Friday, May 3, 2019

(388) D*** me dead, and bury me pregnant + links

By sati (harlequinade) Friday, May 3, 2019
  • HBO released a wonderful trailer for Deadwood movie. I cannot believe this is finally happening. It's my favorite drama series of all time and I rewatched it countless times. Now I am finally getting more of it. Granted, it's only a 2h movie, but I'll take whatever they give me.
  • Vincent Cassel joined Season 3 of Westworld. The cast for it is shaping up to be amazing but nothing will help them if the script will be as awful as in season 2.
  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood will premiere in Cannes.
  • Everyone say thank you to Robert Downey Jr. for these wonderful pictures.
  • If I hear "oh no Scarlett Johansson was not there!" one more time I am going to vomit. Fuck her, man. She supports Woody Allen and wears Marchesa. She shouldn't have a career let alone hang out with these nice people.
  • Here's Endgame cast singing happy birthday to Iron Man.
  • I guess Idris Elba thought that with Endgame out in the cinemas we haven't been through enough as it is so last weekend he got married
  • So Sony, since they are morons, accidentally uploaded MIB International trailer without sound. You know, in case the reactions for it weren't bad enough as it was.
  • But at least they are not Paramount which unleashed this upon the world this week. Sweet Jesus, this is what evil looks like.
  • Netflix's stupidity strikes again. This time they cancelled Santa Clarita Diet. You can sign a petition to save the show here. I don't pay Netflix so they could cancel good shows and then use that money to finance Hack Snyder's new project. I am outraged.
  • Here's new still of Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 1984 and poster for Big Little Lies season 2:
  • I have waited for years for people to catch up on how terrible Game of Thrones has become. Ever since it was abundantly clear that David and Dan are hacks. But people kept swallowing whatever they gave them. 
  • But now, finally, they messed up so bad the major subreddits for the show are filled with people shocked how much the last episode sucked. 
  • In case you haven't seen it, and there's a good chance you haven't because of how poorly lit it was (seriously, you couldn't see a fucking thing), Arya killed The Night King. She jumped off the tree, used that TLJ drop the weapon and catch it move and stabbed him.
  • There are so many problems with this I think "jumped off the tree" will now replace the phrase "jumped the shark".
  • And what you see above is not some tumblr edit slow mo, this shit actually looked LIKE THAT in the show.
  • Arya, some chick with few years of training, ends this legendary threat everyone was afraid of for centuries. So in the whole history of this place no one ever tried stabbing this dude? Also the blind fans of this thing defending it saying that people who don't like this have an issue with it because Arya is a girl are just embarrassing themselves. Melisandre knows magic, Daenerys woke the dragons. Them killing him would be fine. Arya chased some cats in Braavos and banged a blacksmith and she is the one who kills that guy? 
  • Get the fuck outta here with this nonsense.
  • The best part is that this is what ruins the show. The series was about how pointless the game of thrones is because there is this huge threat everyone keeps ignoring. By having this ridiculous development they killed the rewatchability of the previous episodes because the scenes with walkers lose all meaning.
  • There is also Inside the Episode where the writers try to justify it which is hilarious to watch. Their only reasoning for it is that "no one saw it coming". So it's basically them favoring the surprise factor over good writing. When Ned was executed, it made sense to happen because of his honor. Red Wedding made sense and it was foreshadowed and set up. Oberyn losing made sense because he was cocky. If Arya killed Cersei that would make sense because Cersei is just a human. But this? 
  • My favorite part is how for years they justified omitting stuff from the books because "there was no time". But evidently there was time for all the zombie scenes, weird symbols they were leaving and The Night King and Bran subplot whatever the hell that was.
  • Also the military tactics in this thing...why the fuck did the troops even go fight them? Just send the incest duo on dragons to burn them all. And Melisandre showed up to set the fire to some swords and then they all died like 15 seconds later.
  • There were so many hilarious moments in this episode. Dany pointlessly landing Drogon who was like "boo, you whore" once zombies started climbing him and knocked her on the ground in her designer outfit after which he promptly flew away. Sam yelling and trashing around and Jon being all "lmao no time" when he saw him. Bran plugging into his shitty Matrix for no reason whatsoever. Jon in a screaming match with a dragon.
  • I feel bad for people who consider this show to be great when in the past HBO released things like Six Feet Under, Rome and especially Deadwood which was cancelled after 3 seasons while this got 8 of them. Clearly they never saw those shows because once you do you cannot possibly consider GoT past season 4 to be anything else than poorly written camp.
  • This week I'm having 5-day long weekend. I watched Hush before Netflix removed it which was a pretty crappy movie but at least Jessica Lange was in it and she is always great.
  • I saw The Devil's Candy which was a fine horror flick but nothing special. It got points for not killing the dog when you thought the antagonist is about to kill it, I hate that horror trope so much.
  • I also saw both parts of Happy Death Day and that was a lot of fun. Jessica Rothe is a wonderful actress, it's weird that her imdb is so empty, she should be getting offers left and right!
  • And I watched Fighting with my Family which was absolutely delightful. Florence Pugh is such a lovely actress and the film was so entertaining, funny and moving. "Dick me dead, and bury me pregnant" is an early contender for one of this year's best movie lines.
  • Well, I hope y'all are ready for my Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile livetweet later today. May God have mercy on our souls.
  • Zac has been everywhere promoting the movie this week. Here he is on Kimmel (1,2) and Ellen's shows (1,2).
  • So I discovered Team Thor shorts this week and they are just delightful! They are on youtube and you should totally check them out!
  • So I saw Endgame 3 times by now.
  • My beautiful Viking El Duderino.
  • Dick me dead, and bury me pregnant.
  • I love you too, baby.
  • This is it.
  • This is my destiny.
  • "Get to know Chris"? 
  • OK, what exactly are we talking about here? 
  • Cause there's a lot of room for interpretation here.
  • Or not at all.
  • And there's only one interpretation.
  • If you are me.
  • Sonia, Katy, Gemma, Brittani and Keith review Endgame while Mario shits all over Laggies.



