Friday, September 14, 2018

(355) Again, God bless Australia + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, September 14, 2018

  • Another great week for Cooper and Gaga this time in Toronto with multiple instances of standing ovation during the screening and of course the dramatic unveiling
  • It was amazing how not only did the movie got standing ovation but Gaga got her own, separate standing ovation during Q&A.  I just adore how all the guys on stage stood up and applauded her. Those are wonderful co-stars. Not scum of the Earth from The Predator (I'll get to that in a bit).
  • I also loved Gaga fangirling over Sam Elliott on the red carpet. 
  • People talk abut Glenn Close winning Oscar this year. I have barely even heard of her movie. You've gotta be kidding me. If Cooper is gonna sweep, so is Gaga. 
  • I am legitimately rooting for her. She has so many weird haters which is so sad because she seems like a very lovely person. Also she really looks fantastic in the role and her voice is incredible. And she has a lot of great things to say. And she stopped to talk to the fans which is so nice. 
  • Hugh's a fan too.
  • And so is Viggo
  • Here's new poster for the movie.
  • This is all so EMOTIONAL I cannot believe Cooper managed to sit there with straight face
  • This is the dude that cried so hard that security guys offered him napkins after the premiere. I'm surprised he didn't burst into tears in front of them.
  • Gaga and Cooper are going to be on Graham Norton's show on September 28th. And who is also going to be there? Ryan Gosling. I cannot wait for Cooper to talk about his singing and Gosling and myself having violent flashbacks to that ridiculous whistling on the boardwalk.
  • This Predator thing from last week got so much worseThank God for little Jacob.
  • I am no longer Holbrook's fan. These guys are absolutely terrible and I hope their careers go nowhere. 
  • You are probably thinking them leaving her during interviews is bad and that this whole situation couldn't possibly get any worse.
  • But in a shocking turn of events they made it worse.
  • At least Sterling had the excuse of not being there and wrote this. Still, he just had to throw in the condescending 'dear'.
  • Holbrook's statement is infuriating - he is lying about Fox taking 'swift' action, he tries to use the victim's feelings as an excuse and he states this is 'new' to him.
  • And then there is this bitch using his wife and a holiday as a shield.
  • This girl has more courage than all of these dudes combined.
  • I am so angry I will go off for few bullet points now. 
  • Alfie! Thrones is ending and with it your career.
  • Boyd! How does it feel that you are the lead in this movie yet no one cared about you enough to force you to promote this on Comic Con? Oh and how does it feel that Narcos dropped you but the writers bend over backwards to keep Pedro around?
  • Trevante, you are a disgrace.
  • Tom, you prostituted yourself, so no one expects you to have any shame. 
  • And the rest of these 'actors" in the cast -  who even are you?! 
  • But amazingly they are not the ones with the worst behavior this week.
  • Norm Macdonald is
  • And then he made it worse.
  • He almost said 'retarded' on live television. What is wrong with this guy?
  • I am so tired of these degenerates offering their disgusting hot takes and then following it with insincere apologies. Take their platform away, cancel their shows. Oh and to the people who worry about them not having jobs? We need people to clean public toilers and pick up garbage off the side of the road and I think Norm, Roseanne and Louis would be fantastic choices for that. I think cleaning feces and picking up used condoms is what they were destined for.
  • Moving on....
  • That new Sabrina show looks really good!
  • Yeah, bitch! Aaron Paul joined Westworld season 3.
  • The reviews for Life Itself are absolutely hysterical. Look at that tweet.
  • Poor Isaac. He keeps starring in terrible movies and even if he manages to be in one that isn't bad few people actually go and see it. 
  • Also during TIFF we got this gem of a quote from Steve McQueen. My favorite was someone on reddit asking "who the fuck is Steve McQueen and when is he buying me home cinema?" 
  • It's like every week Paul Feig has bad news for us. 
  • I cannot wait for Dark Phoenix, it's gonna be such a disaster
  • Hey, speaking of disasters, there's a rumor that WB is considering Kit Harington for Batman. At least that one doesn't grope women so I suppose it's an improvement. 
