Friday, August 31, 2018

(353) Thirst in Venice + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, August 31, 2018
  • Oh sweet lord...
  • This aggressively hot vision of I wanna be in your cult, sir is from new trailer for Bad Times at the El Royale. That's how you sell a movie. Wet, shirtless, villainous Chris Hemsworth
  • I almost choked on my own drool. 
  • So I slave and I slave over my Sharp Objects recap and 2 comments? Y'all...
  • I'm still so creeped out by that ending. 
  • And Eliza Scanlen deserves EVERYTHING.
  • Mark my words -Cooper and Gaga campaigning for A Star is Born is gonna be the most entertaining Oscar campaign in a while. Just look at this
  • We have the soundtrack details
  • The movie just premiered in Venice and Gaga showed up to the red carpet in a stunning dress. The film is getting amazing reviews and she is getting raves for her performance. It's gonna be such an exciting Oscar season, just imagine her outfits!
  • That thing is so fierce even Mother Nature is shook!
  • About halfway through the screening of Bradley Cooper’s music drama, the theater was apparently struck by lightning, which blew out the projector bulb, according to sources close to the producers. The delay lasted about 15 minutes. Lady Gaga could be seen chuckling and blowing kisses to the audience as festival technicians scrambled to fix the issue.
  • Finally, the Oscar season WE DESERVE!
  • Not a good day for Ryan Gosling with this and Cooper emerging as the front runner in Best Actor race. Gosling out there pretending to be in space and dealing with Damien from Omen (I'm sorry but this is all I think of when I see Chazelle) and here comes Cooper with his shiny movie where he plays an alcoholic and a drug addict and cries and shouts and sings. 
  • Look into his eyes. Look at that thirst:
  • This is by the way also the way I look at that above gif of Hemsworth
  • You know, if Ethan Hawke personally came to my house, took his pants off, took a shit on my carpet and then picked it up and flung it right on my wall like a fucking monkey I'd be less pissed at him than I am now
  • Good Lord almighty. 
  • To think a movie is better or worse because of what genre it is or what the source material is or who directed it, no matter how good that movie turns out to be is just straight up moronic.
  • BITCH you were in Daybreakers. Take a step back. No, take few steps back. No, all the way back till you fall down the stairs. 
  • Speaking of terrible. Scum all involved. Pure and simple. 
  • At least Woody Allen is getting some time-out
  • David Fincher and Taratrash chose the same actor to play Charles Manson in their projects which is kinda cool. 
  • After years of being disrespected and not getting paid enough Emmy Rossum is leaving Shameless. Also - that show is in its ninth season?! It's gotta be soap opera on crack by now.
  • First clip from Suspiria. Tomorrow we will have the reactions from Venice film festival. 
  • Straight from Venice new trailer for First Man. This one was better than the last one, but still not great. Foy is easily stealing the spotlight here. The reviews are positive but not ecstatic and only the latter kind of reviews would make me excited for this one. It looks like stale, cliche biopic and the impressive technical side is always secondary to emotional one for me. I doubt I will care about any characters here. 
  • So Oscar Isaac had a meeting about that upcoming Batman movie. And here come the ridiculous fanboys not fit to lick Schlong boo's boots saying that he is too short to be Batman. Oh, but the creature from dumpster lagoon is better, huh? 
  • With my luck they'll cast Oscar as Two Face and wreck his beautiful face.
  • Finally, actual good trailer for The Predator
  • Intriguing first trailer for True Detective 3
  • Boo kangaroo is there for US Open. How can female players even look at the ball under these circumstances? 
  • Trailer for The Front Runner and the great first poster. That's the wig of nightmares movie. Hugh is really trying to get that second nomination there and I hope he does because it's an absolute disgrace he got nothing for Logan last year. 
  • Schindler's List is getting re-released. Look at that subtle poster. 
  • I started watching Killing Eve and the tone of it surprised me so much. I thought it's gonna be dark but it's quirky like some hipster fashion show not a series about murders. It's different but I don't like it, just not my thing. Entertaining, but not the kind of show I would love.
  • I rewatched Arrival. It was marginally less dull than the last time I watched it, but that script is still a mess. That whole thing had holes as big as those damn alien ships and that she speaks to Chinese general plot is so poorly executed.
  • Also rewatched American Hustle. Jennifer Lawrence may have some charisma but it is not coincidental she doesn't have any Oscar vehicles now that Weinstein is out of the game. We all saw the pictures. 
  • Bale and Renner are good since they play the only characters somewhat resembling human beings and Bradley Cooper seems to be the only one in on a joke. 
  • *Amy Adams screaming on a toilet*
  • Jesus. 
  • It was actually distressing seeing her slutting it up after being so sweet in Sharp Objects.
  • I saw Zipper which was pretty good even though it had the quality of low budget porn.
  • Jason is so precious and I love him so much:
  • Brittani reviews Crazy Rich Asians
  • Chris looks back at his best of lists
  • Sonia reviews Ocean's 8
  • Katy writes about Sharp Objects
  • Mario reviews Teen Titans GO! To the Movies


