Friday, July 20, 2018

(347) 1 day till rapture + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, July 20, 2018
  • So do I win the Internet this week or what?
  • We are going to start with the best part first because just look at this cover --->
  • That's right. Aquaman marketing is finally happening big time and I have never in my life been less productive than this week.
  • That cover is amazing and Amber Heard is seriously so pretty I may be looking at her here more than at Jason.
  • Look at this. The marketing department is trying to off me BEFORE I ACTUALLY SEE THE GODDAMN TRAILER.
  • Tomorrow is gonna be the greatest day for me since.....I don't know when. There's gonna be a panel during Comic Con and the cast and oh captain, my captain! James Wan are also gonna do Conan's show which will air on Sunday. 
  • But most of all there's going to be this:
  • I really may not make it tomorrow.
  • If you guys wanna tell me that you love me or something, now is the time.
  • I mean it.
  • If I do survive, tomorrow is gonna be super entertaining for my followers on twitter. Look at this. And we all know I'm gonna tweet so much filth.
  • We also got first official poster from the movie which warranted its own post
  • All those sea creatures flocking to Jason. 
  • I'm that chill sea turtle risking getting massacred by sharks, trying to get to him. 
  • James Wan is hyping us even more. He also liked my tweet this week and I almost exploded.
  • If he ever shows my twitter to Jason you guys will need to take turns to hide me.
  • He even has abs as a lego!
  • Here's Mera's second outfit in the movie. It's just stunning.
  • And here's incredible concept art of the giant seahorse:
  • Jason took the props home and now his friends' kids are playing with them! God, how many props did he take?
  • This interview is amazing but the last line is beyond amazing.
  • But there's more because why let me live:
  • Yes, Jason by all means post that on your instagram on the eve of the trailer dropping.
  • And here's a weekly reminder what a wonderful person he is.
  • People had the audacity to say Aquaman poster uses stock images of sharks and made fun of that fact. Well, look what MCU vomited.
  • Brand new poster for The Nun. There were clips from the film shown during the panel but sadly nothing was released online. Meanwhile the director, Corin Hardy, is having fun at Comic Con. There's more adorable pics on his twitter.
  • They even brought the doll on stage, and we also got some exciting news about the upcoming films produced by James Wan. One of them is gonna be Annabelle 3 and the premise is awesome - “Annabelle basically activates all the other haunted artifacts in that room. So, it’s basically A Night at the Museum, with Annabelle!
  • Speaking of spooky, here are the details for the next season of American Horror Story
  • Even though MCU doesn't have a panel this year here's epic Mondo poster for Infinity War --->
  • Here's absolutely ridiculous trailer for On the Basis of Sex. Armie Hammer in another Oscar bait flop. There's also a tragique poster. What is happening there? Why is she bigger than the building? 
  • Trailer for Boy Erased. Comparing to other recent trailers for Oscar baits this one is not bad. But what the hell did Russell Crowe do to himself that he looks like this these days? Nicole Kidman looks fantastic, though, and it seems like we will get another powerful performance from her. 
  • Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles series is heading to Hulu but it still doesn't have a showrunner. 
  • First pictures from season 3 of The Crown featuring Olivia Coleman as the Queen and Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret:
  • While we are on the subject of royalty, here are adorable pictures from Prince Louis' christening
  • There is a rumour that Robert DeNiro is going to be in that Phoenix Joker movie.
  • Something we all need before the next bullet point - epic picture of Keanu Reeves riding a horse, while wearing a suit, on the set of John Wick 3.
  • Just when I thought yesterday, as this draft was practically all done, that there won't be a huge mess to write about this week, today happened and with it came the news that James Gunn....well, he did this.
  • Here he is getting caught trying to delete stuff.
  • Here he is posting on 4chan,trying to defend himself.
  • He now deleted his twitter.
  • And Disney fired him.
  • I mean everyone says stupid things but to say this kind of stuff repeatedly, for years, for whatever purpose...that's just vile.I think the cops should look into this guy. This is....not a normal behavior. And this guy knew exact dates when to delete. He stopped tweeting this because he was hired by Disney. What the hell did someone with such mental state and attitude do in his spare time if THIS is what he was saying in public? Seriously, this is sickening.
  • And then of course we had another classy thing - Johnny 9 Digits actually there on Fantastic Beasts 2 poster. Oh good. I'm so glad he is still getting money and maintains his A list status.
  • Also - the fuck is this First Man poster?
  • Absolutely terrible character posters from Welcome to Marwen - 1,2, - and another trailer. The trailer is cheesy as hell but not as awful as the first one.
  • And finally, Richard Madden joined Rocketman. Taron is gonna perv out again
  • Brittani reviews A Streetcar Named Desire
  • Sonia writes about Carrie
  • Mario reviews Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
  • Katy and MettelRay review Love, Simon



