Friday, September 21, 2018

(356) HERo + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, September 21, 2018
  • First trailer for Captain Marvel is here, along with the poster. It's really good but they are gonna need to really knock this out of the park. After all, she is gonna appear out of nowhere in this franchise.
  • I do love that moment where "HER" turns into "HERO". My God, I hope this literally killed some incels when they were watching this.
  • There's a cat on the poster and I need that cat to be in next Avengers and interact with Thor.
  • We are getting new Marvel shows focusing on the supporting characters in the franchise. You can just sense how happy Hiddles must be. He has nothing other than this.
  • Trailer for Daredevil 3. Eh. Let me know if Bernthal shows up, then I'll see it.
  • Here's Gaga and Cooper on the cover of the Italian Vanity Fair.
  • Neko Case (I'm not even entirely sure who that is) tweeted this about Bradley Cooper. It's completely ridiculous and who knows what that batshit woman even meant by that but it's so freaking funny I kinda call Cooper 'beige demon' now. 
  • Muppet parody of the A Star is Born trailer which you simply have to see. 
  • Green Book won audience award at TIFF. 
  • I saw the trailer for this for the first time this week and it is really awesome. Great song, great editing and Viggo (holy shit, he plays an Italian) and Ali look like they are definitely getting at the very least nominated. Beige Demon better watch his back. 
  • The circumstances around the movie are so interesting - the guy Viggo is playing was actually in The Sopranos and this is Peter Farrelly's movie. As in the dude who made Dumb and Dumber.
  • Also:
  • Sweet Gawd Viggo still got it.
  • Oh good. Because what we were missing is Sean Penn's "thoughts" on #MeToo.
  • And in even worse news....
  • Trailer for Apostle. This looks really violent and gritty. Oh yeah.
  • Olivia Colman and Helena Bonham Carter on the set of The Crown.
  • Jesus Christ, Man. Jason is gonna have to go on SNL and hang dong now to win that box office battle. 
  • They have Streep in there so you know she is probably getting nominated just for showing up.
  • *disgusted noises*
  • God, they even have Angela Lansbury. Mario thought she was dead so they are practically bringing people from the beyond here.
  • I mean obviously families will go see this instead of Aquaman. If men of the family are buying the tickets there is no way they will bring their wives to see something starring Momoa so that they feel like inferior species, you know, just in time for Christmas, while their ladies lust after this guy.
  • No, you guys seriously. This is not just about me. This is about the....greater good. I think Jason absolutely needs to striptease his way through talk shows now.
  • Nicolas Cagethe hero of the people.
  • Also look at that picture. I cannot even imagine being on this level.
  • Seriously though, Nolan sounds like he is from different planet with his anti-Netflix bias and see everything in IMAX motto. I'm glad Nolan has such strong stance - in his chateau or villa where he is walking around in mink thong and drinking swan's blood or whatever he is doing in his spare time when he is not putting masks on Tom Hardy or writing about characters with dead wives - but most of us don't have the luxury of seeing everything in cinemas. Or like me even if they could afford it, they just don't have the energy. There is a reason why instead of going to cinema few times a week I come home, lie down on my bed and watch absolute trashfire on Netflix. 
  • That reason is I am tired. Maybe Nolan shoots heroin in his eyeballs and isn't, but hey, I can't do that. I need to stay alive till December 21st.
  • Two new Venom posters. One of them is really great, another....
  • Let's just share this priceless comment from reddit thread about it - Welcome to Sony, please watch our movies so we can get more cocaine.
  • Seriously, the quality of these two posters is so drastically different it's as if Eddie Redmayne stood next to Jason Momoa.
  • Though I will say this much - the horrid one takes me back to early 00s. To the times before reign of MCU, when we had embarrassingly shitty but so bad it's funny CBMs and tons of equally bad but entertaining 'rock' music like Bring Me to Life.
  • (is that a fucking space ship on the left?)
  • Clip from the movie. And TV spot. This is gonna be so entertaining
  • First picture from that Joker movie, of Joaquin Pheonix as titular character, and here are the pictures from the set
  • And here's screen test with first glimpse of his make up.
  • The most horrific thing here is that I have the same haircut.
  • This was terrifying so here is Alexander Skarsgard with a puppy.
  • Funny pictures from the set of IT part 2:
  • New trailer for Girl in Spider's Web which is marginally less terrible than the previous ones but it's cocaine studio so it's not gonna be good.
  • So on Friday I watched Rush for obvious reasons. Really, though, how deaf do these geriatric fucks in the Academy have to be not to nominate Zimmer's score? Did they have a stroke at the sight of Hemsworth's bare ass and the blood flooded their eardrums and they couldn't hear?
  • Actually...that sounds like something that could have happened.
  • On Saturday I watched Mandy which I already talked about (it was amazing).
  • I also decided to see The Mummy because Netflix has it and I have never seen it before. It was fun, and it's certainly better than the quality of stuff I usually watch on Netflix.
  • I rewatched The Handmaiden which was so good instead of watching just a bit and going to sleep I saw the whole thing (was super tired the next day), also it turns out I have an extended version of that movie which I never realized before.
  • I finally saw Solo and that was a perfectly fine adventure film. I feel really bad that it flopped because Howard delivered a well made movie, the cast was great and Alden really managed to do a good job. Rian Johnson tarnished the brand so bad we now live in the world where Star Wars movies flop. Solo was so much better than The Last Jedi. It was entertaining, I cared about the characters and there was no weird stuff like Skype Kylo and that Jesusing back to the ship moment. Honestly, this franchise has Isaac but I doubt I'll see the next episode in cinemas.
  • So my new thing is studying to take the bar. AGAIN. 
  • I failed three times already (this is embarrassing), over the years. I'm basically Patrick Wilson in Little Children only my ass isn't that nice. 
  • And the exams I failed were not even the bar exam, just the initial tests that gets you pre-approved for official lawyering so naturally now I am gonna try to skip all of that and even though I failed easy level I'm gonna go and try to win on master level. 
  • What can go wrong, right? 
  • Technically I do practice law and my job is not bad but the pay is ridiculous. And given situations like this and the fact I most certainly won't marry rich (fuck, it's looking like I won't even marry poor) I really deserve/have to be at least paid well. So you may see much less of me these days. 
  • Good news for you guys and your enjoyment is that now that I'm assaulting my brain with even more legal stuff I'm going progressively more insane: 
  • This is Friday.
  • This is Monday. 
  • This is Monday when I came back from work.
  • And this is Wednesday.
  • And that's later that day. 
  • And even later that day. 
  • oh what an amazing dad he is!
  • Chris shared new photo from the set of Men in Black and adorable video.
  • Whatever he is doing with his hands here I want him to do to me.
  • Dakota gets it.
  • Look, here's the thing. If there was really a cult led by Chris Hemsworth I'd run to join that cult so fast my underwear would literally fly off so swiftly it would kill whoever was behind me.
  • I feel this is the good place to end. So - happy weekend!
  • Sofia reviews The Nun
  • Brittani reviews A Simple Favor
  • Courtney writes about Virgin Suicides
  • Alex features Jeff Goldblum in his In Character series
  • Katy writes about the biggest Emmy snubs
  • Sonia reviews Destination Wedding



