Friday, October 5, 2018

(358) SymBYEote vs Shallow + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, October 5, 2018

  • It's gonna be another fun weekend of me sighing at the screen while watching Aquaman footage repeatedly, but more on that at the end of the post.
  • Gaga and Cooper being adorable again. 
  • Their Graham Norton episode was amazing. Gaga came in in that amazing red dress. I love how her style is so extra. She always looks like she is attending some big ceremony.
  • This is fucking hilarious. I really can't stop laughing, he is so damn uncomfortable. 
  • Gaga was on Colbert's show last night, I have yet to watch it but it looks like she was great.
  • Cooper was on Fallon and he was really funny and they referenced the time he was there and they couldn't stop laughing. You need to see it.
  • Really cool article looking back at Bradley's roles. I am shocked they didn't mention him fighting hornets in the masterpiece that is Case 39
  • Even freaking PETA is honoring Coop.
  • Meanwhile, you can stream the soundtrack on spotify and it is absolutely GORGEOUS.
  • And I get to see it on November 30th because apparently I live in a cardboard box in Africa.
  • Trailer for The Mule which also features Golden Rocket albeit in a small role, allegedly. My God, Clint is like a thousand years old and he is still directing and acting in movies. I can barely get out of bed in the mornings.
  • We finally have the first trailer for Vice. I really love it. The music - "The Man" by The Killers is a great choice and the whole thing really looks like it's gonna be a lot like The Big Short - serious subject but a very funny movie. The performances look fantastic other than Adams who looks so stiff. The dudes are having fun and she is there with her wig and a serious line. Also lol at Carell looking like his character in Anchorman.
  • Here's the first poster for new Hellboy, the trailer may drop this weekend during NYCC.
  • The film was recently moved from January to April but I did read a script for it a while back and it was really fun to read. This has potential for some incredible visuals. Also I'm looking forward to Milla Jovovich bringing in so much camp.
  • So Tom Hardy is out there saying his favorite scenes in Venom, 40 minutes of them, were cut. And Internet truly is amazing:
  • But then at the premiere Hardy said this. The comments under this tweet are absolutely hilarious.
  • The film''s reviews are truly a sight to behold. We all knew it will be bad but thankfully it's not "mediocre bad" it's "disaster bad" which means the film is very entertaining. I am seeing this on Monday and I legitimately cannot wait. 
  • This should really make you rock back and forth in terror.
  • But never fear, because Sony is not the only dumb studio out there. Fox just moved releases around and now we have Deadpool movie coming this Christmas which is rumored to be PG-13 version of Deadpool. And days after getting its first trailer Dark Phoenix was moved to June. I think they may be sabotaging this thing harder than Warner Bros. sabotaged Justice League (with barely any marketing and those ridiculous reshoots), so that's quite an accomplishment.
  • This weekend is a showdown between Venom and A Star is Born in US box office. First battle was already fought between disgruntled stans. 
  • Badass photo from John Wick 3:
  • Look. Look what Spielberg has done. WHY.
  • James Wan is not going to the direct The Conjuring 3 after all. This is insane. Why does he treat his baby like that? It's like leaving it on the church's doorsteps. 
  • Johnny 9 Digits gave another interview and it went pretty much as you expect it to go.
  • Meanwhile, Amber is amazing
  • They are making live action remake of Lilo & Stitch. Hawaii. You know who to cast there. 
  • Another poor trailer for Mary Queen of Scots. This looks so basic, like Outlaw King but at least the latter has 1. Stephen Dillane 2. Kick Ass in ridiculous wig 3. Pine's tree.
  • Fun new trailer for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Hopefully this is good because Netflix has been throwing so much crap at people lately. 
  • The Last Jedi defense attempts are now truly pathetic. At this point it's like there are more "Russian bots" than there are people out there.
  • SNL premiere wasn't very good. Weekend Update was fun along with the cold open - yes, Damon was funny. Cute that his buddies on TV always have a job for him, isn't it? Anyways the rest of the episode was kinda bad.
  • All those references to Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande were annoying and him talking about being engaged to her and switching her birth control to sugar pills was disgusting and creepy.
  • I saw Hold the Dark and as I predicted from reading the script weeks ago it was really not good. It's just such a bad choice for a book to adapt - there are no answers, there is barely any story and the characters' actions make very little sense. Skarsgard was very well cast and the music was good but the film is really not worth your time.
  • I also did a triple feature of Bradley Cooper on Saturday. I rewatched the mop movie and as good as Lawrence is in that, the film really becomes alive when he shows up. Still, what an odd movie this is. What the hell was up with all those telenovela bits? This whole film was all over the place. 
  • I also saw War Dogs and he is not in it a lot but he is very good. Jonah Hill was fantastic there, but seriously the whole gaining weight, losing weight thing he does is just petrifying.
  • And then I finally saw American Sniper. I remember watching it years ago when it was released but I didn't finish it, but this time I really liked it. It was probably Eastwood's best movie since Changeling
  • I watched Men in Black 3 because yeah, Netflix. It was quite fun. Josh Brolin as Tommy Lee Jones's younger version was great. And there's an awesome performance by Bill Hader who shows up in one scene as Andy Warhol.
  • I also rewatched Ant-Man and the Wasp and that is such a cute film. But good lord that mid-credits scene doesn't fit the tone of the movie at all. 
  • Here's Chris and his parents on the premiere of Bad Times at the El Royale in Spain. Jesus, look at his mother! She is probably twice my age and she looks younger than me.
  • Look at that bastard just shamelessly uploading porn like that.
  • We've just got the new extended trailer for Aquaman today so write up on that will come this weekend if I actually stop rewatching it and there is a small chance of that happening. We also got a new poster which frankly should have been the first poster even though I hate the colors here - it just looks so muted. Thankfully that new trailer is pure FIRE...
  • in my ovaries.
  • No, seriously:
  • Impale me, sir.
  • Brittani reviews Disobedience
  • Keith writes about Game Night
  • Courtney raves about A Star is Born
  • Alex writes about the work of cinematographer Sean Bobbitt
  • Sonia reviews Blue Iguana
  • Katy writes about her love for Dakota Johnson
  • Allie reviews A Simple Favor 


