Friday, February 8, 2019

(376) Watch Yourself + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, February 8, 2019

  • Here are Superbowl spots - Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, Hobbs and Shaw and Us.
  • Looks like Marvel is tricking us with that marketing again.
  • I like that they are actually showing us how empty the world feels after the snap.
  • The placement of Cap's fist is...unfortunate.
  • Rumor has it there may actually be intermission during the movie. I hope it's not the case. Just stop drinking during movies, wear a diaper if you have to. For God's sake, what is the world coming to? 
  • Poster and Superbowl tease for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.
  • It's been years since David Fincher made a new movie and now World War Z was cancelled. What the hell?
  • New Pet Semetary trailer is here and it finally reveals the asinine plot change from the book. I read the script for this and it is BAD. They basically traded every single creepy thing from the book with something cliche. Their explanation for the change is hilarious. "Fresh"? Creepy little girl is one of the biggest cliches in horror genre.
  • There is no dick big enough. What is happening? Is he casting some sort of spell on these women?
  • Oh yes, because taking a picture of yourself hooked to IV before the Oscars is so much better.
  • Here are new posters for Captain Marvel:
  • Here is the only poster for that movie that matters. 
  • There's a very fun new TV spot too!
  • Chris O'Dowd is a treasure and I cannot believe MCU wasted him like that.
  • After the nightmare that was Baby Driver I vowed never to watch Edgar Wright's movie again but this is going to lure me in.
  • Absolutely brilliant new poster for Us --->
  • And here is even more amazing marketing for the movie.
  • Also I hope I'm not jinxing it but for once Poland is getting the horror movie I am waiting for the same day as USA! YEY!
  • I spoke too spoon about The Lodge. The script is dumb and cliche and the plot relies on all the characters doing reckless stuff. Oh and OF COURSE the dog dies. I was reading it and the dog showed up and I was like "oh no" and then sure enough the worst cliche of horror genre strikes again. Also I'll be shocked if Richard Armitage's character doesn't end being the dumbest person in movies in 2019. He is so stupid it borders on psychotic. On the plus side there is potential for some really creepy imagery and I'm sure Riley Keough's performance will be amazing
  • More pictures of Margot Robbie on Birds of Prey set. It's so bad.
  • The tattoos, man. It's. So. Bad.
  • Here's Black Canary. Because which one of us doesn't walk around the streets in a bra?
  • Cavill looks absolutely disgusting. There's such a thing as too much and that picture is the definition of it. 
  • Speaking of, it's time to dive into the dumpster. And boy is it filled with turds this week:
  • First up, here's Juliette Binoche. What is up with French actresses? Most of their comments about #MeToo have been absolutely reprehensible. 
  • So....Liam Neeson's interview from this week.
  • Here's interviewer's twitter thread. 
  • Then he began patting himself on the back and continued to use the survivor of rape as an object that connected his fucked up thoughts to his 'honor' or whatever. And then Michelle Rodriguez added her "thoughts".
  • (I roared laughing at this. Watch it with sound!)
  • Also Olivia tried to warn us AND WE DIDN'T LISTEN!
  • Check the replies. Snyder's fans show themselves to be the worst fanbase. Again.
  • Goddammit, this week just absolutely SUCKS!!!!
  • So place your bets - are they noble? Or did Bohemian Rhapsody win and they are covering their asses because the only thing worse than nominating a rapist is awarding him? Hmmm, tough call!
  • Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds is helping Jackman divert attention from the fact he collaborated with Singer numerous times while Jackman persistently avoids saying anything about that.
  • Malek is out there saying it's solace for the victims that Singer was fired. You know, other than him earning more than 40 million from the movie. I seriously cannot look at this dude anymore.
  • I feel so bad for Bradley Cooper. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to lose to such a bad performance delivered by an utter simpleton and directed by a rapist and pedophile. And being robbed for best director nomination to make it even worse.
  • Also what the hell with people shitting on him for that comment? His movie got numerous nominations and yet he wasn't nominated for Best Director. That means his peers didn't vote for him enough for him to be nominated. I think it's very honest and humble of Cooper to admit he was embarrassed and wonder if he did anything wrong. Come on, we all know they all want that acclaim and attention. At least he admitted that and in a very polite manner. If it was me I'd take a shit right there on the stage during Shallow performance and I'd throw it at Adam McKay.
  • At least it looks like he is having fun this season, no matter what.
  • Spike Lee has the right idea.
  • The list of first presenters at the Oscars is here. Chris Evans will show up, girls!
  • Oscars Luncheon was this week (you can watch the full thing here) and it was filled with some magical moments (1,2,3,4,5,6). It was adorable how happy Richard E. Grant was for everyone being announced. Here's the class photo. 
  • Ooooh, Sam!
  • Fix this disgraceful mess, AMPAS.
  • Too little, too late.
  • Netflix will distribute that Zac Efron Ted Bundy movie. The trailer was awful but apparently the film is pretty good. The cast is really great. But average will it turn out to be?
  • You know what? This guy would make a good Batman. He can act, he is good looking - especially now that he is in his thirties and no longer looks like a teenager - and he isn't a bloated mess who makes fun of sexual harassment. Cast him WB.
  • Aquaman is going to be released on ITunes next month. Here are the bonus features. Sadly no deleted scenes.
  • Jason attended the premiere of Lego Movie 2.
  • That's a lucky toy thing right there.
  • Here's the stuff I watched since last RF:
  • The Front Runner was so dull. What were they thinking with that? It was laughable. Was I supposed to sympathize with the dude who doesn't respect his wife and bangs other women? If  you don't have control over yourself, you shouldn't be ruling he country, end of story. Jackman hasn't renounced Singer yet so I won't care about him or his career until he does but Vera Farmiga certainly deserves better than this.
  • Velvet Buzzsaw was OK. That shot above was the true highlight of the movie. The acting was good and Natalia Dryer from Stranger Things was really fun and so unrecognizable here. The horror element was painfully lazy, though. It made no sense and the backstory was so generic.
  • This is accurate.
  • If I were MCU bosses I'd be worried about that Spiderman sequel. Gyllenhaal's curse may be so strong it takes it down.
  • He makes Oscar baits? They flop.
  • He makes a movie for Netflix, the audience of which loved derivative stuff like Bird Box? It flops.
  • Gosling is on his way to that level too, with everything he has done lately being a commercial disaster too.
  • My God, just imagine if Gyllenhaal and Gosling made a movie together.
  • The collective flop force would cause the tear in space time continuum.
  • Autopsy of Jane Doe was really good at first when it was grounded in reality. Then the film took sharp turn into supernatural territory which on its own wouldn't be too bad but the characters did too. These dudes handle autopsies and at the first sign of some creepy shit they are like "FUCK THIS, LET'S BURN THE CORPSE". Oh and by the way that morgue was underground. And they lit a fire.....underground.
  • I also saw that Guy Ritchie King Arthur movie but I don't wanna talk about that.
  • On Sunday I'm gonna publish my next Best of 2018 list so get hyped, everyone!
  • Brittani reviews Velvet Buzzsaw
  • Sonia drags Bohemian Crapsody
  • Keith reviews Widows
  • Alex features 2019 Oscar nominees in his In Character series
  • Mario writes about Glass
  • Allie reviews Green Book
  • Katy writes about Serenity



