Friday, January 25, 2019

(374) It's about time! + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, January 25, 2019
  • So AMPAS will you invite Singer to the ceremony? Do. Own what you have done.
  • Oscar nominations are out and as always they are shocking. Two actresses from Roma are nominated. I still haven't managed to go beyond first five minutes of that film but I've gotta ask - WHAT production design?! 
  • Editing category is straight up horrific too. It's like they give nominations in this category to the films they liked "here, have another one". I enjoyed Green Book but this film feels clunky as hell thanks to inept editing and amateur script. 
  • And where the hell is First Man in the score category?! 
  • The biggest snub by far is Ethan Hawke. His movie got nominated for best Screenplay and still no nomination for Hawke.
  •  I think no one actually saw Dafoe's movie but they felt bad that he didn't win for that shitty motel movie last year, saw a poster for At Eternity's Gate. went "huh he plays van Gogh now?" and voted for him.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody got FIVE nominations. On the day of getting what he wanted - a nomination - Rami Malek had the audacity to finally say something about Singer and what he said was that he was unaware of accusations.
  • He actually said he thinks Freddie Mercury prevented them from knowing about Singer's past. I mean....WHAT?!
  • Malek's lie was made all the more transparent when FINALLY an expose on Singer dropped the following day. The Atlantic published the article which other than containing horrific stories of assaults committed by that monster also contains information about the students - 4.000 of them - protesting the idea that their university will have his name because they knew about allegations. And yet Malek expects people to believe he didn't know? 
  • Singer had this to say. Here's why Esquire article was stopped. And here is why it's even more troubling. And yet Singer gets to keep his next job (go through that twitter thread!)
  • And why are the celebrities silent on this? Where is their reaction? Only handful, including Amber Heard and Olivia Munn, talked about it on social media.
  • At least GLAAD did the right thing.
  • Meanwhile, BCoop didn't get that best director nomination he wanted so badly. I'd wonder if maybe he can "owww poor me" his way to best actor win same like Affleck did to Best Picture but Cooper doesn't seem like he has the will to live anymore, let alone the will to fight.
  • He should just pull Jackson Maine and pee himself mid Shallow performance as a sign of protest.
  • Spike Lee got his first director nomination and his reaction was adorable. I hope he wins.
  • Sam Elliott is finally an Oscar nominee! and his reaction was the best. And not only that - Regina King has a massive crush on him.
  • I know Ali is winning and considering both his performance and his elegance and dignity during this shitstorm of a season he will be a worthy winner but come on
  • Razzie nominations were announced. I really don't think Melissa MCcarthy should be there. Yes, her movies were either bad or horrific but she gave them her all.
  • After all of this we can use a good laugh and I have just the thing. THR actor roundtable dropped and you can watch it here. I haven't seen the whole thing yet but I did see this part and it made me laugh so hard I almost fell off my chair. My God:
  • I think Mahershala's incredulous blinking is the best part but if looks could kill Chadwick's would kill Viggo's ass dead. 
  • Vanity Fair's annual mess of a photo is out. Chalamet looks straight up homicidal and the women posing with Malek look about as uncomfortable as any decent person would next to this guy.
  • Orly two of nominated songs - Shallow and Black Panther one - are going to be performed during the Oscars. It's like they are actively trying to discourage people from watching. No host? Pedo's movies nominated? 2 performances out of 5?
  • Extremely cheerful trailer for that Zac Efron's Ted Bundy movie and extremely cheerful photos from Quentin Tarantino's exploitation of Sharon Tate's murder. Hollywood is trash.
  • I continued my steamy marathon of Mad Men. My God, The Suitcase is such a flawless episode. The acting is incredible, the writing is amazing and that moment when Don finds Roger's tapes never fails to make me laugh. Also it contains the greatest 'what?' in the show (the last one in this hilarious montage):
  • Then I watched The Punisher 2 so basically I was moving from one Jon to another. Oh God. There was the sex scene in very first episode. And him seductively taking off that belt almost made me fall out of bed.
  • I'm still not finished because it was yet another crazy week of work for me so all I had the energy to do was watch 2 episodes of Mad Men each evening and then go to bed.
  • I was exhausted by all of that hotness on Sunday but I didn't feel like watching anything new so I checked what was on Netflix and watched Patriots Day. That was a very well done movie. There appears to be a lot of criticism that it was done too soon after the events (it's about the bombing during Boston marathon) but I thought it was very respectful. At the end there were even interviews with the real people who suffered/were affected by the attack. 
  • Also it seemed to me Berg captured the sense of community in Boston far better than Affleck who keeps trying and he just shows white trash in his movies.
  • Also my God, I am getting really old and sentimental. At one point Mark Walhberg delivers this really corny monologue about love and I was in tears.
  • Netflix added Gone Girl which I do own but I am so lazy I am gonna sooner watch something on Netflix than actually walk to the shelf and look for the DVD. So of course I rewatched it.
  • Exciting news - my end of the year lists are coming. All four of them - best shots, best performances, best scenes and best and worst of 2018. I think they will all be up in February.
  • Brittani, Keith and Katy write their thoughts about Academy Award Nominations
  • Mario reviews Frances Ha
  • Alex lists 20 best female performances in 2018
  • Diana reviews Boy Erased
  • Sonia reviews Green Book


    1. Chadwick's face is classic. Poor Mahershala. Let's get this season over with, so he can move on from this hot mess.

      Besides not being able to see Black Panther winning any of the tech categories because they're going to happen during the commercial breaks, I'm so disappointed about not seeing Emily perform.

      OMG, I haven't seen that What video is so long!! XD

      It's probably so sad, but I'm so happy Dakota wasn't nominated for a Fifty Shades Freed Razzie. lol Other movies finally broke that streak!