    1. Aquaman's costume looks really good. That's how you pay homage to a comic outfit without making it look goofy.

      So glad we finally got a Vice trailer. Christian Bale is practically unrecognizable.

      Joy was such a mess. Great performances but god, wtf was that movie? If you're on a Cooper kick you have to watch The Midnight Meat Train if you haven't! Such a great movie lol

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Vice is gonna be so fucking amazing!

        Yeah I remember that flick, it was so insane lol His imdb page is really fascinating, there is so much weird shit there

    2. I can't believe how adorable Gaga and Cooper are together. *heart eyes* That video of Fallon and Cooper laughing in that video his hysterical - one of my faves!

      Vice looks like fun, but with all of the political crap going on right now, I'm not sure I'm in the mood. *sigh*

      Those Venom reviews are cringe-worthy. I thought it'd be bad, but not that bad.

      So, so, so disappointed in Ansel being cast for West Side Story....

      I wasn't crazy about the SNL premiere either. I expected a lot more for Adam Driver. The only one that was really funny was him showing up to class as that old dad. I'm surprised I haven't seen a lot of backlash for what Pete joked about.

      Someone needs to do side-by-side gif set of Nicole Kidman and Jason Momoa fighting, and put "Like mother, like son" as the caption.

      Thanks for linking my post! <3

      1. "My man could only use his left hand!' loool!

        Vice is going to be fantastic, I bet one day McKay makes the movie about what is happening rn :/

        Honestly what the hell, Davidson's behavior is gross and his jokes were creepy, he should be facing backlash, doesn't she have some insane fans that could do that? The whole thing is just bizarre

    3. I was listening to one of Scott Eastwood's podcast episodes and I was shocked when he said his father would be directing and acting in his next movie. Where does he find the energy to do that?!

      I'm conflicted about Venom. A part of me still wants to see it but a part of me doesn't want to spend money on trash.

      Damn, Chris's mom looks so young!

      Thanks for the link!

      1. This guy has a podcast?! Jesus Christ....

        Eh I think the fun will be worth money :) Also it's Hardy! ^^

    4. A lot of new trailers this week. The Mule ones looks good, except Clint Eastwood looks so old and fragile in it, I'm afraid he is gonna die any second now. Aquaman looks amazing, of course (*cue drooling over Jason Momoa's biceps and tatoos).

