Friday, December 14, 2018

(368) Tide of ecstasy + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, December 14, 2018
  • Since I'm back at work I haven't seen much this week but Assassination Nation was really great! It's in my top 10 of the year at the moment. Really great story and fantastic lead in Odessa Young. I would really recommend it, the story is very relevant in this moment in time too.
  • Under the Silver Lake however was so dull and messy, it was a complete waste of time. I never want to see Andrew Garfield's butt again.
  • I rewatched The Love Witch which I just adore. Yes, it's way too long but the aesthetics of it and the whole vibe are fantastic. I'm so glad Samantha Robinson is getting cast in things, but I wish the director would make another movie already!
  • I started watching How to Get Away with Murder and it is so much fun. Viola Davis is incredible. And it's so clear it's Shonda's show, everyone is banging everyone in that thing. And man, seeing the courthouse in that show is like seeing something on a different planet. I'm pretty sure the phone we use in my office used to be white once upon a time, now it's beige.
  • The Punisher is coming back next month! Sadly they will probably cancel it after that.
  • Intriguing poster for Jordan Peele's Us. Trailer premieres on Christmas Day.
  • Critics Choice Awards embarrassed themselves by adding more people they are nominating so that eventually they manage to choose the same ones the Academy does. And look at all those tech nominations for Disney. God forbid the best looking CBM of the year gets a nomination.
  • SAG actually nominated Bohemian Rhapsody for best ensemble. There is a chance now this gets Best Picture nomination at the Oscars. It's utterly reprehensible that this is happening. 
  • I decided I won't watch Globes or any other ceremony this year live, other than Oscars. I'm way too tired and honestly BR presence among the nominated films disgusts me.
  • New trailer for Godzilla: King of Monsters. The first one was much better, this makes it look like the usual action flick.
  • Deleted scene from Venom.
  • Please enjoy this picture of Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac ---->
  • Mary Poppins Returns reviews are out and they aren't raves. Are critics having flashbacks to when one year ago they gave complete turd - TLJ - glowing reviews? Is that why they are acting like someone shat in their cornflakes? Because both MPR and Aquaman got glowing reactions on twitter and now it's less than glowing. What is up?
  • Of course critics never disappoint. Some of the rotten reviews for Aquaman are truly embarrassing with complaints that the film doesn't have an eco message (1. it does 2. does MCU get complaints like that?) or that it is....set underwater and has a lot of CGI. For shame, James Wan. For shame, that you didn't actually go underwater and find actual Atlantis and shot the movie there.
  • I am not giving these people clicks bit the blurbs from the rotten ones are truly disgraceful.
  • These idiots are actually getting paid for this. 
  •  Thankfully the audiences seem to love it and the film is still reviewed positively by "the professionals".
  • Now let's talk about the biggest event of past 7 days:
  • OH GOD:
  • I am just. 
  • I am DECEASED.
  • I knew they will make Jason take off his clothes but I didn't expect that.
  • I was covered in sweat. 
  • My mom wins tho by saying it's a shame he didn't take off more.
  • The writing in the episode wasn't very good but Jason was AMAZING. He was so enthusiastic and funny and he only broke a little, in that sketch above, but it was adorable. I really hope he gets to host many more times, it was a joy to watch him have so much fun!
  • Jason shared all those lovely photos. And the entire episode of his docu series is about behind the scenes!
  • The score from the movie is out and it is terrific. I can't stop listening to it. Check out this track.
  • Aquaman has shattered records in China and based just on box office result there the film is number 1 movie in the world this week. YEY!
  • The cast and James are everywhere promoting the film and they are just adorable!
  • It's so cool how excited Nicole is!
  • You can watch the livestream from the US premiere here. That was amazing! (here's from another angle)
  • Of course when Black Panther is out everyone keeps talking about representation but when this happens this happens. Tell me again how there is no bias.
  • WB give this man goddamn money and sign him up for more! We need Wan to come back, so much goodwill is solely because of the fact he directed the movie.
  • Lisa is the luckiest woman in the world:
  • The after party was clearly lit:
  • Nicole on Kimmel. She fangirls over Jason but there's a spoiler in there.
  • Here's Gal supporting the cast.
  • New episode of Jason's docu series is out. You know just to make me even more unstable.
  • And then there's new phootoshoot:
  • He is too precious!
  • Ugh! <3
  • Jason is gonna be on Graham Norton's show tonight (I see Graham is gonna bring up those pics Jason takes on Cons lol) and after that there is one more week of promo tour until it finally ends and I can breathe again. 
  • I am watching the movie next Friday! So next Friday may be the last RF you will ever read for I will drown. 
  • But I will drown happy.
  • Gemma and Katy write about Avengers: Endgame trailer
  • Diana reviews Stoker
  • Keith reviews Hereditary
  • Alex chooses 15 awe-inspiring movie scenes
  • Sonia writes about Venom
  • Mario reviews The Girl in the Spider's Web
  • Brittani breaks down SAG nominations

  • Looks like Directors Rountable (which airs sometime in January) is gonna be hilarious. The below is allegedly from the moment BCoop was speaking:


    1. It's a crime that scene was left out of Venom. XD

      I'm surprised by the full reviews coming out for MPR and Aquaman now. It seemed like they were shoe-in for at least 80 to 90 scores on RT a few weeks ago.

