Friday, March 15, 2019

(381) We all like this one + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, March 15, 2019
  • The new trailer for Avengers: Endgame is here! That Thor and Carol interaction at the end was the best part!
  • Oh God. It sure looks like Steve is about to do something very brave and stupid.
  • OH MY GOD:
  • I almost fell off my chair!
  • And then there is this.
  • Let's not speak of how many times I've watched this today.
  • The poster is your standard MCU stuff and it's really annoying how Danai is there but she is the only one who is not credited. But at least this time there is no outrageous "and Chris Pratt". Remember that? My God, that was just embarrassing.
  • EDIT: Marvel fixed it! It's nice of them to do the right thing after a bunch of fans complained.
  • And just now Disney decided to take a nice big shit on all that goodwill they got from me and they hired that pervert back. Well that's just great. Do they not have any other directors? Perhaps women? Who never tweeted disgusting stuff?
  • New trailer for Aladdin dropped and it's surprisingly not awful. It looks like some bizarre Hitch spin-off, though. Genie is not that bad in this one but what the hell are they doing with Jafar? He is hotter than Aladdin! This is all insane.
  • Idris Elba did a great job on SNL but the show wasn't good. Gwyneth Paltrow's cameo was so weird and unfunny. The writers really need to step up their game, comparing to last season this one is not good at all.
  • Pete Davidson made a very good observation and now Catholic Church wants him to apologize. I hope he doesn't, he was spot on.
  • The line up for the next 3 episodes is pretty great.
  • Us premiered on SXSW festival to truly glowing reception. And I'm still spoiler-free! Yey! I'm so afraid to go see it. Oh man. I'm gonna hide behind my purse for most of the movie.
  • Lupita straight up slayed at the premiere yesterday (1,2,3).
  • The soundtrack for the movie is out and you can listen to the creepy trailer song here! I'm listening to the score right now and even on its own it's so scary.
  • Brie Larson surprised audiences before Captain Marvel screenings.
  • Here's Jacob Tremblay supporting Brie (1,2).
  • And here, straight from SXSW trailer for Good Boys. This looks absolutely hilarious!
  • I watched a bunch of movies over the weekend and things weren't THIS bad when I was just watching stuff with Zac.
  • Mary Poppins Returns was borderline unwatchable. How the hell did some people think this boring, old-fashioned mess is going to appeal to the audiences more than Aquaman? I know Lin-Manuel Miranda is a big deal in the States but yikes. His accent was terrible and I hated his singing. I wanted to die every single time he opened his mouth. He has the charisma and charm of a wet toilet paper on gas station's bathroom's floor. The film was so dreadful, the songs were boring, the plot was stupid, the characters were bland. Emily Blunt and some of the set pieces were lovely but overall it was such a disaster. I spent half of this looking at stuff on my phone, what on Earth were small children doing during this in cinemas? Wandering around the place and punching the screen or something? I cannot imagine this holding any kid's interest.
  • I finally watched Body Heat and Exotica, the two films I was supposed to watch when I was working on this post. Body Heat was good but I thought it will be much better considering how famous it is, it's definitely not a masterpiece. Exotica however was absolutely awful. I like Mia Kirshner a lot but that film was a damn mess.
  • Netflix added The Purge so of course I ended up watching this. WTF was that. The premise was so cool and they basically made a standard home invasion movie out of that. I hope Hawke and Cersei were at least paid well for this mess.
  • I rewatched Infinity War and Jackson Maine and Thor are definitely my favorite MCU couple. I cannot wait to see Carol interact with all of them.
  • Then I  rewatched Black Panther and it's such a well paced movie. And Okoye and Nakia are more fun than Black Widow was in all of her movies. Why can't they get their solo? I say it every single time I rewatch this movie.
  • I also went to see Captain Marvel again. It's really so much fun and I hope Goose shows up in MCU again! Where has he been hiding all this time?!
  • While everyone has been checking out Triple Frontier on Netflix I obviously checked out the new garbage they added which was The Change-Up. That was so stupid. But again, it's incredible what Ryan Reynolds is willing to do on the screen. Also right at the beginning of the movie an infants shits into Jason Bateman's mouth. Ah, so glad to be childless.
  • And finally, to get even more hyped for Us I rewatched Get Out again even though I only recently watched it. It just gets more and more brilliant each time.
  • Again no Zac movies last week but I will make up for it this weekend. The work has been exhausting so I really do deserve to watch something really bad but with some really great abs.

  • Mario reviews The Lego Movie 2
  • Dan published part 1 of his Best of 2018
  • Sonia and Diana review Triple Frontier
  • Katy wrote an INCREDIBLE post about A Star is Born
  • Brittani and Allie review Captain Marvel
  • Keith reviews I Feel Pretty



    1. Going to see CM again tomorrow, and Thor's grin at the end of his meet with Carol... beautiful. I'm glad that they didn't give us a lot of new footage but the focus on Tony and Steve at the beginning gives me an ominous feeling.

      Aladdin... IDK. I'm going to wait until I see it, I guess. the trailer does give me a bit of hope and I will try not to whine too much about how tacky Jasmine's clothes look. Pfft.

      1. It all looks so tacky and PG-friendly. Disney is so bad at spending money at those live action things, you never see the budget on the screen

    2. I can't believe you went to see a Marvel movie twice lol

      I'm glad they fixed the poster, I was not expecting them to do that.

      Your analysis of Mary Poppins Returns actually makes me want to hate watch it. lol

      omfg that Good Boys trailer. That looks so ridiculous. I must see.