  • Cavill is out as Superman as announced by THR. There's mass hysteria among delusional fans. Please, this was obvious the second he made ludicrous demands for A list kind of salary. 
  • Well, he is most likely out as Superman. His annoying agent started posting cryptic tweets and then he posted this. This is utterly pathetic. Trolling his own fans. Using this stuff for publicity like that. His agent is so unprofessional and he is so stupid. Now it looks like they are the ones who leaked the story to THR to get the reaction and use it in negotiations. And it's hilarious how that video shows what a wooden actor he is. If this is some bizarre strategy in negotiations WB should kick him out and Netflix should re-think if they want to deal with this child. Not too late to recast.
  • Also if his side is leaking things maybe WB should play this game too and make sure gossip websites pick up certain disgusting blind items about this guy.
  • Apostle trailer is dropping next week!
  • On Monday we are also getting new trailer for the nanny that better not win with my boo in the box office fight.
  • And on Tuesday Captain Marvel trailer is finally getting released.
  • Picture from Ad Astra starring Brad Pitt. Trailer for that is dropping soon too.
  • Extremely worrisome news about The Conjuring 3 - it's not known at the time if Wan will direct it. James needs to direct it. He needs to stop leaving his franchises to die in the gutter of shit.
  • Tom Hardy is recording a rap album. Also there's a plot leak about Venom and apparently the creature forces him to dance in public at one point. Tom, what the hell are you doing? Get a grip, gurl.
  • This week I continued my adventures of watching dumb stuff on Netflix and saw the entire Hangover trilogy. 
  • The third one was just straight up bizarre. For starters no one had a hangover other than in truly embarrassing mid credits scene. It was more a drama than a comedy but I don't know what I expected given it began with the giraffe getting beheaded and then a funeral scene (mind you, not for giraffe but for Jeffrey Tambor, so no tears were shed). I laughed twice - when Chow was butchering "Hurt" during karaoke and Cooper went "what the fuck am I watching?!" and during robbery scene when Chow was supposed to cut wires and said he was colorblind, then adding he is also dyslexic. 
  • Phillips is like Apatow, he should stick to the laughs because when he tries to move the audience it's both lame and boring as hell. Bonus points for my girl Melissa, since I'm pretty sure this movie was still better than that ejaculating Muppet abomination. 
  • The second one has gotta be one of the laziest sequels ever. It's literally the same movie as the first one, just much less funny and in a different setting. The monkey was amazing, though. 
  • The first one is hilarious, though. It still made me laugh so hard and it's such a fun film.
  • I also watched Case 39 (it's so bad) and Limitless (it's so stupid) so in addition to seeing Cooper get tasered in the dick and have a used condom thrown at him I also watched him fight with hornets for 5 minutes, dying anyways and falling on a toilet and witnessed him licking the blood of a dead criminal off the floor.
  • In 5 months this guy is gonna be Academy Award winner y'all.
  • Now to the best part of RF...
  • We are 1 month away from Hammer boo in the rain and a bit over 3 months away from submerged Feral boo. 
  • Oh, God bless water.
  • Jason had another amazing con experience
  • I made a mistake of watching both episodes of SNL with Hemsworth hosting. 
  • After he said that his penis is too large to have sex with a woman in one of the sketches I had to pause it and I rock back and forth for like 5 minutes. 
  • Good God almighty. 
  • I love you, Australia. All the most wonderful things are from there.
  • I really don't know when I see that soldier movie. I legitimately fear for my health.
  • And finally we have some new footage from Bad Times at the El Royale:
  • OH MY GOD.
  • Does anyone else just wanna run in that rain and jump up and just land right on....
  • You know what?
  • Let's just have a nice weekend, everyone!
  • Sonia reviews The Bad Batch
  • Brittani shares her Emmy predictions 
  • Katy writes about Crazy Rich Asians
  • Mario reviews BlackkKlansman 
  • Adrian chooses the best movies of the summer
  • Chris shares his new short film Sianostra