      SNL's Christmas Special is so old. They're missing out on so many new skits by not adding new footage. Jason's and Ryan Gosling's Santa Baby needs to be added for sure. Extra Christmas Carol is the best present ever.

      Can't wait for Jordan Peele's next movie!

      Love all the photos of Jason and the cast for the premieres.

      Thanks for the link!! <3

      1. omg Santa Baby was so freaking hilarious! I still remember it! I love it when Gos hosts he always breaks lol

    2. I've been meaning to start How To Get Away With Murder for years. It's still sitting in my Netflix queue.

      I like that poster for Us. Definitely looking forward to that trailer.

      Lol Critic's Choice.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. It's so trashy but a lot of fun! Viola is so amazing in it

    3. The skit with Mamoa as the elf who wants another kid was hilarious. Sadly, I won't get to see Aquaman this weekend. Maybe the weekend before Christmas.

    4. If they cancel The Punisher too, I'm gonna cancel Netflix. What's the point? To see blurry dicks and mediocre original movies?

      That Venom deleted scene is so fun

      They moved Aquaman to January 1 here because of Mary Poppins. I hope that movie flops with all of my heart. I guess Jason's pics will have to do for the moment.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Eh, Netflix has lots of shows that I watch and it's quite cheap so i won't cancel but I am definitely not gonna pay for that Disney streaming thing just to watch their shows

        MPR is definitely not gonna make as much as Aquaman :D

    5. So the Punisher will be back right as the Aquaman stuff dies down? I can work with that even though I fully expect Netflix to cancel it as well. At least there's one last season with Bernthal to look forward to.

      Meanwhile those Youtube videos are killing me! I need to take breaks from the constant adorableness. I seriously want to say the one where he's eating pasta in that swank tub is my favorite movie of the year.

      But I'm really happy the movie turned out and fans seem to be loving it (I knew I would) but the whole cast and Wan seem likely such lovely people it's nice that it came together.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I hope he has a beard again, that was amazing :D

        Jason is so cruel. Like any of us are supposed to function after those videos? His instragram stories are already too much and now this happens.

    6. Gotta see that SNL episode. Just saw him on Graham Norton, it was a weird bunch of guests but it was pretty funny. He's adorable.

      1. He was so cute on GN's show! I barely survived that

    7. A couple more days until Aquaman premiere, I can't wait to see it :D
      Pedro Pascal + Oscar Isaac....+ Charlie Hunnam+ Garrett Hedlund= love. I can't wait to see Triple Frontier.
      Thanks for the link, you're lovely, as usual

      1. You're welcome! Yes, only 4 days more for me! :D

    8. I too hope the director of The Love Witch keeps making movies! You are the second blogger (the other is the Vern) who gushed over Assassination Nation which makes me think I might like it.

      1. Well it's not for everyone :D I think you will either love it or hate it :)

    9. OOOOOH ENJOY How To Get Away With Murder! It is really freaking great for the first two seasons or so, but then it just gets exhausting.

      SO GLAD you liked Assassination Nation!! I loved it so much - that home invasion single-take scene is just brutal. Absolutely loved Odessa Young, and the rest of her posse, too. Hari Nef as Bex was my favorite - so great to see a trans person playing a trans character who KICKS ASS.

      Jason is really the best kind of movie star - so much joy and pride AND he pays it forward to his people AND he's RIDICULOUSLY HOT. He was the best SNL host they've had in MONTHS.

      That Pedro Pascal/Oscar Isaac pic is a LOT.

      1. Yeah I'm on season 4 and I cannot believe how much drama these people have around them :D

        The entire cast there was really good! Such an underrated gem from this year

        Jason is just...everything :D

    10. Pretty pumped for Aquaman. Missed out on an early showing so it looks like it will be Friday for me. Gonna be an family outing for us. And how can you not love Momoa? My wife and I were talking about how relaxed and fine with himself he is. It's a publicity tour that doesn't take itself too serious. I really like that.

      OH, and thank you for the link!!!!

      1. To be fair if I were a man and I looked like him I too would be relaxed and fine with myself :D

    11. Bohemian Rhapsody for ensemble cast? Like, really? The only truly great performance was Rami Malek. Everyone else was extremely forgettable. Oy.