    1. Ha! I so look forward to these links and your commentary. Also, I f*cking love Harley Quinn so WTF HAVE THEY DONE TO HER. It's so upsetting.

      1. Why couldn't she just have her classic costume? This is awful!

      2. ANY of her comic looks would have been more preferable to this.

      3. Indeed! I don't know what were they thinking. The rest of the girls in the movie just have generic costumes, hers are extra awful though

    2. So you're telling me intermission during every single screening is something we do only in Italy 😮

      Pet Semetary looks so bad and I'll never understand why they made that idiotic change.

      I'm not sure about Efron as Batman. He looks more like a James Bond to me.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. You guys do that?! It sounds awful!

        Either way he would be a good choice! My choice for Bond is Richard Madden

    3. I can't believe people gave Cooper crap over his comment. It was a sincere reaction, he didn't sugarcoat or overplay it. He also said that he had more perspective afterwards and that he still loves the work that he put into it without a nomination. I don't get what the big deal is....

      Can't wait to see Evans on the carpet since Gosling probably won't be there. Switching one boo for another. lol

      I feel like Armie is the kind of guy to jump in answering a question that nobody posed to him, like he's always running his mouth. It's only a matter of time before he talks himself into some real trouble outside of the Stan Lee tweets.

      Can't wait for US!!!!!

      All that Gosling shade..... ._.

      Thanks for the link! Looking forward to your next post!

      1. Hammer is just the worst. He is a grown ass man and he continuously gets into embarrassing fights on twitter. Even I don't do it lol

    4. Also wanted to add, that I'm used to intermissions for movie marathons, so I wouldn't mind one for Endgame, especially if it's more than 3 hours long. It just needs to be a well-placed one and doesn't happen out of nowhere.

      1. I don't think I've experienced intermission in a decade :D

    5. Thank God for those Super Bowl spots because that game was duuulllll.

      Chris O'Dowd is a treasure. I just watched him in a few different movies.

      Spiderman will probably turn Gyllenhaal's luck around.

      Cavill looks like he's on steriods.

      Omg that Neeson tweet lmao

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Cavill is definitely on steroids look how tiny his hands are lol

    6. The 'Us'poster creeped me out the first time I saw it - it still creeps me out and I'm hoping the film delivers that impact the poster promises. Sucks that Cooper missed out on director nomination. Also surprised that 'A Star is Born' isn't sweeping awards considering all the hype and accolade it got when it was released.

