Friday, February 1, 2019

(375) Birds of Trash Glitter + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, February 1, 2019
  • First look at Birds of Prey is here and it is low-key horrific:
  • Someone on reddit described Harley's look as "slutty pinata" and it's so accurate. What is wrong with these people? Why does she have to look like hooker on meth? And now they even doubled down and she looks like a hooker on meth who fell into a dumpster filled with glitter.
  • What is this? Spring Breakers? Is Franco gonna show up to start sucking a golden gun and yelling about all his shit?
  • It gets worse - James Gunn is now directing Suicide Squad sequel. Why must WB pick up MCU's degenerate trash?
  • Here's some videos of Jon Hamm with a beard  in Sundance promoting The Report *tries not to faint* (1,2)
  • It's so Loganesque
  • Wheeew, I can't breathe.
  • Here's the cast of Velvet Buzzsaw with director Dan GilroyRene is mouthing his speech and Jake is correcting his pronunciation. That poor director.
  • What also premiered in Sundance was Leaving Neverland, a documentary about Michael Jackson's abuse of little kids. This will air on HBO so it's fair to say a storm is coming.
  • During Gaga's performance in Vegas BCoop suddenly got up on stage to sing Shallow with her (1,2). This got a lot of buzz in the media and it was great to see Cooper finally fighting for that Oscar season attention.
  • Still it's too late and the hope is lost. SAG awarded Malek. The Apocalypse is here.
  • You see this? This is what happens when the movie going public goes "let's separate the art from the artist". Well done. That's 40 extra million dollars to pay the lawyers to threaten the victims.
  • AMPAS had another brilliant idea this week. 
  • 90 seconds isn't even long enough for Cooper to piss himself.
  • It's thanks to Gaga that all songs will be performed. But in this scoop we also read that last year's winning actors weren't asked to present. What the hell? Is "disrespect" the theme of this year's ceremony? This is all so awful.
  • So on top of everything else Viggo has a mustache now?!
  • First trailer for Hobbs & Shaw is here. Oh it looks glorious!
  • James Wan started talking about Aquaman sequel so there's a hope he is coming back. Anything else will cause panic, there is no one else but Wan who could handle the sequel.
  • Meanwhile Netflix threw Snyder a bone. Cavill, Affleck and Snyder are all on Netflix now. What an embarrassing failure and well deserved one. Oh yeah  it was finally confirmed Affleck is out. So we are getting a new actor for Batman very soon.
  • Christopher Nolan has a new movie which will premiere next year. We don't know anything about the plot or even who is in the film. Nolan is clearly on the level where the movie going public doesn't need to know anything beyond the fact that he is the director.
  • Oscar Isaac joined Dune by Denis Villeneuve. That's some serious box office poison power combined. I mean I love Oscar but it's a flop chasing flop lately.
  • This week on the Internet...
  • During the weekend I stopped my rewatch of Mad Men and watching The Punisher 2 to finally catch up with movies.
  • Boy Erased was so painfully mediocre and dull. The only standout in the whole film was Nicole Kidman delivering another wonderful performance but other than that nothing in this film was memorable.
  • I liked If Beale Street Could Talk much more than Moonlight. The score was lovely and all the actors did such a wonderful job. It's really a shame Colman went lead for The Favourite because she would easily win with King, who, while great, is in the movie very little. I also thought the film peaked very early - with the dinner they had to announce Tish's pregnancy. That was the best sequence in the whole film.
  • Can You Ever Forgive Me? was so great! It's in my top 5 of the year. Both Melissa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant were wonderful and the script was brilliant. It's gonna be my future isn't it? Dead flies on pillows and such.
  • A Private War was a tough watch but Rosamund Pike delivered a fantastic performance. All in all the film wasn't particularly memorable but it was nice to see Pike in something better than average, she needs to be in better films!
  • Bohemian Rhapsody was so tiresome. And Malek is so creepy in that, how the hell does he have stans? I shit you not at one point Littlefinger shows up and acts exactly the same like he did on Game of Thrones. There is so much wrong with this movie but the most astonishing thing is that it's boring. How do you make a boring movie about Queen? Why the fuck did AMPAS nominate it for Best Picture? What is going on?!
  • Those poor cats witnessing this mess, oh Jesus....
  • Wildlife was pretty good but the real standount was Carey Mulligan's performance.
  • On Tuesday I got allergic reaction to mascara (this is the kind of stuff that happens to me) so I stayed home and binged Black Mirror. I watched the episodes I've never seen before, including brilliant Nosedive and I finally finished Bandersnathch and the story there was really boring. I mean it's such a cool idea to do an interactive episode and that's the best they could come up with?
  • I rewatched White Christmas, obviously:
  • Yeah, like anyone would block him.
  • Or hated being in a cabin with him.
  • Or being ordered by him.
  • I'm gonna shut up now.
  • I also rewatched Zack and Miri Make a Porno which is one of my all time favorite romantic comedies. Then yesterday I saw Edge of Seventeen for the first time because Netflix is removing it soon. It was delightful! And after that I watched Freddy vs Jason, because of course I did.
  • Jordan reviews Glass
  • Sonia reviews Creed II
  • Gemma wonders who will take The Iron Throne
  • Keith and Allie review Can You Ever Forgive Me?
  • Brittani writes about SAG winners
  • Getter reviews original Solaris
  • Alex chooses top 5 "Rotten" movies of 2018
  • Mario reviews Crazy Rich Asians
  • Diana reviews LA Confidential
  • Katy chooses her favorite performances and movies of 2018
  • ItWasLikeMagic has a fantastic write up about Practical Magic