    1. RIP ahead of time Sati, though I think you can make it!

      Mmmmmmmmmmm Richard Madden

      Boy Erased looks like good Oscar Bait. Welcome to Marwen needs to stop. Can everyone just go watch the documentary instead?

      James Gunn? *Mariah voice* I don't know him.

      Thanks for the link!

    2. Hopefully John Wick 3 winds up being as good as that picture of Reeves riding a horse promises it to be.

      Also, lost it at that bottom pic. Wan. Snyder. Whedon. XD

    3. Oh boy, so much juice, don't even know where to begin.'

      I hope you're alright today, I'm sensing you all my strength and wish you all the best!

      James Gunn situation is so wrong and idiotic. First of all, those comments make him a dick, and it seems everyone's a dick now, and we can't have nice things. Then he states that he said shit stuff to "get a reaction" what ever. Bullshit. You don't hit somebody in the face just to get a reaction. You do it because you're a dick. Last but not least, how in the world did these things go unnoticed for so long? Wasn't his social media checked when he got the job? How are these things in Hollywood kept hidden until we have to point it out? Oh well, I'm just a bit wired this morning, good thing I hated Guardians 2!

      The Nun looks creepy, and I'm already scared. I'm very excited for The Crown's third season, now that I'm finally on track with the show! Oh and Richard Madden AND Taron Egerton in the same movie?!? *ovaries explode*

      1. Thank you so much! I'll need it :D

        I think Disney did knew, especially that he apologized after getting hired but Disney only had to fire him over it when people found out about them. At least they did fire him, so that's something. Look at certain X Men director. Yes, he was fired but for not showing up to the set etc. not the things people continuously bring up when it comes to him

    4. Oh, I forgot to say THANKS FOR THE LINK! :D

    5. Aqua man does look pretty good. And I’m really excited for The Crown.

    6. I am so excited for you to see the Aquaman trailer! I know how much you're looking forward to it. Try not to faint when you see it ;)

    7. Girl you win the internet every week!
      Keanu Reeves riding a horse is just what I need to get me through the week ahead :D

    8. I'm not crazy about Mera's outfit to be honest. I hope it looks better in the movie

      I was not expecting something like that from Gunn. I used to like him which makes me even angrier.

      Thanks for the link!

      PS Good Aquaman trailer day! And may the force be with you.

    9. OMG, MERA. I want to be her. Fins down, Aquaman was the best part of SDCC. I was so excited James liked your tweet!! XD

      That Infinity War poster is ridiculous and awesome.

      Nicole Kidman is not human. We don't deserve to bask in her goddess glory. I'd add lol, but I'm totally

      I'm seriously stunned by the amount of people who said his jokes were just jokes. Despite his apology and seeming to become a better person since then, but that "sense of humor" is not funny or provocative whatsoever. There's no way to soften or spin the subject matter of those tweets, which are incredibly disturbing - period. Even though Disney doesn't have a perfect record either, I don't see any way how they could've kept him on.


      Thank you for the link! <3

      1. Lol James actually talked during the panel of telling Jason to take his pants off for the fans :D

        Now the cast members of Guardians are voicing their support for Gunn. This is a mess. Feige should just tell them he will cancel their movie and we will see how strong their support is then. Also the fact the alt-right was involved doesn't change the content of those tweets whatsoever and people only seem to be focusing on who found them

    10. how good is that photo of keanu?! I have never seen a horse that happy - also good to see they've put on carpet for the horse to gallop on, not so healthy on concrete. your post on the aquaman trailer is lined up next, is it too late to pray now?!