Friday, September 28, 2018

(357) We're far from the shallow now + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, September 28, 2018
  • These two just keep on winning.
  • Gaga shone during yet another A Star is Born premiere. Amazing
  • And here's premiere in London:
  • Today her and Bradley are going to be on Graham Norton show (a little taste). Bradley was on Conan on Monday and it was easily the longest interview I ever saw Conan do. Bradley was there for about 20 minutes and he was really great. He had so many fun anecdotes and seemed super laid back and friendly.
  • Here she is on Ellen's show. He dog's name....I like her even more now. While I'm also very sad right now.
  • Here's new TV spot of Cooper's solo song. Whewwwww. My God.
  • And here, finally, the music video for Shallow:
  • There's a new trailer for Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Johnny Nine Digits and there's a lot to unpack here.
  • I'm not even surprised that J.K. Rowling - the same woman who just randomly said a male character is gay to score points with LGBTQ crowd - did the link to Harry Potter series by having Nagini, Voldemort's snake in there.
  • And I'm not even surprised that she doesn't see how many problems there is with making Nagini a woman who is cursed and eventually turns into a snake. We all remember her being like what's the big deal with hiring Depp so reprehensible person acting reprehensible again is no shock.
  • Her incredible audacity is really surprising though. Bitch sits there saying she knew this for years. Yep. I too when I write a book don't use hints or foreshadow stuff, but I sit on a twist for 20 years and drop it only when we are doing a prequel story.
  • Sounds legit.
  • That's totally what happened there.
  • Leaving aside this shit, the fact that they are gonna be cowards about Dumbledore being gay and the fact they are making sure a violent drunk gets the money and keeps his A lister status....that is a great trailer. You know, if you lobotomize yourself and forget all the stuff I've just mentioned.
  • Like Judi Dench did, apparently. These old timers don't get the pass for being old. Old doesn't mean you can contribute to the horrible state of the world with your garbage takes.
  • Tom Hardy is hot again so let's rejoice!
  • He seems to be having so much fun promoting Venom:
  • First the nanny and now this goddamn robot.
  • Also now it turns out that Cheney movie, Vice is also premiering on Christmas.
  • Trailer for Creed 2 which I'm sure will make so much money.
  • The trailer for Dark Phoenix is here. The trailer is actually not bad and will probably turn out to be much better than the actual movie. But Good God, isn't Sophie Turner in her 20s? This is horrific booze bloat. She looks like female Ben Affleck. Raggedy Miguel aged like milk as expected yet at least he is delivering some real acting in there and he is easily the best part of the trailer. Also yey JLaw is finally dying!
  • I swear to God it's like there is a race between Sony and Fox over who does the dumbest possible thing.
  • Tom Hanks snapped after they were snubbing him out of Oscar nominations for years. He will not be ignored now.
  • Ethan Hawke, who still didn't issue an apology for his demented claims about Loganis still talking. Is he gonna be out there in the news, talking about random shit until the Oscar nominations are announced and he gets absolutely nothing? He is isn't he? 
  • Look, I think he is amazing in First Reformed but his hot takes are gonna make me laugh when he is snubbed even though he is currently my win. 
  • The man dissed Logan. Again I will repeat - if he shat on my carpet I'd be less offended than I am now. 
  • I saw A Simple Favor which was so much fun. It's a bizarre movie, a real mix of genres and tonal shifts are jarring but it's so entertaining. It could have easily been better and my God is Anna Kendrick just too much - she is never believable as a human being with all that quirk and energy - but Blake Lively was an absolute revelation and the film was tons of fun.
  • I saw both Con Air and Face/Off on Saturday and they are both so much fun with the latter being genuinely one of the craziest and most unique movies ever made.
  • I rewatched Silver Linings Playbook. Damn, that was a weak year for Best Actress. Cooper carries this movie, same way he carried American Hustle. This whole sports angle is unbearable and way too much but overall it's a very charming and touching movie. And Cooper is freaking hilarious here.
  • I started Maniac and only saw two episodes so far. The show started terribly with a really boring episode. Frankly, this makes me not want to continue because this is the dumbest thing to do. Episode 2 was much stronger, why not just start with that? And I hate those opinions 'ooh give it 3 or 4 episodes'. Yes, because I have so much free time, nothing better for me to do then give something 2h to see if it's not a complete waste of my time. 
  • Granted, I did use the time I could have used on watching more Maniac on watching 8mm where Cage and Phoenix pointlessly wander around shady basements for two hours but my point still stands. 
  • Netflix used to at least knock it out of the park with the original series. What the fuck? This is going downhill now too? 
  • Also they just removed Avengers - so the only Hemsy movie is Ghosbusters - and added Ted.
  • Bitch, I pay you money. 
  • Earn it.
  • What the hell is happening with Oscar Isaac's career?! Life Itself - a trainwreck where his dog's name is "fuckface", I am not kidding this is actually this beautiful little dog's name - and Operation Finale - apparently such flop that it is landing on Netflix next week. 
  • New information about Aquaman scenes. And here's my baby in his iconic costume.
  • For the love of God, WHY?!
  • Someone remembered 12 Strong exists. 
  • We have first reviews for Bad Times at The El Royale and they are quite good but this is what really matters:
  • How is "dangerously sexy" any different than what this merciless bastard has been doing for years?!
  • This is Chris' new house. Boo, what the fuck are you building?!
  • There was no Dark World livetwet from me but there was this.
  • And finally to celebrate the weekend and the fact Hardyboo is hot again, watch this:
  • Katy breaks down Mary Poppins Returns trailer
  • Alex writes about Assassination Nation 
  • Sonia reviews Vacation
  • Getter writes about Mandy
  • Mario reviews The Muppet Ejaculation movie
  • Jordan writes about A Simple Favor