      Speaking of great looking men, when are you getting "Bad times at the Royale" in theaters in your country? I saw it last night (here is the review, if you're interested: )

      1. We're getting it this Friday so I'm hoping to see it very soon!

    5. Agree Mary Queen of Scots trailer is poor, doesn’t make me want to watch the film at all. Wheras the Vice trailer is fun with The Killers song. Both films look very oscar-baity though but we'll have to wait and see.

      1. Vice is gonna get nominations and maybe more, MQOS is gonna get nothing :)

    6. Honestly, I was hoping we never saw that orange and green Aquaman suit on screen, but to be fair, it looks pretty good.

      I'm totally with you on a West Side Story remake. Why? And by Spielberg, of all people. Sigh.

      I'm also not really here for a live action remake of Lilo & Stitch. Just because the technology exists to remake their entire catalog doesn't mean they should.

      1. He can do all the remakes he want, but why why why cast this dude?

    7. the world NEEDS Keanu as Wick on a horse.

      Cooper staring at Hammond like a very unimpressed American Idol judge 😂 that's the most hilarious thing I've seen all week. That fake smile at the end took everything from him.

      1. She is just so much to take, Harrison Ford was game for her antics which was truly surprising :P

      2. I know! If you watch the whole interview I think Bradley was just a bit overwhelmed and exhausted, he wasn't being mean at all. You're talking about the Blade Runner interview? That one is hilarious, and yeah, surprising to see Ford so happy 😂 he immediately clicked with Alison, it was gold.

      3. Harrison was in unusually good mood during this entire promo tour :P

    8. That video of sad hardy is hilarious!!!

      I'm also conflicted with Venom, I'm not sure I want to part with my money! But I love Hardy so I'll probs end up seeing it just to see him. I wanna see how intense he is, like bronson and Legend, he was psycho in those!

      And that is really disappointing about Hold The Dark. I'm gonna watch it tonight.

      1. I saw it yesterday and thanks to him it is tons of fun, he is actually really goofy which is such a contrast to his usual roles

    9. A Bradley Cooper cinematic viewing sounds like a good idea. You should of watched Silver Linings instead of the mop movie. I always thought Cooper deserved the Oscar for that over JLaw.

    10. Hardy gets infinitely hotter whenever he is around dogs... AND I'M ALLERGIC TO DOGS. Damn him!

      Gaga's interview on Colbert is AMAZING. I have my issues with her but when she has something important to say she always says it well.

      I don't have much problem with Elgort as Tony, if that movie has to exist (IT ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT), he's a fine choice - looks the right age, can dance, can sing, has a good combo of bad boy and pretty boy looks. It's a drip of a part anyway.

      Men in Black 3 is so much fun. I remember critics kind of savaged it, but Brolin is so perfect as young Tommy Lee Jones and Hader is a RIOT.

      1. I just don't understand why Spielberg is doing this....and with this dude of all people. It's just such a waste of time and money. And I'm gonna have to suffer seeing the trailer for it before films when they shoot and complete this thing, I mean that's just torture :P

    11. Thank you for the link! Omg that "Bradley Cooper awkward look" video is hilarious. He's barely keeping it together. And I really dug the Vice trailer as well. All the actors really look like they're bringing their A-games there.

      1. Yeah Cooper is really trying to be this serious dude there and he doesn't know what to do with himself lol

    12. Yeah, I noticed them pushing Dark Phoenix back literally days after dropping the trailer. What the hell is going on with that movie??

      Also, Disney really needs to cut it out with the live action remakes already. Just stop.

      Yeah, I saw that about Russian bots being the reason everyone hates TLJ. Jesus christ, to think people actually buy into this shit. *facepalm*

      I actually really dug Joy. I mentioned on your other post how I wasn't impressed by Lawrence in SLP. Meanwhile, her performance in Joy is one of my favorites from her. Great movie, that one. :)

      1. Disney is only speeding with those remakes. Aladdin, Dumbo, Lion King....

        I liked Jlaws performance in Joy but the film was really all over the place