Friday, August 10, 2018

(350) Rear admiral in tall grass + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, August 10, 2018
  • I give you the dumbest thing the Academy has ever done. This is a disgrace. Not only is it clearly just to give Black Panther something, because God forbid give it anything else, but honestly...this is the Academy Awards not freaking MTV Movie Awards.
  • And that 3 hour telecast? It already makes me so mad that the people who win in editing etc. aren't given enough of time to do speeches when 'important' people like actors are, now it is gonna get worse. Relegate them to commercial utterly disrespectful.
  • I really detest Academy's bias against CBM. It's laughable Logan only got one nomination, it still got applause during the announcement because with their bias it was quite the accomplishment. Now they are just confirming it - it's like saying blockbusters are worse and cannot compete with 'real' films in one category.
  • For fuck's sake. Let's just have Meryl Streep tattoo Kimmel's ass on television live, because clearly it's all about the ratings, huh?
  • Funny thing is that Disney is probably behind all of this.
  • Speaking of disasters over at Disney:
  • Bye, bitch.
  • Not only is Bautista so ride or die for this dude, which I can maybe understand since he gave him his big movie break and maybe was super cool to him but what the hell is up with ordinary folks acting as if Gunn personally rescued their own mothers from a burning building? You really wanna defend someone who made "jokes" like that? Who cares how long ago it was or who dug them up. I personally don't know a single person who made a joke like that even once. Again, if a dude in his 40's chooses to, for whatever reason, make a 'joke' like that he should be prepared to face the consequence.
  • Also, seriously, do we really think Disney fired him, in less than a day since that scandal blew up, a dude who made them so much money, over some tweets? Not only was that swift, but Gunn made one statement and didn't say anything since. Isn't this suggesting there is more public is not aware of? I'm not saying he actually did something to a child but anything criminal or even unsavory they are worried that will be dug up if the light is shone on him long enough. 
  • What the hell, Marvel? Is he the only goddamn director in Hollywood who can direct this?
  • And then there is this - Disney is working on the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie. So what is going on here? Because if Depp is coming back then this is some weird duality - tweets are a no-no but pulling your wife's hair out of her head and beating her up is cool?
  • Fortunately, Depp's recent movie is unsurprisingly trash and was pulled from theatrical release, so at least that's one down.
  • Meanwhile, Henry Cavill is becoming more and more desperate throwing ideas around as he is in the process of negotiations with WB for the next Superman movie. He is now saying he would like to play the lead in Netflix's The Witcher
  • WB is not taking the bait. They literally just announced Supergirl movie. I cannot wait to see what Cavill does next to try to get them to pay him more money.
  • BossLogic did a fan art of Cavill as Geralt and it's hawt. I actually want him to do this. That sex scene on the stuffed unicorn from the game? Come on, do it.
  • Oh no, so sad. It's just awful, isn't it? *sarcasm sign*
  • Bruce "I'll do anything" Willis.
  • Here's the photo of Margot Robbie in this Tarantino shamefest. She looks like herself and everyone is going "oh my God, she looks just like Sharon Tate! Give her all the Oscars!". Gurl what?
  • What the fuck is that? Poor Keira
  • Gal Gadot on the set of Wonder Woman 1984.
  • First we had speculations Dark Phoenix will be shelved, now we have amusing news it's undergoing reshoots.....three months of reshoots. The budget is now over 300 million dollars.
  • There is no way Feige wants this group of rejects (minus James McAvoy) to migrate to MCU. I imagine The Disgrace of House Stark, Floppy Miguel and The Falsely Empowered One knocking on Feige's door to bring him candy and teddy bears and beg him to take them in and him shutting  the door in their faces.
  • And yet Chastain still didn't say a word.
  • New picture from A Star is Born. There's probably gonna be a new trailer soon and I just cannot imagine them topping the first one. It's the greatest trailer since the first trailer for Logan.
  • In very important news, Hugh Jackman went to the beach
  • Ugh, adorable!
  • And here's that wig of horror in a new picture from The Front Runner:
  • Apparently Idris Elba may be the new Bond. But this is what's really important here. 
  • More horrific images of Hardy as Al Capone, at that point it's like a weekly nightmarish occurrence that we see more of this and we're disgusted. That guy's face in the background of the second picture says it all.
  • Speaking of Hardy, ladies and Gentlemen I give you the one true turd in the wind:
  • Give the woman an Emmy.
  • If you aren't watching the show, do because once the final episode airs everyone is going to be talking about the twist.
  • Fantastic interview with Jean-Marc Vallee about the show.
  • And here's incredible interview with Kathleen Turner, the level of shade and sass here is amazing.
  • New TV spots for The Nun (1,2) and new still of fearless Taissa Farmiga facing the demon:
  • The one true supreme Jessica Lange is coming back to American Horror Story. Sadly Angela Bassett is not gonna be in this season which is such a waste. But Taissa Farmiga and Lily Rabe will be back. And for the very first time in AHS....Joan Collins!
  • New picture from Suspiria:
  • And of Dan Stevens in Apostle, easily the winner of the best poster this year:
  • Over the weekend I did very valuable things. I organized my closet and decided it's just pointless and I need to buy a second one. I also watched not one not two but three Nicolas Cage movies. 
  • And one of them was actually freaking awesome. Drive Angry starring Cage and yaaaas queen slay Amber Heard - it was a total blast. At one point of it Cage was banging a waitress, while he was wearing suit and sunglasses and smoking a cigar. And that's just the beginning of the scene. Also Amber dragged a naked whore who was banging her boyfriend out of the house and punched her in the face. It was amazing. And Wiliam Fichtner is such a brilliant and underrated actor. Watch this one, it's so much fun!
  • Then I watched both parts of Ghost Rider. The first one was just boring and the second one was an impossible mess. But it did have this scene which made it worth seeing.
  • I started Mindhunter which is amazing. I saw 4 episodes so far and I cannot wait to see the rest, what an insanely gripping show.
  • Brand new still from Aquaman:
  • Netflix is adapting another Stephen King's story - In the Tall Grass
  • With Patrick Wilson.
  • Yeah, that's enough for me to watch. 
  • See, I knew I was in trouble when Jason was there at the Con yet it was Wilson who made me laugh the hardest. Then I went oooh I never finished Fargo 2 so now I'm watching it.
  • Then I remembered his ass in Little Children.
  • And that's the romantic story of my crush.
  • And now he is gonna get lost in the grass. 
  • I'm trying so hard not to explode with puns. 
  • ...
  • .....
  • .......
  • I wish he got lost in my grass.
  • (I really tried to hold it in, but couldn't)
  • Still, his part is probably gonna be really small since the novella is basically focused on only two main characters. It's quite disturbing, think mother! meets Signs.
  • There's also this
  • "Wilson will play Edwin Layton, the rear admiral in the U.S. Navy who was a key intelligence officer during WWII".
  • "REAR admiral"?
  • LAWD.
  • The man signing up for something entitled "In the tall grass" and another project where he is playing "REAR admiral" is just deliberately provocative.
  • He is in Poland a lot because his wife is Polish so I need to like....go out more? Or hide immediately. 
  • Getter informed me his wife's sister, also Polish actress, is married to Scott Foley. There's also another Polish actress Colin Farrell knocked up.
  • I've got nothing!
  • I should have become an actress and get to USA on a raft or something, no matter what. 
  • My God. I now want to bang the majority of Aquaman cast members.
  • *collapses*
  • Mario reviews Hotel Transylvania 3. Also today I found out he didn't see any of The Conjuring films. Hard stare
  • Alex features Christopher Meloni in his In Character series
  • Sonia reviews Tully
  • Allie and Dell announce their blogathons
  • Courtney writes about Eight Grade
  • Jordan reviews The Death of Stalin
  • Katy shares her favorite Emmy nominations
  • Getter reviews Hereditary
  • Brittani shares strange things she associates with certain films



