Friday, September 7, 2018

(354) Pine tree + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, September 7, 2018
  • So...I turned 29 this week. 
  • I am a year away from moving into the woods and becoming a crazy old lady. 
  • As opposed to just 'crazy' and 'lady'.
  • Speaking of crazy, Brie Larson tweeted something is coming that will 'break the internet'.
  • Well, naturally people assumed it was going to be trailer for Captain Marvel. Nope. We got the usual EW cover and promo stills. 
  • Woman, calm down and tweet accordingly.
  • Where is her neck on this cover?
  • And why does she look like she is about to take a dump?
  • The photos are nice but I am not a fan of this chick. Look at this. Someone said she is the kind of a girl who when asked where the toilet is at the party replies with "I have a boyfriend" and that is so true. I wish Marvel chose someone likable particularly since this girl is about to show up out of nowhere and make the heroes we know look weak. 
  • What in the everloving fuck is happening here?
  • Oh my God, it's actually happening. I cannot wait for all sorts of dumb method acting stuff he will do.
  • A Star is Born premiered to a standing ovation at Venice. Gaga and Cooper actually went to the public screening to thank those who attended which was such a lovely gesture.
  • Poland gets this movie on November 30th, 7 weeks after US does. This is absolute torture for me.
  • Here's new sneak peak/trailer for the movie.
  • And another one.
  • And another one!
  • And another one!!!
  • In some screenings of The Nun WB actually added ALL four of those. The reactions to that are so funny.
  • But seriously, what a way to wreck a good thing. These are wonderful trailers but its so obnoxious to play four of them in front of a film.
  • The reactions coming from Toronto today - go through my twitter to check them - are ecstatic. 
  • Unless Cooper sexually assaults a cat or something he is so fucking winning Best Actor Oscar. He is singing, he also directed this, he plays an alcoholic, he is doing crazy shit like lowering his voice for the role, the movie is a sad romance that's also a film about entertainment industry and it's gonna be a huge box office hit.
  • Also he is gonna promote that thing till he collapses.
  • This stupid flag controversy about First Man is getting worse
  • You can actually sense Cooper furiously inserting American flags into his movie.
  • New poster and trailer for The Favourite. If Olivia Coleman goes supporting for this then that is the second locked win this year already. Poor Amy Adams. Also that movie of hers doesn't even have a trailer yet
  • Teaser for new season of American Horror Story which premiers this Wednesday. 
  • I don't wanna see any headlines about Ethan Hawke unless it is "Ethan Hawke begs Hugh Jackman for forgiveness".
  • BITCH apologize.
  • So Shane Black is kinda a creep and definitely an idiot. This news breaking won't stop him from continuing to feature young boys in his every film because he is clearly clueless as to how bad it looks now. 
  • Look at this. But yes, we are getting Kingsman 3, as if there was not enough evil in the world.
  • Just what the hell is happening in Venice?!
  • The responses to this Ryan Reynolds' tweet are brilliant.
  • In a shocking twist, Game of Thrones has the potential to become even worse.
  • Honest Trailer for The Conjuring films.
  • Meanwhile The Nun is getting pretty bad reviews. And rightfully so. The film is really bad. The script had such potential and they totally mangled it. I'll review it soon. 
  • Here's the first track from Thom Yorke's composed score for Suspiria. Yes, there are vocals. And yes, this is how this is gonna be in the movie. I can definitely see why many reviews found this jarring, it just doesn't fit. 
  • New still from Apostle. Please be good.
  • Goodbye, Black Panther's Oscar.
  • Unfortunately, the Academy is still dumb as hell. I take day off the next day. I sit all night watching this. I wanna see everything, you bastards,
  • Why can't Laura Dern be the President?
  • This is the funniest news of the week. Cavill is gonna play Geralt in The Witcher. This is hilarious because it means his negotiations with WB to play Superman in MoS sequel and get "A list" money failed. WB was like bitch, you aren't A list.
  • I rewatched all Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Transcendence and Anger Management. Please don't ask me about my actions.
  • I rewatched Vacation. Because of reasons:
  • First time I watched that I actually had to google if that missile was real. Turns out that it wasn't, but I bet the real thing is not much smaller.
  • I also rewatched Snow White and the Huntsman and that livetweet went pretty much as you would expect it to go.
  • At one point of this week I saw this picture --->
  • I don't know what happened next because I fainted.
  • On my birthday I actually rewatched The Cabin in the Woods. God, it's such a fantastic movie. Such an incredibly smart and creative script and the cast is so fun to watch. 
  • So remember that Outlaw King trailer? 
  • How poor it looked? 
  • Kick Ass's stupid wig? 
  • Pine's hilarious accent? 
  • The fact that this is gonna be on Netflix?
  • Me cackling about it in at least 5 tweets?
  • That's right, having Netflix is finally going to pay off.
  • Here's Chris talking about it.
  • Also the reviews are pretty good but who gives a fuck with this on the menu.
  • Apparently this particularly Pine tree isn't that big but hey, out of the things getting mentions in the reviews it's getting the most ink.
  • I think we are all thinking the same thing right now.
  • And that thing is - Chris Harmsworth take your pants off and reclaim your place as the chosen one!
  • And finally, Bad Times at the El Royale is gonna be amazing:
  • Katy breaks down A Star is Born trailer which I am unable to watch without crying
  • Alex writes about film commentaries
  • In the least surprising turn of events ever, Mario reviews Slender Man because of course he saw it
  • Unlike Mario, Brittani actually listens to me and ends up not wasting her time and watching good stuff like The Conjuring
  • Sonia reviews Fallout
  • Courtney writes about Legend


    1. Oh, now I wish I had the streaming option for Netflix. (Damn my shitty internet service...)

      1. I'm sure it will be all over the Internet the second it premieres :)

    2. Happy belated Birthday!!!

      I don't love or hate Brie Larson...but bringing Captain Marvel into the franchise right before Avengers 4 is a poor mistake. There's no build-up to her character and she seems like an afterthought in the whole series considering it took twenty films and three sequels each for Iron Man, Thor, Captain America before she finally got her own movie. *shrugs*

      *phoebe friends gif MY EYES MY EYES at those Jared Leto pictures* That's almost as bad as Hardy's Capone.