    1. LMAO that fake Green Book poster.

      The Oscars are going to be such a disaster this year, I tihnk I'll buy two bottles of wine to get myself through.

      Nolan is going to get to the point where he can drop a movie out of nowhere like Beyonce and it'll gross a ton of money.

      I'm glad Gaga balked at the song thing, I was hoping either she or Kendrick would speak up about it.

      I'm so glad you liked Wildlife and now get the full understanding of why I bitch about it being ignored so much. Carey was wonderful.

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE Black Mirror. Nosedive recently got edged out of my Top 5 moving to #6 because Hated in the Nation really just got better and better with each rewatch for me. My top is now
      1) 15 Million Merits
      2) Be Right Back
      3) San Junipero
      4) Shut Up And Dance
      5) Hated in the Nation

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Oh Hated in the Nation was one I only watched this week! It was really good, such a cool idea with the bees! 15 Million Merits it's so underrated, awesome to see it on the top of your list!

    2. Hamm Boo is rocking that beard, dayum. I need to watch White Christmas now. I was ready for The Report just for Annette. I didn't know Adam and Jon were in it, so I'm even more ready. lol

      I'm living for that video of Bradley and Gaga performing in Vegas. He needs to grow that beard ASAP though. Good for Gaga standing up for the other Best Song nominees! I really hope Emily performs, but if she doesn't, it'll just be nice to see the song included.

      Renee and Jake were kind of dillholes about that poor director. :/

      I wish Bryce Dallas Howard received more attention. I barely recognized her in that Black Mirror gif set.

      AMPAS are super freaking lost. I don't even know if their decisions are about making the show stick to three hours anymore. They're not even trying to reach people who don't watch the Oscars and are only alienating the people who do. This season has been one big YIKES after another.

      Thanks for the link!! <3

      1. White Christmas is so good!

        Emily is not performing and AMPAS says a surprise guest will. I dread who they manage to convince to do this.

        Yeah they were :/

        Yes! Bryce is such a gifted actress, it's a shame she is now in those awful Jurassic Park movies but I guess at least she gets a lot of money from that

    3. Margot is so pretty and yet, they manage to make her look so haggard.. wonderful job if you count out the fact that she shouldn't look so bad.

      Anyway, lot's of drama and I'm keeping away from it all. Last year I was rooting for Sam, this year I think I'm just going to stick to one category and that's animation, where I'm rooting for Spider-Man.. keeping it simple, and hopefully drama free.

      Oh, Boy Erased was a bit too dull., I was hoping, based on the trailer, that there was going to be DRAMA but man.. it was a very weirdly put together movie. Disappointed. I haven't seen most of the other ones which is the worst because I need to do my end of the year list and I have a feeling I won't get to it until summer. :S

      Thank you so much for the link! :)

      1. Oh yeah I heard that Spiderman movie is awesome! I hope I'll get to see it before I made my final list

        Boy Erased was such a waste of everyone's time :/

    4. Birds of Prey trailer teaser is horrible. I'm so gonna skip that movie.

      I saw Boy Erased this morning and boy it was boring. Not as boring as Bohemian Rhapsody though.

      I'm glad you liked Nosedive as it's probably my favourite episode. I'm sorry to hear Bandersnatch didn't work for you.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. I'll see Birds of Prey but I'm expecting a disaster

    5. That Driving Mr Jazzy is hilarious!!! I totally agree about the Birds of Prey - why the clothes??? Why???

      1. It's a disaster. She gets few outfits and they all look so cheap

    6. Thank you for the link!! Ohhh the SAGs. Malek's win was not fun to watch. The only hope is that the voting for the SAGs ended just two days before that Atlantic article was published. I really hope Oscar voters become aware of that article and snub that film entirely. But beyond all that crap, how is Malek even in the running for Best Actor? I just don't see it, it isn't an Oscar-worthy performance.

