Friday, January 4, 2019

(371) I will take you there + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, January 4, 2019
  • Well I'm back to work now but at least until Wednesday I managed to watch a lot of movies and TV series. And now it's back to going to bed at 10 PM and waiting for the weekend to actually watch something.
  • The Favourite was great but it's not my favorite movie of the year. I swear to God Aquaman is gonna remain on top. The actresses were all fantastic and Nicholas Hoult was hilarious. Also Glenn from The Thick of It was there! I'll try to review it next week.
  • Green Book was a nice movie and the performances were great (not Oscar worthy though). However you can tell Farrelly has absolutely no experience directing a movie like this. It was really clumsy, there were things that were simply happening and never really addressed again. It's kinda astounding this is getting any buzz for screenplay and direction.
  • Burning was trash. Steven Yeun was very good but this film was as long as it was disgusting. The female character literally exists to show her tits and disappear. The only thing we know about her is that she fell into a well or some shit like that. It was all very troubling to say the least.
  • And this has 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. Of course.
  • The Old Man & The Gun was very charming. This is the film that should be called the biggest crowd pleaser of the year. Both Redford and especially Sissy Spacek were really lovely, the score was great and the film was just all around very, very pleasant and smoothly made which gave it quite the advantage over Green Book.
  • The Sisters Brothers was so dull. No wonder Annapoorna is on the verge of bankruptcy.
  • Midnight Special was also quite dull but at least Shannon was as always great and David Wingo's music was fantastic.
  • I also rewatched Blade: Trinity because of course I did.
  • I've binged all 5 seasons of Silicon Valley and that is such a great show, especially the characters who are really memorable. My favorite dynamics is definitely the intense hatred between Dinesh and Gilfoye, oh my God their scenes are just the best!
  • Get Kumal to host the Oscars!
  • What the fuck is Ellen doing and why is she acting like the Pope of gay people? What, whatever she says goes? Come on.
  • Ugly, tacky and unimaginative poster for Stranger Things season 3. This should be called "minimum effort".
  • NOPE.
  • Here's Storm holding an umbrella on a promo still from Dark Phoenix, because fuck it, right?
  • They look like hostages, you guys.
  • People are doing Bird Box Challenge now. Yep, it's exactly what it sounds like.
  • The Punisher is coming back 2 weeks from now! Here are the photos. Jigsaw looks like he was scratched by a big cat wtf.
  • Annual wacky W magazine photoshoot is out and that Redmayne/Malek cover is practically an assassination attempt on me. 
  • I am not watching Globes live this year and I doubt I'll even watch the Oscars. I think I am too old for this. I rather sleep than sit all night watching Gaga parade around dressed up like robot or kaiju or whatever and Cooper trying to act surprised. And of course Rami "I have no problem working with Singer" Malek being present. Nah, I'll pass on those festivities, man. 
  • At least Amber is gonna be presenting.
  • On Saturday I went to see Aquaman again with my mom and she loved it! She gasped when Manta went to stabbed Arthur but he just smirked. Her favorite scene was just like I anticipated the Sicily festival of adorable. I love that my mom doesn't watch movies like this and isn't really familiar with what CGI can do - she is absolutely mesmerized when she gets to see stuff like this. She couldn't figure out how they did the de-aging stuff in some of the scenes.
  • And then tonight guess what? 
  • The film is gonna cross 900 million worldwide this weekend so yey!
  • Look at this trash and tell me there is no bias. Another moronic thing that is being written about box office (and it's going to be only the fourth superhero to make over one billion for his solo flick. FOURTH. In all of history.) is "if we take China out of equation" hot take. 
  • Is China not a real country? 
  • Is it not on planet Earth? 
  • Are their money not real? 
  • Is the money's existence conditional on media's ability to see it? 
  • It's really hilarious how bent out of shape American press is.  Also this is all more than a little racist. Black Panther gets all those points because black people are there but I suppose fuck all the other minorities, huh? Because there is no peep about diversity in Aquaman. Had Jason not been mentioning it so much, it wouldn't be mentioned at all.
  • I mean it's one thing to be biased, whole other to be racist and whole other to be this goddamn dumb. 
  • And boy, they manage to hit the trifecta right there.
  • Fuck the media, man.
  • The marketing is still going strong, here's adorable video of Jason and Amber talking to the kids. Getting that nanny crowd right there.
  • People are literally getting engaged right after watching the movie.
  • And finally my favorite thing this week - James Wan speaking his mind about the lack of love for the movie from AMPAS.
  • Sonia, Allie, Getter, Geekteller and Mario reviews Aquaman
  • Brittani and Gemma review The Favourite
  • Courtney writes about Bird Box



    1. I'm glad you liked The Favourite! Such a great film, easily on my top 10.

      I really liked Midnight Special, all of Nichols' films I've mostly enjoyed.

