Friday, August 17, 2018

(351) Princess Scales and Diva Boo + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, August 17, 2018

  • Oh, Adora.
  • I'm very happy for Samantha Robinson, even if it is this movie. Now let's just get Anna Biller a new film
  • Mark Walhberg, everyone.
  • Oh, what a surprise.
  • Of course Bautista made it worse. This hardly caught the fire in the news and this dumbass retweets it to his million of followers.
  • Yesterday the news broke that Disney won't back down and Gunn is not coming back. Will someone check on Dave? He must be taking this so hard, poor thing. 
  • Chris Hemsworth's birthday brought a lot of hilarious social media posts with it - 1,2,3
  • And here's the new poster for Bad Times at the El Royale
  • He is shirtless front and center. 
  • That's just good marketing.
  • Lord and savior legend and my captain oh captain James Wan helped direct The Nun.
  • Here's new poster for the movie. We are 3 weeks away and still no new trailer so the marketing is really...what's the word...interesting. Here's scary new TV spot. 
  • And another one.
  • Oh, Idris.
  • It's been a while since I brought something this amazing to my readers. 
  • Ladies and gentlemen....
  • ....I give you...
  • First of all, I love that out of all the pictures of Boo they chose the one where she looks like the sasssiest diva that ever sassed. 
  • Second of all... Are we sure Depp didn't shit the bed himself and just... forgotten? 
  • Third of all, I actually don't even know what to say here. I have been dealing with divorce cases for years and never have I ever witnessed someone accusing a spouse of taking a crap in the bed and the accused blaming it on a dog.
  • I can't even.
  • People are debating the poop sizes on comments sections now. Good God almighty.
  • I think it's clear - the side we should be on? Boo's.
  • Also where is Pistol in all of this? Is he thinking of legal strategy of how to get Boo out of this mess? Maybe it was Pistol who shat there and Boo is taking the blame? Will they appear in the court? There's just so many questions here.
  • Also I found out the dogs are with Amber now so thank God for it. She seems....relatively more stable of the two.
  • Meanwhile, it looks like Brad and Angelina are just few steps away from accusing each other of crapping on furniture like degenerates. 
  • I don't know know what the fuck is happening here (apparently this), I just know that this picture is HILARIOUS. 
  • They all look like they are on drugs, each on different one, with Pine clearly having taken something defective.
  • Look at his face! He looks like he was rescued from drowning! 
  • Another new picure from Apostle, this time with first look at the amazing Michael Sheen:
  • New trailer for Widows. This is much better than the first one. 
  • Oh, but that doesn't mean Neeson is not gonna do trash anymore.
  • The film has Neeson playing a character named Nels Coxman, and really that should be all you need to know. But if you want more info, here goes: Nels Coxman is “a local snowplow operator recently named Citizen of the Year of his small Colorado ski town for keeping the roads open through the winter. Nels’ quiet life with his wife (Laura Dern) abruptly spins out of control when their son is unjustly murdered by a local drug cartel. Taking the law into his own hands with only the tools of an outdoorsman and snowplow driver, Nels sets out to find those responsible but inadvertently ignites a gang war that threatens to engulf the town – unless he ends it first.”
  • Good God ,so much here:
  • - Laura Dern in another thankless wife role, are they kidding?
  • -"UNJUSTLY murdered"
  • - "with only the tools of an outdoorsman and snowplow driver" - looool
  • Sounds gloriously stupid, cannot wait. I bet when he gets off snowplow there's gonna be at least 15 editing cuts.
  • Here's Tilda Swinton in new picture from Suspiria -->
  • Bradley Cooper is out there already promoting himself to multiple nominations for A Star is Born. I just need him to say he was tricked into singing that petition to rehire Gunn and we're all good.
  • Hardy based his Capone voice on Bugs Bunny. 
  • Yep. This is the thing that has happened.
  • "he plays me a clip of the raw footage on his phone,” Esquire reports. “Sure enough, he  sounds like the cartoon rabbit with a severe case of vocal fry.”
  • Jesus Christ, man.
  • Do me a favor: watch this - 1,2, - you won't regret it.
  • Jason went to the beach:
  • There are NO WORDS.
  • No, really, THERE ARE NO WORDS.
  • Here's new merchandise from Aquaman:
  • That tiny one, last row, second character, that's apparently "Princess Scales".
  • I have no idea who that character is but all I envision is a sassy underwater Lyanna Mormont.
  • I just can't stop laughing at this. From the man who brought us Lipstick-face demon, Valak and Annabelle...comes Princess Scales!
  • Also look at Orm's smirk.
  • *meows underwater*
  • I finally made some edits from Aquaman and of Aquaman cast. Patrick's face here, my God:
  • Also the swivel thing!
  • Can they please stop being so goddamn precious?!:
  • Seriously, this cast is adorable
  • Well, other than Amber possibly shitting in the bed.
  • I don't think I can get worse.
  • But I'm sure....I will.
  • Why are they allowed to take pictures like this?
  • Watch this, it's amazing! Wan is probably the most likable director out there. And Patrick's flirting is way too much. I almost drowned in my own sweat watching this. 
  • "BOOberry". Oh good God. We have a boo name here.
  • He cute! 
  • He kinky!
  • My livetweet of Stretch needs to be seen to be believed.
  • And the one for Insidious.
  • And the one for Bone Tomahawk.
  • Then I saw The Commuter. That also got out of hand.
  • I also rewatched Little Children but didn't livetweet it, fearing for my followers' well being.
  • Oh dear God. 
  • Brittani reviews BlacKKKlansman
  • Mario reviews Rogue Nation. As in few years after I told him to, he finally watched it. I'm looking forward to his opinion about the Conjuring when he finally sees it in 20-fucking-20.
  • Katy ranks Mission Impossible films
  • Dell reviews Sorry to Bother You
  • Sonia reviews Ant-Man and the Wasp
  • Adrian offers a different perspective on James Gunn's firing, one I disagree with but it's a very well written piece.
  • Keith and Allie review First Reformed



