Saturday, July 28, 2018

(348) Wet wet wet + links

By sati (harlequinade) Saturday, July 28, 2018
  • Oh, what a lovely, lovey week
  • I barely made it through Comic Con. There was so much awesome stuff happening
  • But before we get to that.....
  • A Star is Born marketing, ladies and gentlemen.
  • They are finally making Deadwood movie. Every time I remember Powers Boothe is no longer with us I get sad, though
  • So they are going to show Suspiria in Venice. From what I gather this is mother! 2.0. They are definitely getting booed over there.
  • That Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer was amazing. It was easily the best trailer shown at Comic Con. Getting Charles Dance to appear in your film and say "Long live the King" has gotta be worthy of some sort of an award. 
  • A trio from Wonder Woman 1984 and gorgeous poster for Glass:
  • I really enjoyed Glass trailer, in that it was very well made and the film looks exciting but I really don't think it can possibly top Unbreakable. As good for Shyamalan's recent efforts as Split was I really don't think he has another movie in him as good as his early films. Also from what I hear Sarah Paulson and Anya Taylor-Joy actually aren't in this a lot.  
  • Ezra Miller won Comic Con on outfit front. 
  • So while Fantastic Beasts panel was happening (trailer) some twat thought it would be brilliant to bring Johnny Depp on stage. Not only am I sick of WB just parading him around but for the love of God Amber was literally in the building. I just hope she didn't hear the applause he got. Who the hell applauds this dude?!
  • I'm sure there are more things that happened this week but I either didn't notice or am too exhausted to talk about them.
  • Because let's face it this week, more so than any other week, I care only about one movie.
  • Here's Jason posing. Because why let me live.
  • Why is this evil touching my baby?!
  • Jason brought his kids and his mom. Just so precious. 
  • And here's his incredible entrance on the stage.
  • You can watch the entire Aquaman Comic Con panel here. I think James is like half in love with Jason. He kept mentioning trying to get Jason to be pantsless at least as often as I would mention it. So that's a serious man crush right there. 
  • Here's the ultra high res version of the trailer. It looks so stunning. 
  • The cast hilariously breaks down the trailer.
  • The trailer was the most watched trailer out of all during Comic Con!
  • Here's the description of an extended trailer that was shown inside Hall H exclusively. 
  • Not only did Jason walk around with Guinness he was getting others drunk too.
  • here a gorgeous poster signed by the cast. Nicole and James' signatures are so pretty! And unlike others, possible to read.
  • Oh yeah. I am definitely bi:
  • If he gets any more adorable I will not make it:
  • The cast was also on Conan's show and it was absolutely amazing.
  • Patrick Wilson's description of what it is like to party with Jason made me laugh so hard.
  • The book story was also told even better here, "I didn't do any antics to Nicole!" slayed me.
  • Not only did I have whole bunch of stuff from Comic Con to deal with but also this happened:
  • And then I saw these photos:
  • I am like, barely coherent anymore. Even less so than usual.
  • Brittani reviews Sorry to Bother You
  • Adrian and Keith rank Comic Con trailers
  • Mario reviews Ant-Man and the Wasp
  • Katy shares her Aquaman trailer reaction
  • Sonia reviews Road to Paloma which you all should watch

  • Just watch the trailer and smile. He is coming ABOARD.



    1. Your Momoa mania was actually tamer than I expected. I don't think I blushed this week.

      I hope youryo wrong about Glass because I am really looking forward to that one.

      I actually don't like the original Suspiria, but I do like mother! Maybe this remake will work for me, after all.

      1. I am exhausted from watching that trailer :D

        This is definitely going to be better than 'mother!' :)

    2. This was like Jason porn lmao.

      Heard's wig is going to piss me off during the entire movie. They should've just kept her Justice League one (I can't believe I said keep JL anything)

      I liked the Glass trailer too. I'm luke warm on both Unbreakable and Split, but I enjoyed them enough and will definitely see this.

      Same with Godzilla. I actually liked the 2014 version that everyone else hated lol

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Every week is Jason porn :D's super bright. I'm just pretending this is what happens to hair underwater and this is why it looks like that :)

    3. Damn, chances to drown are real!

      Thanks for the link!

    4. Haha the title of this post sent me to a different place I think =P

      As usual, thanks for posting about new movies and trailers and news. I basically use your blog to follow film, that and a film mag. So... yeah, you rule =]

      1. Well it was a bit....focused on one subject this week :D

    5. *heart eyes emoji with the Mera gif*

      I can't believe the A Star Is Born marketing.. *facepalm*
      Noooo, Suspiria can't be mother 2.0. :(

      If Sarah isn't in Glass a lot, it looks like I found a movie I can skip.

      Aquaman snatched Comic Con away from everyone else. Nothing was as memorable, even Fantastic Beasts which I'm shamefully excited for. I love the Aquafamily hugging! So cute! I still have to watch the cast on Conan. I can't comprehend those photos of Jason...almost as much as how pretty Amber is.

      Thanks for linking my post! <3

      1. Mera is just.... <3!!!!

        Well in a sense that the audience will definitely hate it there, it is. Venice crowd is rough!

        Yeah I heard rumours she is not there that much :(

        The cast on Conan is a must watch!

    6. it's been a rough week for you, sati - I'm glad you made it through! you're my favourite source of news I must say.

      1. It was just awesomely full week :D The news here are pretty....focused on just few subjects, though :)

    7. What I love most about Jason (after the body and face and hair, or course) is how much FUN he seems to be having at all times. Like, he looks like he's honestly enjoying all his success, while so many celebrities just try to look normal like it's just another day in the life or something.

      Those motorcycle pics are just... WOOF!

      If I was Amber Heard, I would have MURDERED HIM after that book stunt. BOOKS ARE PRECIOUS THINGS!

      1. I'd let Jason destroy all the books I own :D

    8. Oh my god that Star is Born marketing! That is priceless. And Hell. Yes. to a Deadwood movie. I just hope it actually gets made. Cannot wait for that. Cy Tolliver will certainly be missed.

      1. I think it will, it must! And ASIB looks really awesome, I'm really rooting for that one

    9. Ooh, so many posts to catch up!

      Is the A Star is Born marketing at least appealing to the PornHub's gay audience because that would make a lot of sense actually. :D

      I only now saw the Godzilla trailer and it does look great, I don't know if I want to watch the movie though. I don't have good track record with monster movies. Long Live the King moment's super badass tho!

      I'm not as excited for Aquaman, but I'm very hopeful it will end up in WW category, I trust James Wan can pull this off!

      Also, Heard looks so beautiful!

      1. Amber is just striking! Conan could barely talk when he was sitting next to her :D