Thursday, April 25, 2019

(387) Well, that was unexpectedly beautiful + links

By sati (harlequinade) Thursday, April 25, 2019

  • (RF on Thursday again because tomorrow at that time of the day I'll be watching Endgame!)
  • The above is footage of me watching that Brienne scene from the latest Game of Thrones episode. I haven't been a fan of the show for years but THAT was lovely.
  • All those men gathering around to show Brienne appreciation and making her happy. It's amazing that this scene happened in a show that just last week had a pointless moment with Bronn in a brothel with not one, not two, but THREE naked women.
  • There are only two possible explanations - either Jaime or Brienne die next episode, which I really hope is not gonna happen or the women in the crew hijacked the writers' room to actually have the show feature something lovely and not misogynistic for once and HBO allowed it to go through because David and Dan were fine with that.
  • ...
  • ....
  • ........
  • Oh yeah, one of them is dying this Sunday :/
  • Sansa was uncharacteristically not insanely annoying. The hell is happening? It's actually Daenerys who is starting to become unbearable here. Just give them the North, who cares.
  • She is so irritating now and so is Tyrion. She turned from a fierce warrior into a moron who is sulking because Jon is ignoring her. And Tyrion is a dumbass now. Other than Brienne and all those guys who cheered for her in that scene - and Jorah - it's really hard to care about any of those characters anymore.
  • Oh and that Arya sex scene made me uncomfortable. Maisie Williams still looks very young while Joe Dempsie looks about 40 years old. 
  • The film drops next Friday so I hope you guys are all ready for my livetweet.
  • New posters for MIB: International:
  • Here's new trailer. It looks OK but it will probably flop. Poor Hemsboo is in so many flops outside of MCU :(.
  • This is hilarious. I am so happy Paul Rudd is promoting the movie so much.
  • How drunk is Chris Evans here?
  • This is so sweet!
  • And now for the bad/shitty news:
  • Your reminder that Johnny Depp is a piece of shit.
  • Lorraine Warren has passed away. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson posted lovely tributes for her.
  • Jason is already bonding with Javier Bardem. I cannot wait for when he decides to hang out with Oscar. Oh God, those pictures will be everything,
  • I watched Welcome to Marwen and it's indescribable. At one point Steve Carell explains to Leslie Mann he likes wearing high heels because they are the essence of women and he literally says the words "I collect the essence of women". At another point Belgian witch doll voiced by Diane Kruger tells him to build a time machine and he wakes up in the middle of the night, yells "Jesus Christ!" and he starts building it.
  • I...have no words.
  • I also watched The Mule which was surprisingly good. I mean racism and the fact that Clint Easwood's character has not ONE but TWO threesomes aside. Andy Garcia showed up to shoot some birds and be pervy and get shot in the head. This film was crazy but not in a bad way. This segment on SNL got it so right. But it was a well done movie and I enjoyed watching BCoop as a Special Agent.
  • There are so many handcuffs puns I could write right now.
  • I also saw Jason X. I don't know why. I just do things. When there's a shitty horror movie I haven't seen yet, I will watch it. This was so bad, the acting was on the level of those Star Trek porno parodies.
  • And I rewatched Ang Lee's Hulk. Fucking Netflix adding both this and The Wolfman on the same week is like an attempt to make people hate those transformation movies. 
  • Jesus Christ. That movie isn't just insane for the early 2000's, it's just insane. Nick Nolte has three dogs for some reason, he just walks around following Bruce Banner and the dogs are there with him. Sam Elliott had to say the line "Angry Man is unsecure". Jennifer Connelly's Betty Ross is so poorly written nothing about her actions makes sense. The attempt to make it all serious clashes so horribly with the visuals making it look like the actual comic book. But the worst thing in this whole thing is Eric Bana's performance. It's so bland and so unintentionally funny. It's inexplicable how this happened because Bana is actually a really talented actor.
  • I also watched The World's End. Man, why do I keep watching Edgar Wright's movies? This one wasn't good either. Rosamund Pike was in it and was lovely, so that's a plus.
  • I thought Marwen and Hulk will be impossible to top in crazy movie department but then I saw Aloha and it truly went "hold my beer".
  • Jesus, the plot...Emma Stone plays quarter Hawaiian pilot who is, as it is always the case with Crowe's movies, Manic Pixie Dream Girl. BCoop has a kid with Rachel McAdams whose husband is Big Tuna who doesn't speak to her because he doesn't want to bring the war home with him or something. There is a scene where, I shit you not, him and BCoop have a telepathic conversation where the subtitles appear describing what they are saying to each other. There is also a subplot featuring a satellite that BCoop hacks. We don't even know what the fuck his character's job is and all of the sudden he hacks a satellite.
  • It's just...batshit.
  • Thank God at least there was yet another amazing rant scene from Alec Baldwin, who is so good at stuff like this. He even called BCoop "Mr. Three Day Beard Boy".
  • Then I watched Thelma & Louise because with this one at least you know you are gonna see a good movie. I love how Thelma bangs Brad Pitt ONCE and already has the courage to go on a crime spree.
  • In my preparation for Endgame I rewatched Ragnarok and Civil War. Scott interacting with the other Avengers is just the best.Then I rewatched Infinity War. So I'm all ready! I think....
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  • Dell reviews Aquaman
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  • Katy writes about awesome women of MCU
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  • Gemma shares her predictions for Endgame
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    1. "I also saw Jason X. I don't know why. I just do things." Something about that line really cracked me up and not just that you subjected yourself to Jason X. :)

      "The Hulk" is another genuine stinker. I remember trying to make myself like it after seeing it in the theater but as its memories slowly corroded away I felt much better about calling it garbage.

