Friday, November 30, 2018

(366) Flood of joy + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, November 30, 2018
  • Aquaman premiere was spectacular and the show was effortlessly stolen by Amber Heard who not only looked stunning - her gown was incredible! - but also spent the whole hour freezing in this outfit, talking to the press and fans, hugging them and taking pictures.
  • Jason was there for a bit but I suspect he went inside to get a beer because he disappeared after about 15 minutes.
  • Indeed he did get a beer and gave a speech before the film started!
  • Patrick Wilson spent so much time signing the autographs!
  • The photos are amazing!
  • These are so funny: 
  • Jason is clearly so confused as to how to walk around the dress and James Wan is telling him not to step on it:
  • While in London Jason did the signing and appeared on a morning show. Turns out he hasn't even seen the movie yet because he is waiting to watch it with his kids in LA. How sweet is that?!
  • There is a flood of positive reactions. The only negatives are that the film is 'corny' in some parts but other than that everyone has so much praise for James Wan and so much for Jason!!! YEY! Amber is also getting standout notices. The film is being compared to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings and people are praising the humor, the action, the visuals and THE THIRD ACT! When is the last time a superhero movie was praised for its third act?! That's unheard of!
  • What did I tell you last week?! And YES! Jason is hosting SNL on December 8th! This means that he is probably doing Jimmy Fallon's show on December 6th AND he is gonna be on Graham Norton on 14th.
  • *breathes into a paper bag*
  • Great behind the scenes pictures:
  • Nicole Kidman talked a little bit about Aquaman during THR roundtable.
  • Julie Andrews, who declined to do a cameo in Mary Poppins Returns has a voice role in Aquaman which is of course battling Mary Poppins Returns in the box office battle. 
  • This is so fucking cold blooded. WB announcing it as MRP is getting buzz is genius. Disney is all like "we have new Mary Poppins" and WB goes "well, we have the real one in our movie, haha!"
  • Look at my tweet about this,, I am the queen of references.
  • I bet they sent Jason to her house. 
  • She opened, took one look at him and agreed.
  • If it were me not only would I agree I'd probably randomly start throwing money at him or something.
  • The cast is doing a bunch of interview this week!
  • New Chinese trailer with so much great new footage!:
  • Frontier season 3 was good but it was nowhere near as good as season 2. Jason has yet again spent the entire season in clothes which means that out of 18 episodes he was shirtless once and still did not get laid in that show. 
  • That's totally unrealistic.
  • Netflix what the hell is this? First you call that blurry mess Chris Pine's full frontal and now this?
  • I pay you money.
  • Earn it, bitch.
  • There were two outstanding long takes in this season but I was so mad at the ending. Grace, are you fucking kidding me? You did not go with him? I would literally run into that snowstorm even if I were to instantly die but I would have gone with him! Is she blind?!
  • Jason in his infinite wisdom decided to set up a youtube channel and he is uploading a docu series about himself. The first episode is out. 
  • As God is my witness I will not make it through 24 episodes of this.
  • Why:
  • WHY:
  • Look at Amber trying to throw it as high as Jason and failing adorably:
  • Can someone take his phone from him?
  • Please?
  • Encouraged by Nika's fabulous review I watched Legends of the Fall. It was hilarious. The story is basically about one chick and 3 brothers who fall in love with her, but there is so much random crap that happens. Anthony Hopkins' character has a stroke and Hopkins' acting afterwards is just....a CHOICE. Brad Pitt cuts his dead brother's heart out for some reason. Brad Pitt's wife is killed by ricochet bullet. Julia Ormond dramatically cuts some of her hair and then shoots herself in the head so it legit looks like she shot herself because she didn't like the haircut she gave herself. Brad Pitt dies by getting ripped to pieces by a bear and the narrator says "It was a good death".
  • I was in fucking tears, you guys.
  • Then I saw Kalifornia and The Crush, Never Talk to Strangers, Jade and Passion of Darkly Noon for my article which I'll finally publish this Sunday. You better read that thing I was working on that for months!
  • I also saw Double Jeopardy. Then I watched Love & Mercy, The Meg, Thank You For Smoking.The Founder. Unsane. Eight Grade. Life of the Party. I Feel Pretty. 28 Days. The Hero. Tully. Leave No Trace. Also rewatched Venom. Some scattered thoughts here
  • Michelle Williams was so amazing in I Feel Pretty. And where the fuck was Sam Elliott's nomination for The Hero? And Hardy deserves all the awards for Venom.
  • Did I mention I was not at work this week because I am sick? Yep. So that's LOTS of movies but on Monday I'm back in the office and back to only watching films during the weekend.
  • Sony's BRILLIANT TV spot promoting Venom home media release. I cannot wait for the sequel.
  • You are a whore, Jon Snow.
  • NOPE.
  • They cancelled Daredevil ;( Sad face not so much for that show but this most likely means they will also take Frank away from us and this aggression will not stand, man!
  • BUT the trailer for season 5 of Luther is out and GUESS WHO IS BACK?!
  • Gothan Awards went to Hawke and Toni Collette, meanwhile NBR awarded Green Book and A Star is Born. Satellite nominations. ASiB scored 11.
  • Paul Schrader is DISGUSTING. Hawke should bust a cap in his ass, he might have deleted the post but it's certainly not forgotten.
  • There was a huge lovefest for Bradley Cooper this week.
  • THR roundtable with actresses will air at the end of January but it already brought us joy:
  • Katy reviews Annihilation
  • Sonia writes about Juliet, Naked
  • Getter and Sofia pick TV shows adapted from non-english series
  • Mario reviews Grinch
  • Alex writes about Widows
  • Brittani reviews Boy Erased