    1. They say "dangerously sexy" as if they need to continue to sell me on this movie lol.

      " Anna Kendrick just too much" - THANK YOU

      Those are both great posts on why the Nagini thing is problematic and complete bullshit. A friend was asking me if it was really "that big of a deal." Yes. Yes it was.

      I love Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. I actually rewatched both myself fairly recently.

      I plan on starting Maniac this weekend assuming my husband can get his binging shit together lol.

      1. I just cannot be bothered to continue with this show, I will eventually but it didn't grab me at all.

    2. I really want to see A Star is Born. It looks amazing.

      1. I think it's gonna be one of the year's best films, easily

    3. 4 MORE DAYS UNTIL I see A Star Is Born. Lord have mercy. Loved Bradley on Conan, and when I heard Gaga's dogs name on Ellen, *hugs*...

      All of this Nagini business. I just have a headache. lol I don't think Rowling will ever realize that her readers and fans are more progressive than she is.

      Face-Off is iconic. lol

      Cooper or Jackman should've won that year instead of DDL who fell asleep wearing a very tall hat. I felt like Cooper was the only one who got the gist of the book, meanwhile DOR and JLAW just went completely off the rails. I gotta say, it'll be interesting if DOR can still have a career after the metoo movement and if JLaw will support him too, considering the allegations he's faced in the past.

      Thank heavens Hardy looks human and hot again. lol And he mentioned Hogwarts in that video. Bestill my heart.

      Thanks for the link! <3

      1. I'm so jealous! I know you will have amazing time!

        DOR just kinda fell off the face of the planet didn't he

        Tom is a huge nerd I think he loved Harry Potter :)

    4. At this point, I will be absolutely shocked if Hanks does not get a nom for playing Mister Rogers. There's just no way he doesn't.

      I'm not a fan of Anna Kendrick, either. She's just soooo bland.

      Wow, that's a lot of Nic Cage in a very short period of time. You okay?

      1. I hear it's actually a supporting role in the movie, it's usually easier to get a nomination there

        I'm never okay :)

    5. Hehe you now have me looking forward to Cooper's movie. I don't really know who Gaga is but if the reviews are good I'm looking forward to seeing her act.

      Do you know if it will be a full on musical like La La Land? Or is it just a movie with a lot of songs like that awesome Coen Bros movie with Oscar Isaac

      I loved A simple Favor, though I can see your problem with Kendrick. I loved the wholer thing though, it was so funny in a super dark way. It didn't take itself seriously, that is what made it work imo.

