Friday, December 7, 2018

(367) Waiting for Saturday...+ links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, December 7, 2018
  • Avengers: Endgame trailer is out. It's a cool trailer with really epic music. I kinda wish the trailers for this was just the title card. If there was ever a franchise with enough goodwill and hype to pull it off and still have everyone go see the movie anyways, it's this one.
  • New Captain Marvel trailer. That was even worse than the first one. The CGI looks dodgy and the color palette is extremely dull. I am astonished how bad this trailer is. 
  • And Brie Why is she speaking like a little girl? Why does she look like she is sleepwalking? Why is the only cute thing in the trailer given to Samuel L. Jackson?
  • At that point I'm not even gonna see this in the cinema.
  • Scarlett Witch show also features Vision, even in the title
  • What is Kevin Feige doing?
  • We are going to do a show with Scarlet Witch BUT a dude also has to be a part of it.
  • We are going to do a solo Black Widow movie BUT only after the character is overexposed - while, amazingly, underdeveloped at the same time - and only after Johansson has revealed herself to be lunching with Woody Allen, Marchesa rags wearing hag.
  • We are doing Captain Marvel solo BUT after 20 movies so it feels like an afterthought AND we are also giving it an extremely bland marketing campaign.
  • What the hell is this?!
  • Trailer for season 2 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina which is gonna be released in April!
  • Tumblr is banning 'porn' from the platform. My shirtless gifs of Jason were flagged. This is madness.
  • Queen Olivia is making talk show appearances now!
  • I saw Suspiria. I actually have no idea what I watched.The film had great, creepy atmosphere but it was also hilarious. When Mother Markos showed up in those shades I lost it.
  • I was still sick this week so I also saw Support the Girls, Breathe, Elizabeth Harvest, Green Lantern, Green Room, Ouija: Origin of Evil, Hush. Gerard's Game, Cam, Oculus, Insidious Chapter 2, All the Money in the World. Lady Macbeth. Brawl in Cell Block 99. Revenge. Colette.
  • I couldn't even finish Breathe. Foy (who by the way did such a great job on SNL's latest episode!) was a delight but the film is so boring. Green Lantern was actually more enjoyable than some of DCEU flicks. That scene in Gerard's Game with the hand was one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen. The highlights were Green Room, Revenge and Hush. I need Kate Siegel to become a huge star.
  • First it was announced that Kevin Hart is hosting the Oscars. Then someone dug up all the homophobic things he has said. Then Kevin Hart wrote this. Then Kevin Hart did this
  • Long story short, there is no host now.
  • Can't they just call Conan O'Brian?
  • Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg are hosting Golden Globes. The nominations were announced yesterday but since HFPA has chosen to award two nominations to Bohemian Rhapsody hence making a movie directed by Singer a double nominee I am choosing not to give that trash any more space in my column.
  • The line up for actors roundtable was revealed:
  • AFI list of best movies and TV series.
  • Bradley Cooper must be fuming, Christian Bale's acting techniques are now actually saving lives.
  • Stunning new stills from Aquaman featuring Mera's second outfit.
  • This is a picture of Ludi Lin's character Murk. Look at this and tell me this doesn't look like albino Dan Stevens working in a sex club.
  • Chinese TV spot with new footage!
  • Amber being precious on NYC screening.
  • Amber and Jason being adorable together (1,2,3,4)
  • Jason, Yayha and Patrick are gonna be on Corden's show next week!
  • This is an anecdote Amber told during Comic Con whilst on Conan's show and during IGN interview which she repeated on GMA and she laughed about it with her co-stars. Amber has continuously said that she couldn't have hope for a nicer co-star than Jason. I swear I am sure the same people dragging him for pranks and ripping pages from the book are the same freaking people who have zero problem with paying to see and rooting for Bohemian Rhapsody.
  • Cast interviews for the movie (1,2,3,4.5,6,7)
  • The second episode of Jason's docu series is out and I just...
  • He is fucking with us at that point, guys.
  • When I sue him for attempted murder this bathtub footage is gonna be the crown evidence.
  • And then he uploaded another episode!
  • Ugh! TOO MUCH!
  • Jason run around Times Square with the Trident and James Wan geeked out about the posters for the film being everywhere.
  • Jason on GMA!
  • Jason on Live with Kelly and Ryan!
  • Jason was on Fallon's show yesterday and unfortunately he didn't throw water but he did throw a trident.
  • Patrick on Colbert's show! I love when Colbert simply has to keep looking at the picture of Jason as he is putting it away.
  • The cast wearing orange to support Orange Month - against the violence targeting women.
  • New IMAX poster!
  • Amber on GMA! 
  • Patrick on GMA!
  • Both GMA videos have new clips from the movie.
  • Aquaman has made it to the shortlist for Academy Award VFX nominations! It's also killing it in China where it was already released.
  • Jason is hosting SNL tomorrow and he is freaking out (1,2,3,4). He is of course charming the cast except for Alec Baldwin who looks scared:
  • The official promo for the episode is delightful!
  • Yesterday all levels of the adorable were crossed
  • And of course SNL also did THIS.
  • I am gonna be honest with you, I have absolutely no idea how I am still alive after watching this.
  • Now, since I live on the edge of civilization, I won't be able to watch it live and I will only watch it late Sunday evening. So don't worry if I don't tweet until then. But if it's Monday morning and I tweeted nothing....whoever is the closest to here needs to fly in and 1. erase my browser history 2. make funeral arrangements.
  • Mario reviews Widows
  • Sonia writes about Searching
  • Brittani reviews Green Book
  • Keith shares his thoughts about Golden Globe nominations



    1. I really hope that Vision and the Scarlet Witch title is wrong. No one from Marvel has confirmed it yet and they need to expand her without Vision.