    1. Absolutely loved the Aquaman premiere, especially Heard's dress. The video of her talking with a fan in sign language was so lovely. I can't wait to see Jason host SNL. I hope they have fun and creative skits for him because he's wanted to be on there since he was born. lol Bless DC for knowing how to cast couples/pairings. Amber and Jason are as perfect as Gal and Chris.

      Legends of the Fall is Sunshine Boo's favorite movie of all-time. I haven't seen it yet, so no comment. lol

      The only thing that might help me through turning 29 next week is seeing Venom again. How can I have a mid-life crisis with Tom looking so good? :D

      Can't wait for that Actresses Roundtable and being able to see all of it instead of just the small clips. But that meme is awesome.

      Thanks for linking my review! <3

      1. It's his favorite movie of all time? :D That's either adorable or embarrassing ^^

        Turning 29 is the worst but next year I may just become irreversibly depressed lol

    2. Schrader's statement doesn't even make sense. Spacey is being "punished" for crimes committed in life not cause he was a bad guy in House of Cards unless his real argument is just let artists get away with anything. Yuck. At least the producers shot him down.

      I hadn't heard about Daredevil yet. I'm kind of disappointed but to be honest it would be hard to top season 3 so they're going out on top.

      Thanks for the Jason goodies! He is a beautiful way to start the weekend :)

      1. Schrader seriously embarrassed himself. These old timers need to stop talking if their mentality is stuck in the 50's.

    3. I can't with Amber's dress/swim cap combo. Lol

      I'm so happy Aquaman is getting good reviews and I lol'd so hard when rhey announced Julie Andrews shade was so obvious.

      How did you like Unsane? I loved that movie. Claire Foy is everything.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Unsane was good! Foy was really great in that, she is such a wonderful actress. I wish they held off the reveal it was really her stalker a little bit so that the movie was more ambiguous

    4. I still haven't had the time to watch season 3 of Daredevil but I'm so pissed at Netflix for cancelling it. That show, some acting aside, is so good! I hope they do not cancel The Punisher. I can't even imagine what Frank would become if Disney were to make it.

      I haven't seen Legends of the Fall but now I really want to.

      Thanks for the link! And all the Jason :)

      1. Yeah same, I only saw three episodes. I think it's practically guaranteed now

        You should check out Legends of the Fall, it's hilarious! :D

    5. oh no, hope you're feeling better now! have you already set a date when you'll see aquaman? or multiple dates?

      1. I feel worse lol another week of sick leave

        21st December!!!! and then in January when I'm back to work after Christmas break

    6. You are so funny, I love you, just wanted to say it. Favorite blogger (and Twitter-er...too)!
      Can't wait to see Aquaman, I really hope it does good and goes up there with Wonder least when it comes to DC movies!
      Oh, wow, so many movies for a week...I would be bored after the first 6, probably!
      I must have watched Legends of the fall at least 5 times when I was younger, they would show it on our local TV station every 6 months :)) still love it to this day!

      1. Owwww thank you so much! ;*

        I saw 5 yesterday lol I am gonna go through entire Netflix database at that point

    7. ...and now I can't the picture of Julie Andrews all horny for Jason out of my head, so... thanks?

      Being sick sucks, but at least it provides lots of primo movie-watching time.

      1. You're welcome lol :D

        Yeah I am watching so much these days....wish Oscar screeners were out already

    8. "and THE THIRD ACT! When is the last time a superhero movie was praised for its third act?! That's unheard of!" OOOOH, it is unheard of!!

      "Netflix what the hell is this? First you call that blurry mess Chris Pine's full frontal and now this?" I can't even.

      I rewatched Venom the other day and man, it has some really great moments!

      Also, thank you for the link!

      1. Venom is so much fun. Along with A Simple Favor it is my rewatched movie of the year!

    9. Thanks so much for the link! I know you weren't the biggest fan of that movie, but I really appreciate you linking my review. And that Close/Gaga gif is priceless.

      1. Gaga Close race will probably be the most exciting thing this Oscar season :)