Friday, April 12, 2019

(385) Just when I thought I was out J.J. pulled me back in + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, April 12, 2019
  • We have first teaser for new Star Wars. Episode 9's title is Rise of the Skywalker and the footage is pretty good but the real HYPE is that Palpatine is back. He was the most fun part of the prequels. J.J. Abrams is amazing. Rian TrollEdgeLord left this franchise basically a bag of feces on fire and now J.J. managed to make people excited again. Amazing.
  • Avengers: Endgame press tour has started and we have so much wonderful stuff from it already. I haven been able to catch up with most of it though and only focused on Hemsworth stuff.
  • Oh God, they are such fools.
  • Here's the clip from the movie. And TV spot which uses Aquaman trailer music!
  • Here's interview for EW. And here's the cast on Kimmel - and reading this - and Chris on Ellen's show.
  • Meanwhile, last Saturday Paul Rudd turned 50 years old. How the hell is that possible?! He is a super nice dude so it's not like he kills virgins and bathes in their blood... right? 
  • Kumal Nanjiani is in talks to join Angelina Jolie in The Eternals. This is terrific, this guy is so funny and he is such a sweet person. Although after Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates this one scene with him in it will forever haunt my nightmares.
  • New trailer for The Lion King featuring the first look at Timon and Pumba and Scar who looks like he has been through some shit.
  • AHS will come back with a season entitled 1984.
  • The new Hellboy is a disaster and apparently things were terrible on the set
  • Again, fuck Elisabeth Moss. She's a great actress but goddamn, stop giving these people a pass, Hollywood!
  • I saw new Pet Semetary and when I read the script for it months ago I didn't think they can mess it up more but they managed to. In the script Judd was actually responsible for the cat dying so it made some sense why he wanted to bring it back, out of guilt. But here it's just stupid. He basically shows up, then crashes family dinner and then he's like "here's a zombie cat, enjoy". 
  • Also Jason Clarke's character was so dumb. He moves next to the road, he sees all those trucks driving like insane. Then he almost dies because of one. Then it kills the cat. And yet he still doesn't do anything about it. Shouldn't he tell someone about this? So that they put up a sign or a speed bump or whatever? Or you know, keep his kids on a leash so that they wouldn't run on the road? Shocking that one of them got killed by a speeding truck. Shocking!
  • The film had some good moments but the script is just tragic and the execution is so bad - the whole story was rushed, the scary stuff relied on jump scares and the evil little girl is such a tired trope. I never saw the old version but even just from the pictures I can tell Zelda was far more scary in that, here it was just a generic deformed apparition.
  • I also saw Shazam! which was a lot of fun. It had so much heart and plenty of adorable and funny moments. The characters were so likable and Zachary Levi and the funny kid from It did a wonderful job. WB showing Cavill a middle finger right before the end was so epic - they either asked him to do cameo and this fool turned it down or they didn't even bother. Everyone else is delivering in huge ways and Snyder, Affleck and Cavill are relegated to Netflix. And yet it's still not the punishment enough for how much they messed up.
  • I haven't had much time for movies - and probably won't for a while - because I had a lot of work to do so instead I watched a bit of Santa Clarita Diet every day. The show takes a while to get going but in season 2 it becomes really fun and entertaining. Also all the main characters are super likable and Abby and Eric are so cute together. It's a shame Eric's mom wasn't in the new season more - she is so much fun. The ending of the third season was pretty good but I just hope they won't ruin that character. He was perfect the way he was. 
  •  Timothy Olyphant makes the show - his reactions and line deliveries are absolutely hilarious. I also identify so much with his character.
  • This is basically me every day after I come back from work except instead of "good" I say "horrible". Oh, and I have a physical exam for work in two weeks. That was brilliant, I scheduled my tests and was all set to go get them done and hey, period (the gifset above is again, so accurate). So I had to reschedule. You know that scene from Knocked Up where Katherine Heigl cannot do period math because she has been so busy? That is probably the most realistic scene in the history of cinema.
  • I completely forgot to mention it last week but Veep is back! The first two episodes were great and the whole Jonah marrying his stepdad's daughter situation is so funny. 
  • Allie reviews Pet Semetary
  • Alex shares 52 things he loves about Miami Vice
  • Sek reviews Long Shot
  • Katy breakds down Avengers: Endgame trailer
  • Keith ranks MCU films
  • Gemma reviews The Highwaymen
  • Mario, Brittani and Diana review Shazam!
  • Sonia reviews Us


    1. Veep is so great. I'm sad to see it go.

      I'm glad you're back on the Star Wars bandwagon but as always with dare you. lol

      My hype for Endgame is still through the roof, the Avengers always have my favorite press tours.

