer was just....surreal :P

    4. A movie created by the This Is Us crew?? On the one hand, I'd love to see the cast. On the other hand, they can be too sentimental and extra. BUT OSCAR ISAAC and ANNETTE BENING.

      Once I read the book, and start the series, I'll check out your recaps. lol *sigh* I'm just watching so much stuff, my eyes are going to pop out.

      I love love love The Favorite trailer. Coleman and Weisz are horribly underrated. CANNOT WAIT. In constrast, I'm not all that excited for Mary, Queen of Scots, though I adore Saoirse. It just looks okay.

      Sarah Paulson in the Glass preview brought me back to life. lol

      I have so many asshats accusing me of spewing crap by supporting Amber. It's ridiculous. I don't know how you can use real footage she released of him slamming down wine glasses and production members accusing him of assault to prove his innocence, yet here we are. I'd be surprise if they use Depp at all to promote FBTCOG, except an appearance at the premiere. For the most part, during the Harry Potter marathon on tv, they're using Rowling, Redmayne, etc. *SO FRUSTRATED*

      Thanks for the link! <3

      1. I wonder if Rowling continues defending him, that was just sickening. Amber would probably not have a career anymore if it wasnt for Aquaman and Depp just goes from one A list job to Another and has people defending him. Its shocking. He looked genuinely psychotic on that video Amber released

    5. good morning! I saw that twitter post concerning cavill, and the replies.. and then I had to shut down my laptop. there is just no chance to have a discussion, yet argue with people.

      1. Not so much people as guys. The blind devotion to someone like Cavill whom they idolize to the point of harassing strangers is sick. Even worse with Affleck.

      2. it's scary and sad how men get offended and completely miss the point here. keep calling em out!

      3. I will until I have energy left.

    6. Dude that Cavill debate on Twitter...of course it happens the one day I'm not actively on Twitter to combat the haters. That was absolutely absurd. I was reading it after a nap and like triple blinking. It reminded me of when that random dude came after me for disliking the abhorrent Birth of a got so heated I was actually terrified since he lived in my city. Men are nuts. NUTS. And rude. And ignorant. That whole conversation still has me pissed.

      1. I never see women harass strangers on twitter over stuff like this. Maybe teenage girls. But these are grown ass 'men'. The cluelessness and ignorance is legit frightening.

      2. You're right. Always very aggressive too, which is the most alarming.

      3. Women can be aggressive too but we don't have the ability to kill the other gender with our own hands hence they are truly scary.

        Also mostly so stupid which just makes it more scary

    7. Who are these f--king people that need to say shit to you (and other women online) like this? I can only imagine they are miserable f--ks in real life, or even worse, saving all this aggression and dickheadedness for online interactions (but pull off a relatively normal persona in their day-to-say).

      Either way, f--k these guys. While I'm sorry that you have to deal with this at all, I'm even more gutted that this isn't something that's entirely unexpected either. Women deal with this bullshit and worse all the time.

      I think these dudes are lashing out because they are legit scared. But what baffles me, what I'm truly astounded by, is that instead of apologizing, which non face-to-face would be SO EASY, they instead double down on being tone-deaf assholes.


      And thanks for the link. You're the best.

      (Oh, and sweet 'cut, Tink.)

      1. I am a miserable fuck too but I can generally behave less than terrible :D

        Oh no I look like a scarecrow but at least my hair is easier to brush and stuff :P

    8. I'm really into Sharp Objects so far (about to read your reviews). Adams is so damn good in it! And I can't lie, I'm excited about Glass. I hope it turns out well.

      1. Yeah I really hope it's gonna be Shyamalan in good form and not another nightmare like The Happening

    9. I think Life Itself looks good, so I'm looking forward to it at least. Here's hoping!

      I can't believe that Joker movie is actually happening. WB is out of their mind. XP

      "More importantly I decided to eat yogurt during Don't Breathe. Which was a very stupid decision." Oh jesus. DX

      And yes, Dredd is still awesome!! Definitely holds up!!

      1. That Joker movie may not be terrible with that cast but it's Todd Philips directing which is an odd freaking choice