Thursday, March 21, 2019

(382) Once upon a time... + links

By sati (harlequinade) Thursday, March 21, 2019
  • Yes, it is Thursday but I'm seeing Us tomorrow evening so I will probably be too tired/scared to do anything after it, so enjoy early RF!
  • Here is absolutely awful first poster for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. What the hell? How do you release THIS as the first poster? Pitt looks like he died and someone stuffed him and DiCaprio looks like he is posing for a bunch of 20 year old models he is about to choose from and bring to his yacht.
  • The one with Margot Robbie is even worse. Why would you photoshop Margot Robbie? That's just deranged! What is even more hilarious is that after that mess of an edit she looks even less like Sharon Tate.
  • It's actually impressive how much they fucked those posters up. They have this cast, they have the story set in the year 1969 back when everything looked so retro and cinematic and they release this trash? I think this film is in poor taste to begin with but to release this as first promo material is just outrageously lazy and if I were looking forward to this movie I would be put off by this.
  • Here's the teaser. This look very fun. Unless Tarantino pulls 'alternate turn of events' again then this is certainly not the tone that is right. How good does Pitt look, though? Wow! It's ridiculous he plays stuntman for DiCaprio's character and not the other way around though I suppose Leo is too chubby to pull this off.
  • Here's new trailer for John Wick: Chapter 3 with a glorious throwback to The Matrix.
  • Somewhere Chris Hemsworth is nodding with approval (1,2). We really do need Carol and Valkyrie interacting with each other. Perhaps with Thor cheering in the background? Oh please do that Marvel, it would be so cute!
  • Florence Pugh joined Black Widow solo movie. Scarlett Johansson is gonna look even worse next to her. 
  • Trailer for Stranger Things 3 and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 2.
  • Trailer for Lucy in the Sky which is apparently loosely based on the story of this woman. Well...that is one hell of a story. I'd probably attempt to kidnap a bitch over Jon Hamm too.
  • Do yourself a favor and check those threads out! (1,2)
  • I started the weekend by rewatching Killer Joe and Someone Like You. I haven't seen Killer Joe in years so it was due for rewatch. This is still one of the funniest moments ever:
  • And Someone Like You is just so cute and Hugh Jackman is dreamy in that. I could watch this movie every week and never get bored.
  • Then Netflix lured me to watch I Am a Pretty Thing that Lives in the House. I checked out letterboxd and it had pretty good reviews and it had Ruth Wilson in lead role and I like her a lot. Oh God, what a piece of trash this movie was. There were some interesting shots in there but overall that film was basically 3 minutes of a story stretched to 90 minutes-long movie.
  • I watched The Villainess which was good but I'm not sure I understood everything in this film. It was a Korean action movie so it was pretty crazy. Kim Ok-bin's performance in Thirst is one of my all time favorites so it was awesome to see her again and she was amazing. The film also looked fantastic and the stunts were something that even Tom Cruise would appreciate.
  • Then I saw Her Smell. The first 3/5 of this movie was like mother!. It just followed Elizabeth Moss' character as she was high on God knows what and relentlessly ranting. It was exhausting. Not bad, but exhausting. The film overall was pretty good and the acting was terrific. I just hope that witch didn't lure sweet Dan Stevens to Scientology. Amber Heard was also in the movie serving absolute looks.
  • So I finally saw Triple Frontier. The script was beyond dumb. Why didn't those morons just bring 2 helicopters? And that woman didn't even sleep with Oscar's character? What??
  •  They should have taken all that money out of the bags in the helicopter and bang right there, on the pile of cash. That's what I would do.
  • Anyways...
  • Still, it was much better than most of Netflix movies, but let's face it it's a very low bar.
  • Dude, Ben Affleck's looks have completely gone to hell. His face is now a bloated, featureless mess. No wonder that mule didn't want to hang around him any longer.
  • The best thing about this movie is Oscar promoting it and sporting this beard:
  • Oh, my lady parts.
  • I also rewatched Thor: Ragnarok.
  • For reasons.
  • *coos* 
  • *faints*
  • After that on Sunday it was purely MCU day and I rewatched both parts of Guardians of the Galaxy. I actually like the second movie more than the first one. It had so much heart and baby Groot is almost as adorable as Thor. It goes Thor, Baby Groot and then Goose. Can we get that team-up, please?
  • And then I rewatched the first two Thor movies. I saw so much Thor last weekend I was barely functioning. Every time he kissed Jane's hand I was close to pass out.
  • On Monday I rewatched Age of Ultron which is still the worst Marvel movie but at least Chris looks super hot in it.
  • And then I checked out War World Z on Netflix. That had a surprisingly gorgeous score. Pitt was good in it but the film was so ridiculous. That whole thing with him injecting himself with random pathogens to be invisible to zombies was like something Jason Statham's character in Spy would do.
  • I still had some time to kill because work was slow so I did all my after work studying in the office so I checked out that Netflix documentary about Ted Bundy. That was a fascinating watch. Also scary because I'd totally fall for some of this dude's ploys. The director of the documentary series is actually the guy behind Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile so he definitely knows the subject well. Can Netflix just release this damn movie already? Here's new poster --- >
  • So 13 movies and one series in 7 days. To be fair most of those were during the weekend when I just lie in bed not entirely conscious after work week and just watch one by one. I should really move my ass and start writing some posts for this site instead of just injecting Hemsworth in my eyeballs.
  • Oh God there is more to that adorable feeding the cute animal situation from last week. That pose! 
  • And this!
  • That's a good image to leave you with for the weekend.
  • Sonia reviews Girl, Interrupted
  • Katy writes about Captain America in Infinity War
  • Jade, Keith and Allie review Triple Frontier
  • Sek writes about Bridget Jones' Baby
  • Across the Universe podcast about Oscars ceremony!
  • Brittani reviews Other People
  • Mario reviews Happy Death Day 2U
  • Diana reviews The Lost City of Z



    1. The only thing I could think of about Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is how the movie will turn out without Weinstein's backing. For me, the posters and teaser was just okay. Not extremely disappointed or excited.