      Now you see my puzzlement with Green Book getting director awards.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Yeah I don't get it, it's really not a well directed movie! It mostly relies on actors elevating the material

    2. Man, you've seen so many movies lately, and 5 seasons of a show?!? I'm so jealous! I only watched shows during the break, and tortured myself with The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and that was it. Really want to see The Favourite though!

      The longer I have to wait for Stranger Things, the less excited I get. The wait is too long.. it doesn't make sense anymore. I do think it's interesting that only two of the characters are looking at us instead of the fireworks..

      THE PUNISHER! I had the same thought about Jigsaw though, Ben Barnes needs a lot more shit done to his face to look horrible and that's not enough. Geez, he still looks handsome from what I can tell. :'D

      I saw Aquaman as my first movie of 2019 and it was good. I had a weird mood and there was a kid sitting next to me who kept asking his father what was going on and then explaining what he thought and I had to keep giving them the look in order for them to shut up. But I did like Aquaman, I wished I'd love it more but it's still better than pretty much everything else in the DCEU.

      Thank you for the link! :)

      1. Yeah I only watch this much when I'm not at work, when I work I watch maybe 2-3 films a week :/

        Eh same here, the show should have been only one season

        Barnes is too pretty for my taste, even with those ridiculous scars :)

        OMG that's why I always go in the evening, no damn kids :D

    3. I loved The Favourite. Obviously, Rachel in those suits and everything she wore did it for me. lol It's in my top ten favorite movies of the year, and something 2019 movies will have to try to beat.

      Kumal would do an awesome job hosting the Oscars.

      I was super disappointed by Ben's reveal in The Punisher season two teaser. You're so right, he looks like he got mauled by a cat. Punisher definitely did more damage than that.

      Bird Box was good, but not like risk your life, good. lol

      It's a damn shame that nobody has written anything about the diversity of Aquaman, and how the media is giving it a hard time about the box office. They really do have something against DCEU, don't they? Love that last meme!

      1. Yeah that anti DCEU bias is so evident here. The critics are pro Disney, always were. Their confusion at MPR not doing so well at the box office after all is so funny to witness :D

    4. I can't wait to see The Favourite! Hopefully my cinema will show it.

      I wish I was the big cat who scratched Jigsaw lol anyway, like Getter said, that's not enough to make Ben look horrible

      Thanks for the link!

    5. I've been thinking about watching Silicon Valley for so long now. I just finished The Good Place so maybe now is the perfect time.
      Oh Blade Trinity...I've seen that movie far too many times!
      Thanks for the link <3

      1. It's a very funny show! You should give it a shot, it's a fast watch

    6. I can't wait to see The Favourite, everyone is raving about it and I love Olivia Colman. The trailer alone sold it to me. Don't know when it's coming out to my local cinema, though....
      Ha ha, loved the story of seeing Aquaman with your mom
      Thanks for the link :)

      1. I think you are going to like it, if you love Colman then this one is a must see!

    7. I'm not even sure if I'm looking forward to Green Book anymore, as there's entirely too much shit circling around that film. And with how few movies I manage to watch (especially 'good' ones), this one might end up getting a pass.

      I'm probably gonna mention it in my post, but straight up F--K THE BIRD BOX CHALLENGE. My classes were shitty enough before a-holes were blindfolding themselves and walking into shit. End of days, indeed.

      That's rad your saw something with your mom. Last time I took my mom to the was a nightmare (that we still laugh about to this day).

      Thanks for the link!!!!

      1. Oh my God they are playing it at your class? you probably just let them fall on stuff around them :)

        ah yes the almonds, right? :D

    8. I completely agree with your thoughts on Green Book. Nice, fine, decent, but you can tell Farrelly still has some work to do on his dramatic directing. It was so weird how elements were introduced then not mentioned again.

      1. How it's getting all those nominations besides acting is so weird to me

    9. YES!! awesome, you liked The Favourite. I think Yorgos is one of the best directors around right now, his work on his last film was incredible.

      1. Yorgos is a good director but he is one kooky bastard :)