Friday, January 11, 2019

(372) The night of horror + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, January 11, 2019
  • In the sha-sha-low-low...
  • In the sha-la-la-la-la-low-low...
  • BCoop is in the shallow now.
  • Here is my livetweet of the ceremony. BCoop was supposed to save us from Malek and instead he thought it was a sure thing the film wins and his performance wins so he focused on promoting himself for best director awards instead.
  • He probably thought HFPA will not disgrace themselves by awarding two wins to a movie directed by Singer.
  • He was wrong. 
  • We were all so wrong.
  • And now everything is FUCKED.
  • I don't even know know what to say here. This is just shameful. 
  • There was some good that happened that night, though. Ben Whishaw and Richard Madden who both won were adorable.
  • Idris was there. Jeff Bridges gave a speech which reached the levels of bizarre rambling Matthew McConaughey would be proud of.
  • Queen Patricia!
  • But overall it was a dreadful ceremony. The fashion was also not the best. What the hell was Julianne Moore wearing? And Amber's dress had such messed up proportions. Black Panther ladies looked elegant as beautiful as always. Also kudos to Gaga for kissing Chadwick as she was leaving the stage and he was walking in. 
  • BAFTA nominations are fucking awful. 
  • I'm not even gonna wait for Oscar nominations to say this - I ain't watching the ceremony live this year. There is just nothing exciting there. I still haven't given 10/10 to any of the 2018 releases, my favorite film of the year so far was shut out and all in all I just really don't care. 
  • And of course after the mess with Kevin Hart there is no host so what does AMPAS want to do? Bring in the Avengers! Do they really think anyone will sit through 3 hours of boring nonsense featuring giving accolades for a film made by a pedophile because some actors whose films flop outside of MCU show up?
  • Come on!
  • Moving on to happy things, here's new picture of Olivia Colman in season 3 of The Crown:
  • Us changed release date and is now opening on March 22 which is bizarre because the tickets were already on sale. Also still no release date here in Poland. Who wants to smuggle me into USA?
  • While the Avengers actors are in demand, apparently, Thirsty Hiddles is probably in despair as it is now rumoured Disney only wants him to narrate Loki series. This is all he has and they want him to Young Sheldon this. I don't know whether to feel bad or laugh.
  • So it was revealed what the monster from Bird Box was supposed to look like. I still haven't seen the movie but that decision was probably a good idea on their part.
  • New posters and trailer for season 2 of The Punisher. Oh my God I am so happy Frank is back! I really hope a miracle happens and the show doesn't end up getting cancelled after all. We need our Punishing boo killing bad guys!
  • Venom 2 is officially happening!
  • Awful week for Green Book team. First this happened. Then this happened.
  • At this point I'm half expecting Viggo to get caught while burying a hooker on a desert.
  • But how do you drag these people and Bohemian Rhapsody is still doing so well with all that backlash? 
  • Also what is it with men and showing their dicks? Nobody wants to see that. There's only one situation in which a woman tolerates seeing a dick and trust me there are maybe a dozen dicks out there I'd actually tolerate to see.
  • One of them would probably blind me.
  • I'm gonna move on from that subject now.
  • There's actual cool promo for Captain Marvel.
  • This is much better than both trailers, combined. But I still don't understand why Brie Larson chooses to speak like a little girl in this role. She sounds like me. That's weird.
  • I saw Vice this week and it was very good. It wasn't as good as The Big Short but the performances were great. I only wish they kept the original script version of the events, they made some changes which I didn't like that much. Everyone in the film gave great performances but Bale easily overshadows everyone else. He was more frightening here than in American Psycho
  • And that's it. I've been going to bed at 10 PM, absolutely exhausted after work.
  • And here and here incredible VFX reel for Aquaman. Yes, this didn't even make the Oscar shortlist.
  • Keith and Allie review The Favourite
  • Sonia writes about First Reformed
  • Alex chooses his top movies in 2018
  • Brittani reviews Vice
  • Gemma and Katy write their new year's resolutions
  • Diana and Sofia choose their blindspot movies



    1. Thanks so much for the link! And PREACH about Bohemian Rhapsody. How has that movie gotten a pass? Makes no sense to me. I agree that the Globes were shameful, but it seems that awarding that film has finally prompted Bohemian Rhapsody (and its credited director) to get the shit they deserve.