      I'm watching every move A Star Is Born marketing makes with laser eyes. lol I'm so ready for this I JUST CAN'T. I love Kevin McCarthy. He's one of the best interviewers for press tours. His twitter reaction has me so hyped and even more emotional...GAWD. Every time I watch one of the movie clips, I'm so surprised Bradley directed it 'cause it's not bloated, obnoxious, etc. like a lot of directorial debuts can be. This movie is going to ruin me. *sits in a corner and cries* I'm really hoping they're not going to campaign Gaga for Best Supporting Actress.

      I'm so over the First Man moon non-sense.

      Paul Fieg talking about a Spy sequel....My brain can't even comprehend that $235 million dollars box office isn't enough money period, let alone not enough to make a sequel.

      The Oscars are a mess. No other way to describe it. lol Poor Black Panther.

      Thank you for the link!! Sam Elliot is alive and well. ;D

      1. Thank you! Your birthday wishes tweet was awesome!

        Feige and his thinly veiled sexism completely fucked up here

        Cooper and Gaga are already the most entertaining thing in the Oscar season, they are so damn extra about every thing :) yeah Elliott is well Gaga flirting with him in Toronto was amazing

    3. Lol poor Mario. Thanks for the link!

      Hold on to 29. I'm 31 and I hate not being in my 20's anymore. I was supposed to be making better money lol.

      I'm glad the Academy dumped that ridiculous MTV Movie Award prize. Don't bring that shit back.

      Dude, I hate the casting of Cavill as Gerhalt. I really you could make him look several different ways in the game but mine was all rugged with a scar. Pretty much hownI pictured Rhaegar Targaryen to look. Cavill is too polished.

      The stills for Captain Marvel looked better than the cover.

      Pine donnnnng!

      1. Mario did it to himself :D

        I don't know how to hold on to 29 :D Time just flies like crazy!

    4. Spy definitely deserves a sequel. That the studio is doing Kingsman 3 shouldn't really matter, especially since Spy 2 could have a lower budget and the same or better box office.

      Too bad about The Nun. The marketing was phenomenal.

      1. It's such a shame we aren't getting the sequel :/ I loved Melissa's characters in most of Feig's movies and would love to see them again

    5. Thanks so much for the link and happy birthday! I'm excited for some of the movies hitting the festival circuit right now. I'm so happy that we're getting two Yorgos Lanthimos movies in as many years.

      1. You're welcome and thank you! I'm excited to read this one is more accessible, I didn't even finish the Lobster

    6. Those Reynolds and Paddington tweets made my week

      If that love triangle happens in Game of Thrones I'll stop watching. Enough is enough.

      I can't wait to see Outlaw King!!!

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Yeah the Pine Tree will make as all see it the day it drops on Netflix lol

    7. Happy Birthday sati!! =]

      Do you think The Witcher will be good? I can't think of a good video game to movie example. Though if they did Metal Gear Solid properly it would have massive potential.

      Looking forward to The Favourite! Another film you've put on my radar. That Cooper/Film doesn't look like it'll be my thing tho, but I'll go see it for sure, it looks like it'll be a very well made flick. 'Bad Times at the El Royale' is another you've put on my radar too =]

      I sent you a tweet about upcoming movies, our tastes often align, do you have any suggestions for movies that are available to watch online?

      1. Thank you!

        No way. Going by her tweets the showrunner isnt very bright and Cavill doesnt exactly have abundance of acting talent

        I dont really know whats online. The last truly great film I saw from this year is First Reformed

      2. yeah I saw you wrote that you saw First Reformed and loved it so I went and watched it too. Ethan Hawke was pretty damned good!!

        Which tweets are you referring to??

      3. Just go on her account and look around.

    8. happy belated birthday, welcome to the forever-29-club!
      you totally nailed coopers oscar campaign. 'he lowered his voice'!!!
      I thought I was just being oblivious when I found out about brie larson/captain marvel, I thought she was bland - her introduction is gonna be interesting, hell it needs to be, good luck with that.

      1. Thank you! Yeah from now on I am "in my 20s" :)

    9. Yeah, that was pretty obnoxious of Brie Larson.

      I hadn't heard about them omitting the planting of the flag in First Man. That honestly is a pretty dumb choice on their part if that's true.

      Good that the Oscars are backpeddling on their idiotic MTV award. Dumb that they're only televising a handful of actual awards now, though. Way to keep the prestige. XP

      1. Yeah it's kinda like looking for trouble with the state of US right now

    10. "I am a year away from moving into the woods and becoming a crazy old lady. " .. hun, I'm 5 months away...... *starts sobbing*

      You know what.. I'm still not sure about Larson as Captain Marvel. Even after that trailer, definitely not after that cover... I just.. I'm still so uncertain.

      Third Kingsman? What.. no...... the second one sucked so I mean, the third will suck even more.

      Oh man, I've been living under a rock.. the Oscar's are not doing the popular film?! But why!?!? Everyone loved the idea... :D :D :D :D

      Pine's dick is getting my full attention!

      Also, maybe he a grower not a shower?

      1. Yeah they 'postponed' that stupid category :)

        Well...hopefully he is a grower....not that I ever get to check in person but for his sake :)