      1. You're welcome! I really doubt it. There was such silence from Hollywood about Singer, it's disgusting. Makes me wonder how many of them participated in those gross 'parties' of his

    7. Hobbs and Shaw looks like fun! I'm not the biggest Statham fan unless he's doing comedy and then its like sign me up and sell me all the tickets ;)

      I think they wasted their costume budget on Harley because the rest of the cast pictures looked so dull and boring. I know this is Margot's show and all but darn she is going to make sure she's not upstaged. I'll see this and hope for the best cause it's Harley but I was hoping for Ivy! Right now I'm more excited for the new animated show.

      As always a fun read hope your week is a good one!

      1. I really wish him and Ritchie would team up again and do those crime comedies, like they used to!

        I wish they just made Harley and Ivy movie, Harley shouldn't even be in Birds of Prey movie

        Hope yours is too!

    8. birds of prey looks SO bad, ew. but some other great movie tips for my to-watch-list, thank you as always, for your great service, sati!

    9. HAHA at the poster. I just came back from London and the posters for Green Book were everywhere, especially on double decker busses.
      Although I agree Bird of Prey is pushing it in terms of costumes (probably just going for the weirdest shit ever), I am still intrigued and I will see it. I'm wondering if Green Arrow will show up and who they will cast for it
      Gotta see If Beale Street could Talk and Can You Ever Forgive Me? sooon, everyone is talking about it!
      Thanks for the link!

      1. I hope you like those! Very different movies but both are so well made!

    10. GOD I LOVE Nosedive! Bryce Dallas Howard is brilliant in it. Best she has ever been.

      Beale Street is my favorite movie of the year, because of how beautiful it is. That score just immediately puts me in a PLACE, ya know? Totally agree about Olivia Colman. Good for her taking control of her career and pushing for Lead and getting it, but... she'd be winning if she was in Supporting, good as Regina King is.

      I really liked Can You Ever Forgive Me, but couldn't quite get to love. McCarthy and Grant are both great in it, though. Their last scene together is so wonderful.

      I can't with all the ridiculousness surrounding the Oscars - WHY OH WHY do they need to make all these ridiculous changes? It only means that the core audience (which is most of the audience at this point) won't be happy, and the people who just tune in to see Black Panther or Bohemian Rhapsody or Lady Gaga win something WILL NOT CARE unless their favorite wins. It's all because ABC wants ratings boost, but these changes won't really help at all. And it's especially ridiculous that they are pushing for short speeches when the producer is the one who hijacked the Emmys to propose to his girlfriend. The fucker. SERIOUSLY, DUDE?!? If I were the winners, I would take my sweet damn time and ignore the playoff music. ESPECIALLY the people who get awards during the commercial break. Those people should be offended and boycott, frankly. SO disrespectful.

      1. This ceremony is gonna be a total trainwreck. It's just so misguided, all the decisions they are making are so stupid, how can they not see that? I feel so bad for this year's winners especially in technical categories, not putting them in broadcast is just so disrespectful, I cannot believe the guilds aren't more outraged about this!

    11. gah! thank you for the shoutout in links for Practical Magic! I love reading your thoughts on these posts. Black Mirror is one I haven't watch any episodes of yet... any suggestion on which one to start with?

      1. You're welcome, that was such a great post!

        Hmm, I'd just start from season 1 episode 1, if you start with the best episodes then you will be disappointed in worse ones, this way it's gonna be a mix of both :)

    12. LOL! Netflix will finance anything.

      A Private War, another film you've turned me onto. It looks interesting and I love Pike. Thanks! :)

      And what is Margot doing?! They look like prison tats and that pinata comment is spot on. And now a SS sequel. Goddamn =/

      Also, I know Viggo said a coupla dumb things but that Green Book poster mock up seems a bit harsh, but I've probably (almost certainly actually) missed some news somewhere.

      BTW sorry for all the comments on one day, the nature of bipolar, when I'm up I try to make the best use of it :)

      Thanky for the link!! :) :) I'm gonna try to get a Star is Born post up tomorrow, about to watch it once I finish commenting on your posts that I missed :P

      1. APV is fine, Pike's performance is way better than the movie is overall

        Yeah the islamophobe is referencing the writer and the dick flasher is about the director. Not Viggo.

        Hope you'll like A Star is Born!