    1. llloooooooooooooooooooooollll that little Adora comic at the end.

      I think my favorite Hemsworth birthday wish was Taika calling him a piece of shit on Instagram.

      Every time they show a photo of Kristen Wiig I get less and less interesting in WW84 and I HATE THAT.

      Now you're making me want to watch Little Children again.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Taika liked Spacey's "coming out" statement so I no longer follow him

        oh she is gonna do well!

        You should...that ass :D

    2. It's telling that Mark Whalberg thinks that the popular film category means one of the Transformers was snubbed if it was around then. lol If the Academy goes through with the category, I still hope it will be reserved for films that are commercially sucessful but also critically praised, but who knows anymore. lol

      The amount of people who swept the latest Gunn development and his disturbing history under the rug...was not astonishing in the least...sadly. *sigh*

      That WW photo is EPIC.

      I can't even comment on Poopgate. I just...No.

      Why does Liam continue to get away with that trash? Normally, I don't care, but I'm so tired of the thankless wife role being killed off so he can avenge them. OVER IT.

      Did you see the crazy video of Angelina talking about some ritual she attended? *scared face* IDK what the is going on in Hollywood anymore.

      *take me back to the sexy car commercials with Tom Hardy*

      I'll admit, I did think Hmmmm with those swimming gifs. lol I love the nickname.

      Aquaboo single-handedly saves the week.

      THAT SHARP OBJECTS MEME. lol I spit out my coffee.

      Thanks for the link! <3

      1. I just watched that video of Angelina what the fuck was that? She looked stoned as hell. If she really pisses Brad off who knows what's going to happen, I bet he saw some shit

        It's hilarious how Winslet lusts after him in that movie. I also read in trivia she was the one who suggested him for the role....hmmm...... :)

        Sharp Objects Adora memes are just the greatest

    3. I actually like there we're not getting a ton of information about The Nun. I'm just not one for The teaser to the teaser, then the teaser, then the 1st official trailer, then the 2nd, and daily screenshots. I know that's how it's done nowadays, but it just isn't my bag. Very "get off my lawn" of me, I know.

      The Depp/Heard situation just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

      The Tom Hardy voice story is hilarious. I hope it doesn't ruin the movie for me when I see it, because I can't think about anything other than Bugs Bunny.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Nah, it's actually really clever marketing! It's a rather modest horror movie they don't need to do huge marketing thing for it and horror fans will show up anyways

        I am just so psyched for upcoming Hardy movies. They all look ridiculous :D

    4. Is this what housekeepers sign up for? Giant mystery poos? My goodness. Hopefully Pistol has a good lawyer.

      I don't even know what that Hemsworth movie is about, but that poster reminds me like a less-crowded Infinity War poster. I'm still in for it, obviously.

      Oh, and speaking of movies I'm in for, WHAT IS THIS GLORIOUS LIAM NEESON news you hit me with? Is that really...real? Like, really?