      Love me some Hemsworth...but MIB: International? I'm already checking out....

      And of course...THANK YOU for the link!

      1. I wish Chris had better luck outside of Marvel he is so likable and talented....he needs to choose better scripts

    2. That Brienne scene was so sweet! And thank god I'm not the only one who felt uncomfortable during Arya's scene. I know that Maisie is 22 but it still feel so inappropriate, and it sure doesn't help that Dempsie looks older than he is.

      Welcome to Marwen sounds so bad lol I think I'll check it out this weekend if I have the time

      I'm sorry The World's End didn't work for you. It's my least favourite of the trilogy but I still like it a lot.

      Thank you for the link!

      1. Yeah it was....weird watching that scene.

        You really should watch Marwen. It's so insane it has to be witnessed

    3. I've tried to wipe the memory of Aloha but I just can't. What the hell even was that movie?!
      That Brienne scene heart. I went into this Season with a cold heart and it's really winning me over. I'm not emotionally ready for this weekend at all!

      1. I truly have no idea lol it is amazing how bizarre that movie was

    4. It was a lovely scene with Brienne and Jaime but with this show it only solidifies one of them dying soon. I'll be surprised if she doesn't die this weekend at the battle otherwise it's going to be basically redshirts and characters who outlived their purpose and should have died seasons ago.

      I'm not usually a Bradley Cooper fangirl but there's something about him in law enforcement... Handcuffs indeed ;)

      Enjoy Endgame!

      1. it's probably the latter, the writing in the show really isn't very good nowadays. Someone really important better dies since this is their fancy big battle episode in the show's last season

        Right? :D It's really hot

        Oh I did!

    5. I watched Civil War Wednesday night, and "I believe this is yours, Captain America!" may be my favorite delivery of a line by Paul Rudd, ever.

      1. Right?! So awesome. He has amazing moments in Endgame!

    6. Before Endgame, I thought I was going to be punished for wanting Rick Grimes to live and be forced to live with you-know-who's death. Now, I'm wondering if I'm being punished with Game of Thrones because everyone is going to die.

      I'm so freaking confused by the Men in Black reboot. lol Even with Tessa and Chris, it just didn't need to be done at all. And I'm kind of getting tired of Chris's characters being stupid just because he's god-like handsome, especially in blockbusters.

      "Andy Garcia showed up to shoot some birds and be pervy and get shot in the head. " I legit spit my coffee everywhere. lol

      When The Time Traveler's Wife was released, I had a MASSIVE crush on Eric Bana...but funnily enough, I never watched The Hulk. Maybe I saved myself the pain. But if it's so bad, it's good, I might have to check it out. XD

      Thanks for the link! <3

      1. I don't think his characters are stupid, just sweet and simple, except in Ghostbusters were he was borderline mentally challenged. Wanna see stupid? Watch Baywatch and witness Zac's character there :D

        it's seriously legit what happens in The Mule :D

        I had a crush on him when he was in Troy :D Hulk is just boring though, better choice for bad insane movie is either Marwen or Aloha :)

    7. I'm home and can read blogs again!

      Jason X is so trashy that I kind of love it.

      I LOVE the Jaime and Brienne scenes from this last episode, I refuse to believe that one or both of them die. I flat out refuse. They're going to retire to Tarth together. *la la la la*

      I can't stop thinking about Marvel and Endgame Paul Rudd is giving me so much life lately.

      Thanks for the link!

      1. Paul Rudd and Hemsworth pairing on Graham Norton's show was one of the best things I've ever seen :D

    8. Omg, and also thank you for reporting that Mulaney/Davidson sketch again, that was so funny.

    9. ha, nobody important died. Reading this back makes the hype seem pointless.

      Hemsworth needs good direction and a good script. All these remakes don't have that. They always fail because the people making these are more interested in money and hope to cash based on the success of the original movies. Shame on them.

      JC2P is a band I'd like to see live, of them just standing there.. maybe some dance moves from Paul but I'd literally pay for just the standing.

      Aloha.. hahaha. I will never.

      1. Jorah died but it was so awfully handled it was like "meh, ok". They ruined the show so bad you don't even care about any characters anymore

    10. HAHA that photo totally looks like a boy band! Great stuff

      And I must ask, why are you watching Edgar Wright movies? :P Wasn't Baby Driver enough to drive you insane? hehe

      1. I dont know. But Anya Taylor Joy is in his next one so I am sadly gonna have to watch that one too

    11. she is indeed great, but I don't know if I can handle another of his films tho. You are are masochist!! :P

      1. Well it's apparently going to be thriller so maybe the unfunny jokes won't be in this one