      You make me want to see Pet Sematary more to witness this trainwreck.

      Now i need to read this Hellboy article.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Oh you should check out Pet Semetary, it's actually hilarious how dumb it is

    2. Awesome post! Thanks for the link! <3

      I love the Star Wars prequels, so the fact that Palpatine is back is LIKE MY BRAIN CAN'T EVEN COMPUTE. lol

      God, I haven't even made it through the AHS season with the clowns and 2018 election. lol 1984 sounds cool though!

      Can't believe I didn't know Veep was back. o_o

      Really have to check out Santa Clarita diet after all my other shows. lol

      1. You're welcome!

        RIGHT?! Hype!

        Yep, do watch Santa Clarita, it's so cheerful and warm! A very fast watch too

    3. I think JJ does a great job with character so I'm more hopeful after seeing the trailer. I thought Last Jedi among other things just torpedoed all the characters new and old. Ugh. Hopefully he can bring them back to what they were. Because that was all on the script not the acting so fingers crossed!

      Everyone talks about Tom Cruise not aging but I just assume he's made some deal with the aliens or what have you. Someone ought to figure out what Paul Rudd is doing and start selling that :)

      Have a great weekend!

      1. Not only was TLJ boring but it made ALL the characters dull. Rian is such a hack, ugh.

        Right?! Rudd's looks are ridiculous!

    4. I'm a "casual" SW fan and have enjoyed all of them save for the prequels. I had no issue with TFA or TLJ but this one looks really good. I hope it finishes strong! And gives me more Poe.

      I really need to watch SCD because I freaking love Timothy Olyphant.

      1. Oh then you need to watch it! He is adorable and so funny in the show!

      2. A friend of mine told me the same. I was a bit nervous about the gore, which I am not a fan of, but she said it's more comedic/campy gore so I hope that's accurate lol

      3. Yeah it's always played for comedy but it is quite gory. But it's unrealistic gore so it's nothing too disturbing :)

    5. I shamelessly loved TLJ but I'm thrilled that JJ has managed to bring back the hype! Now we just have 8 months of wild fan theories to deal with!
      I refuse to believe Paul Rudd is 50...I mean what the actual hell!
      Thanks for the link :)

      1. Right? What the hell is Rudd doing? I must know, I look like shit!

    6. I just saw Shazam too and I LOVED that movie! The humor and the drama were very well balanced and I had a lot of fun watching that movie!

      Oh man! The Avengers Endgame trailers are killing me! I can't wait to see what happens to the Avengers and Thanos in that movie!

      1. Yes! It's so exciting I cannot believe it's less than 2 weeks till Endgame!

    7. I loved The Last Jedi to be honest but I'm glad Abrams is making people excited again.

      I'm glad you enjoyed Santa Clarita Diet. It's one of my favourite shows and Timothy is soooo good in it!

      Thank you for the link!

    8. Thanks for the link, you're wonderful!

      I am so excited for Endgame....and those Rudd / Jenner interviews are making the wait even harder :))

      Also, I just saw GOT and I am really excited for that, too, the women in this show are so badass. Will you be doing episode recaps? That would be fun!

      The Eternals sounds interesting- if they get Angelina Jolie on the Marvel's side, that would be a big win

      1. You're welcome! :)

        Oh no. Ever since it became clear that they aren't doing Lady Stoneheart storyline I gave up on recaping and almost on watching all together. I'm not even excited for the show, I'll probably check it out during the week and write few words in RF but that's it

    9. aw bummer that you didn't enjoy pet semetary, will go check it out some time this week.
      are you gonna watch game of thrones?
      that shot of hawk-eye and ant-man will carry me through the week.
      hope you're doing well!

      1. I probably will, but I'm in no hurry, I have so little free time as it is and that show stopped being good years ago

        Thank you, hope you are doing well too!

    10. Palpatine, Lando, Rey's tear...after I changed my pants and was able to think straight I settled into proper hype mode. Between it and Endgame...just WOW.

      Oh, and thank you for the link! You're the bestest!!!

    11. Thanks for the link! I've been curious about Santa Clarita Diet, because I'm such a huge Olyphant fan. Glad to hear he's good in it! And Jonah is hilarious in Veep this season. Those damn suspenders.

      1. You should check it out! I think it may be his best work!

    12. Live action Lion King... still doesn't make sense to me.

      SANTA CLARITA DIET! THEY BETTER FCKING BRING IT BACK I CAN'T !!!! UGHHHHH. Timothy is soooo good in this. There's so much to love. I can't with the cancellation. I just.. why. WHY!?

      1. Netflix is just so awful at this. To be honest this prevents me from starting any of their shows because they will probably cancel them anyways