      Really? (I almost died with your 15 edits comment...well done)

      Thanks for the link, Princess. Good luck pulling that one on your first try. You'll probably end up with a dozen of the guys "that look like Shredder." (Matty's words, of course he showed up again...out of nowhere mid-comment).

      I don't think Jason 'goes' to the beach. I'm pretty sure he 'comes' to the land, if that makes (non-perverted) sense.

      2020 you say? Well, I'll see if I can fit it in by then.

      1. Yep, it's real. The snowplow thing and everything. Drug cartels in Colorado. It's gonna be so freaking glorious


        You know the word "Jason" really shouldn't be in the sentence along with "comes", it's just too dangerous....and decreases my chances of survival

        just go and watch them!

    5. Of course Walhberg is into the popular Oscar category, it's the only shot he has at winning lol

      How did I miss the Chris Hemsworth birthday tweets?!

      I read about the Depp/Heard poop thing on Twitter but I thought I misread it. Or someone misspelled it. I have no words.

      WTF is wrong with Hardy? First, he sounds like Tommy Wiseau in Venom, and now he says he based his voice for Capone on Bugs Bunny.


      Thanks for the link!

      1. I think Jason should just live on the beach :D Think of all the photos.... :D

    6. The Rock is so freaking adorable and inspiring like GOD he needs to stop.

      Ahhhh The Nun I WANT IT. Goddamn Conjuring is so good, I can't wait for that movie. Youtube pulling that jump scare ad actually helps the buzz, but I kind of get it. I sometimes forget not everyone loves being scared shitless by movies 😂

      Wilson, hmmmm. Yes.

      1. I know right? He is such a cool dude!

        I rewatched both Conjuring movies like a moron late on Saturday. Damn I was scared to go to the bathroom at night :D

    7. I absolutely can NOT with that Instavid of The Rock "singing" Happy Birthday to Hemsworth. Literally. I can NOT. I just sat there unable to move for like, three loops through it before I had to remind myself I was at work and people could see me. THAT MAN.

      Patrick Wilson's beauty in Little Children is just unmatched in all of cinema. And he knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he was getting out of that pool... DAMN.

      They have these really cool photo ops for The Nun in all the theaters now with a whole bunch of shadow-faced nuns with the one in the middle cut-out for you to put your face in. The marketing is being very smart so far, although I don't like the coffin teaser because it steals almost exactly from the end of The Vanishing, and that scene makes me curl into a little ball and never want to come out. Anyway, I cannot WAIT for it to finally open. So happy for Taissa to finally have a big movie role.

      Whoever is behind the marketing for Bad Times at the El Royale deserves a raise. SELL THAT SHIRTLESS HEMSWORTH!

      Meanwhile, I can already tell I am going to be pissed off with A Star is Born by the time it opens. The hype machine is WAY out of control and Cooper is gonna come off as entitled and asshole-ish, and probably Gaga too once award season kicks off; they want those trophies BAD.

      That picture of Tilda! GODDESS! Suspiria can't come soon enough.

      1. I think he knew exactly what he was doing the entire movie....good God that laundry room scene HAUNTS me

        I saw that! I am so happy for Vera and Taissa being a part of this franchise, they deserve all the success!

        Well it's the best way to market stuff :D

        Yeah Cooper is thirsty as hell. It will start in Venice soon, it's gonna be hilarious but the film looks really good and the songs sound amazing

    8. Widows looks awesome. Like, really awesome

      I love James Wan as a person, well he grew up in aus I think so that makes sense, we all rule :D But I only really liked Saw 1 and 2... I never could get into The Conjuring. I saw a few interviews with him at comic con, he seems like a really cool guy

      1. You should check out The Conjuring films. Great mix of classic horror story and modern film-making.

    9. I'm really loving that Wonder Woman 1984 picture. A lot.

      Anything you post from Sharp Objects literally has me dying on the floor every time. I can't wait for you to post your recap of ep7 and the finale...people who haven't read the book are going to go nuts.

      1. The TV only discussion on Sharp Objects reddit is so much fun to read :D

    10. OCT 12 is so close!!!

      Phahaha, I had forgotten about the poo stuff. Man... this summer some crazy shit went down - haha. :D

      That livetweet of Stretch was precious! That movie is so crazy and funny and weird and awesome.

      PS: I still need to binge watch Sharp Objects and I will, and then I will read those posts.. but I say this because that last picture just makes no sense to me at this moment. :D