    1. The Endgame ladies'lunch was so sweet- RDJ is known for inviting fellow actors over for lunch on set, but this was amazing, so much girl power

      Kind of excited for Big Little Lies season 2, but I'm very curious what the plot will be. How can you continue this story and still make it interesting? Maybe another murder? Cause dealing only with the consequences would be pretty boring, even with Meryl Streep on board

      I saw Endgame twice....and I really hope to write that damn review soon. I don't know what's wrong with me, I'm in a blogging slump. I also need to see my Blindpost challenge for April and write it up

      Can't wait to see"Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile", I'm curious how close it will follow the actual events (as in, what I saw in the Ted Bundy tapes) and if it's any good.

      1. It's probably just gonna be Streep trying to figure out what happened in first season lol I'm not very excited for it, I'll watch but eh. I'd rather it was Sharp Objects returning not this

        I'm kinda amazed how well I'm doing considering on a work week I spend 11h at least doing work related stuff and yet I managed to do 2 posts a week lately. But sometimes it's hard, especially if you didn't love/hate something enough to rave/rant about it

    2. I love Arya but she didn’t deserve to kill The Night King. I’m not even sure how she was able to get there unnoticed. I guess we’ll have a whole episode showing that. Also, Jon and Dany, what the hell?! Weren’t they supposed to do something instead of being there like retarded. They didn’t even use the dragons ffs. What’s even the point of having dragons... And the Dothrakis dying like that? Unbelievable!

      I hope my shitty internet finishes downloading Zac’s movie by the time I get home or I’ll be pissed af. Fuck Netflix for not releasing it here.

      Thank you the link <3

      1. It's just such a profoundly dumb episode and I'm sure they show something even dumber tomorrow :D

    3. People are complaining about Scarlett not being there when they should complain about Paltrow being there lol.

      "Dick me dead and bury me pregnant" is a great line. I love how you went the safe route with Blogger just in case.

      Vincent Cassel joining Westworld is super interesting, which they needed considering they lost all my interest after season 2.

      I'm excited for Big Little Lies!