    1. I started watching season 8 of Shameless tonight bc I'm bored and it was the first I've thought of it in a year, because of the Emmy news. I'm happy (?) to report it's actually really funny so far - some new angles, they've ditched a lot of the stale stuff (except for Macy who is relentlessly doing the same thing over and over and WHY is he getting so much attention and pay if Emmy is carrying that show?!?!) If you're ever bored, check it out - I can vouch for the first two eps at least :D

      Also once I get to watching Sharp Objects, I promise I will read and comment on your recaps!!

      1. I have so much stuff to watch and I haven't seen Shameless in years so I doubt I'll ever get around to it, I cannot believe Frank is still alive lol

        Oh awesome! Hope you'll like the show, it's SO GOOD!

    2. (previous comment is from me, sorry this is awkward, I was signed onto a wrong account hahah)

    3. I hope I laugh more than cringe at Gaga this Oscar season. I really have rock bottom expectations for this.

      Ethan Hawke can eat a bag of dicks. I hate when people get so high and mighty about super hero movies. They're FUN. They're not supposed to be masterpieces of cinema (though I'd argue several of them are leagues ahead of anything Hawke has every done) Dude is probably just made he's not getting those paychecks.

      Unlike beautiful shirtless Hemsworth mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

      Straight up, I love American Hustle. I just re-watched that recently too. It's fun. I wish the director wasn't such a dickbag.

      I need to read some Venice reviews. I've been so lazy.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I heard Hawke was supposed to be Doctor Strange, maybe that bitch is just bitter :D

        I am about to read all that insane praise A Star is born got yesterday, Cooper and Gaga even went to the cinema that had public screening to thank the audience, they are really doing all they can do :)

    4. Sorry, I read the Sharp Objects recap only this morning. I've barely been home these days and my Internet has been beyond shitty

      Gaga is queen!

      I love Ethan Hawke but now, after the stuff he said about Logan and superhero movies in general, considering how many shitty movies I've sit through because of him, fuck you Ethan, seriously.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Yeah I saw on twitter! My internet has been pretty weird lately too

        Hawke has honestly spectacularly fucked up with that comment lol

    5. Apparently Suspiria remake is long(152 min). So I assume the slight story of the 100min original must have been expanded on, which is interesting. Like you, I’m curious about the reaction from critics. I predict it's going to be very different to the 1977 film.

      1. Yeah, it's one long movie. I read the script and there's more story than in the original but I have no idea how they made a movie this long based on that script

    6. Gaga's coming for that Oscar. It reminds me of the season when people said Cher wouldn't win because of what she wore and her personality. Gaga's going to slay this season, especially with those outfits. B. Cooper and L. Gaga had so chemistry just arriving in Venice together. I might not survive the movie.

      I'm going to be torn about the Best Actress category this season though - Claire in First Man, Dakota for Suspiria, Gaga for A Star Is Born. *michael scott grimmace face gif*

      When I think of Ethan Hawke, the first thing that pops into my mind is the Jimmy Kimmel mean tweet, "Ethan Hawke seems like a guy who wasn't supposed to be a movie star, but he slipped through the cracks and everyone was just like Ok." I had to google that but it's kind of true for me, no matter what his opinion on comic book movies are. lol He goes after Logan as a good comic book movie but not worthy of awards, and he's just very wrong.