      1. I doubt it Will be enough to stop Ampas. The logic of people defending this movie is that they are supporting those who worked on it but they are ignoring the fact the success of this movie helps Singer stay in the businnesdy. It is infuriating

    2. There are so many things in this post that I feel bad for laughing. That Upside joke, Hilddles' thirsty ass being regulated to narrator, Mahershala's campaign look, and that thumbnail of Bradley just lmaooooooooooooooooooo

      Everything is on fire this awards season. I'm just going to drink my way through the rest of it.

      But hey at least True Detective is back this week!

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Hbo kinda dropped the Ball on TD marketing i had no idea its coming back this week!

    3. That BCoop screencap should be the new Leo *internally screaming* gif.

      Jeff Bridges went off, but it's not as bad as a lot of speeches where the alcohol hit everyone hard. I just read that most people don't get inside the ballroom until after dinner has been served. WTF. No wonder people get smashed unless they order in.

      People just didn't want Black Panther to win or be nominated, so this is where we're at now with Green Book and Bohemian Rhapsoy. lol -.-

      I wonder if A Star Is Born had been campaigned as a musical instead of a drama, if it would've won those categories.

      *chants* venom venom venom

      Talk about the worst luck for Mahershala taking on Green Book. *cringe face*

      lol Patricia. I can't believe I missed that.

      We're basically counting on Christian to give epic speeches to make the award show season worth it. lol

      Thanks for the link! <3

      1. Honestly they messed all of this up so bad i am practically rooting for Panther to win now

    4. Thank you much, much for the link! I finally got a "Vice" review up and I seem to fall into the smaller group who wasn't crazy about it. Honestly I kinda hated it. Bale was really good though. As for the Globes, it was such a bizarre mess of a show - almost otherworldy. I mean even if you didn't have the stench of Singer attached to it...Rhapsody just isn't that great! I don't get it.

      1. I can definitely see how Vice is not everyone"s cup of tea. I have yet to see BR I wait to stream it online for free since I dont wanna pay these people a single cent

    5. I didn't even watch the Golden Globes and I'm not going to. I only watched Richard win and that was enough for me. It was the only category I really cared about this time around, even though Sam was nominated too.

      I'm so excited for The Punisher but the trailer for it that came out this week put a bit of a sad cloud over me. No Karen , so many new characters, and Ben looks like he is just a big shallow baby for crying about his face. I mean, he would have no problem finding hot women to bang him with that face and wasn't the character supposedly a shutout from society?

      I did binge until 5AM Netflix's first UK original series Sex Education with Gillian Anderson and it was amazing! Such an interesting vibe/style (sort of 80's 90's vibe during the 21st century).. I loved it!

      1. I really hope they surprise us and Karen shows up. Personally, I wouldn't bang Ben even with the scars :) Too much of a pretty boy.

        There's waaaay too many shows out there to watch :/

    6. I just got my internet back and I've been quite busy so I haven't had the chance to watch the Golden Globes. I think I'll pass it though. Your live tweet was fun but I doubt the actual ceremony is.

      I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm kind of excited about Venom 2

      Thanks for the link!

    7. Thanks for the link!

      Bad as the Globes were I am hoping that the backlash and Singer actually reacting on Instagram (destroying the argument that he didn't get anything because he was fired that some people hide behind) and the Academy will take note. Olivia, Patricia and Regina were great though! And Spider-Verse winning :)

      Happy Venom 2 is rolling but I need WB to get on the ball with Aquaman otherwise I'm just going to be sitting around writing my own Atlantis fan fiction over here. Just make it official already!

      1. For some reason Green Book is getting hit with more backlash than Rhapsody. It's ridiculous, Green Book people did some terrible stuff but none of it is even in the same realm as what the director of Br did

        WB needs to announce the sequel! And get Wan to do it

    8. These awards ceremonies are getting so bad. In the last couple of years I've just watched the monologue and a couple of speeches of people I really liked. That's what I did for GG and will probably do for Oscars. Not worth spending three hours on a whole lot of cringe moments.
      Punisher looks good. Can I see the show even if I haven't seen Daredevil before?
      Also, thanks for link :)

      1. Well Daredevil shows up in season 2 of DD and has awesome scenes that are really worth seeing but I think you wouldn't be too lost if you jumped into the standalone series