      And I agree about Blake Lively!! I had never seen or heard of her before this movie but goddamn she nailed it!

      1. No, it's just drama with a lot of songs :)

        You should check out The Town, Lively is really good in that!

      2. I think I saw the town when I was 23 or something and super stupid. I'll have to watch it again!

    6. oh, and speaking of people's dogs, I'd love you to see mt new staffy, Her eyes are beautiful. She is so awesome

      1. She's gorgeous, you're very lucky to have her!

    7. I still don't care about A Star Is Born lol

      That all Nagini thing is horrific!

      Thanks for the link!

    8. Ugh, Bradley is dating some Russian model... for three years.. and they have a kid. BOOO... I still ship him and Gaga - sorry not sorry. They look like they're really into each other so I mean.. I feel like their feeding me themselves anyway at this point so, it's their fault.

      Their appearance in Graham was lovely! Gaga was so relaxed and they seem to be having fun. Gosling on the other hand.. he seemed in a bad mood but I mean.. Graham was acting a bit weird about him... maybe it's like the balance of the couch, Gosling felt like the star but he was treated like a B-list actor sort of.. Graham didn't even let him play the instrument they were discussing, although Gaga asked if Ryan was going to play.

      The music video spoils so much of the movie.. since I'm not familiar with the A Star is Born plot from previous movies I feel like the music trailer gave away a lot. But that small moment where Cooper's character is stroking Gaga's character's boot, while they are riding - that gets me every time!

      Hardy looks so much better now!! Then again, I've always had a soft spot for him.

      Want to go and see that new Blake Lively film but not sure if I can make it. Maybe.. probably not.

      Oh yay, another Netflix show I won't be able to watch soon enough.. and then be left behind. But frankly, even though it is sci-fi.. I'm not that interested in it. The trailer never really caught my attention.

      And thank you for the link! :)

      1. Yeah Bradley even brought her and the kid to Venice :) Gaga is seeing someone too I believe.

        I haven't seen the show yet but honestly First Man doesn't have much hype around it, all the other films looks more exciting than this

        Yeah that's an amazing moment! I feel it's kinda easy to predict where that story is going which is not a happy place....

        Maniac really is underwhelming. I just cannot get into that at all

    9. kids ask tom hardy what's the naughtiest thing he's ever done?!
      this is wrong on so many levels.

      everything you post should have a 'dangerously sexy' warning on it, anyway.

      happy monday, sati!

      1. He also read some fairytales on BBC not that long ago :)

        Not really we discuss assholes here too :)

        Mondays are never happy but I hope yours is!

    10. Thanks for the link! Glad you had a little Cage marathon. They just don't make 'em like Face/Off anymore. That thing is so crazy; it just goes for it the whole time, and doesn't apologize for anything. Love it.

      1. You're welcome! Yeah these days I just need something crazy or funny to watch. And Cage's imdb is filled with stuff like that :)

    11. I'm not sure I can handle Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers. That's simply too much wholesomeness for whatever state he's standing in.

      I think 'bizarre' is just scratching the surface of describing ASF. That f--ker refused to be defined. I had a good time, *drools*, but the ending kind of shit the bed. Oh well.

      Is it 1997 in here or is just me? A double feature of that caliber is beyond good times. That was my senior year in HS and I was convinced Nic Cage would rule the planet forever. Face/Off is the easy answer...but I'm not sure which one I like more. The convicts in Con-Air are f--king stellar...(Buscemi!)

      Thanks for the link! It might have made more money had it actually been called The Muppet Ejaculation Movie.

      1. But Cage is ruling the planet, didn't you see that photo of him in leather pants and shiny jacket?:D

    12. Con Air and Face/Off are both amazing. :)

      Still don't know how Lawrence won best actress for SLP. No bullshit, I still legit think that's actually one of her worst performances in a movie. She's a good actor, but that wasn't an example of it, IMO.

      Meanwhile, everyone hated Life Itself, yet I'm over here feeling like I'm the only one who actually quite dug it. *shrug*

      1. Your opinion clashing with RT this much will never cease to surprise me :)