      1. Yeah it's very sad, ASIB should be sweeping, it's the best out of the nominated movies

    7. I didn't really want a sequel to World War Z, but boy do I miss Fincher. A lot.

      I feel bad for BCoops too. He deserves the Oscar so much. When I watched the movie, almost every clip of him screamed "Oscar snippet scene" ... especially when he was breaking down in rehab. Ugh. Thinking about this snub makes me grumpy...

      1. He is the greatest director we have. It's RIDICULOUS he hasn't made a new movie in years

        Poor Cooper is probably gonna lose to one of the worst performances to ever win

    8. I was weirdly annoyed that they changed that element of Pet Cemetery. Why not the little boy Hollywood? And then that latest trailer pretty much was the whole movie. And none of it seems fresh to me.

      But I'm just happy that in a few weeks I will be able to watch Aquaman whenever I want!!! And maybe try to understand why WB is considering a trench spin-off.

      1. Right? What the hell, they didn't announce the sequel yet and we are getting Trench movie? Freaking wB!

    9. in a week, oscar's will all be over!
      personally, a movie with gyllenhaal AND gosling would probably end me. I will honour jake forever.

      1. I should really get some more sleep.. it's been so hyped up I thought it was this weekend already! just get it over with..

      2. On the upside my best of 2018 list is gonna be published on the same day as the Oscars :)

    10. First the Pet Sematary thing, now it looks like they changed Child's Play away from the mom being the hero to the little boy having to save her. Because we can't have a woman hero in 2018? UGH.

      Poor Jake with all the flops. Maybe if he just came out of the closet already it would give his career a boost.

      SPEAKING OF WHICH, did you see the blind item that implied that Hugh has done similar things to Singer, and is worried that it's all going to come out soon in the wake of that? It's always tricky with blind items, but it certainly would help explain why he's been so silent on the Singer subject. It would also explain The Front Runner lol (although I liked that movie a lot more than everyone else seemed to, but it was REALLY not the story to tell in that way at this point in time).

      The Neeson thing.... I get what he was saying, but that was NOT the place to be saying those things. AT ALL. He had to know how that story was going to be taken by the public at large, right? Sometimes these stars really don't think and it's mind-boggling to me.

      1. Oh yeah. There's a reason why I don't stan him anymore. Him not saying ANYTHING when MeToo started was disappointing but all the be fair it doesn't seem to be rape but it seems like he is definitely taking an advantage of his position. I think what really points to this being true or at least him being really worried is him doing all that stuff that distracts people from his X Men films - like that The Greatest Showman tour or whatever. I think it's gotta be more than maybe him being gay because come on, at that point he is so rich and famous and influential it wouldn't matter. The whole thing certainly reeks and every day him and other X Men actors say nothing they just look guilty as sin

    11. F--k it, I'm all for an intermission. I mean, the diaper idea is solid, but... I don't know. It could get...unfortunate? in there.

      Holy shit that Birds of Prey thing looks like my kind of movie. You know, because I have such exquisite taste.

      I couldn't be more excited for Us. With all the hype that he has around him, if Peele manages to even half-deliver, I'll be f--king ecstatic. do I convince my wife to go with me?

      You saw the King Arthur movie? Really? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT! (I'm serious)

      (thanks for the link!)

      1. Tell her it's a romantic comedy :D

        Yeah I saw it, it's on Netflix. It looks like garbage even though it cost an outrageous amount of money and it has typical rapid Ritchie editing. It's awful

    12. I wouldn't 'shit' on Cooper for that comment, but you gotta admit it kiinda sounds like he carefully worded it. Sadly (for me) I can see how trolls might decide it sounds entitled, using that particular word? Personally, it sorta feels like he is avoiding using a word like 'annoyed' cos with 8 other noms, 'embarrassed' doesn't sound right. Sounds arrogant, which I don't think he is and why I think he actually meant 'surprised' or something.

      But I dunno, I'm only about to watch it now, finally, so I can't really add much of substance! I hope I like it! I really wanna do a top ten before freaking May so I'm binge watching the highly thought of films for last year. I hope it makes my list tbh cos its not my sorta film normally

      And that Cavill pic may be full on, but I remember a certain someone intensely loving a certain Chris Evans gif a while ago! :P

      Oh, and that Us poster is indeed fantastic!! I've got the blinders on for that one, I really wanna be truly -scared- by a film so I don't wanna know anything more about it ;D

      1. They are all carefully wording stuff. But at least it's better than saying nothing like some celebrities, at least when asked Cooper said the truth

        Evans never looked like mutant on steroids

      2. hahaha, Mutant on Steroids. Awesome. Fair point!

        I'm not sure what you mean by 'better than saying nothing'?

      3. Just that. You should be aware from reading those posts certain celebrities are persistantly silent about certain subjects

    13. Thanks for the link! I am definitely on board for Us. Very excited to see that one. And I simply do not understand the extreme appreciation for Malek's work. It's a 2+ hour Lip Sync Battle, not to mention all the horrible behind the scenes stuff of its shit director. I'll never get the awards love for that film.

      1. I know everyone loves Queen but what the fuck is going on here? Especially that he is literally the weakest nominee