    1. Bautista just HAD to hashtag cybenazis like holy shit how delusional can a person be.

      I'm dying, how was cowboy ninja viking ever a thing 😂 I feel for McAvoy, he's way too good for those movies. The Nun looks great, and I wasn't really aware of A Star is Born until recently but that looks awesome too. Aaand we've already established the hotness of Elba and Wilson.

      And Amy Adams... She's the best 😂

      1. He is insane, it's like he thinks literally everyone who is against the firing is a cybernazi. What a tool!

        I really hope A Star is Born will be good that trailer was spectacular and I quite like GaGa she gets bad rep but she is so talented!

    2. The Oscars's changes are completely counter-intuitive, especially making the show three hours long. Splicing a winners' montage together instead of cutting out skits shows how little they care for the below-the-line crews getting recognition. This is not the Tonys, and even the Tonys doing a montage of technical winners is a slap in the face - but it is fun to watch performances of the nominated productions; it's a way to show how much work goes into them. The Oscars just needs to cut the skits and Best Song performances, to be honest.

      If there is a world where people are invested in video game characters having sex on a stuffed unicorn, there are definitely people who believe Gunn's 'jokes' were just 'jokes'.

      Oh, Hugh. That wig. That's almost as bad as Hardy's Al Capone phase. But those beach photos *heart eyes*

      Lawd, I want to catch up on Sharp Objects but I want to read the book first. Guess I'll be taking my Game of Thrones approach and avoid life as I know it to ignore spoilers. lol

      I'm having such a hard time watching Drive Angry. Every stream I've tried hasn't work. *crossing my fingers for this weekend*


      Oh...Suspiria. What the hell is that.