      Whoever released the first Aladdin trailers should be fired. They should've started with the one they released second.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Right?:D

        MPR is so goddamn boring. I'm actually surprised it didn't flop completely. It has zero rewatch value.

    3. Netflix keeps suggesting me The Change-Up. In other words, I'll end up watching it one of these days lol

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Yeah it's.....exactly the kind of stuff you expect to be on Netflix :D

    4. So much Marvel going on right now. Avengers: Endgame trailer was LIT. I loved it even more after seeing Captain Marvel, which was so much fun. (I'll be commenting on your review soon!). And I can't wait for Us. The reviews and premieres are amping up the anticipation so much.

      WTF is The Change-Up. I'm scared to watch. lol

      Thank you so much for the link! Your comment really made my week!! <3

      1. The Change-Up is....hard to describe :D

        Oh, it was a great read! It's amazing how in depth it was and so informative for someone who didn't read the script

    5. I've been underwhelmed by trailers for recent Marvel movies, but Endgame's doing a pretty good job. I'm quite sure some crying is in order. And Jacob Tremblay is SO precious! Good Boys is going to be hilarious.

      1. I'm pretty sure Endgame is gonna break our hearts :)

    6. I'm really glad they listened and actually changed the poster, but it shouldn't have needed changing in the first place!
      I absolutely can't wait for Good Boys, it looks so good!
      You already know how I feel about The Change-Up, haha!
      Thanks for the link <3

      1. Right? I'm just glad it was fixed

        That scene with babies playing with knives still haunts me :)

    7. So many movies.. again. While I'm seeing almost no movies. I want to watch all the Marvel movies before Endgame but... it feels like the longest challenge ever!!

      I'm so excited for Us, I'm bringing my flat mate to see it, she will hate me! :D

      Haven't watched the Endgame trailer tho, probably won't either because, as that last meme put it, I don't want the pain.. just yet.

    8. Aw, thanks for the link!

      LOL at your review of Mary Poppins Returns. I found it delightful, but I agree that Lin can come across as completely charmless and try-hard on occasion, and his singing voice can be grating. Emily Blunt was that film's saving grace.

      Captain Marvel was fun and I CAN NOT WAIT for Carol to meet everyone. Especially Rocket. I can't stand that Rocket and Thor aren't together on the poster; I ship them SO HARD after Infinity War lol.

      Seriously, Lupita at the Us premiere is just PERFECTION. We don't deserve her.

      1. I really need Marvel to make at least one more Thor movie and this time it's him and Rocket having adventures in space!

    9. Soooo many cool things brought up. Where to start.

      Obviously "Endgame" looks freaking awesome. I'm afraid you might be on to something. Cap does look like he has something self-sacrificial on his mind. PLEASE let this be wrong!

      "Us" looks really cool and I hope it delivers on all of the hype. I'm trying to keep my enthusiasm tempered.

      Staying with Peele, I still don't get the universal love for "Get Out". For me it's a movie full of good ideas but really mediocre execution. The gaping plot holes and narrative missteps in the final third were just too much for me.

      STILL haven't seen Captain Marvel!!!! I promised to wait and see it with my entire family but then the kiddos got sick. So now we plan on seeing it Thursday! Finally!

      As for "The Purge", I kinda liked the original although it's far from perfect. But the series really goes downhill from there.

      OH!!! And as always, thanks so much for the link! ALWAYS appreciated!

      1. I loved Get Out much more upon rewatches. It's incredible how intricate the script is, every single line has a meaning. I thought the third act was great and all of this was very well set-up by the previous scenes. I hear Us is not as well set up when it comes to the big finale so this may be a problem

        Hope you'll get to see CM, it's so much fun!

    10. Finally back online in the blogging world and I missed you guys! Thanks so much for the link, can't wait to see what you think of Triple Frontier. I'm not expecting a full review, but a few paragraphs in the next RF would be lovely. :)

      The Endgame trailer was kind of frustrating for me. I learned nothing new, except that Iron Man is back on Earth in that new suits scene. Oh, and that whole "I am miserable, have of the people are dead" is getting to much, but I guess they didn't have anything else to add to the trailer without spoiling the rest.

      Also, I agree on the Aladdin trailer, it wasn't that bad!

      1. Oh yeah there will be few paragraphs but it's mostly about how pretty Oscar is :)

        Well to be fair half of the people are dead so it makes sense they are kinda depressed :)

    11. I'm furious that you're gonna see Us before me, but I don't think I can swing it til Saturday. So f--king excited for it.

      I actually kind of liked the first Purge (a little), but I think the series gets better as it goes on. Oh, it's f--king ridiculous at times, but still worth the watch. Are you gonna watch any of the sequels?

      My goodness, that Good Boys trailer. I can only imagine what kind of horrible shit is gonna be in that movie. It's funny to see Tremblay being so...bad.

      I finally saw CM. I thought it was pretty good, but my kid? LOVED IT. I think he wants to get a cat now... (good thing Violet did not attend)

      Thanks for the link!!! (I'm very impressed by how many movies you watch, btw, your last weekend outdid my yearly intake so far)

      1. Unless Netflix adds them, I don't think so :) But they probably will to lure me to watch more stuff that's just a waste of my time

        YEY so glad he liked it! I think everyone wants a cat after that movie

        I work so hard all week long on weekends I just lie on bed semi-conscious and watch movie after a movie

    12. I'm with tho, both Us and the Get Out score are incredible. Same guy I think, Michael Abels.