      I'm ridiculously excited for Lucy in the Sky. I saw a woman in space, and my soul signed on. lol

      Good lord, I gotta start my MCU rewatch before Endgame soon.

      Thank you for the link!! <3

      1. That Lucy in the Sky trailer was very good but Portman's's either strange accent or wig with her lately. Hopefully this won't be as distracting as that voice she was speaking in in Vox Lux that was unreal lol

    2. THANK GOD for Florence over Emma Watson in Black Widow.

      Noooo Ultron is not the worst Marvel movie! lol. I feel like the only one who truly loves *most* of that one.

      You watched so many movies this week. I've only been watching Mrs. Maisel.

      I need to read up on this Lisa Nowak person

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Right?! Florence is gonna make that movie watchable on her own!

        Nah, I just can't with that movie. Between Widow's scenes, the juvenile jokes, Thor fucking off to swim in some puddle to gain knowledge or whatever it's DCEU Snyder/Whedon hybrid levels of bad writing

    3. I'm actually (somewhat) hopeful for the Black Widow movie. Florence is great. The directors interesting and if the casting stays strong maybe Scarlet might be willing to act? Plus there's lots of good creepy comic book red room story they could pull from.

      Also thanks Oscar with beard and the bits of gray throughout is going to distract me for the rest of the work day!

      Have fun at US. I'm hoping I can make a showing tomorrow to!

      1. I don't know if Marvel would do creepy. I think they will just go fo safe as always :/

        I'd love R rated Thor movie though :D

    4. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood trailer and posters look so bad I'd never watch the movie if I wasn't a die-hard Tarantino fan.

      I just read about Nowak and wow, that's insane! Can't wait to see Lucy in the Sky.

      Thank you for the link!

      1. Yeah Tarantino's name is the biggest selling point here, other than Pitt and DiCaprio working together for the first time

    5. I haven't seen Someone Like You in years!! Now I want to. I recall liking the movie better than the book it was based on.

      I'm a little underwhelmed by OUATIH. I'm almost a little nervous about how Tarantino is going to handle Tate's murder.

      1. I love that movie, it’s one of Hugh's most dreamy roles!

        Unless he doesnt show it there is no way it wont be gross. He is a gross person so no way this will be handled well

    6. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood's posters were really underwhelming. But I'm still excited to see how the film turns out!

      And the press tour was definitely the best part of Triple Frontier! Oscar's beard is glorious. :D Thanks for sharing the review.

    7. Okay, so I definitely need to get my shit together and watch Triple Frontier for obvious reasons.

      I also expect you to keep us all posted on the Efron. May cannot come soon enough. Stoked.

      1. You should if only for Oscar eye candy :)

        I read somewhere it's May. I hope it actually is because I need that mess in front of me NOW

    8. I'm working hard not to get my hopes up for Tarantino's movie. I know he is beloved, praised, blah, blah, blah. But I've always felt he is so dedicated to his style that story and characters often pays the price. We shall see...

      Florence Pugh in "Black Widow"? SOLD!

      I really liked "World War Z", probably more than most. You're right, it's pretty nutty. But that's kinda what I liked about it! :)

      1. I didn't like Tarantino's recent movies that much. Django and Hateful Eight COMPLETELY unravel near the end so hopefully this one won't

        Yeah, it's s a fun movie! Pitt is always so fun to watch so it was cool to see him in a silly blockbuster movie

    9. Great recap there. I think Lucy in the Sky looks very intriguing. Plus, I want to see Us as soon as I can.

      1. You should but don't expect another Get Out, it's nowhere near as good!

    10. Hey, you can enjoy Poland for once sati! =] Us isn't even playing here yet

      I hope you like it!!!

      1. It was good but it's kinda embarrassing how unpolished the script was

    11. Those new Tarantino posters are a disgrace. I really can't believe they couldn't come up with something better. Also, in what world is Pitt a stand in for DiCaprio? :)) Still, it's a Tarantino movie with a great cast, so I will see it, of course

      Yey, you saw Triple Frontier. Oscar Isaac does look dreamy with that beard, but he looked so tired in that interview..

      I wanna re-watch the Thor movies, too, although I will do it for Loki.....and Thor, of course :P

      I think I'm going to watch the Ted Bundy documentary today, I do have a thing for serial murder shows / movies, I don't know why (what does that say about me?)

      Thank you for the link!!!!

      1. Right?! Pitt somehow even looks younger than Leo, not to mention hotter.

        I bet they did all those interviews in one day, the actors are always so tired doing those

        Nah, that's normal. It's very interesting that some people are this fucked up. They did a pretty good job at explaining exactly how he became this way

    12. Okay, with Florence involved Black Widow might actually be watchable now. Count me in!
      I just can't with the posters for OUATIH. Like, did the marketing team sit around a giant proof and go yes, well done folks, this is it! Ugh...
      Thanks for the link!

      1. Yeah she is gonna be a reason to see this movie because Scarlett burned out years ago

    13. brad pitt plays leonardo dicaprio's stunt double? you can't make that shit up.
      margot robbie looks so incredibly bland on the poster, it's just sad.
      good on you for the hemsworth-overdose, that GIF is just too cute.

      1. Yeah he is so cute <3 I really hope thor survives Endgame

    14. I dunno if the actors look THAT bad in the Tarantino movie hehe. But I agree that it is a really lazy and shit first poster. It looks like something I could do in photoshop and I have no skills in that area!!