      Thanks for the link! (and poor Mario lol)

      1. Yeah, just in case :D I don't wanna be on their radar :D

        Mario hated Laggies don't feel sympathy for him :D

      2. I work in a public school You can ALWAYS feel sympathy for me.

    4. I haven't even watched Westworld Season 2 yet. I didn't hear 1 person say anything good about it so I never bothered! I hope it gets better though, Season 1 was some of the best TV I've ever watched.

      That Sonic trailer...oh boy. Did anyone even ask for this movie?! I'm calling it now - it'll never make it to the big screen! Lord I hope not at least...

      1. Oh it will unfortunately make it to the big screen :)

    5. I honestly don't think I've laughed so hard during a show as last weeks Thrones. And unpopular opinion but I think Williams is not as good as she used to be. Her performance in some instances strikes me as very Bran-bot like so they must be being directing that way. And then people are comparing it to Helm's Deep and I just had to stop reading...

      I actually think Arya's last big kill in the book might be poor Lady you know who because that's the plot line she was involved in, that's the character who she's most like living and dead oh I don't want to ramble though. Arya and Cat feels will just upset me :) Just give me the next book George!

      Enjoy your film!

      1. It was freaking hilarious. That was supposed to be their big fancy episode and there it goes....shitty lighting and even worse script. Freefolk reddit always loves the show but they have been tearing it apart this week

        It would at least be tragic and beautiful, the show is just dumb. George has gotta hate what they are doing but it's kinda his own fault that they went so ahead of him

    6. I'm ashamed to say I haven't watched as much Deadwood as I wanted. I did watch the episodes with Gale Harold. EEPS. But I need to go back and watch the whole damn thing because... Olyphant. So excited to watch Extremely Wicked though.

    7. That Sonic trailer....Is it just me or does it have the stench of 'box office bomb' all over it? And Fighting with the Family was such a nice surprise. Pugh is legit. Glad you mentioned Rothe too she has a ton of charisma. You gotta expect bigger and better roles are on the way. It would be an absolute shame if that isn't the case.

      1. Oh it will bomb so hard :) She really should be a bigger star by now, also those movies were quite popular it's weird to see she doesn't have any big upcoming projects

    8. lol At the links section. I think Endgame is pretty popular. Thanks for including mine!

      Hope you enjoy your movie!!!

      Happy you saw Fighting With Your Family! I'm not gonna lie that's still one of my favorites of the year so far. I totally forgot your headline was a quote in the movie though. XD

      Oh lord, do I need to get into Deadwood now? lol

      That GoT episode felt more suspenseful with the close camera shot on the characters preparing for battle than the actual battle. And it pulled a Walking Dead by making it seem like a bunch of main characters were going to die, but it was only a handful of supporting ones and mostly redshirts. It didn't feel worthy of an hour and half. I don't hate Arya, but as much as they were foreshadowing her to do it, they were also building up Jon's arc...and now he has nothing really driving him? He doesn't want the throne at all, so I have a feeling Dany is just going to kill him and a big part of the series is pretty much lost. I'm all for girl power moments, but as a girl, it still felt anti-climatic. I'm mostly waiting for Cersei to come back on-screen at this point.

      1. Yeah I think that Endgame movie is a bit popular :D

        It is one of my favorites too! Indeed that quote seems like something I would say :)


        I am honestly rooting for Cersei to kill all of those idiots.

    9. This reminds me, I still need to watch Deadwood but it being a western, I'm having a hard time starting it. Timothy is bae tho, so I should pull myself together!

      I opened that Paramount link without a doubt expecting Sonic and decided I wasn't going to watch that again. I don't deserve that kind of torture on Saturday. :D


      Big little Lies poster looks nice. Which reminds me, should finish season 1.