      Your grass joke reminded me of The Office when Michael couldn't hold in 'That's what she said'. I may not be into Patrick, but you always know how to give good puns. :D

      Thanks for the link! <3

      1. I want the songs to stay, it always distinguishes Oscars from the other shows, there's flair and there are occasionally really powerful performances there like "Glory". And this year there are already so many amazing songs I bet Celine Dion will perform Ashes

        Well the game is, apparently awesome and that's quite a fascinating moment :D

        Nothing is worse than Capone thing :)

        The book is such an incredibly fast read, it took me two days to re-read it :)

        Gurl we need to get you to fancy Patrick!

    3. With the internet and a million film opinions, the Oscars to me is no longer as important. Adding a new category is interesting, but the strategy still doesn't account for genre exclusion, for example a brilliant 'unpopular' comedy or horror which missed out in the usual categories.

      With the success of Black Panther I think it’s a distinct possibly we see Elba (or another black actor) as Bond in the future!

      1. Well exactly, there are million film opinions but there's only one Academy and they should be regarded as prestiguous

    4. The Oscar for popular film is a joke. The Academy is a joke.

      One of the replies under the Margot Robbie photo says "Wow! It looks like.... Margot Robbie with white skirt and boots." lol so true though

      I need to watch Little Children, don't I?

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Exactly! She looks like herself, she wishes she looked like Tate

        Oh you do. It's a heavy film but Patrick's ass makes it into a must watch :D

    5. Honestly the Oscars are just a big fat joke at this point. Also I am still rooting for you and a mysterious hunky A-list celebrity!!

    6. Wait wait wait why are you voluntarily watching Ghost Rider? lol.

      Those Oscar changes better not go through, at least the popular award one. What a bunch of crap.

      That Suspiria photo is creepy. I like it.

      I can't wait for your Patrick Wilson marathon.

      Thanks for the link! I really liked writing that post.

      1. I have no idea lol I heard it was unintentionally funny so I just went 'OK let's see both of those' :P

        I am about to livetweet Insidious :P

        You should do a blogathon! I bet I can come up with at least a dozen fucked up things to write there

    7. YAY for you realizing your Patrick Wilson crush! He is so swoon-worthy I just can't.

      I also can't with that Oscars announcement. But in a bad way. In the WORST POSSIBLE way. At least we had that Kathleen Turner interview to make us feel better about life.

      I don't even know what to do with Dark Phoenix at this point. No way they're not going to release it - they've put WAY too much money into it - but the likelihood of it being any good is just... and it's so sad because it's like, my favorite comic book storyline ever and they did it so unforgivably terribly in The Last Stand. It will be really upsetting if they STILL haven't given it the film it deserves.

      haha Drive Angry in 3D was the best biggest piece of trash ever. It was AMAZING. Loved every second of it.

      1. He really is :)

        Apocalypse was really quite bad too :/ I would feel bad for the cast but they willingly signed up for a franchise run by Singer so.... It's what they deserve

      2. UGH he's such scum. And always has been. And EVERYONE in Hollywood was complicit in that. It was common knowledge. DISGUSTING. He makes me so sick.

      3. It's insane that they didn't drag him now. He needs to have an army of lawyers at his disposal

    8. Yes, the Popular Film Oscar is just dumb. Sigh.

      I agree, the trailer for A Star is Born was awesome.

      Wasn't ready for the Patrick Wilson love. Great pun.

      Thanks for the link! Looking forward to your entry.

      1. No one is ever ready for the love portion of RF :)

        I have no idea what to do for your blogathon but it will come to me:)

    9. I just love bosslogic's creations, crazy how he could influence casting!

      1. Hopefully it will here, I want Cavill in the armor with long hair banging chicks on unicorns :D

    10. Thank you for the link! I thought that first trailer for A Star is Born was damn near perfect. And holy shit, I love that Amy Adams interview. No acting necessary there haha. So excited to see how that show wraps up.

      1. You're welcome! I cannot wait for people who didn't read the book to be blown away!

    11. So sorry I’ve been absent. I’ve had a bad chest infection. Anyway, I promise to catch up with your work.

    12. Oh yeah, the Oscars.. it's like saying the "popular" films aren't as good as the "Oscar" films.. while most of the time, it's actually the other way around anyway. Logan was still one of the best films of last year.. and it's unfair it wasn't seen as amazing as it was..

      Reading this Cavill stuff now, months later, it's like.. hah.. not sure if he has made the right call here... but considering that the DC films haven't been received well... who knows.

      Mindhunter!! Imdb says season 2 would be out in 2018, but it's hardly true, they're pushing it to 2019... it's awful. Why do I have to wait for shows longer than a year... a years is already too long.

      1. Mindhunter 2 is definitely coming next year...I hope they ditch that whole girlfriend subplot