Friday, August 24, 2018

(352) We're in Carcosa now + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, August 24, 2018
  • With the things I watched and read this week I really feel like Rust Cohle.
  • PSA: Sharp Objects finale has post credits scene!
  • New poster for Widows. It's not bad but it's kinda disrespectful to Coon and Weaver to not feature them like that. Not to mention they did Jon Bernthal dirty and didn't even feature his name on the poster.
  • We have our first look at the reunited witches on the set of AHS: Apocalypse.
  • Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott are also returning for the new season.
  • For the love of God, someone save that cat.
  • Oh and she also joined that Tarantino's mess. Nepotism is also present.
  • Here's picture of Nicole Kidman in her new movie Destroyer. She looks like regular, human woman in her 50's. Everyone looses their minds about the "transformation". Relax, it's just Kidman without make up. Though, admittedly, she looks better than me and I'm 28.
  • Creepy trailer for Hold the Dark. I read the script this week. It's utter nonsense. Good atmosphere and one really outstanding scene but I kept reading hoping for good conclusion and it was just awful. One of those times when you really wish the story was stronger because everything else looks good.
  • Ed Harris is gonna be in Top Gun sequel.
  • New poster for The Favourite.
  • Before we start laughing here's garbage take of the week. This is one person, not the movement. And what she has done is awful. And the fact she shifts the blame to someone who is dead is also gross.
  • Ben Affleck's stupid antics strike again.
  • He is also back in rehab, apparently because of Jennifer Garner who personally drove him there. How strange that this is happening right before her new movie is opening. 
  • Strange indeed.
  • An end of an era - the next season of The Big Bang Theory will be its last. I feel old (has it really been 12 years?!) and quite sad. I know a lot of people hate this show for some reason but I really like it, I saw all the episodes and I always have Comedy Central on and reruns air all the rime.
  • Let me kick you when you are down - not only is TBBT 12 years old....we just celebrated 20th anniversary of the premiere of That 70's Show.
  • New trailer for Suspiria which teases THAT highly unpleasant scene. I have no idea how they will stretch that script to 2,5h....cinematography looks fantastic and this is Yorke's score, isn't it? Sounds terrific. And they are still pretending Tilda isn't playing that dude even when we hear clearly her speaking as him....that's dedication.
  • New pictures from The Nun:
  • And this, if you are in the mood for shitting yourself.
  • We now know how that "What happened to poor Chris Pine that he looks so traumatized" Wonder Woman 1984 cast photo ended up online and the explanation is hilarious.
  • I think maybe Chris watched truly crappy trailer for his next movie and hence his expression:
  • I am absolutely cackling about whatever it is on Kick Ass' head in Outlaw King trailer. Sweet lord Jesus what is that? The film looks cheap as hell too, not even Stephen Dillane will manage to save this thing. I will obviously watch this since it's gonna be on Netflix also I never turn down the opportunity to make fun of Kick Ass. Honestly between the wigs, the accents and at that point straight up horrific "Netflix original film" slogan, this has no chance of being good. 
  • Also I will see anything on Netflix which was proven again by me watching the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie this weekend just because I was already in bed and had the remote nearby. 
  • I actually laughed during several moments. 
  • I hate myself so much. 
  • But I Imagine Javier Bardem hates himself more. Or at least he should because he was terrible in that movie. 
  • Also my good Lord what is it with this franchise and casting those bland boys? There really aren't any vaguely charismatic actors under 35 years of age in Hollywood?
  • I mentioned nepotism. 
  • I mentioned stupid. 
  • I mentioned bland. 
  • So, ladies and gentlemen, here's Scott Eastwood!
  • Still, to end this portion of RF on positive note - Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder, everyone (1,2)
  • On Monday I binged the entire season 1 of The Sinner. See this is what happens when I have a day off. Well, it wasn't a day 'off' I took a personal day because I wasn't feeling well, but still, I started watching this in the evening, boom! Entire season finished in a day. The rest of the week I've been coming home so tired I didn't watch anything.
  • Let's start with what's most important and that's - what on Earth has Bill Pullman done to his face? Dude looks like he is always smirking. He is out there investigating a murder and he looks like he took happy pills and is getting laid while watching Paddington. Just pure joy, man.
  • The show has great premise, Biel is really good and the 7th episode where it all comes together is amazing. But it's more Prison Break than Sharp Objects. It's kinda cheap, the production values aren't great and there are some huge plot holes. Still, it was very entertaining.  
  • Mindhunter, which I finally finished, shockingly isn't much better. Unlike The Sinner, thanks to Fincher, the show has style but the overall structure of the season was poor. There are many great scenes but the protagonist and his insufferable girlfriend are not interesting. You kinda watch it for the killers, not the heroes. 
  • Not only did I watch two The Conjuring movies late on Saturday (livetweets - 1,2)...
  • ....but like a total moron I gifed that.
  • To be fair it was for a noble purpose and to raise awareness on twitter and tumblr that Bonnie Aarons who plays the Nun also played the bum behind Winkies in Mulholland Drive and this moment here where she peeks from behind the column reminded me of that.
  • This got no likes and no retweets so I scared myself for NOTHING.
  • Look:
  • Look how cute Booberrry is.
  • Jason about wearing iconic Aquaman outfit - "I feel like a ’59 Cadillac -- like an El Dorado -- got the wings on the side, a little flare off the calf and my nine-pack, which I don’t really have."
  • A "nine-pack"? 
  • What the hell is 9th one? 
  • His dick?
  • Mario reviews Fallout
  • Sophia writes about her favorite non-English movies
  • Allie reviews The Meg
  • Brittani takes part in Dell's Against the Crowd blogathon
  • Alex shares 82 things he loves about 25th Hour
  • Sonia reviews Upgrade



    1. I'm equally excited and dreading the Sharp Objects finale. *Michael Scott grimmace gif*

      Oh god, I still have to watch Sarah in all of the American Horror Story seasons. I'll never catch up before Apocalypse. XD

      That is a completely unexpected poster for The Favorite, even though the movie looks crazy.