      I like Arya, despite the fact that I haven't seen the show for 3 seasons. I sort of agree with your point. If they had shown her to achieve MORE things and sort of.. I don't know, thought of a more cleverer way instead of just a simple knife trick, it would have been less problematic. But also, they killed white walkers so early on during the last season? Uhm.. from the perspective of somebody who reads a lot of fantasy, a huge threat like that, shouldn't happen so.. effortlessly and in the first act of the final "book". Doesn't matter if the "fight for the throne" is still happening, a supernatural ice zombie is by far a bigger thing here. And let me repeat, I haven't watched this show for a while. :D

      I thought Fighting with my Family was okay, Jack Lowden is a chameleon, he never looks the same, but the film left me a little unsatisfied. Loved that quote tho!

      I have seen Endgame once. I'm a shitty fan.

      1. I don't really like western either but this is my fav show :) the writing and the characters are just so good and it is a must-see for Olyphant fan!

        Netflix should rot in hell, what the hell. Last season got 100% positive reviews! They suck so hard, cancelling show left and right

        yeah the funniest thing is that Arya never even killed one of those zombies before. Even Sam killed those. It just makes absolutely no sense

        Nah, what's important is that you saw it! :D

    10. That trailer for Sonic is all sorts of terrible. It definitely begs the question, "What were they thinking?"

      And call me a stupid man if you must, but what's Marchesa? And what's wrong with it? (No sarcasm, I honestly have no clue)

      1. It's a fashion line owned by Weinstein's wife. Scarlett continues to wear those rags after scandal exploded because "his wife shouldn't be punished" while only an idiot would claim she didn't know when he would force actresses to wear those clothes at the events to boost the popularity of the line. Also, common sense. What spouse doesn't know about dozens of deals between their husband and women he abused. Johansson has a long history of supporting perverts and abusers.

    11. I’ve never watched Game of Thrones and I doubt I’ll ever catch up :) I don’t support any kind of abuse but I do support giving Woody Allen the benefit of the doubt. It is very weird he married his step daughter but if you look at the facts in his case with Dylan he passed a lie detector test by an independent examiner Paul Minor who was the most respected man in the field, while Mia and Dylan refuse to do polygraph tests(which is suspicious). ( )
      The media pushed the guilty card so hard on Allen because of #MeToo so many now assume he’s guilty. Would be interesting to know if public opinion would change if they knew about the polygraph tests. It has been said Mia Farrow invented the allegation as retribution and physically and emotionally abused her son Moses. But I guess we’ll never know for sure because we weren’t in the room. A complicated family and probably there will be a documentary on the matter at some point.

      1. Everything one says after "but" in instances like that is irrelevant, but you are free to think you don't support abuse.

      2. Have to work on the Allen case for months (years even) and look at everything to be able to make a well-founded judgement (and even that doesn’t exclude bias).

        Us bloggers are entitled to our opinions though

      3. Johansson has the history of supporting abusers and that was point. As for Allen for me him marrying his step daughter is creepy enough and all the other stuff about him just makes me uneasy at best and disgusted at worst

    12. GOT - everything that happened after the books 'stopped' made no sense. it made negative sense, like how do you come up with stuff like that? why in hell are they in such a hurry, "NO TIME" my ass.

      1. It's really a disgrace, I feel bad for Martin no wonder he doesn't watch the show anymore

    13. Man, hitting me with the incredibly unholy Sonic trailer then following it up with the angelic Gadot doing...whatever she's doing is doing a number on my heart. And pants.

      I thought the Hush you watched was the one with the deaf girl being stalked in her house...apparently it was not. You should probably check out the other one..??? Maybe?

      I want to check out Fighting with My Family, as I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that that tall British dude directed it. Baffling. Glad you liked it.

      Thanks for the link, even though I think everybody else prolly just thought 'what the f--k is that guy watching?' and kept it moving. Probably for the best, as I did shit all over it. At least near it, anyway. And now I feel bad about doing that.

      3 times? Damn. I gave my wife my second I could take Violet to Ugly Dolls. F--k me.

    14. Hehe after that slamming I'm glad I never watched GoT! I liked the second season of Westworld, and I love Cassel so it could shape up to be a killer season. Or you could be right and it'll suck :P

      1. GoT used to be very good in the first four seasons but then they wrecked it

    15. I reckon I'll give it another try actually. I only watched the first three episodes and decided I didn't like it...