    1. "Seriously, the quality of these two posters is so drastically different it's as if Eddie Redmayne stood next to Jason Momoa." - God damn, the shade! lol

      Man, WB is fucking trying with The Joker. Right now I'll I'm seeing is Joaquin Phoenix in a bob. But at least he doesn't have a damanged tattoo. I guess.

      I love how we have completely opposite views on the Star Wars franchise lol

      Mandy comes out on DVD next month, I'm excited to see it!

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Many is incredible! It's not for everyone but it's absolutely insane and even if you hate it it's still worth seeing because it looks and sounds amazing

    2. Thanks for the link! Ohh Cage, you gotta love him. That dude definitely lives on a completely different level. And the trailer for Apostle looks brutal!

      1. Yeah I hope the movie is gonna be good, Stevens and Sheen are both so awesome

    3. The Captain Marvel trailer was pretty awesome, but I felt like Brie's energy was really low, even in the action scenes. I'm a little more excited that Annette Bening is playing her mom. Like you said, she's coming into the series out of nowhere, the movie is going to have to be super good, especially since Avengers 4 is going to be released a few months later.

      That Muppet parody was hysterical, and the Vanity Fair cover was gorgeous.

      I'm so excited for Green Book! The trailer was amazing. I hope it sticks around long enough for award show season.

      I hate the idea of Meryl Streep being in Mary Poppins Returns. That's my biggest con about the film, and that I'm not sure about Rob Marshall as director. He's very on and off with his projects. BUT I LOVE everything else.

      OMG, THE MUMMY is on Netflix *races to watch it* I need to see Solo so bad, I just haven't had time with the 30 different shows I'm watching. lol

      NOOOOOO, you can't leave the blogosphere. *sobs into the void* Good luck with your tests. *sniffles*

      Thanks for the link! <3

      1. Well it opens in US for Thanksgiving so that's pretty good, it's definitely getting Globe nominations and it looks like such a lovely and accessible movie maybe it even beats the Favorite. A Star is Born is competing in drama category at the Globes

        Streep being there is so distracting. Like, why. This is like Suffragete all over again, her just showing up out of nowhere in one scene

        The Mummy with Fraser though, I should have specified :) I haven't seen Cruise one yet

        oh I'm never leaving, just gonna be tweeting less relentlessly :)

    4. Totally with you on those Venom posters. That one on the right is so generic. But that Nic Cage pic, wow. His swag is on a billion.

    5. Thanks for the updates. I'm surprised there's no Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins Returns but apparently Andrews wants it to be Emily Blunt's show.
      Did you see the new Laurel and Hardy trailer (STAN & OLLIE) with John C. Reilly in full makeup? Probably an awards contender.

      1. I think recently there was news Andrews was actually in it

        Nah, I'm not much looking forward to it

      2. Where did you read Andrews is actually in it? Could be fake news as most articles point to she is not doing a cameo.

      3. I don't know, I think someone linked it on Awards Watch forum

    6. Dude...VIGGO! The last thing I saw him in was Captain Fantastic, and boy does he look totally different! Green Book is coming to the New Orleans Film Fest in a few weeks, and I'm signing up for that ASAP! Viggo+Ali=Pure Gold.