    1. I love Gaga's music I'm just having a hard time believing she can act lol. I wish they'd hurry up and release the soundtrack though. They should do that before the movie comes out.

      I hate to be one of those "he's too short to be Batman" people....but Kit Harington is too fucking short to be Batman.

      That Life Itself tweet is amazing. I saw someone compare it to Collateral Beauty the other day and that told me a lot.

      Jessica Chastain is in Dark Phoenix? What? lol

      I can't wait for El Royale. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Kit Harington is just the worst possible choice for Batman. Though at least he is not a pig so I guess that makes him better than most men in Hollywood

        I need to see this film, it sounds like a complete catastrophe

        oh yeah. And she claims she didn't know Singer produced it. She is so fully of shit.

        I want El Royale NOW!

    2. The promo tour for A Star Is Born has been epic so far. If it actually gets nominations, she is going to slay the red carpet. Though I wasn't a big fan of the Artpop era (and her performance as The Countess wasn't Golden Globe worthy), I've always loved her. Nothing is ever good enough for haters. My fingers are crossed for her during the Oscars.

      I'm counting down the days to that Graham Norton episode. I'm surprised I'm still alive.

      Wake me up when WB knows what it's doing with the DCEU at the point. lol Excluding Gal and Jason, of course.

      I have a feeling Venom is going to break the fourth wall so much between the two personalities. It's not going to be good.

      There was so much cringe during that interview with Olivia and the other actors. They might as well not have shown up, but Olivia was graceful and articulate as always. It's damning how much the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement has transitioned from survivors to what men in Hollywood think about so-and-so, and the lack of support from men who are actualy in a position to support their female co-stars. It's not surprising, but continually a rabbit hole of disappointment.

      One of my biggest horror movie experiences was seeing The Hangover 2. My sister and I were so psyched because we loved the first one, and then it was just two hours in a packed theater where almost no one laughed or laughed uncomfortably. YESH.

      Thanks for the link! <3

      1. Oh God yes. I haven't actually seen any of Hangover movies in theaters but it must have been embarrassing to witness 2 and 3 with large group of people. They are so incredibly lazy and there's barely anything funny in them. Good for Cooper for not getting stuck in bad movies and slaying left and right nowadays

    3. Hardy is recording a rap album?!

      You have tipped me over onto your side for the Cooper/Gaga movie. She does seem like a great person and hey, a Viggo clap is enough!!

      Norm Macdonald is a very strange one, he certainly pushes the limit. This is new tho in that he is making these comments to more mainstream media which is the problem - he is a standup comic, he should be on stage saying this kinda stuff.

      Though I don't understand this: "He almost said 'retarded' on live television".

      You lost me there sorry!

      Have a good weekend

      1. I suspect you haven't actually clicked the links. He almost said that word on The View trying to explain himself. It's considered an offensive word in USA.

        He shouldn't have been saying this stuff anywhere because it's extremely damaging. I don't know how one cannot see that.

      2. I watched The View video, not the first two links though. I couldn't see anything other than him clarifying things he should of said on stage but said it on TV or wherever, which was dumb.

        I guess what I don't see in the video is this PC stuff. I think the culture is very different down under. PC stuff seems to be taking over abroad, like people have this right to be offended now. Free speech is dying because someone might say something that someone else doesn't like. One of the ladies even said it, now we have to think twice before talking. Which just isn't natural. Certain words can't be used now even though decades ago they were literally the medical terms. More and more words and phrases become taboo.

        I s'pose I'm an asshole for this opinion, though I really don't know. What I do know though is I hate political correctness, I guess that is the reason for my rant there. I apologise for that.

      3. People should think twice before talking.

        And there are worse things than PC culture. Violence. Misogyny. Discrimination.

      4. true, true. I agree that people should think twice before talking if their words are going out to tons of people. That is a no-brainer for sure. But I want to be able to speak my mind without having to think twice in... say, the classroom or a party where there are a few people I don't know

        But... my opinion is twisted just a tad because I don't understand what being offended feels like. Kinda like Aspergers, the epilepsy I have means I can't grasp certain social concepts. So I guess I'm a prick when it comes to this subject.

        And you are certainly right that there are worse things than PC stuff, you've changed my perspective on that. It still pisses me off heh, but there are definitely worse things out there

    4. that tweet about viggo leaning forward was so sweet and relatable. and thanks for chris at the end, what a nice start to the weekend.

      1. That movie will probably kill my ass, it's too much

    5. Am I the only one who is not that hyped about A Star Is Born? I love Gaga's voice though

      "who the fuck is Steve McQueen" I'm so done with humans.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. You need to get hyped rn :D It's gonna be amazing!

