Friday, January 18, 2019

(373) Come thru, Batman + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, January 18, 2019
  • This right here is me after ditching BCoop and trying to get everyone to stan Bale because he is our last hope.
  • What am I talking about?
  • Critics Choice Awards happened last Sunday. Bale won two awards while BCoop yet again got absolutely nothing. Bale is now the last person to stop Malek.
  • Come thru, Batman.
  • Also two ties there, but at least thanks to that both Gaga and Amy won. And Black Panther won for special effects. Because of course it did.
  • Ah yes, Gaga's horse. This is sad but BCoop should try to be in the papers somehow too. I don't know, do something. He just sits there looking like he is dead inside, which isn't helping his chances.
  • Jon Bernthal and Vera Farmiga joined the cast of The Sopranos prequel movie. Corey Stoll and Billy Magnussen also joined.
  • The Punisher season 2 dropped so I'm about to binge it till I collapse. Jon has a beard now!
  • Karen is gonna be in this season!
  • The cast for Ryan Murphy's TV series about nurse Ratched has become even more impressive.
  • I have a question - what the fuck is wrong with people in USA? First they put Singer's movie on top and now when Kevin Hart is all over the news with his homophobic comments they went "oooh I must see this guy's new movie"?
  • Gross.
  • Here's trailer for John Wick 3 and gorgeous new posters:
  • That dog better be all right.
  • And here's trailer for Spider Man: Far From HomeJake Gyllenhaal is finally gonna be in a movie that actually makes money.
  • Heads up to Mario that this will be Gadot's voice, otherwise he won't notice.
  • AMPAS is now behaving like a bunch of teenage girls who shout that you can't sit with them.
  • Kumal who should be hosting will announce the nominees. 
  • The first teaser for final season of Game of Thrones is here. It's meh and Sansa is still alive so...nope. I mean it says a lot about these actors when this is more effective.
  • WHY?
  • Christopher McQuarrie is going to make 2 Mission: Impossible movies back to back. I am absolutely shocked it's still possible to insure Tom Cruise.
  • I have been rewatching Mad Men which is probably the worst thing to do when one is trying to quit smoking. Jon Hamm was so gorgeous in that series. I know he looks like he crawled out of dumpster these days and he is an asshole but yep, I'd start running and jump straight on that face. Also I do appreciate how much of that show revolves around him banging women (and Betty is so insufferable you almost don't mind him being a cheating animal) and people just randomly commenting on how handsome he is. It's like everyone in that show wants to fuck him. I'm surprised there are no scenes of birds crashing into his window, trying to get a piece of that and dying for it.
  • I had to stop all of that joy because on Monday Netflix removed Saving Private Ryan so on Sunday I finally watched that in its entirety. Obviously it's a great movie even though it features Matt Damon. Also Vin Diesel was in it so that's the only great movie he is in (except for the ones where he is voicing a CGI tree).
  • I also finally saw Bird Box. I liked it even less than A Quiet Place. It had some advantages over it - the protagonist got pregnant BEFORE the apocalypse started, Tom Hollander was in it and thanks to that Bird Box challenge maybe some morons will die and there will be less idiots in the world. But the script was bad - from the shameless and ridiculous exposition coming from Get Out guy to Trevante Rhodes' role basically coming down to him announcing he will open the door and others yelling at him not to. And they did Sarah Paulson so dirty!
  • And finally joyful news - Aquaman has crossed 1 billion dollars in worldwide box office!
  • Mario reviews Vice
  • Keith writes about Green Book
  • Gemma reviews A Simply Favor
  • Sonia writes about Assassination Nation
  • Brittani reviews Aquaman
  • Jordan writes about The Favourite
  • Alex chooses 20 best male performances in 2018
  • Diana reviews Roma



    1. "I'd start running and jump straight on that face." lmaoooo

      I finally just watched Mad Men last year, maybe two years ago? I didn't think Betty was that bad. She has her super bitchy moments but everyone made her out to sound so terrible and she just wasn't to me. That was a damn good show.

      I still laugh thinking of that lawnmower thing in the first season.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I think it's Jones' acting, my God she is dreadful.

        oh that was season 3! "Jesus, it's like Iwo Jima there!" lol Roger has the best lines!

    2. My takeaway from all this is there is a prequel to The Sopranos that I knew nothing about.

    3. The Game of Thrones trailer I mean on the one hand they remembered Cat existed but of course they had to use that quote. I saw someone write Sansa's turning away from her poisonous mother and I just had to take a breath. Pretty sure Cat would be horrified by all her kids on the show. I want Stoneheart to kill them all at this point, at least on the show :) Yet I'll be watching cause I can't help myself.

      Bernthal with beard is my favorite. I can't watch it for a couple of days so I will vicariously enjoy through everyone else. I hope its a great season and you really enjoy it! As always thanks for the link.

      1. They keep featuring Cat in those teasers for many seasons now and all it does it makes me more pissed off how they wasted such an incredible plot with Stoneheart. I think it is the biggest waste in any adaptation ever :/

        I saw 7 episodes so far and it's great!

    4. I haven't seen Mad Men yet but I'm not surprised everyone acts like they want to fuck Hamm. I'd act like that do!

      Thanks for the link :)

    5. What's wrong with the US? A LOT. lol. A lot, girl.

      I really thought A Star is Born would sweep the Oscars when I saw it, but i read today that Green Book is the frontrunner???? I liked Green Book, but naw, that's not an Oscar movie.

      1. Yeah but why do people there have to support shitty movies on top of it?:D

      2. Supporting shitty movies is one of the better things we do.

      3. Then the worse things that you guys do must be indeed awful

    6. happy tuesday, sati! always admire how you also link other reviews/etc.

    7. I'm so late to the party this week I may as well class myself as being early for the next RF!
      I am SO HYPED for Jake Gyllenhaal in the next Spider-Man!
      I haven't seen Green Book yet but from the trailer I'm shocked it's getting so much attention.

      1. The trailer for Green Book was better than the movie :)

    8. Yey for Bale, he's probably gonna win Best Actor. It's him or Bradley Cooper, I really don't see Malek winning it, especially with the backlash.
      The Ratched cast looks great, but I find it funny how many familiar faces are there. Ryan Murphy sure loves his actors (Sarah Paulson, Finn Wittrock, etc.)
      Excited for Gylenhaal, I think he's gonna be great in Spiderman!
      Thanks for the link >:D<

    9. Thanks for the link! I'm hoping Batman saves us all. But, uh, I might be Vice's number one fan?

      I have never smoked a cigarette in my life, but I watch half an episode of Mad Men and I feel like buying a carton immediately. (My wife used to watch that show when she was pregnant...should I be concerned?)

      I hope John Wick 3 is better than Chapter 2. I was totally underwhelmed by that one. But you can't really complain about more Keanu, can you? No, no you can't.

      1. Unless it's Knock Knock. Then you can complain away :)

    10. Sooo appreciate the link. "Jake Gyllenhaal is finally gonna be in a movie that actually makes money". That line cracked me up but is also spot-on (Prince of Persia didn't quite work out did it).

      1. No it didn't lol But I thought it was quite a fun movie!

    11. Thank you for the link! All hail, John Wick 3. I can't wait for that. And I didn't know Bernthal was cast in The Sopranos sequel. I hope that thing turns out okay.

      1. It's a prequel so I'm kinda hoping Vera plays Tony's mother, that is such a great part for an actress