      1. I still haven't seen Captain Fantastic, I really need to see that!

    7. I didn't love Captain Marvel trailer but that HER turning into A HERO moment was beautiful

      I'm seeing Mandy next week. I can't believe I'm saying this since it's a Nic Cage movie, but I'm so excited!

      Thanks for the link!

      1. You should also check out Wicker Man - it's fucking terrible but it's amazingly funny. It's the funniest unintentional comedy out there

    8. Replies
      1. Only one way to be certain. Put naked Thor in there.

    9. chris is gonna be in MIB? so random.
      and you DO NOT have the same haircut as the joker, haha. I can't wait for the movie! happy monday, sati.

      1. goddamnit sati, you should have NEVER let me discover chris' instagram.

      2. Yeah him and Tessa Thompson are the new Men in Black :)

        Chris' istagram is deadly.

    10. First of all, Viggo is amazing in anything, so I'm not surprised Green Book is getting good review. His cool, calm and collected vibe works so well. Except Captain Fantastic, where he is not exactly that, but it is probably one of the best roles I've seen him in. I cried at that movie! Did you see it?
      Also, the Handmaiden is really good, I remember not being too excited for it because I'm not really into Asian movies, but I'm so glad I went to see this one, it was amazing!
      Lastly, Venom! I don't know what to say about the movie and the plot and the look of the monster (not really into creature films), but I will definitely go see it because...well....Tom Hardy! That's enough reason :)

      1. I haven't seen Captain Fantastic vibe but I really have to!

        Hardy looks like he is having so much fun in that movie and I think watching him will be entertaining as hell :)

    11. Thank you for the link ๐Ÿ˜™ God, that Venom poster is bad. It's hard to say who's cuter, Skarsgard or the puppy, I'd adopt both.

      Oooh that joker screen test looks good, I'm ready.

      I'm happy you liked Solo, that makes two of us, apparently ๐Ÿ˜‚ honestly, it was quite fun, and I thought Ehrenreich was good. But then, it is true that nobody hates Star Wars like Star Wars fans.

      I opted out of the bar here because I don't want to become a lawyer anymore, but I feel your pain on this one. They're notoriously hard to pass and honestly, when you're working and studying it's even harder! But if you need it, don't give up!! Good luck, rooting for you ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

      1. It's such a shame Solo flopped, Alden doesn't deserve being blamed for it and I'm sure a lot of people do :/

        Well it's just after the college there is really nothing else I can do :)

    12. Holy crap Green Book looks amazing. Viggo is my man crush, he can do everything. Yet another film you put on my list! Keep 'em comin, I'm too out of the loop to know whats good.

      Speaking of which, our Adelaide film festival is playing soon... if I gave you the program link would you be bothered to look at it and tell me if there are any there that you've heard about and I gotta see? All good if you can't be fucked tho =]

      I just don't know what to pick as I have a gold critic pass so I can see as many movies as I can, but I have heard of none of them except the new Coen Bros movie. Godard's new flick is there, I'll see that. All the otheres I have never heard of

      1. Sure, go for it :) PM or tweet me or write a comment here, I'll take a look

      2. Thank you! The program list is below, a few of them are obvious picks but I'm sure there are some that I've never heard of that are good

      3. Burning. Cold War. The Nightingale. The Old Man & The Gun. Roma.

        These look like the best ones

      4. :O how did I miss Nightingale??

        Thanks so much for having a look =] All these look awesome, I'm gonna prioritise them for sure


    13. I'm Chris not Sati (she will answer you in another comment)

      Exciting you are attending Adelaide film festival! Just scanned the program. I'd. try and get a ticket for "Burning". I've heard it's one of the best films of 2018.

    14. Wait, why is there a cat on the poster?

      That muppet parody was really funny, I don't even like muppets, but I liked that!

      That Apostle trailer looks so good. I like these new visual goes together with the sounds type editing (shitty description of it though) but man, those silver letters on that wood look so cheap... that sort of pulled me out of the creepiness. But now I'm just nitpicking. Anyway, I hope it holds together and delivers.

      Oh that recap of your week was funny and brutal.. it's my day off but having so much eye candy on one sitting is not healthy for anyone!

      1. I think it's her cat :) She has one and it's like her sidekick or something

        Netflix is really cheap when it comes to their trailers, the TV series have amazing ones but their original films don't

        Eye candy helps to reset :)

    15. That Muppet trailer is basically mad science. Infinite respect to the person behind that one.

      Ah, Bring Me to Life. Those were the f--king days. *sobs* I've been tempted to watch that scene again, only because I remember it being so impossibly hysterical.

      Totally shocked that you liked Solo. It was certainly much more fun than TLJ, but that f--ker was like a two-hour dick punch, so that might not being say much. I loved Woody so much though. And Chewie.

      Hahahaha @ your comment about Hemsworth's hand gesturing. I think the one on the left looks

      1. I'm sure all his hand gestures would be fun :D