      The new Endgame trailer actually gave me hope for Widow after IW so that was nice.

      SNL is just going to parade Jason around Shirtless at this point lol. I wonder if they do a sketch about tumblr banning porn, and everything Jason does gets banned? They could write that.

      I was going to ask how you liked all of these movies then I remember letterboxd tells me lol

      Thanks for the link!

      1. That sketch would have been so good but I am so happy about what we got :D

    2. Oooh.. okay, I'm actually on time to this post! What a miracle.

      "My shirtless gifs of Jason were flagged. This is madness." - what? How is that.. why? I don't get the point. Everything that's acceptable on a beach should be allowed tumblr.. and there are nudist beaches so.. ha, allowed!

      I envy you so much right now because I want to have the time to watch movies! But at the same time, I'm enjoying my new job and the new hectic schedule. Do wish I had more time to blog and keep up with the news. I haven't seen any of the Jason things, and I feel like I'm so behind the hype things..

      Have you seen Bodyguard? That's currently the only thing I'm hyped about during the Globes. Than and Sam but I haven't even seen Vice yet. I know he's good in it, that's for sure.

      Oh and good luck this weekend! I hope you make it! :D Oh and well, soon, we'll see if you can literally survive a heavenly experience.. I think you can, I believe in you! :D

      1. I am back to work so I saw nothing this week :D I still haven't seen Bodyguard :/

        I barely survived that striptease :D

    3. I think this latest news is going to be the end of Tumblr for sure. First Vine, now Tumblr! I'm gonna really miss it!

      1. Nah, tumblr will endure but this is a really shitty thing of them to do :/

    4. I don't think I'll bother with the Scarlet Witch show but I really hope that's not the title they are going for. It's supposed to be her show, not Vision's 😡

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Yeah I think I will skip all those Disney shows tbh

    5. Yey for the Avengers trailer, I can't wait to see it. NO for the Captain Marvel one- I mean, I will see it because it's Marvel, but I really don't like Brie Larson, she is bland, quite arrogant actually.
      The banning of adult content on Tumblr pisses me off. That platform was one of the few ones who allowed freedom in terms of creativity and it was a great place for fandoms. Not anymore :(
      Is it just me or the host announcements were a bit late this year? Felt like it. As for the Golden Globes, a lot of surprises, especially in TV, I don't know 80% of it. But Bodyguard was great, so I am happy for them. You should see it.

      1. Yeah I am also not a big fan of Brie. It's just so lousy of tumblr instead of carefully looking into the issue they just ban all content that may be risky to save time. Yes the host announcement was extremelly late this year! And at the moment Oscars again dont have one :)

    6. I'm not entirely sure what in the hell Suspiria was either, but I did find myself loving it. And I agree that parts of it were so insane, that they were funny.

      1. Markos was one of the most hilarious things I have seen this year lol

    7. Great post (as always) and thank youuuuuu for the link! Conan O'Brian to host the Oscars? I would be all for that. Make it happen.

      1. Thank you and you're welcome! I love Conan and he would be so awesome i really dont know why they dont choose him

    8. I'm so pissed I missed out on advanced Aquaman tickets, as I was gonna tweet you the moment I had them in hand. Turns out, the shittown I love in is clamoring for JM in the worst way (all that was left was front row) I'll have to wait for the regular opening day. When is that again???

      I only watched a little of SNL, but I was super stoked to hear some Hawaiian in his monologue. The elf on the shelf skit was pretty funny. I didn't get to the part where you were throwing money...yet??

      As for RF, let me say that I'm with you on Captain Marvel. Looks kinda stiff to say the least. Oh, I know that I'll be there...but mainly for SLJ.

      Can we start the hashtag #JustCallConan now? Why are they dicking around so much? Conan's the best. Book it. Done.

      Thanks for the link, Sati!!!

      1. 21st!! Same day as it opens here!

        The entire episode was gold because of him, he did so well! <3

        Conan really should host. It's such a shame that his show isn't doing as well as others', he is the best talk show host in the business!

    9. Shirtless gifs of Jason should never be flogged. No gifs of Jason should ever! How the hell else am I going to get through my days? You're providing a service at this point :)

      I didn't mind the Captain Marvel trailer that much until she opened her mouth- which could be a problem. I'm not big on her anyway though. I would watch a movie with Sam Jackson, Jude Law and a cat so I'm probably not the best judge.

      1. Yes Fridays here are always full of Jason and my twitter is too on daily basis lol

        Honestly the cat looks the most interesting in that bunch :D

    10. Liked the Endgame trailer - it was simple enough, but like you said, it has enough hype, it doesn't need to do much for people to be excited. We lost that beard though, and that's the worst mistake ever.

      Lord, everyone's seeing Suspiria except for me. lol

      I hope you feel better soon!!

      Sandra and Andy as hosts is so random for the Golden Globes. If they don't get a host for the Oscars, they need to give the technical nominees their air time back.

      Jason did a great job on SNL! Happy to see you're still alive after it aired and loved your gif set on tumblr. :)

      1. You're gonna love your gurl Dakota in that :)

        I feel a bit better, kinda have to, have tons of work :/

        That gifset is freaking blowing up on tumblr lol

    11. I don't understand how anyone can find Kevin Hart funny. Really can't