      I still have to watch The Punisher...I just have so much to watch. lol

      Looking forward to your end-of-year-posts. :)

      Thanks for the link!! <3

      1. Mahershala had really exhausting season, I won't even mind when he wins for this, listening to Viggo trying to articulate his thoughts and then apologizing for him and explaining whatever he meant must have been so annoying

    2. Those Roundable GIFs are amazing: Chadwick is about to kick his ass, Chalamet is like "dude, just stop talking" and Richard Grant seems to not believing what Viggo is saying.
      That Ted Bundy trailer kind of pisses me off. Considering it's a story about a serial killer, the idea to make it almost a comedy is bad because it does not do it justice. Also, I feel like Zac Efron is too charismatic and show off for the part. This whole thing annoys me because I'm a huge fan of crime movies / tv shows (love me some Criminal Minds and Mindhunter). This movie feels like a caricature.
      Regarding the Vanity Fair shoot, I kind of like it. I've also been of it and look out for it every year. Also, to quote a Tweet: the good news about this year's shoot? 11 people, 7 of which are not that's a step up.
      Thanks for the link!

      1. It's also so disrespectful to the victims and their families, ugh this kind of thing makes me sick!

        It's just the awkward positioning, wtf is Saoirse's pose? :D

    3. I'm so glad The Atlantic finally released that article.

      Mad Men is awesome. I didn't care for it the first time i tried to watch but after actually sitting through it's so well done.

      Cooper pissing himself on the Oscar stage might actually save their ratings. lol

      I had to laugh about you being too lazy to put in your Gone Girl DVD, that's how I've been with Se7en. I have it, but it's on Netflix and that's just one click away.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Exactly! I don't even watch anything I own anymore if it's on Netflix, it's just so much easier to just click that lol

    4. I've tried with Roma and haven't made it past the first twenty minutes. The guy pulling into the garage with the dog crap close ups... I'm sure it's a fine movie and all but I just don't have the patience especially when I could be watching Frank :)

      I really didn't think they'd nominate Bohemian Rhapsody seemed like to much controversy. At this point though I wouldn't be surprised if it won. In a way I get the argument that you shouldn't punish the people associated with the movie but then it's about the bigger picture and not nominating the film would have been taking a stand against the culture of silence and well reward that lets the stuff go on and on and keeps people like Singer in the position to hurt other people. It's a mess.

      Anyway I hope you have a lovely weekend!

      1. Exactly, like why would I watch it when I can watch the Punisher :)

        Malek just won SAG. I feel so bad for BCoop. Superior work on every level and he is sitting there losing awards one by one

    5. I watched Roma on Wednesday and frankly, what script? What acting? It's not as terrible as Bohemian Rhapsody though. That one is absolute trash.

      I can't believe First Reformed was nominated for the script and Hawke was snubbed, but it isn't as shocking as Hurwitz's score being ignored. I mean, even people who hated First Man loved the score.

      Thank you for the link :)

      1. I still haven't seen Roma lol Rhapsody though....oh Jesus....

        The score in First Man was so great, it's shocking it wasn't even nominated!

    6. oscar's are killing themselves then, I'm very much looking to your 2018 lists though!

      1. Thank you! I hope the first one will be up next week!

    7. That clip of Viggo really saddens me. I liked him so much as a person but, while it wasn't intended to be awful, WHY would he say such a thing!? Screw you for having exposed that to me sati!!! :P :P but ha ALL the others look like 'oh gooood what are you saying!!'. Sad :(

      Oh, and that Rami Malek thing, just, wow. God. I really like him in Mr Robot I won't lie, but the guy is obviously a complete moron!!

      I didn't know anything about that Singer stuff (never heard of him tbh) but those rats really need to be wormed out of hollywood. Its disgusting.

      Agree on the Hawke snub, we both loved that movie. Though... Dafoe was quite great in that van gogh flick. I thought at least :P as for Roma, watch more of it, it really does look incredible for the most part. Award worthy I dunno, but it sure looked nice!

      And thanks for the kind words on my post on The Favourite!!! Appreciate it :)

      1. Viggo is rambling so much this season, it's such a mess

        I still need to see Roma and At Eternity's Gate, both seem so damn dull though

      2. Yeah I can't lie that dull is a good to put it before seeing them. At Eternity's Gate is decent, I loved Roma though :)

      3. I probably wont bother with Roma at all

    8. oh and I look forward to your round up of 2018!! :)

      1. Thank you! It's lots of work but hopefully the posts will be entertaining for you guys

    9. Rami Malek has a responsibility to do something positive with this trash he's in. OWN IT. ACKNOWLEDGE IT. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Instead, he's doing the exact opposite. I know it's a terribly difficult matter, but that's why you've got a team around you to formulate statements and train you how to appropriately answer questions. It's not like he's on his own/didn't expect this/doesn't know what to do with this. It's really disappointing.

      1. The worst bit may be him shielding himself with Mercury's ghost. That's just gross.

    10. agreed on melissa mccarthy. I think she's incredibly talented, even in terrible movies. (though I admit I kind of enjoyed Life of the Party!)

    11. So much gold here. Yeah, where the hell were noms for the First Man score and Ethan fuckin' Hawke. What a shame. And I thought Patriots Day was a well made and respectful movie too. Still confusing to me that it wasn't released properly; it just came and went from theaters so fast. Thanks so much for the link!

      1. There's so much hate for Patriot's Day on letterboxd, I didn't see anything disrespectful about it. Stuff like using the actual phone calls in the beginning of Zero Dark Thirty is disrespectful imho, not making a movie like this 'too soon'.