      *side-eyeing your lack of excitement for First Man* but I know where you're coming from. I'm kind of like Joey from Friends. Space in one hand, Ryan Gosling in the other, and finally I get a movie that puts them both together. I'M PSYCHED.

      Can't wait for the hype around Suspiria.

      I love that Jason took off that Aquaman head. LMAO

      Thanks for the link! <3

      1. Claire is going supporting :) Dakota won't get far with that movie, Academy may nominate technical categories but I doubt even Tilda gets in.

        Did you see The Right Stuff? If you like space movies that one is a must!

    7. A wet, shirtless Hemsworth does nothing for me, lol, but I am looking forward to El Royale. It looks awesome. Looking forward to A Star is Born, too.

      Yeah, Ethan Hawke can eat a dick on that one.

      1. I really hope El Royale is at least as good as Cabin in the Woods

    8. I like how Ethan Hawke singled out Logan to trash, right after he was through talking about how The Purge was paving the way for greater cinema. Some real nonsense logic going on there. >_>

      Interesting to hear that A Star Is Born is receiving a good reception so far. I was looking forward to that one.

      Also, thanks for the link, Sati! :)

      1. He is such a dumbass for saying this, good Lord

        I'm so happy for A Star is Born with Cooper and Gaga in the running it's gonna be such a fun Oscar season

    9. I'm not prone to cackling, Sati, but this:

      "BITCH you were in Daybreakers. Take a step back. No, take few steps back. No, all the way back till you fall down the stairs." This made me laugh like a f--king maniac. I think I woke my wife up. Maybe that's two things I'll have to thank you for. (ew, gross)

      My God that Gosling story you linked to was infuriating. Why do people get so bent over a f--king flag when this country is literally falling apart? Goodness.

      Oh, and Dell's lying. Wet, shirtless Hemsworth does something for everyone.

      Did I already tell you I fell asleep watching the Sharp Objects finale? Maybe I'll give it a go when my wife is out of town this week. Hmmm....

      Anyway, thanks for the link! I can't believe you are almost at 3 million views! That's f--king bananas!

      1. Dude is in no position to criticize anything especially my limousine boo

        Yes u did mention fallling asleep during Sharp Objects finale. I wouldnt broadcast that if I were you that is just embarassing :)

    10. The trailer for Bad times at the royale looks pretty interesting and crazy....I wanna see it. Chris get award for best performance in the rain :)
      Also, can't wait to see Aquaman; yes, for the story and because I love superhero movies, but let's honestly, mostly for the god that is Jason Momoa
      In other news, new season of Mindhunter, I can't wait, I loved season 1!
      Thanks for the updates, love them....always did, actually! Old fan here :D remember Aziza's Picks? I've re-branded :)))

    11. I really really need to binge Sharp Objects after your praise of it. I've only got halfway thru the first episode then had it interrupted by a mate. I need to set aside a few hours so I can motor through it. Though I thought you didn't like Amy Adams? =P Or was that Amy someone else? There are too many names to keep track of!!

      "soap opera on crack" is such a perfect summary of that show by now, haha!! I liked it initially but damn, i didn't know it was still going

      Still very pessimistic about Suspiria, I hope it doesn't take a shit on the original. It also needs a super creepy soundtrack too, The Goblins score on the original was something else

    12. A Star is Born to the Oscars!!!! Yay! I like Gaga and I like Cooper well enough to root for that film. And the soundtrack is going o be great, because Cooper has a really great deep voice and Gaga can sing anything, and their voices together man.. also it seems they both like each other a lot so I can just imagine them being each other's dates to all these award shows and... BAM, magic.. is it weird to ship them? Is Bradley married?

      I can agree with you about not liking Killing Eve - I remember enjoying it.. up until the last couple of episodes. Also, I can't remember much about it.. which is its biggest flaw.

      PS: Ethan Hawke can suck it!

      1. Bradley has a wife I think, some model. They have a little kid together.

        I still haven't finished Killing Eve :)