        LOL well he kinda deserves it, he keeps making really stupid and out of touch comments

    6. Haven't seen the Hangover movies in forever. I really enjoyed the first one, but it's one of those incredibly rare instances where the sequels were so bad, they retroactively sour me on that first entry by association. Maybe if they were more spread apart that wouldn't have been the case? (And yes, Limitless is also incredibly stupid. Holy crap.)

      Also, I appreciate the link! :)

      1. I have that with Kingsman 2. It's just impossibly terrible it actually sours the original.

    7. I am so here for Gaga and Coops. I'll be honest...the trailer initially came off as really cheesy, but I'll pardon that for now. I still can't wait esp after all the great press it's been getting!

      1. Cooper and Gaga will promote their assess of this autumn and winter

    8. Hemsworth is playing a cult leader in El Royale, right? WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO BE IN THAT CULT?!? I would give him EVERYTHING.

      I wish I were more hyped for A Star is Born. I just.... I find Gaga to be exhausting, and her fans to be insane. I like (most of) her music but she vacillates so wildly between making fun of pop stardom and taking her own stardom WAY too seriously. The movie looks good but I'm already tired of it lol because the promo tour is SO full on.

      All the adult males involved in The Predator can go to hell.

      I saw Melissa McCarthy's puppet movie and had a blast. Then again, I was drunk at the time. As were probably most of the people in the audience, since it was an almost-midnight screening lol. So, ideal conditions for seeing such a stupid, juvenile movie.

      1. I'd run to that cult :D

        Gaga's fans are indeed...relentless :D

        Yeah that seems like something to watch when someone is under heavy influence :)

    9. Wait Cooper and Gaga and Gosling on the same couch?? holy shit. Really the hype for A Star is Born is scaring me at this point because everything looks perfect so the film better deliver. Emotional is the right word, I feel like crying and I haven't seen the movie, it's insane.

      Glenn Close has a movie out? Fascinating. 😂

      The whole Cavill thing is ridiculous, it's incredibly low and disrespectful to use the public for these stunts.

      1. Cavill should be getting a massive backlash for this stupid video. DCEU fans have been through so much crap with how unprofessionally all of it was handled and he only adds to that

    10. "God bless water." Indeed.

      Norm MacDonald showed up to my university drunk off his ass and told zero jokes before getting booed off stage (after trying to fight security...which was made up of students), and that was over 15 years ago...clearly the guy is still a f--king moron. I know that's his shtick, but goodness, man. Evolve.

      I don't watch GoT, but KH as Batman seems a bit...disheartening. I don't hate the dude, but c'mon. Just give it to the Rock and let's have some fun with it. Or Oscar Isaac even. Maybe then someone would watch one of his movies...(other than SW).

      I admire that you went back to the Hangover movies, but man, even I couldn't get into the third one. ME. I bailed on that one real quick. If Cooper wins that Oscar, hopefully they use that GIF as he's walking up to get it.

      Really looking forward to Bad Times as the cast is so f--king great. Even when not...wet.

      Thanks for the link!!!!!!!

      1. Yeah that sounds like something this douche would do. Conan is having him over next week, I hope Conan won't embarass himself and try to bail this dude out.

        Dude then this must be even worse than I thought given you didn't even finish it. It's so bad but those few moments I mentioned were very funny

        You better go see El Royale Hemsy cannot have another flop

    11. Omg, that tweet for Life Itself is so brutal. I can't lie, I'm interested to see what a disaster that film turns out to be. It's getting absolutely destroyed.

      1. I cannot wait to see it. The film sounds so hilarious in unintentional way

    12. Man, I remember reading this post, but it seems I haven't commented. *SHAME SHAME SHAME*

      But yay for Gaga and Cooper, I'm rooting for them too... but I will root harder next week because by then, I would have seen the movie. Sucks that you have to wait for so long!! It's not fair.

      I still haven't watched the second season of Riverdale, which I just remembered because I watched the teaser for Sabrina. It looks good. But man.. I have so many things to watch... I need more time!

      Those Chris Hemsworth gifs are dangerous..

      PS: It's so weird reading these posts weeks later.. who the fuck is Norm Macdonald and why the hell is he allowed to speak!?

      1. Yeah what the fuck, right? 2 months? For this? It's ridiculous. Thank God we are at least getting El Royale on time.

        Macdonald is a comedian, he was on SNL way back. He has this bizarre awkward sense of humor but now it turns out he is also a pig.