      Honestly, I think the latest developments with Asia has done harm to the MeToo movement, mostly in the eyes of misogynists who don't understand it anyways, but it also doesn't invalidate sexual violence/abuse/etc. or the people who've come forward so far. Tarana Burke's interview with Variety was on-point though - I know she started the movement but I feel like she should be closer to the forefront. I think the media has spun the movement off its axis, and people can't tell the difference of what it's supposed to be about anymore.

      Sorry to hear about The Big Bang Theory! I wasn't a big fan after season three, but I hope fans get closure with the finale. :)

      *Celebration dance of Dakota in Suspiria* THAT'S MY GIRL.

      1. It's gonna be awesome, I can feel it :D

        That's a lot of stuff! But you definitely should watch them, she is incredible there! Especially in season 2, which is one of the best seasons of the show.

    2. They're stretching that Suspiria remake to 2 1/2 hours? Why in the name of all that's holy would they do such a thing. The original is barely 90 minutes long. I might be alone, but they are not making me want to see this thing.

      Sad to see The Big Bang Theory go. I haven't seen every episode (or anything close), but I have seen lots of them and I always laugh my ass off. I'd much rather they cancel that Little Sheldon show, whatever it's called.

      To know where Jason's 9th ab, please refer to The Lego Batman Movie, lol.

      1. I have no idea :D They could easily do this story in 90 minutes

        I haven't seen any of Young Sheldon episodes, but I doubt it has TBBT's charm

        ooh now I wanna watch that :D

    3. I don't think what Asia did does damage to Me Too for anyone who understands it. Understands it being the keyword. I'm surprised neither of the Sprouse twins weighed in on that considering they also acted in that movie. One of them likes to drum up shit.

      I love the new Suspiria trailer...except for Chloe.


      I didn't hate Dead Men Tell No Tales either lol

      #9 has to be his dick.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Chloe is gonna be in few that's gonna be painful :D

    4. 9-pack lol. that interview with keanu and winona was too cute and I could even only watch it muted in the office - only just got around seeing the first john wick installment and it's so good, glad keanu's still around making awesome movies. have a good weekend sati!

      1. Keanu is the best. He also seems like such a genuinely sweet and pleasant person!

    5. I can't get over the fact that Big Bang Theory is not only coming to an end, but that it's 12 years old! I remember it starting when I was in college, and that doesn't feel so long ago...but it is! I'm so old :(
      Thank you for the link!!

      1. Right?! I remember the show being in its first season! It's just so sad. I also remember early seasons of Friends airing for the first time...God we're so old *freaks out like Joey*

    6. Argento is fucking disgusting. First, she says she didn't have sex with the guy, then she says she had but didn't know he was a minor until he asked for money, and now she's blaming Bourdain? I'm not surprised people are saying he killed himself because of her.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. She apparently cheated on him shortly before he committed suicide :( The whole situation is just terrible

    7. Thanks for the link! I dug The Sinner a lot more than I thought I would. I love how deep it dove into the psychology of traumatic reenactment. That show had some fucked up scenes though, damn. I can't believe it aired on regular, cable television.

      1. You're welcome! Yeah many scenes were as wild as stuff on HBO!

    8. Thanks for the link. You are too good to me, to keep linking to my no-commenting, never-posting, half-dead ass. I appreciate it. School is beyond bad this year (we gave all the students iPads [great plan, that]) so it's taking me a four-day weekend just get back to the blogosphere. AND IT'S SUNDAY.

      AS for the RF, a lot to digest. But I'm stuck imagining you watching the 2508th POTC film. How. Does. That. Happen. I think I bailed after the first two. Maybe three? I have no idea.

      I actually fell asleep during the Sharp Objects finale (can't teach when you're asleep), and my wife stayed with it. She keeps telling me to watch it. My answer? SLEEP.

      I'm in for that Pine movie, by the way. I don't care if it shares a gaffer with Hell or High mention that movie? SOLD.

      1. Good God, man. You just had really long holidays, I've been working 40h a week for months without a break longer than 2 weeks and there's no rest in sight

        I actually rewatched all of those films this week because I haven't seen them in years

        You haven't seen the finale? I won't even comment on that especially that even your wife stayed awake

    9. Outlaw King looks like Guy Ritchie's King Arthur and not in a good way. Poor Chris.

      Oh, and I'm quite happy that TBBT is ending... sorry, I quit that show a while back and it's still a mystery to me that it has been going on for so long. That being said, it does make me feel old... man... has it really been so long!?

      I just put The Sinner in my TBW list and I'm excited for it.
      Also, I agree about Mindhunter, the serial killers are the main attraction for me.. like I remember mostly the killer's and that shoe sniffer.. who by the way, if you google the real killer, looks almost exactly the same and the speech mannerisms and everything...that casting and acting was SPOT ON!

      oh Patrick with his 9 pack - :')

      1. That's Jason's 9 pack :D

        The Sinner is so entertaining, you're gonna love it!